7 More Words! (Original Title)

Use all of the following seven words to construct a poem, short story, or prose:
duck, doctor, bell, alien, cheeto, cape, fan

Kristin’s Entry:

The Doctor strides out of my room, she moves with a certainty I equate to purpose. The pain in my left hip is still very intense and, to be honest, very alien to me. Which is probably why when it flares up my impulse is to automatically ring the bell that is conveniently placed beside my right hand. More precisely, next to the stuffed Donald Duck, that my little sister shoved nearby to keep me company. I have often wondered during my stay here who would think to make a Donald Duck dressed up as Batman, cape and all. It’s odd, the whole fictional character referencing another fictional character, as though the first fictional character was actually NOT a fictional character. Not really a fan. Anyway, I guess that my inexperience with pain is why I rang that bell in the first place. Which called to the Doctor, who has looked at me everyday and, in my opinion, decided that my REAL illness is impulsive-bell-ringing. She has decided to leave a single Cheeto on my bedside table every time I ring the bell and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I think she considers this punishment, primarily because I detest the smell of faux cheese. Needless to say, there is now a pile of Cheetoes on my bedside table. Just out of reach of course.

Tabby’s Entry:

An empty pool stands, supporting a solemn rubber duck
A bell rings in the distance as a doctor makes his way to the rubble, his coat flowing behind like a cape
In the house, a fan whirls, blowing one cheeto after another to the ground
I look onward into chaos, feeling alien to myself… my world has changed and reality stands beside me

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14 Responses to “7 More Words! (Original Title)”

  1. Tina Says:

    I sit here in the hospital starring at the fan, and the colorful posters on the wall, the Doctor comes in the room with a tray of needles and instruments. I look at the tray wide eyed thinking those are for me, but he tells me he is in the wrong room, as he goes to leave he trips over a cord connected to the chair and he comes flying my way, his white jacket looks like a cape as he comes tumbling towards me. I try and move but my shirt gets stuck in the chair. I see the tray and all its contents coming right for me, a needle gets stuck in my shoulder and the doctors lands on it pushing its medicine inside my arm. I start to feel dizzy, the room starts to spin.Then everything stops. I look down at the floor for the doctor but all I see is a giant cheeto with arms moving like a fish out of water. I scream and jump out of the chair, then the door swings open and I see Donald Duck walking over to me, I run out of the room and not seeing where im going I slam into an open door.As I fall to the floor I see an blue alien coming my way and once they get over to me I black out. It seemed like I was asleep for hours, I hear a bell ringing in my ears and I open my eyes. My doctor is standing over me, he shines a light in my eyes and I slowly get up. He tells me I had a reaction to the drug that was injected in my arm that made me hallucinate. I smile and nod my head, because I thought I was just going crazy.

  2. Ashley Says:

    I had an entire thing written out but i forgot to save it haha so here is what i came up with in 1 minute,…

    A duck and a doctor took a bell and cape from the cheeto who was a big fan of the alien =]

  3. Lydia Says:

    I’m not a fan of Halloween. I really don’t like the spiders, the spookiness, the people dressed up like aliens or pretending to be other scary figures. On Halloween night, I stay home and usually watch a romantic movie or read a book with a bowl of cheeto’s within reach. Kids rarely ring at my doorbell. Last year, I gave candy to a Frankenstein doctor, Donald Duck and a superhero (with a cape twice his size). I prefer Christmas.

  4. Ashley Says:

    His red cape flapped from the wind the fan made.
    His little hands, with cheeto cheese stained on his fingers, were held in fists perched on his hips.
    As he watched the cartoon, he imagined he was the superhero ready to take on the alien doctor who torpedoed threw the water on his yellow rubber duck.
    Lil Clark scowled at the bad man for turning his rubber ducky evil.
    The doctor would not get away with it.
    And our hero would get his lil buddy back.

  5. Ashley Says:

    Oopse I fogot a line…

    His red cape flapped from the wind the fan made.
    His little hands, with cheeto cheese stained on his fingers, were held in fists perched on his hips.
    As he watched the cartoon, he imagined he was the superhero ready to take on the alien doctor who torpedoed threw the water on his yellow rubber duck >and his sonic bell, that can impair your hearing for days, at his side.<
    Lil Clark scowled at the bad man for turning his rubber ducky evil.
    The doctor would not get away with it.
    And our hero would get his lil buddy back.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    As I waited to see the Doctor I looked at a magizine and read an article about my favorite superhero who wore a Cape and was really an Alien from another planet. I was a huge Fan of the Character and enjoyed reading it. I looked up to the sound of a squeak to see some kids playing with a toy Duck and munching on some Cheetos. I heard the Bell on the door as the nurse called me back to the exam room.

