7 Word Sundays

Use all of the following seven words to construct a poem, short story, or prose:
footloose, beach, sluggish, cheesecake, tenderness, anachronism, prism, perhaps

Kristin’s Entry:

Perhaps. I am watching the waves recede back into the depths of the Ocean, my heart full of tenderness. His kindness seemed like an anachronism from this prism of sadness. Perhaps I am simply unaware of the sluggish quality of my heart, the slowness at which it moves compared to the speed of others. His heart seemed so footloose, so fancy free. So… chivalrous and unexpected. This moment is the first moment I think I can see clearly the nature of his parting. The beach is quiet as I realize that it was always me who could not love myself. And it was me who could not see the vastness of my own spirit. But perhaps the vastness was there all along. A smile creeps over my lips. I take a huge bite of fresh blueberry cheesecake.

Tabby’s Entry:

Why does a day spent at home, doing nothing in particular, feel so much more sluggish compared to other activities done away from home… say shopping, or perhaps a trip to the beach? It seems as if time is an ever changing instrument used by some unknown power to directly effect everything around me. When I want time to go faster, it laughs and refuses. When I’d like for it to go slower, to enjoy more of the life around me, it rushes by, faster than wind, whispering to me with sounds that resemble the childish taunt, “You can’t get me!”

Somewhere from upstairs I hear the distant tunes of something similar to the old song, “footloose” and something in me seems to stir, recognizing an anachronism from a distant past sliding gently through the poorly insulated walls with a certain rustic tenderness and politeness, so as not to stir too much in my mind. My fight with time begins to fade as my mind turns to the rumble in my belly. Food would be good. A piece of cheesecake appears in some external thought-bubble that I imagine exists. Delicious as though it may seem, I push it aside to find a better alternative. For the time, I leave my prism of thoughts for a basic survival need. This only lasts for three seconds, as I begin to analyze why cheesecake felt so survival based at the time. Three seconds, however, can sometimes last an eternity… especially when one is hungry.


16 Responses to “7 Word Sundays”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Uhhmm did you notice that you have 8 words up there?!…

    Mmmmm cheescake.

  2. Tabby Says:

    HAHA yes, we did! That was the personality of Mari, giving us more than what we asked for! *g*

  3. LI Says:

    Kristin, you write well.
    Write a book or something 😉

  4. Gina Says:

    My footloose and boring life continues. Back from the gorgeous beach of Santa Monica and Malibu, I am now back to my hometown. I’m not used from going an arid environment to an environment rich in green.

    I was tempted to take a prism up to the sun and let is cast a rainbow on the sand. Or would the sand reflect or absorb the light? I feel sluggish after the 5 hour plane ride. Jetlag begins to set in. Tenderness overtakes me as streams of tears wells up in my eyes, for this was my home for almost a year. The anachronism was painfully obvious. Was I meant to be here at this time of my life? Perhaps the only way to escape from the troubles concerning my roommate and I.

    Today, I set all of my troubles aside and grab a delicious cheesecake from the fridge.

  5. Ashley Says:

    Mmmmm cheesecake… or fitting in my bathing suit for the summmer at the beach?
    Ugh! Fiiine… I. Will. Not. Be. Tempted… But maybe… perhaps… No, no, nooo… Remember what we are learning in our Prism Weight Loss Program…
    I sluggishly walked back to the living room to finish watching “Footloose”… Anachronism… Ha, hey, I guess my teacher was right, you never know when you will use that word…
    Kevin Bacon… mmmmm bacon… Nooo, stop that…
    I think I need to call one of my supporters… they speak with such tenderness and are so ecourging…
    I turn to grab the phone, and stop… why does it look like a…
    Mmmmm ice cream sandwich… 😛

  6. Gina Says:

    lol @ Kevin bacon! Ice cream sounds good! It’s too hot lol. XD

  7. Lydia Says:

    In this era of computers, writing with pen and paper can be considered as an anachronism. But, returning to the simplest of things can feel good. I’m eating a delicious piece of cheesecake, there’s the theme song from the movie Footloose on the background, I’ve got a splendid view on the beach, I feel the breeze of fresh air, I see a cute puppy running into the wind, I’m wearing a necklace with prism pendant … I take it all in, I enjoy and I’m grateful for these simple pleasures of life. Life is beautiful. People shouldn’t take life for granted. Instead of feeling sluggish, tired, irritated and unhappy, perhaps they should put less pressure on themselves and take the time to really live and truly enjoy moments of tenderness and happiness.

  8. Denise Says:

    I gave it a shot, im not sure if i put the words in correctly im to tired to know what im writting. :-/

    As I walk along this lonely beach with the waves crashing against my legs making them feel sluggish, I cant seem to stop thinking about him. Its almost as if I’m stuck in a prism of memories. The tenderness of his touch against my skin,the weird way he licked his strawberry cheesecake off his fork, how he was always so footloose and kind, he loved me so much.Perhaps this anachronism is a good thing. He will always be in my memories, but no longer in my heart. Those days are over, but I will cherish them forever.

