HAHA! Love it!

Apparently Kristin has a fear of walking into poles…

So! Thanks so much for reading our blog and participating! That was super cool to see all of the fun feedback! There’s been a few questions, so I thought I’d try to hit a few of those before we really continue on in our blogging journey.

There was a question as to whether our friend, Ariella is an AM fan (more a statement, than a question to be honest). When brought up, she asked, “What’s an ‘AM fan’?”

Next up, we’ve got some talk about the two different writing exercises and wondering what they mean, if there’s any sort of strategy we have in posting them. The answer to that is ‘not at all.’ We have about a week’s worth of exercises in a queue. The 7-Word exercises are totally random. We IM someone random, have them select 7 words, and do our thing. Coming around next week the writing will get harder as we’ve got some challenging (yet fun!) writing to do. We decided to do this randomly. One day, Kristin and I were wanting to be expressive and creative. So we decided to write! Then, we invited Ariella to join us because she totally loves writing.

So there you have it! Again, thanks SO much for hanging out with us! This is way fun!



19 Responses to “HAHA! Love it!”

  1. Tina Says:

    Shoot you need some random words come to me im the queen of random. Ill give you the 7 most randomest words you prolly wont even THINK of..

  2. Le Amazing Mari Says:

    hahahah that comic strip is full of awesome. oy kristin.

    ariella is MY fan. duh.

  3. Lydia Says:

    Thanks for explaining what the writing exercise is all about.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    That’s a funny comic strip.

  5. LI Says:

    Haha! nice comic strip

  6. abegael Says:

    cool comic strip, do more… n goodluck gbd

  7. natalie~* Says:

    Happy fourth of july!!!! lol im scared of walking into poles to……especially at my school theres lots of them.
    ~natalie in california

  8. Kristin Says:

    So… I ran into a pole in 4th grade. By accident. I was looking the other way at the time… pretty much knocked myself out. And now random imaginary poles jump out at me on a fairly irregular basis. As a result, I spazz, and people laugh. Maybe it’s the other way around tho… I am a spazz, therefore I see poles and then people laugh.
    Good times… heehee

  9. Ashley Says:

    I’ve come close to running into a pole a time or two.
    Luckily it has not happend… watch, I say that now and in the next day or so it will happen. =P

  10. Val Says:

    haha Good comic strip! But I feel ur pain Kristin. I ran into a pole in 5th grade while playing freeze tag. I literally had an egg shaped bump on my forhead for days. =) And I too suffer from momentarily spazz attacks. Except its not poles…. I randomly squeal when I think something’s crawling on me (or if someone pokes my side). Tho it generally turns out to be a stray strand of hair… lol =P

  11. cynthia Says:

    Poor Kristin !
    Sorry but i’m still laughing at that story…^^

  12. Emma Says:

    I ran into a wooden door just before a ballet concert once! During the performance, I could actually feel my nose beginning to swell, I remember trying to smile while clenching my teeth through the pain.. not cool! I’m equally as paranoid about being clumsy, not about poles though!

  13. Allie Says:

    Lol! I totally have done that exact thing before! My friend reacted about the same too! Good times!

  14. Denise Says:

    I fell on the tip of a bed post once and broke my eyebrow bone in half, ever since then i walk slow near beds and make sure i dont trip and fall again. But…i gotta say poles seem much more worse. Glad i only walk into walls and doors.

    I like the writting exercises they are fun when theres not much to do. [:

  15. Scott123 Says:

    Of all the things to have in common with Kristin Kreuk! I cant believe I am going to share this..
    So it’s my junior year (11th grade) and I am walking along at school with a few of my friends, and we spot this group of very popular cheerleaders. So I did my best James Dean lip pout, puffed out my chest, ran my fingers through my hair, smiled as charmingly as I could…and walked squarely into a lamp post! I fell backward an my ass, and this of course generated hugh laughter from the cheerleaders. Well, as it happens, these girls were very effective communicators, because they communicated this to the ENTIRE SCHOOL! I walked around for a week with a strange vertical bruise on my face! (In fairness, three of those girls did go out with me, although I think it was out of pity more than anything else.) It was because of this that I stopped laughing at dance lessons.
    Times have changed, but if I am at a park or somewhere I know there are streetlamps…I tend to look nervous “for no reason”…

    Your friend in diagonal yellow safety striping,
    Scott 123

  16. Daisy Says:

    That comic strip was funny. Kristin have you walked into some poles before? I never ran into any objects, but I’m sure it would hurt a lot.

  17. Binks Says:

    Ok…uhm…haha. I saw this and it reminded me of the comic…. =D

    waaaaatch it!

  18. Ashley Says:

    Heehee love that vid.

  19. Chris Says:

    haha where’s the pole? funny vid

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