7 Words!

Use all of the following seven words to construct a poem, short story, or prose:
proprioception, hallucination, indignant, cranial, juicy, hazy, ridicule

Kristin’s Entry:

I feel hazy in my hallucination
   This cranial experience of juicy proprioception
Brings me
   Deep into my brain-thought body
My legs and arms and toes that ridicule
   That seem to laugh at my perceived experience of feeling.
I am indignant
     And yet awe struck
Awe filled
       By the power of my mind.

Tabby’s Entry:

It’s all a hallucination, or is it? I sit, stretching towards the heavens but nothing feels. The proprioception of myself with respect to my surroundings fade together as I attempt to define the undefinable.

I am. I am indignant and forceful. I am witty and loveable. I am cranial. I am stretching. Who should ridicule me if not me. Who should take my path and consume it within themselves, like a juicy deceptive apple fallen from its keeper.

Ariella’s Entry:

I tune into my proprioception a little too late this time. Indignant and fire red, I think: here’s the answer to her question. This is what anger feels like: a quick sharp pinch and I’m gone. Some hazy mess moves around me as I spin inside myself again.

The line between cranial awareness and hallucination dims. I’m so close I can’t even see it; this could be a hallucination and I wouldn’t know. What I name it is ridicule. What I call this feeling is juicy, some small knives at my centre.

Leave your entries in the comments below!


18 Responses to “7 Words!”

  1. CircularTime Says:

    Wow, Kristin, Tabby, Ariella, lovely prose! I really loved Kristin’s 🙂 Beautiful work, and good luck to you with this project! 😀

  2. Melissa Says:

    I’m lost in a hazy fog, I feel the ridicule, it is no hillucination.

    I’m searching for the elusive proprioception to satisfy my deepest imagination.

    The thought of juicy justification makes my indignant smile grow wider still.

    The cranial satisfaction does not go unnoticed.

  3. Sarah G Says:

    I move once more, into the vast abyss;
    The cranial pressure swallows me up,
    Into a darkened hallucination.

    My proprioception takes a dive,
    Into the hazy cavern, the sharp,
    piercing stake, of ridicule.

    The indignant expression of their
    Laughing faces. The juicy saliva,
    Pooling and drowning the

  4. Sarah H Says:

    The End.
    Copyright © 2007 Sarah H

    ….and the poem by Sarah G is also copyrighted…Copyright © 2007 Sarah G

  5. Ashley Says:

    This is niiiiiice.
    Those are pretty dang good “7 Word” diddies.
    How to follow up now…
    Hmmm I’ll try… gonna take me some time though…
    Heehee my favorite words out of the 7 are juicy and hallucination… dont ask why, they just made me giggle. =P

  6. kelsey Says:

    There’s nothing as juicy, as freeing, as thinking for yourself. Reject the hallucination, distrust the self-appointed prophets, ridicule the pyramid schemers. They’re weights around your ankles.

    Fame, youth, beauty….they put a big-ass target on a girl. And people take aim. Take a long hard look at those who would try to play you, use you as a lure for the unwary. Get indignant; it will make you stronger. You don’t need half-baked doctrine to prop you up, oh no. You’ve got a brain and a heart and these will steer you past the shady hangers-on, through the hazy web of those who would manipulate you.

    Your cranial power trumps their jive talk (“proprioception?” Girl, please!), their jingoism, the dusty pages of their Ayn Rand paperbacks.

    Cut the puppet strings. You have it in you to do great things!

  7. Lydia Says:

    A blog. Yay! Great idea.
    A writing exercise is a challenge but it’s fun and enriching. Thanks.

    Here I go:
    I feel most indignant at the way people are sometimes ridiculed for their weight or for their outfit.
    You are not your body, and for sure you are not your image’. It is a wonderful quote I read in Oprah’s magazine.
    Happiness comes from within, I feel more connected than ever to my inner spirit but I realize I still define myself too often by what I see or think I see when I look in the mirror.
    Why have I been able to embrace who I am but am I not able to accept my body? I’m having struggles with my weight. I desperately want to be slim. It is not a hazy idea, I have a clear picture in my mind of what I want. Thinking that I could live a juicy life and be happier when being slim. This cranial hallucination sabotaged any previous attempts to achieve my ideal weight but also to truly enjoy life. The crazy relation between proprioception and identity.
    I am becoming my own person, I am growing every day and I am deeply enjoying the spiritual experience of feeling the essence of who I am but, it will take a lot of effort and time to stop feeling bad about my looks.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Wow great entry Kristin,Tabby and Ariella. I’ll try to come up with something and post it.

