Ummm… I cut off all my hair!


I am assuming there are a few of you who are wanting to murder me at this precise moment… Now, deep breaths, it will grow back at some point. And I think it is pretty darn cute.

For three years I have been wanting to cut my hair. It’s been long for about 15 bloody years. If I had not been working on a television series I would have cut it a while ago. I suppose this is kind of an expression of freedom, haha. Us gals tend to have so much tied up in hair. There is like this emotional attachment to it, and it is apparently a REALLY big deal to cut it all off…in one go. I had a plethora or offers to come with, to document, and I just went in there on my own and Sarah (she is the key hairstylist on Smallville, and is freakin rad) tied it in a ponytail and sawed the sucker off…

And now I have short hair. It feels really different. My head feels different. Washing my hair this morning was by far the strangest experience I have had in a while… Like, there is no hair there. And there was before. And now there isn’t. Really weird. And yoga was fun with no hair. And I can feel the wind rush through, and the sun hit the nape of my neck, and my head feels LIGHT. I am experiencing the world in a new way. Really that is how I feel about this new phase in my life.

Apart from my family, Smallville is the longest relationship I have been in. 7+ years. And it has now pretty much ended. The decisions I am making now are a reflection of where I am in my 20’s. GBD is my primary commitment at this point, as well as my relationships. I have got to admit that it is really strange to not walk into that studio every week. But, there is a whole world of new shizznat that I now have the opportunity to choose. I can grab the proverbial hair goo of life and play… I told you all last week. I am sappy.



p.s. I have never used hair goo until now. I actually need to style my hair now. Oh, the possibilities….


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243 Responses to “Ummm… I cut off all my hair!”

  1. superkurre Says:

    The new haircut looks very nice and stylish!

    it’s amazing how much we really do concern ourselves with out hair. My hair was very long when I was a kid and I got it all chopped off when I was 5. It’s been short ever since, but not as short as I’d like it to be. It’s now down to my shoulders and I miss it being so very very short. I totally get your point about washing your hair and feeling the wind rush through it. Nice feelings… Now it just hangs there like a dead cat and I hate it, but because I tend to look like a boy when my hair is really short (people have been making the mistake several times in the past) I haven’t cut it for sometime. Also, I’m job hunting and I don’t think potential employers look for girls with shaved heads… Not that I’d shave it all off, but close. I miss short hair. So enjoy it, I guess is my point. You look gorgeous in any hair style! That is all.

  2. Denise Says:

    Nice haircut 🙂

    it must be great to finally be able to cut it.Im sure you will have fun experimenting with the different hair styles you could make. The best part about short hair is, when the wind blows it around it doesnt get stuck in your lip gloss haha well thats the best part for me anyway, i just cut mine off last month i love it!

  3. Ashley Says:

    WOW! 😮
    Big change. Looks cute.
    Ironically, I have been thinking about maybe dying my hair. It would be the first time ever, and I get giddy thinking about it, but then a lil scared that it might not turn out the way I want it too… but I guess by knowing for sure, would be to “just do it”. 😛

  4. Denise Says:

    @ Kristin
    P.S. I think us girls are all sappy, in some way or another. Nothing wrong with that. Its perfectly normal.

  5. Brian Says:

    oh man that sucks man, Clana fans have been waiting for 7 years for Clark and Lana to have a properbittersweet ending and now our Lana is gone 😦

    This is really bad..

  6. O.T Says:

    I’d like to start a new chapter in my life, but it’s very hard to do that. I’m sure I’ll find a way somehow……. I hope! I’d like to cut off all my hair too cause it’s curly and drives me crazy, curly hair sucks, BIG TIME! Enjoy the breeze Kristin 🙂

  7. SMB Says:

    You look like a pixie! And admit it… you overused on the shampoo this morning, didn’t you?

    I keep trying come up with something profound and existential to say, but all I can come up with is enjoy that “hair goo.”

  8. Kristin Says:

    Thanks gals! Yeah, changes… you can just go and do it. It may be the only way to find out really… BTW, this “do” does have bangs I just pulled them out of my face…

  9. Binks Says:

    Geezus. haha Well that’s a shocker. It does feel weird cutting off the hair. I’ve done it once, didn’t even have enough hair to make a ponytail, they called me “afro” cause my hair was even curlier short >_> But it does grow back, so no harm no foul. It really does feel different (less money on shampoo that’s for sure! :P) aahhh yessss sticking ur head out of the car window to feel the breeze is nice and refreshing. (Although I’d watch out in case you get hit by a car door O_O)

    It’s true, we don’t know how much our hair is valued to us, and by the rest, until it’s snipped off. I once met a very nice woman who said that shaving off her hair was a very bizarre experience when she first did it (yes, like Britney, ALL OFF) but that she was determined to make a point, which was very true once I met her. She told me that it empowered her as a woman in a way that broke conventional standards of beauty because it is a form of vanity that is now lost. She said she felt more secure as a person and of who she was without it than she ever had before.