  9. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful prose Kristin. But I cannot tell if you are talking about the ocean or a guy. LOL!

  10. prad robert Says:

    In french again sorry , I’m not feeling ready yet to write in english.

    Le vent sec emportant toute tendresse ,
    La plage parait à un fromage sans gout,
    Peut etre trop timide,pour abstraire ces reveries,
    Je ne peux qu’à travers des prismes,
    Perdre pied pour quelques anachronismes .

  11. skahahoo Says:

    you say seven
    but i see eight
    footloose friends
    upon my plate.

    i see seven
    as half an eight
    sluggish math?
    perhaps, but wait.

    a second seven
    inverted, laid
    on top will make
    a pointy eight.

    or seen through
    another prism
    a rather angled

    filled with beach
    that tracks time pass
    the sandy seconds
    of an hourglass.

    today it’s cheesecake,
    before the cheeto.
    does cheddar make better
    these words that i sow?

    this much i know:
    on a burger well-dressed
    yo quiero queso
    with much tenderness.

  12. Maxima Says:

    Sometime, in an animal farm, lived two doctors: one blind, the other one in plain sight.
    Perhaps the blind one use to receive all the sick people, while the other was hanging at the beach.
    Four days after the beginning of this story, the doctor with sight paid a visit to the blind one; the latter, that did not expect visitors that day, thought it would be a nice idea to relax and eat his favorite dessert: Cheesecake!
    And so it started his eating ritual with such tenderness, so to resemble a mother elephant caring for her baby.
    At exactly 8:15pm, the sighted doctor arrived at his rival’s home.
    Pay attention now……one of the two doctors was fearful of the telescope, but neither of them had one…..but wait…..the blind doctor thought he had one; in reality it wasn’t a telescope but a prism, a gift from a pretty
    prison down the street.
    The angry doctor, with agility and footloose like manners,
    tap danced to the back of the house. The blind doc. heard the sound of silence and fell asleep, a long sluggish sleep!
    Finally the “in plain sight” doctor sneaked inside and moved quietly in the den. While there his interest shifted…….WOW…. apparently he spotted an historical
    anachronism which led him to believe that he was in a different time and space.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Yes. The vastness was always there. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  14. Scott123 Says:

    As it happens, I need a type of prose for a character in a story I am working on. Andrasta, historically, is a celtic goddess. But in my story, she has a role to play. So this is something of a happy coincidence.


    Look closely. She is there.
    The young and the fast see life in a blur. Perhaps there is no interest.
    Footloose and fancy free, there is no reason to see her. But look closely, she is there.
    So many flying through their lives with no time for an anachronism.
    Still, there are others…
    Ones who seek a more peaceful existence.
    They are not disappointed.
    A splash of silver in the water, and she appears.
    As the sunlight shines through to the forest floor, she looks to you.
    Her face filled with tenderness and understanding.
    “Come, walk with me in the groves.”
    A prism of sunlight dances around you as you stroll the path.
    Her gown is the milky white color of a cheesecake, and the sweetness of the dessert is in her manner. Her eyes are the colors of the forest.
    With age, a day arrives where you must take a deep breath, and slow down.
    Not sluggish, just an easier pace.
    She smiles,” From the beach to the mountains, and the forest in between. All this is mine. And I give it to you.”
    Look closely, she is there.

    Your friend in the forest

  15. April Says:

    Standing in the gap of life…I feel the anachronism of time where many have called me an old soul – trapped in a young body. Perhaps, a stroll down the cool wet sandy beach, to absorb the tenderness of the last golden rays of sun light dancing upon the earth…encouraging random thought. Ahh…I can now reflect on what is true to me. A beautiful sunset casting a prism of light – radiating: past, present and the dream for hope and a bright future…a dividing of the time. Then, I am reminded to live in the present – footloose and fancy free with sand between my toes ~ cheesecake on my nose… enjoying the relaxing, sluggish experiences of life that slow me down enough to see…time is of the essence…Be free!

  16. Emma Says:

    Yearning for the tenderness of my Grandma’s strawberry cheesecake, gazing in the distance at her beach cottage, my feet slowly wade through the sluggish sand as I spot a prism-shaped piece of glass. Perhaps the remains of what was once a lover’s message in a bottle; sent from one end of the earth to another. Quite an anachronism in a modern world of convenience and speedy communication…
    But my thoughts are suddenly interrupted when smells of freshly baked food diffuse in my nose and I curiously trace this familiar scent in a footloose and free-spirited sense of being….

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