  7. Marie*Andree Says:

    I´m a fan of life I have to say. Isn´t that weird?* Because alot of time we feel like we are aliens in another planet trying to fit in and being accepted.We may be hurt in life but it is a journey..An incredible journey that is worth being enjoyed..!!! 🙂 There are always going to be some obstacles and we may be hurt but there´s always going to be : doctors, (friends,family,even strangers), that encourage you to keep fighting for YOUR GOAL.!
    That´s the people who make you enjoy and discover life in an incredible way.!!
    We don´t have to put a cape or a costume to be liked for what we are because then we will never be liked for what we really are..SPECIAL AND UNIC !*We may feel like the ugly duck but if we have an attitude of a swan we may be transformed in to one more quickly*Let that bell ring.! And express yourself as you are.!! : )
    It doesn´t matter if we like:
    *video games
    *food 🙂 mmm cheetos!
    that´s what makes you….*YOU*…
    The incredible ,special and unic in all the universe,galaxies,ect… you. 🙂

    HOPE YOU LIKE IT..w/love
    XOXO marie

  8. Alice Says:

    I was walking alone in the park that day all by myself, when i saw a duck by the river…it was trying to tell me something, but i was founding really hard to understand its language, so i kept walking.
    Suddenly i felt like i could eat an elephant, so i saw a door bell and i rang it. A nice lady in white told me that all that she had to eat was a single cheeto. I said thanks and got it. Then i asked her name, and all that she told me was that she was a doctor…She was a doctor of the zoo…I just said thanks again and kept on walking.
    It was late afternoon and i was tired, when i saw an alien, and he was wearing that strange cape, and i felt fear and cold suddenly…so i ran away from him scared…i didn’t knew what to do and tought tha he was going to hurt me somehow…The night arrieved soon and i was still walking, so i stoped for a while and a bunch of crazy people came at me screaming something like “hey stop, i’m your fan”, but i didn’t knew why…i wasn’t famous or anything at all…
    Then some strange guy grab me and i screamed a lot, when i fell of the bed. It was all a dream by the way.

    *sorry ’bout my english hahaha”

  9. Adriana Says:

    My 9-year-old brother was pretending to fly around the room with his Superman costume, his red cape floating as if their was a fan making it do so, although it was only because he was running so fast. With his cheeto stained fingers, he grabbed his stuffed duck from the couch, and threw it across the room pretending it was his enemy. I looked at him as if he were an alien. Sometimes my brother was so weird! I heard the bell ring, and ran to the door just as quickly as the character my brother pretended to be. Thank God it was my father! I couldn’t stand being in the same room with my brother for one more second! My dad was a doctor, so I was surprised he was home early from work today. That feeling was brushed away quickly though, my joy overcoming it!

  10. Kristin Says:

    The Anaheim Ducks (NHL Team) went on the ice to play their first game of the season one player got hit with a puck at 90 mph the doctor came out to assist the Duck player. When the player came into the locker room to get cleaned up he had an urge for a single cheeto and made an assisstant go upstairs to the foodstand to get him a bag of cheetos, an alien took him during his quest for the cheetos. When the number one fan of the player heard about the cheeto delima he decided to give the player his own bag he bought from the foodstand for his kids. As the final bell rang, the Ducks won the game and the team captain tied his jersey around his neck like a cape!

  11. Maxima Says:

    In a field somewhere, anywhere, an alien arrived late at her doctor’s appointment.
    There are spectators all around, eager to watch
    the freak show. Everything seemed to be ready,
    except for a gigantic flop: the doctor is in reality,
    a simple veterinarian, specialized in Birds, especially ducks and mice (he worked for 4 years at the Disney Hospital for Animals Cartoons).
    Well….it is a big problem, of course, the alien could care less; while the spectators grow impatience, the fake doctor pushes the alien toward a tent where he starts to get dress for the check up.
    The cape is obviously too large for him(who!the alien or the doctor?….we don’t know yet)
    A sound is heard from the crowd…..a little girl comes forward….she has a bell in her hand…..and a cheeto in the other. The doctor shouts-“There’s my bell!”…..the alien flies parallel to the ground towards the little girl…she puts out her hand with the cheeto in it….the alien favorite food is only inches away from his mouth, but at the very last moment, the girl quickly put it in her mouth with a malicious grin.

  12. Gina Says:

    LOL. (Mad Libs)

    Today I went out of my doctor to go biting and was mobbed by a huge crowd of ducks. I stitched to get out of there as fast as I could. I met up with Michael Rosenbaum and we went to eat at Outback Steakhouse. We left there and went to the cape and saw something amazing. It was a large sophisticated bell and we were in awe. Next, my fans came up to me and asked for my autograph and I gladly did so. Michael Rosenbaum and I went to my cheeto and had a sleepover. We ate chips and candies. We watched Fight Club and played twister. Photographers tried to take pictures of us, but my alien kept them away. We had lots of fun and we estimated all night long.

  13. skahahoo Says:

    for your delightful disparagement, the doctor of dreadful delectables offers a plethora of painful puns…

    1) what do you call donald when he cheats while playing hide-and-seek with mickey, minnie, goofy, and the gang?
    a peeking duck.

    2) in these tough economic times, what alien experience will many people endure?
    a lien.

    3) what is the most awesomest awesome name ever for a superhero fish?
    cape cod.

    4) how are these questions like a cheeto?
    they’re both exceedingly cheesy and corny.

    thank you, thank you. ring that bell if you’re gasping for breath – whether from hysterics or horror. i’m here every friday night. i dedicate this to my number one and only fan. hi mom!

  14. Kristin Says:

    Skahahoo– You are AWESOME! Love your stuff… Could you read one of your poems out loud, via video or sound bite and send to us via http://www.yousendit.com?? Pretty please… Or I can read it and post it if you would prefer… But really think it’s more fun if you do it! Please please please…
    Kristin K

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