    I’ve also had a couple of friends who cut it off and donated it. (like to Locks of Love, and other places) Thought it was a wonderful idea to do.


    Either way, ’tis a new feeling having less hair. 🙂

  10. Linden Says:

    Dude.. its like the end of an era!
    But, the do is mighty cute. You’re braver than I am. I’ve gone into the salon about 4 times saying that I’m gonna chop it all off. And I chicken out everytime.
    Bottom line… cute. 🙂

  11. Anna Says:

    Kristin you look fantastic. It is amazing how we as females put so much thought and care and feeling into something that is essentially a collection of dead cells (that is what hair is 🙂 …hopefully we can re-direct that energy toward taking care of our living cells (like Tabby) and our “spiritual” essence. All the best, Anna.

  12. May Says:

    Kristin, your hair looks great! I always admired your hair, in fact you can say I envied it. I am Asian and have straight hair too, although it is not as lovely as your hair was when it was long. I have been lately trying to make my hair as healthy looking as yours was and now it’s gone. Just a little something I wanted to mention. It’s funny how things go. Did you donate your hair to charity?

  13. G Says:

    It was too young to die!!

    Nah, major props for being able to just part with your hair like that. It’s almost like cutting a finger or something off, only this will grow back lol.

  14. Ashley Says:

    ^^ Well, atually, G, you can go to a plastic surgeon and get a new finger… just saying… 😛
    But, yeah, that would cost ALOT more then your own hair growing back…

  15. scott Says:

    One guy’s perspective: You. Go. Girl. Nice!

    “Smallville is the longest relationship I have been in. 7+ years. And it has now pretty much ended.”

    You have no idea how I have longed to hear those words, lately. Onward and upward!

  16. G Says:

    Ewww, Ash, that wouldn’t even be your actual finger.

    “Hey.” *waves*

    “OMG, why is your one finger like that!?”

    *laughs* “Because it’s not really mine.”

  17. Denise Says:

    kinda off topic but what is this weeks Movie?

  18. Robby Says:

    I’m not used to that AT ALL! 😛

    I’ll get used to it, it looks good though Kristin. 🙂 I admit, it’d be a bit of a shock if I saw you once with long hair, especially since I’ve never seen it short since I’ve been following your career, and then you came in the next day with really short hair 😀

    I’m sure it looks great, got any more pics from the side or back we can see?

  19. Jessica Says:

    Wow, I did the same thing a few years ago, so I know exactly what this feels like! My hair was longer than yours used to be…. hm… or maybe about the same length. Not sure. Anyways, I chopped it all off to a very similar cut as yours. So I can definitely relate! lol. It’s fun though, isn’t it? My only problem with the short hair was I couldn’t just wash, throw it up in a scrunchie, and go! I got tired of having to style it every single day, so I grew it back. Heehee. But enjoy the short chair, Kris! It’s fun. 🙂 And you look super cute with it!

  20. Jessica Says:

    PS. I wanna see more pics with the bangs down! Are they straight bangs, side bangs? I’m curious! lol. And I wanna see the back of the cut. I bet you could do the “duck butt” thing where you put a bunch of gel or whatever in it and let it flip out in spikes in the back. That’ll give it some more definition. And it looks uber cool. You’d be a rockstar! lol. I bet you could pull it off. 😛

  21. Ashley Says:

    This weeks movie is “Memoirs of a Geisha”.

  22. Meli Says:

    I wanna see the bangs! *waves fist* 😛

    Wow, my first post here hahaha. Weird, considering I’m friends with Binks bahahahaha!

  23. kelsey Says:

    Your hair looks great!

    “sawed the sucker off…”


  24. Val Says:

    wow…. it looks amazing!! =) My hair is thick and wavy. It definitly doesn’t help I live in humid south tx!! I’m love to go for a short look, but then ppl would think I was just conforming to the new “bob” fad. Plus, I’m going to start HS in the fall and like u said, girls are really “attathed” to their hair. It sure wouldn’t take me an hour to wash or 3 hrs to straighten! Anywas, great look and you’ve inspired me to try something new! =D

  25. Ver0nik21 Says:


    Ok big change!! You look pretty sweet! Pretty brave of you.

