7 Word Mondays

Use all of the following seven words to construct a poem, short story, or prose:
quintessential, sapphire, driftwood, undulate, tendril, tremolo, pinafore

Kristin’s Entry:

Nearly sapphire leaves cling desperately to the driftwood as it floats out to sea. The Autumn winds have pulled them, in their October weakness into chaotic rootlessness. Some find resting places and others whip desperately
Undulating in this quintessential journey of death. It is as though She, with the tendrils of her hair, the tremolo of her song, the slight swing of her pinafore moves the whole world into a turbulent stumble into slumber.

Tabby’s Entry:

Her worn pinafore waved behind her as she stood amongst the banks, a tendril of hair falling in her soft round face. From the darkness of the water, she listened to the tremolo of song emerging, waiting for a burst of excitement.

There needs to be more of these days, she thought, closing her sapphire eyes and leaning against the large deposits of driftwood on the shore. These dancing thoughts she entertained were so perfect, so inline with happiness and imparted wisdom, that they would be the quintessential recollection of her time in this place.


7 Responses to “7 Word Mondays”

  1. Allie Says:

    The sapphire sky is alight with stars,
    every one quintessential in creating the moment.

    Each twinkle, seems to undulate with the rest of the world’s breaths, in a rising, falling kind of lullaby. I can almost hear it being sung aloud.

    I wish so deeply that it would be.

    I feel an invisible tendril, trailing and curling around my familiar pinafore, that is connecting me with everything else.

    And everything,
    the stars,
    even the piece of driftwood beside my feet…

    We all breathe at once.

    Intaking the sharp night air, and feeling harmony of the earth’s tremolo, I feel at peace.

  2. Lydia Says:

    Tendrils of mist, at the crack of dawn, a man is walking with his dog on the beach. Suddenly, the dog runs towards the water. Moving with the waves, the undulating driftwood finally brings her home.
    She was a quintessential artist. She was always wearing her yellow pinafore when she was painting. She is gone. He will never hear her play a tremolo on mandolin again or loose himself in her beautiful blue sapphire eyes.
    What happened?

  3. skahahoo Says:

    “Where is the sapphire?”
    A driftwood voice
    hard and dry.
    It’s quiet, yet
    my ears are ringing.

    Through swollen eyes
    I can surmise
    thickness. Blackness.
    A smoky tendril,
    or maybe two,
    undulate from a –

    “Show her.”
    They bring forth
    a pinafore,
    torn and stained.
    Pained, I try
    without tremolo,
    “Where is she?”

    But he heard.
    He heard the quiver
    in the question.
    The quintessential villain,
    with sinister grin,
    “Where is the sapphire?”

  4. Denise Says:

    The sapphire sky was clear, the undulate sea stretched far ahead, the tendrils of her old worn hair sweep over her face as the strong winds wave them around. Her vision focuses on a single piece of driftwood, it is alone at sea just as she is..drifting. This was not a quintessential day, this day was the day she would leave the world, as she puts on her comfy pinafore, and heads towards the tremolo of music in the cabin she takes one last look at the beautiful sky, a smiles creeps across her face, this is the way she always dreamed of leaving. She lay in bed with a smile on her face as she drifts away to a better place.

  5. Maxima Says:

    The sapphire is an object that goes back at least 500 years. It was discovered by the handsome Duke of Slewig (somewhere between England and South Africa). The Duke real charm was often followed by the undulate motion of his hair.
    The sapphire, with time, blackened in color, so much so that the Duke’s men refuse to touch it.
    One of the bravest and loyal friend was a tiny man called Marco Pinafore, from Italy; he resemble the quintessential hard working Mediterranean down to his toilet habits.
    The Duke order him to pick the sapphire up, and place it on a tendril. Marco had problems with the English language and confused the word trendil with treadmill….so……after grabbing the sapphire he ran as fast as he could, but on a treadmill, while the Duke and everyone else stood there watching the poor idiot going at it on a treadmill.
    So!!!! Please beware of the sapphire; you can buy it, or use it as driftwood in your fireplace; keeping it home is not necessary for people that have a fake tremolo in their voice; anyway you slice it, you could eat it and also stamped it on a window, but don’t touch it…….it’s real…….”Don’t do it, it could cost you dearly”.

  6. Ashley Says:

    He had a tendril of hair that fell in the middle of his forehead.
    Among the lights his eyes appeared to be sapphire.
    His voice undulated through the crowed over the tremolo of the music.
    Some girls pinafore was then thrown on the stage.
    He was soon floating in a sea of people like a piece of driftwood.
    His stage diving was quintessential at concerts.

  7. Marilyne Says:

    Yes, Kristin , time has come to edit your hidden short stories in that drawer…:D

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