Sexy 7 Shenanigans!

Yellow darlings!

We have been receiving answers to our Sexy 7, and we thought they were so bleeping cool that we would feature one each week or so. Here is a link to this week’s featured Sexy 7…

Kendra, Tabby and I will create a wee video for you guys with our answers, and hopefully inspire you… Yay team!

Very short entry… But I had a mission!




3 Responses to “Sexy 7 Shenanigans!”

  1. Denise Says:

    She had some good answers!

  2. charisse Says:

    Hey Kristin ^_^
    I think it would be great if this site will also include, once in a while, current social issues teenagers are facing. You know like peer pressure stuff.. Things that they feel more comfortable telling a friend than their parents. Something like that..

    Let’s hear what the teenagers have to say and maybe we can learn from each others thoughts or experiences.

    Just a suggestion.. hehe 😉

    I myself sometimes get a little confused about some things though im not a teenager anymore =( Im 22.

  3. Corinne Says:

    ^.^ I Very much agree with charisse i think that woulds be great 😀 Being a teen now a days is hard Theirs so much peer pressure and all that kind stuff i mean people say you should enjoy being young but i really just want to grow up and get on with my life i set goals like everyone should do but i really just want to go out into the world and really.. live my dream.

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