Hello world!

What do you get when you connect a former world of warcraft player with a recluse and crazy person? The staff of Girls by Design! Hi all! Here’s our formal welcome to our official Girls by Design Company Blog! See how formal we are!?

So, now that you’re here and reading this wonderful piece of work, we shall let you know what to expect and what not to expect.

You SHOULD expect the following from this blog:

  • Some geek fun in the sun: Tabby’s specialty! This will be lots of geek talk about making websites, World of Warcraft, Southpark, Family Guy, Simpsons, Convention talk, podcasts, Apple and its amazing products, being a geeky girl in a geeky world, robots and finally, monkies.
  • Fun semi-daily writing exercises: Join Kristin, Tabby and their friend, Ariella in daily writing exercises. These exercises will be posted on a semi-daily basis (provided we have time to do them ourselves) and we want to encourage all of our readers to participate in them! We’ll post the guidelines, our own pieces, and then leave the comments open for your own contributions. We TOTALLY are excited to share this with you and express with you!
  • New, fun, and inspiring adventures of Team Girls By Design: Kendra will have a few surprises up her sleeve about new adventures.
  • Super Adventures of Team (IM)Maturity: Follow the fun adventures of any of the original eight teen girls who came together to form GbD’s FIRST workshop. These will be special treats posted occasionally, you know, when they get around to doing it!
  • A dash of crazy sauce: Does this really need an explanation?!

So what you SHOULDN’T expect is:

  • This to resemble any part of what the actual final website will be like: This is just us having fun while we work! Have fun with us!
  • Serious discussion for more than one entry in a row: There’s a time for seriousness. Rarely will we use this blog during that time.
  • Rules: We don’t like them either! Well, okay, there’s one rule… respect each other! We’ll remove disrespectful posts. OTHERWISE YAY FREEDOM.

Alright! Let’s get this party started! See you during the next writing assignment!
Tabby (and um… everyone else!)



5 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Lydia Says:

    GirlsByDesign is an amazing idea. I believe it is going to be an inspiration, a source of friendship, comfort and guidance for women of all ages, all over the world. And, I think the GirlsByDesign team rocks! Props to everyone for coming up with such great ideas for this blog and for all the efforts that go into this website and project. Good luck to you girls.

  2. Daniela Says:

    Hello girls greetings from Latin american much I love your project is a question I think at some point to design your site into Spanish …. I ask because many of my friends likes but does not understand English .. thanks

  3. Maxima Says:

    Ciao ragazze,
    Finally a place to be creative……Brave!!!
    My quote of the day it might appear to be a negative one, but it reflects the way I feel about most conditions in the world today…..believe me, don’t count me out yet, I’m very hopeful.
    Here it is:

    “When all things come to an end, as some day they surely must, then shall the very last man shut himself away in the last garden on earth. There he shall hide and care for the last tree and the last flowers, while all around him the world shall be swallowed up. And, being afraid, he shall look out no more, but only in; and, having no future, he shall look forward no more, but only back.
    And one day even the last garden shall be swept away and with it the very last man, and the earth shall have no husband-man and shall run savage like the wilderness. And of man there shall remain no trace, neither memory nor regret”.
    I don’t know who wrote it….but it’s deep!
    Ciao for now.

  4. Daisy Says:

    Sounds like fun. I can’t wait to read more of your blogs. I’m glad to see this site moving along with blogs and more videos.

  5. Marie*Andree Says:

    LOve it girls..! here some ideas:
    * what about some music in the site you know girl music..!!! yei! 😀
    *and kristin´s and kendra´s corners? they were really cool ! i love the cool facts… and thougths!
    *how about quotes… and quotes of the day.. you know, inspiring and funny quotes! 🙂
    *and a chart special for recommendations or comments.
    * ohh yea and a special chart to submit quotes ,poems,histories,ect– about whatever we want to share with u guys..! 😉

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