    Just like Ashley, I’ve been meaning to dye my hair but feeel unsure don’t know why but for us girls somehow hair it’s like a big deal!

    Well looks great 😉

  26. *dacara* Says:

    OMG Kristin your hair! Okay I can’t believe you cut your long beautiful hair. I’m a little shocked. It looks nice just different. I guess I’m just shocked to see you with short hair for like the first time ever. I don’t think I could ever cut it that short. I recently just cut my very long hair a few months ago. It was like a year since I last cut it. I was actually letting it grow to donate it to the Locks of Love organization. I did and I felt great knowing my hair helped someone who needed it more than I did. I’m actually thinking of trying a different style or even dying it for the first time ever but I don’t know. Wow you are right, we can be very emotionally attached to our hair . .lol. You got guts Kristin! What has everyone’s reaction been to your new hair cut?

  27. Don Says:

    Oh, NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!
    I’m sorry, Kristin, but, as a guy, I have to tell you, I LOVED your hair longer !! Grow it to your waist. That’s the way I love it !! You still have a beautiful smile and sweet eyes, though. Hey! I’ll pitch in for a wig..LOL.. sorry.. It’s not my business to tell you what to do, but, I think honesty is important.. as long as it’s done with love. I always wish you the best. I even pray for you on occasion ! (I’m a Christian musician).

  28. Lydia Says:

    Gorgeous!. This new short style really looks good on you. I’d love to see more pictures.:-)

    I felt the same way when I cut my hair short the first time. I haven’t been able to let it grow long ever since and I don’t want to either.

    I have a short pixie haircut. It’s not just because it’s low maintenance. Even though very short, the pixie short haircut still allows you limitless options, you can place your individual stamp all over this easy hairstyle. I like to put spirit in my hair.

    It’s also a way to boost my confidence. I can look feminine and great with a simple short hairstyle. It has given me a liberating and empowering feeling to be ‘me’.

  29. *dacara* Says:

    Hmm my comment didn’t go through so I’ll just repost what I had said. Omg Kristin your hair. I can’t believe you cut your long beautiful hair. I’m shocked because this is the first time I’ve ever seen you with short hair ever. It’s nice, just different:). I don’t think I could ever cut my hair that short. I actually cut my long hair pretty short this past March. I hadn’t cut it for a year up until then. I was letting it grow so that I can donate it to the the Locks of Love organization. I did and I felt great knowing that my hair was going to someone who needed it more than I did. I’ve been thinking of trying a new style or even dying my hair for the first time ever but I don’t know. Wow you are right we can be very emotionally attached to our hair . . lol. I think your act of bravery might just make me try something different;). You’ve got guts Kristin! Rock on with your new hair cut.

  30. S Says:

    Sorry Kristin, I have to disagree. I really don’t like the new haircut…way to drastic for my liking. I also don’t get how cutting your hair correlates to freedom? But yeah, it’s just hair…but grow it back ASAP please! 😛

  31. LI Says:

    You are FREE now!
    Great, i’m happy for you.

    P.S. PLS make more movies 😀

  32. Chris Says:

    I got to say…this was a real shocker!

    more power to you dude

  33. Stephany Says:

    You look so pretty!!! I wish I had your hair now 🙂

  34. Rysa Says:

    o.O 8^O
    Oh my gosh!!!

    Nah.. kidding… you look amazing… as always!

    you’re right, sometimes we need to change… Changes make us better.

    BUT, I’ll miss you in Smallville… bad for me, good for you! I mean I’ll miss you, but I’m happy with all your new projects, especially with GBD.

    Girl, you rock!

  35. Marie Says:

    I cut my hair short like a month ago, It was a relieve because here in the Caribbean is so hot and the long hair made me feel like i was suffocating … and also I need to change my look because i was getting bored of looking the all same, this years. 15 years is a long wait, but I can understand this is the perfect timing for you.

    Bye 🙂

  36. *dacara* Says:

    Sorry for my long double post Kristin. I couldn’t see my first comment when I submitted it and I thought it didn’t go through.

  37. Gina Says:

    WHOA! The strange thing is, I did the exact same thing with my hair! It was past my shoulders and I completely chopped it all off like 3 or 4 inches. I miss my hair now, lol so I know how you feel. It definitely feels AWKWARDD~! And I don’t normally use products in my hair, especially goop!! I barely straighten my hair, like EVER so I really don’t do anything to my hair. Does your hair poof in the summertime and do you guys even get high dewpoints/humidity in Vancouver?