  9. Jennifer k. Says:

    Wow!! Kelsey i was so inspired by your short story. I’m glad you posted it. It sure made my day. It maybe your story but I bet many can relate. I know i can. Now I’m gonna put on my thinking cap and try to come up with one. Thanks a lot.

  10. Ashley Says:

    The hallucination came quick
    My proprioception wasn’t of a lot a use
    The cranial pressure was too much
    Indignant expressions and ridicule faded
    Wanting to make it last
    Another taste of the juicy fruit and I could
    I could stay in this “pleasantville”
    Only to be disappointed when I awoke
    And it all became hazy

  11. Jennifer Says:

    It was a Hazy hot day when I had my Hallucination of eating a Juicy ripe peach while walking up the trails of a beautiful mountainside.The Cranial pressure was building as I struggled to get up the steep hill. I could feel the Proprioception fading as I watched my two feet to make sure they stood upright as I was walking.I was feeling Indignant by the Ridicule by my friends as I was the only one strugging with the heat.

  12. Marie*Andree Says:

    Last night i was lost in my thoughts.. I think it was a hallucination of me having a cranial injury. 😦 Even do me having hallucinations isn´t a jucy gossip is not really a propiorception that I HAVE OR CAN CONTROL MYSELF. 🙂 The hallucination was hazy so it´s obviously all product of my imagination.Well,that and the fact my cranial parts are allright thanks god!. 🙂
    Even do it´s a little crazy I don´t find any of this ridicule because this is the way I am. IT DOESN´TMATTER if a indignant person comes to me and says:
    *”you are out of your mind ”
    i´ll shall say: That´s ok to me 🙂

  13. Delaney Says:

    I had a hallucination that was rather indignant. My mind was confused, my eyes were a blurr, I was lost a state of cranial discomfort. My proprioception was heavy to my thoughts, I was totally alone, confused, hazy, not knowing what had just happened. All I know is that my hallucination was something juicy, something ridicule, something new; something unknown…

  14. Maxima Says:

    excerpt from my latest hallucination:
    I was, with persistance, playing Mozart with high
    intensity, when all of a sudden, through the front door, the orrific vision of myself entered!
    I did noticed that my image was not a trendy one.
    I ask for her first and last name………………
    she answered: “Proprio Ception”.
    “What’s that!”…I reply. A brief pause of silence followed. Her hazy silouette merged with the background, so much so that at times I would lose track of her. The music was still alive in my head, but somewhat indignant of my new interest. It was apparent to me that the purpose of my image visit was to simply ridicule me….guess what!….I was not about to let that happen……with a slight of hand, I pick up some cranial matter from the piano (left over from the excessive strain over some difficult musical passages), and threw it, in slow motion, at the
    vision. Jucy debris made a sparking tale behind
    the mass that struck the image dead center.
    The music in my head suddenly stopped.

  15. skahahoo Says:

    hey cool! haikus! some
    juicy definitions flipped
    arigato style.

    cranial compass conducts
    proper perception

    cranial compass confused
    hazy haywire head.

    you ain’t diggin’ it?
    cool. just don’t be indignant
    and ridicule us.

    (cuz that be ridiculous.)

  16. Emma Says:

    Why do they choose to ridicule my hallucination; making my cranial nerves throb with anger.

    A retaliation awaits them, as my I show my indignant expression and notice the proprioception of my limbs preparing for battle.

    Wham, Swoosh…. everything momentarily hazy …..my fruit salad remains are scattered on their now juicy aprons..

  17. Emma Says:

    oops, typ-o – please omit ‘my’ after ‘I show’ : P

  18. Emma Says:

    Ah crumbs.. I meant before the ‘I show’ not after… sigh! it’s been one of those days today!!


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