How to make…

Write a poem that is a recipe for something: making a perfect woman/man, making despair, making a stone, making bad weather, making a home. Try to include unexpected ‘ingredients,’ like the stubbed toe that makes a terrible day all the worse. Think about how each element/ingredient will affect the others.

Have fun with the language of recipes — or be as serious as your subject demands. Allow yourself to expand from the recipe format as needed, to include warnings, descriptions of method, alternatives, and methods of using/consuming/admiring the end product.

Tabby’s Entry:

Recipe for Making a Mountain out of a Molehill
1 part molehill
1000 parts filler dirt
1000 parts filler junk
10000 part emotional fortitude
10 parts logic

Take your molehill and dig a hole into the middle and throw the 10 parts of logic into the hole. Quickly mix it with the emotional fortitude, adding in dirt and junk as desired. Mix fast to be sure to leave bumps and a fairly inconsistent mixture. Continue adding dirt and junk until the molehill has grown to a sufficient size, large enough to tumble down while walking towards the peak. At the peak, use up the rest of your emotional fortitude with a loud shout, making sure to expend the rest of your energy alerting everyone of your newly built mountain.

Kristin’s Entry:

Making my Perfect Day. (Good days have few ingredients.)

A large soaking of sunshine
Moderate temperatures* for 24 hours
The smell of autumn
Plenty of brightly colored leaves.
A sweaty yoga class in the morning
2 scoops of Matcha
A spoonful of loose lemongrass tea
Hot water
½ Tablespoon of honey
Laughter. Preferably, uncontrollable laughter.

Combine the sunshine with the temperatures to create a very cozy atmosphere that is slightly crisp so you can wear a sweater. The smell of autumn is simply there to inspire a certain feeling, which reminds of fireplaces and Thanksgiving. Combine the wind with the leaves to create turbulent and elegant swirls of color barreling down the street. The yoga is to be utilized to tie the body and the mind together, kinda like egg whites. Combine the matcha, lemongrass, water and honey to create a nummy tea. Laughter to build music. And companions to build humanness.

Ariella’s Entry:

How to make the perfect road-trip:

One car that seats 6. Might make funny noises after driving for a while.
Sunshine that hits the road and our front window while our eyes expand to new landscape.
Good friends and laughter. Lots of laughter.
Ripe green, bright beet red flowers that wave at us from beside the passing highway.
Fruit stands and late-night gas stations where locals meet and we stop to pee and buy peach fuzzies.
A map that’s missing some of the important pages.
Coffee. Lots of coffee!
A tin full of chunky cookies someone made this morning.
A heart full of open road.

Mix all of the above and enjoy! It comes out different every time.


14 Responses to “How to make…”

  1. Juliana Says:

    ooh my god! now we have a blog! that’s perfect =))
    I LOOOVE GBD! ♥ kiss from brazil!

  2. Juliana Says:

    “Making my Perfect Day” I loved these tips! I will follow them every day! when one day starts badly, and when it ends badly starts well, ends well! ♥

  3. Juliana Says:

    that translation of google tá all wrong! please, do not repair the errors LoL! Love you! ♥

  4. Denise Says:

    Making my Perfect Man

    1 Part All You Need Is love, By The Beatles
    1 part air
    1/2 cup of joy
    1 cup of laughter
    2 broken bones
    1 butt
    2 spoons
    1 bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream
    1 can of whooped topping
    1 gallon of love
    2 empty hearts
    1 tube of yummy chap stick
    1 pairs of lips
    1 grandmother
    1 mother

    Combine the Song to the air so he will whistle my favorite song, put the 1/2 cup of joy and the cup of laughter together and mix it up to make him have a good sense of humor, add the 2 broken bones to the butt to make him a pain in the butt every once and awhile. Combine the 2 spoons, the ice cream, and the whooped topping so he knows how to make my favorite desert. we will always love each other. Add the chap stick to the lips so he kisses me every chance he gets. Smoosh the Grandmother and mother together so he always knows to treat me they way he wants them to be treated.

    Well I gave it a try.Hope you like it.

  5. Denise Says:

    ^^^oppsie i forgot to add the part in the middle.

    Combine the 2 spoons blah blah blah……. Pour the gallon of love into the 2 empty hearts so I know we will always love each other…blah blah blah

  6. Maria Says:

    How to throw the perfect partaaay (party):

    Invite plenty of people, some of which you know inside and out.
    Loud music! Anything that you think will get people dancing, and that occasional mellow song for the breaks.
    A karaoke machine, so people can sing their hearts out and happily make fools of themselves.
    A variety of snacks and refreshments. Pizza is a must!
    A couple rounds of truth-or-dare, just to spice things up.

    Mix in a heathy heaping of fun and laughter and you’ve got yourself an incredible night!

  7. Denise Says:

    good one maria 😉

  8. Linden Says:

    “The Perfect Holiday”

    10 First Cousins
    4 Aunts; 4 Uncles
    2 Grandparents
    1 Great-Grandmother
    1 Loving Family
    And food for days.