    I’m going to miss you in Smallville! 😦 That’s my favorite show EVER. It just won’t be the same without you, to be honest but I’m glad you stayed for as long as you did. You will be missed by me and MANY other fans. ❤

  38. Amal Says:

    Wow, you’re quite the courageous one! I don’t think I could do it. I’m gonna miss your long hair though, probably because that’s all we’ve really seen on you. But the new do is cute.

  39. Andre Says:

    Kristin, you still look gorgeous. I understand you’ll be returning to Smallville for how many episodes? Will you be using extensions or are they letting you shoot with short hair anyway?

    Good luck with your future projects, I’m very annoyed that Miss Lana Lang wont be back in Smallville as she is my favourite character and Clark & Lana are my favourite TV couple ever. Definitely won’t be the same without you


  40. Dave Says:

    Kristin, you could shave your head bald and you would still be gorgeous. I like that you have the confidence to do it. Being a guy who grew his hair long for a few years I know its not an easy thing to do.

    All you ladies who want to experiment should feel free to do so. I get the sense that this Girls by Design thing is very much aimed at helping young women gain confidence in yourself. So even though I prefer long hair, I say go for it and do whatever makes you feel good. Don’t worry about what “everyone else” thinks. Be happy with yourself.

  41. Paulyn Says:

    Holy wow…!

    I’ve been too traumatized in my childhood to cut my hair that short. Shortest its been since I was ten was slightly above my shoulders.

    BTW…Your hair was pretty long before. Were you able to donate it?

  42. kar Says:

    :O wow!!! it’s a big change but you are still drop dead gorgeous!! it’ll grow back…
    I have been thinking of cutting my hair as well before classes start once again… like you i have had really long straight hair since I was little. I have a phobia of getting my hair cut and I am a pain in the butt for hairdressers!! hahaha… After seeing your picture, it has given me a bit of courage to cut my hair. lol.

  43. Emma Says:

    Ahh Kristin,

    It looks really chic! I love it..! I did the same with my long hair a couple months ago. It really changes your whole look hey, you look super sophisticated and in charge!!!
    Nice one…Yay I’m so glad Memoirs of a Geisha is the next movie, that’s one of my all-time favourites xx

  44. Caroline Says:

    Wow, I am shocked! I heard a rumor that you cut your hair off and I was like “yeah OK, whatever”. Then I read your post and saw the picture and my mouth just dropped. It’s really cute and I can’t wait to see more picture of the different styles you come up with. I’ve always envied your hair. I used to get a different hair cut and color about every 3 months since I was about 16 (I’m 26 now) and I tell you, it’s really addicting once you get started. So have fun with it! Like you said, it’s just hair, it will grow back.

  45. cassy Says:

    I think your new hairstyle looks great!
    change is part of growing and moving forward.

  46. Angela Says:

    It’s cute and wow you’re so brave. I remember saying to my friends in high school, God forbid if I ever had cancer, I would refuse chemo because I wouldn’t be willing to part with my (long) hair. And I have to admit, I still kinda feel the same way. Though I don’t know if that’s due to my vanity or my blasé feelings about life…maybe a bit of both.

  47. Marilyne Says:

    I remember quite a few years ago, you saying that you could not cut more than the tips of your hair because of Smallville, but that you wanted to, still… So, as you said, you’ve had long hair for 15 years… As a fan of yours since, I would say Edgemont was translated in French and aired in Quebec, which was in the early 2000’s, you know, we’ve known you and recognized you with those black long hair of yours. Now, short? I think it does looks GREAT! 😀

    Every girl I know who has cut her hair off gets asked: Was it to mark in important place or change in you life? a new beginning? And the answer is almost always the same: “Yes”.

    Have you had this moment in the shower when you kinda don’t know the quantity of shampoo that is now necessary ? And of course you must have taken too much of it…aah…habits….Haha!

    Great, new, fresh! Your hair/head is now experimenting the world in a whole new different perspective: nice.

    Now, speaking about Smallville, but where’s Lana? snif snif… Even if we’re obviously gonna miss you on that great show, I think that your new projects and ideas will certainly bring you happiness and growth and fans cannot ask for anything else but for you to enjoy your life!

    So…I guess you’re more inconito than ever now, uh? People going: Hum…do I know you? haha!


    and as a phrase that I have right now : “Gâte-toi!” which means, go for it!

    Marilyne xoxo

  48. Adriana Says:

    Wow … this is a big step and I think that it looks great. So you’ve decided to take the next step in your life and I use to say: New haircut = new life.

    My boyfriend and I splitted up after 4 years and I’ve made the decision to change something in my life and I now I feel great with my new haircut!

    Anyway you look good and very cute!

    Greetings from Germany, Adriana

  49. whitney Says:

    when i seen that pic for the first time i didnt even realize that your hair was completely cute extremely short. Then i had to stare at it for a while (somethings different???) then i realized
    your hair. I’ve followed your career for the past 8 years and i’ve never seen your with short hair now that i think about it. But yea i think its looks super cute.


  50. jane Says:

    i had cut my hair in high school, one side was short trimmed up on the ears, the other side was a bob look with length a little bit below the ears. It was uneven on both sides. It was very noticeable because of the style, even by people who didn’t know me before, simply because of the unconventional style. Seemed like a punk rocker, like Pink’s do, was sort of how it looked. Anyhow, i did enjoy it, but felt like i was getting too much attention. So I let it all grow back evenly then had it cut back straight, until it all grew back…my hair now is shoulder length, sometimes it gets longer. But i always wear it even lengthed now and no shorter than shoulder length. Well, my point is, at some point in our lives, we want to try something new, just to see how it feels and how others’ would react to it.

    To me, you really looked beautiful with the original hairstyle you’ve worn for 15 years, but of course, it is you who will carry your self/hair, and so, it’s better that you do whatever makes you feel happy and content with.

    What you did was brave, it is simply an act of self-discovery.

  51. whitney Says:

    omg kristin,
    your hair looks soo friggin cute<333
    and now that i think about it your hair was pretty long. And the weird thing is, is that i have been thinking about chopping my hair off for sometime now. Well know i am tottally chopping it off just to see how it feels to expirance the world in a different way. anyways i love it!!!

    ITS SO RAD!!!!! lol=]]]


  52. whitney Says:

    sorry if i sent double comment i didnt know the last one went through… im such a tool sometimes=]]

  53. Jen Says:

    I’ve done that too. I love it. I remember laughing every time I tried to tie my hair up because it had been a habit, when my hair was then so short it couldn’t be done. And how the ultimate styling was just messing it up with all my might. (Going to do it again after the summer sun is finished with burning my current locks.)

    That hair looks good on you. So very pretty. 🙂

  54. D Says:

    I recently cut my hair shoulder length to short(not really short though),actually it wasn’t a big deal for me because my hair was damaged(because of hair dyes…..)and now my hair is healthy..
    Anyway,you are very pretty (your features are gorgeous) and hair is not a big deal.Do you have more pictures of your new haircut?Can you show us?You look cute.
    I hope we will see you more in movies in the future.
    Kisses from France.

  55. Says:

    Girl has gone… 😦
    Woman has come…

  56. Rafy Says:

    OH MY GOD!! I can’t believe you did this!! LOL.. I’m shocked! I loved the other hair style. o.O I’ll have to see some more pictures and take a long deep breath to get used to it. kk.. But I love you no matter what! And I’ll miss so much you and your character Lana (my favorite ever) in Smallville. Kisses. ;P

    Rafaela Fernandes (João Pessoa-PB, Brasil)

  57. Rafy Says:

    I almost forgot… you are beautiful no matter what too! ;*

  58. Carrie Says:

    Holy moly that’s short. It looks amazing though! More pictures please? 😀

  59. Allie Says:

    It’s adorable!

    I donated my hair in November and went through some major angst over the short do for awhile, but I’m finally starting to love the freedom of not having all that hair weigh me down.

  60. Kristin Says:

    Wow it is shocking! But, hey since your done with smallville I guess your hair isn’t contracted anymore! I have long hair and I cut 11 inches for locks of love in the 6th grade and had it up to my shoulders and since then I don’t cut more than 4 inches off at one time. I personally love having long hair but, some people would rather have it short which is cool. Congrats on being able to cut your hair! I’m sure you will love the new feeling and hey maybe after a while you will decide to stay with it or grow it back out but, I’m sure whatever you choose will be a good decision for you!

  61. cat Says:

    i loooove it!! you look fab! i want to chop mine off too, but my boyfriend is super adverse to the idea…i’d also love to go back to my natural hair color which is kinda reddish brown, but all the people in my life are pushing me to keep it blonde!! what up with that??! but you look awesome and i think it totally suits you. xox

  62. Jennifer Says:

    Oh wow! You look so different,it’s hard to picture you without your long hair. It looks really good on you though. I’ve been wanting to cut my hair shorter but I’m too afraid that if I do it will look awful and I’ll end up wearing a hat everyday to cover it up. lol Cheers to a new Kristin. =)

  63. Joy Says:

    Wow! Big change, but it looks good! I wanna see those bangs. My hair grows to about my shoulders and then it gets trimmed, so I’ve never had long hair. I am curious, though, eveyone says it’s heavy on your head…I dunno. I’ll miss you on SV, but I’ll keep my eye out for you in other things.