    Traditions as old as Papa, laughing in his chair.
    A house that holds the childhood memories that we all treasure more than anything.
    The scents of the vanilla candles crashing with the classic fire burning. It smells of home.
    1 large helping of Aunt Tammy’s corn casserole, energy for football and hide-and seek.
    Hours and Hours and Hours of Laughter; loud and genuine, mostly caused by stories of our youth.
    Familar hugs that sooth all the wrongs in life.
    Granny, withered and hurting, with the biggest smile of all, trying her hardest to put names to our faces.

    The exchanging of presents.
    Tears caused by a simple $5 bill, one stuffed into 10 cheap, yet beautiful cards. Each addressed to a different great-grandchild. The least expensive of all the gifts, but it is by far the most cherished. She gives more than she should. Year after year.

    Countless games of Bingo. Groans from the losers. Presents for the winners.
    Competitive games of Wahoo, a game created by Papa himself.
    My cousin Deanna, playing with my hair.

    The calming of the party.
    The desire for this day to last just a little longer.
    The hope that it isn’t her last gathering.
    The goodbyes and see you laters.
    The drive home.
    The memories of another annual event, gone too quickly.
    The hot chocolate and pajamas.

    The perfect Christmas day.

  9. Lydia Says:

    The perfect weekend:
    get up early in the morning to have a long day
    get physical: go for a walk, stretch your body and mind while doing a workout DVD,…
    do all the household chores before noon
    focus on me-time: reading, writing, watching TV…
    invaluable ingredient: music
    take time to enjoy a healthy delicious lunch
    drink lots of water to stay refreshed and energized
    eat a healthy snack like an apple
    the most important thing: no stress, no thinking about Monday…only a mixture of thoughts, ideas, plans and dreams…me-time…relaxtion of the body and mind….

  10. Denise Says:

    I like yours Linden, good job!

  11. Maxima Says:

    Recipe for Creative Insanity:
    3 grams of non-fat reality
    7 gallons of innocence
    30 pounds of unfiltered imagination
    25 Kilos of surrealism (best if organic)
    64 feet of licorice made out of anti-conformity
    1 bar of dark chocolate
    Immediately eat the dark chocolate and after it exhale the flavor in a medium size saucepan.
    Mix in only 1 gram of non-fat reality with the organic surrealism (throw away the rest of the reality);
    separately, cook 15 pounds of the unfiltered imagination while freezing the other 15lbs. for about an hour.
    (in the meantime, read the first two chapters of Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”).
    Now that the hour is up, cook the frozen imagination, and in turn, freeze the one already cooked.
    Now the best part:
    go outside and in an empty kiddy pool, dump the seven gallons of innocence………jump in it!
    Return to the kitchen and blend the licorice with the imagination (both cooked and frozen).
    Add everything into the saucepan with the little reality and the surrealism; let it stand for 5 minutes.
    The paste that you’ll get at the end, will be firm enough for you to make a dress that you’ll wear out in this crazy world.
    Sweet dreams!

  12. Marie*Andree Says:

    “DA unforgetable day”
    – a good companion that you like to share moments with.
    -a posiTive funny attitude to life
    -all sorts of ideas
    -a camera or a journal
    –(music) an optional ingredient

    ok.. let´s get this started.. FIRST you and your companion can walk, travel or whatever you want to do and go to your favorite places or meaningful places like the ones that make you remember your childhood nice moments.. you can take pictures of the places and you two writing your crazy thoughts doing funny things and laughing alot about simple but nice things in life,you could record a video about what you guys are doing or with music you could make a crazy inmature video about anything you guys like to laugh later of,,then in the journal paste little things that will make you remmember the day and thoughts about anything you like or want in life..
    SO years later you can watch the video journal or writing journal and remember the funny beautiful 😀 unforgetable!!! DAY 🙂

  13. Gina Says:

    How to make the perfect art piece:

    1 Brain
    Music, of course!

    Talent is not needed! You can draw whatever you’d like. Whether it be an animal, a person, a cartoon character (Spongebob for the win!), your friend, a family member, whoever it may be!

    Don’t let the misconception of ‘you have to have talent to draw’ flood your mind. As long as you have fun, that’s all that matters. 🙂

    Side note: Drawing cures boredom! Unless you have art block of course!

  14. Emma Says:

    The perfect girly pamper session!

    – 1 small group of close friends
    – some nail polish
    – avocado facemasks (don’t forget the cotton patches)
    – a ‘rom-com’ DVD eg. ‘the Holiday’,
    – candles
    – the 30-seconds card game!
    – soft pillows and mohair blankets
    – some fresh lemon/peach iced tea
    – crispy crackers, camembert cheese and sweet-chilli jam
    and some cheeky tunes to create the ambience!

    Life is so much better when you can be silly with friends!

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