    Nice, new look!

  64. Lucky Says:

    You’re always cute … it doesn’t matter how long your hair is 😀

  65. willie Says:

    Is it possible to see the sides and back?

  66. Robby Says:

    This post is already makes some sort rounds on news sites. Who would’ve thought this would spread like it already has 🙂

    You look hot Kristin, it’s just not what we’re used to seeing.

  67. Sarynelli Says:

    HAHA i know exactly what you mean about that little experience in the shower. It does feel super weird! But the best part is, that it takes half as long to dry by itself.

    Well I hope you enjoy your adventures with hair goo, and your new hair cut looks great!

  68. Samara =) Says:

    You look great, but i loved the other hair style.


  69. Deb Says:

    You always look great Kristin! Hope to see some great photo shoots with the new do for my fanart! 🙂

  70. Martine Says:

    I like this new hair style on you, Kristin. Couldn´t you play a new supergirl in Smallville? As a Clark and Lana fan, I miss you very much in the show.

  71. skyme Says:

    i loved your long hair…grow it back

  72. Leo Says:

    doesn’t look right on you…but thats only because we got so used to you with long hair…I know what you should do…dye it a different color like auburn or black…like snow white…yeah and than you’d look rad….you got the eyes for it….anyways good look with the goo

  73. Jake Says:

    As soon as you figure out it’s only hair, you’ve won that battle within yourself.

  74. Lasia Says:

    WOW! What a difference! I know what you mean about lack of hair equaling gained freedom, though; I have long, thick, curly hair that’s a pain in the summer, so for the past couple of years I’ve cut it off at my shoulders. It’s always nice for those first couple fo weeks, shiny and soft and easier to style. I hope you have fun experimenting with your style!

    But I’m curious, as well: when you go back for your eps on the ‘Ville this season, will they use your short ‘do as part of your character arc or hand you a wig? I know hair’s always been an issue with them — how mad do you think they’ll be? 🙂

    The ‘do is really cute — you can pull anything off, that’s for sure.

    Way to be a rebel, Kristin! Kudos!


  75. Trish. Says:

    i think your hair looks very pretty.
    & you’re showing everyone that you can cut your hair. and change stuff about your phyiscal features and still look pretty and be yourself.

    I think you’re doing great with being a role model to young girls. They need that. Good job.

    and i thought your personality on Europtrip would be the same as your real personality. but it isnt. and i just recently saw that movie ;/

    You will be missed on smallville.

  76. Natalie Says:

    take it from an honest girl; the haircut doesnt looks bad on you because it focusses alot of attention on your features, which are less impressive with short hair. longer hair takes away this “focus”. bad move!

  77. Meli Says:

    Ok, so now that I’ve seen the bangs and cute new hairstyle at Flickr, I have to agree with everyone on the fact that I’m not feeling it yet because I haven’t gotten used to it. I’m sure it’ll grow on me, though :P.

    And as Arista stated on Sweet: “I think KK should start wearing vintage tees, skinny jeans and van sneakers and she’ll look just right with that hair…yes! ” hahaha ;D

    Think about it! 😛

  78. Meli Says:

    Teehee! Tiiiny mistake! It was Arelis who said it, not Arista :P. I always get those two mixed up!

  79. Gina Says:

    I was thinking about that too! Vintage clothes, or ‘chic-looking’ clothes because I have a similar-ish hairstyle too lol. =^___^=

  80. Cece Says:

    Hey, new person here, saw about your haircut on the Smallville LJ Community. Jeers to those who are giving you flak for it! It’s your life, it’s your hair! Sometimes I just want to shave off all my hair, because maintaining it is just so annoying!!! I think your new haircut is cute, and it will look even better when it grows out. And when you come back to Smallville for a few eps next season, it’ll just reiterate your choice to move on and be free and let go (as Lana, I mean…)! I think the viewers will see the change as a positive move towards Lana’s freedom and your freedom as well. I hope! I certainly can’t wait to see those episodes.

    I’m glad you like your haircut, usually it takes a while to get used to a haircut but it seems you’re quite satisfied. Yay for that! Maybe if/when i cut my hair in a similar drastic move, i’ll be as happy with it as you are! It’s all i can hope for, right? 😀

  81. Elodie Says:

    hey krikri!! i saw your new hair style!
    Now, i think your face is totally different, but the decision was good! it’s very original but natural and i love it!
    You still very cute!!
    It can be difficult to accept but you seems to be happy having do it!

    elo from paris

  82. cynthia Says:

    wow ! When i first saw it i had big eyes like that : 0_0

    But it’s because I’m just so used to you with long hair, it’s really really different, not in a bad way, but VERY different.

    But props to you, gotta do what you wanna do girl !

  83. vivi Says:

    Hi Kristin,
    You are very beautiful as always. I hope to see soon street figther in france. The France admire your talent of actress. By vivi
    vivi from Paris/France

  84. mariana Says:

    Honest, I just love your new haircut. Very sophisticated. You look great.

  85. Sascha Says:

    hey Kristin,

    i’ve just seen another picture with the new hairdo on the net, it’s just amazing! i think “cute” would be the right word to describe your new look, absolutely love it (well, i’m a guy – what else shall i say :-*). cheers to an all new Kristin.

    greetings and big ❤ from Germany.

    (btw any chance to see you in Europe some time?)

    bye :O)

  86. Angelique Says:

    Wow, when I first saw it, I’m sure my eyes were wide as basketballs and my jaw surely hit the floor. I have to confess I absolutely loved your hair, I always thought you had the prettiest hair ever, but now looking at it a few more times, I think the new cut is really cute. I like it.

    I’m sorry but I have to say, I’m soo excited to comment here… it’s soo cool here. And it’s even an added bonus to know that this is from the real Kristin Kreuk… Wow… I absolutely and totally love this place here…

  87. slash Says:

    do you people, talk about movies, or music on this website?…

    I mean you should put your thougts about this things.

    for exemple… What you think about “The Dark Knight”, and about Heath Ledger???
    I really want to know the opinion of really intelligent people….

  88. slash Says:


  89. Maric Says:

    I admit i was extremely shocked when i saw this picture and even thought it was a fake…But your freaking Kristin Kreuk, you could go bald and still be one of the most captivating beauties out there…sorry to see you leave smallville but ecstatic to see you come to streetfighter. Have you ever played it?

  90. Emily Says:

    I loved your long hair… but I like it short too. I’ve chopped my hair off twice for locks of love in the past 5 years… 12 inches the first time, 10 the second. I know the feeling of a lighter head, and the strange first washing, using way too much shampoo. =P But enjoy it!! 15 years of long hair… wow. Mine starts driving me crazy after awhile, so I just chop it off. Right now I’m in the process of growing it out again… Well, anyways. Good luck with GBD!! Enjoy your freedom!!

    Love from Arkansas,

  91. sarah Says:

    I Prefer your hair before, but You Still look great…

    I liked Slash(Great Name, the best guitar player ever) comment, I think you should put more post about another kinds of movies, like blockbusters…. I really love to know what an amazing actress like Kristin Kreuk has to say about, I think, one of the most amazing performances ever

  92. Scott123 Says:

    What!? What!? Ya know, There is an awful lot of estrogen in here, which I didn’t think ultimately, would be good for me so I stayed away ( I also got caught up in something I am writing). So I am surfing the net, when suddenly-she what? she what!? Maybe I just need to see more pictures.
    I need to sit down… I’ll write more later.

    your friend in….new beginnings,

  93. F Says:

    When I got in med school after a lot of hard work I decided to cut my long hair until my shoulders { I was not as brave as you were}. My hair was sort of representing a new phase of my life so I understand where you’re comming from. Good luck with the new look !

  94. sarah Says:

    I prefer your hair before, but you still look great!!!

    I have a request for you guys…

    I really want to know your opinions about music, and other kind of movies…. I mean other than chick flicks…

    And I have a suggestion….. considering that you guys are so intelligent, and that, kristin enter our lives with a SUPERHERO Series…and considering that she is an amazing actress.


    Everybody is talking and I would like to know what you guys think


  95. Rachel Brooke Says:

    I LOVE IT! I think it was a good move.

  96. echoyoung from China Says:

    actually,i really loved your long hair,but as a new beginning, i hope you enjoy it…

  97. Marcus Caruso Says:

    Rockin new look girl!

  98. Meena Says:

    Hey Kristen,
    It is a lovely hair style. we get to see how beautiful you really are without the hair. We get to admirer your great features even more. KK enjoy you new found freedom away from SV and your hair.

  99. Mia Says:

    This is the first time I read this blog. How interesting it is, finding out an actress whose show you’ve watched in the past (I’m not a hardcore fan, but I enjoyed it often enough) is sharing some of her thoughts eloquently on the net 😀 Heh… well the ‘About’ says this is a place for teen girls. Too bad I haven’t been a teen in five years! Anyway, I digress, the hair looks spunky!

  100. Anonymous(required) Says:

    I can only imagine the liberation, the monumentous change that this experience has afforded you. You wouldn’t think it going into it, but cutting one’s hair can be and is a deep personal reflection– a public manifestation of some private transformation. I too have made use of this particular ammunition, and I use the term “ammunition” here to be synonymous with empowerment. As a girl from one side of the country going to the other southern, traditional side for college, cutting my hair boy-short had certain connotations. But hey, isn’t that what being ‘you’ is all about; to grow, change, be the sorority girl, and also the indie chick? If changing something so fundamental to yourself as your appearance is challenging others perceptions of you, questioning who you might really be, you are succeeding in accomplishing what you set out by doing it in the first place. You are ready for something new.

    By the way, the cut looks great. I have since grown out my hair, and I suspect that like me, petite features on a petite face tend to get out-weighed by long, heavy hair. Enjoy it before you hit ‘trying-to-grow-my-hair-out’ mullet stage.

  101. Ashley Says:

    I love the new hair cut and I’m glad that you get to have your freedom and do what you want because you deserve it, I use to have long hair too and one day I decided that I just wanted something different and got it cut shorter, granted I’m completely hair illiterate but I still loved it.
    Great hair cut again Kristin, your beautiful inside and out.

  102. Charles Says:

    It’s always shocking when a girl who has had long hair for many years (especially one who appears in a weekly TV show) cuts it short. Despite my own preference toward long hair on women, I have to admit I’d always been curious to see what you would look like with short hair. I say without embarrassment that my heart skipped a beat when I saw the new do. You look beautiful as always, Kristin.

  103. C Says:

    OH MAH GOSH haha
    naah it’s amazing, I felt exactly the same when I cut off all my hair, it actually wasn’t all my hair but it FELT like it (I think I cut 4 inches off). But I love it, you look rad.. and by the way.. doesn’t it feel weird when you brush your hair? haha

  104. kem Says:

    hi kristin! i understand exactly where ur coming from! i’ve also had my hair long for 15 years (more or less) and that’s a freakin long time!!! and then last feb 08, i cut it short cuz i thought katie holmes’ hair was cute and that i need a new style… and up until now, i love it! although, it’s shorter now and i’ve had it cut like victoria beckham! i love it and i just can’t stop cutting it! it makes me feel FREE! hahaha!!! so maybe next time i cut my hair, i can say “cut it like kristin kreuk!” u go girl! 😉

  105. Brittny Says:

    Wow! When I first saw the picture I gasped and… it was emotional and I’m so far removed from you! LOL! But reading your post I’m glad that you took the plunge. Sounds so cathartic. And truly you are so lovely. You could rock any hairstyle I think. 😀

  106. Binks Says:

    uhh. Wise ppl have told me, if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say it *glares at some of these posts*

    Also, I don’t think The Dark Knight has anything to do with GBD or it’s general message. So I don’t think it wise to disuss about it here. =/

  107. Gina Says:


    Unfortunately, that’s the internet for you. Since people can’t see you, you’re free to express yourself and sadly, people don’t do so in a good way. I have feeling that people are drifting over from *other* sites. I won’t say the name of the site on here, but I’m sure SOME people know what I’m talking about.

  108. Laura Says:

    Wow *snickers*

    It’s just hair people. She can do whatever she wants with it. If she likes it like that, more power to her, and if not then she can just let it grow back again. Either way, it’s not our choice to make.

    I just have to say that I have no clue how one’s hairstyle makes or breaks a person’s career. People do know that actors change their appearance for characters and roles all the time so how is this any different? If they need her to have longer hair, then they’ll add extensions or a wig. Big whoop.

    As long as she’s rocking that hairstyle… have to rock a faux hawk just once! Perfect opportunity!

  109. Dani Says:

    Kristin, i didn’t like it. But it’s your hair, you know what you do. I just have to say that I loooooooooved your long hair so much ! And when I say long, I mean pretty long as smallville’s 5 season ! well, I love you, nothing’s gonna change that auhoiahauihaui ps: we from brazil want to know more about Street Fighter, ok ? ;*

  110. charisse Says:

    Hi Kristin.. Although Im sad to see you leave smallville, Im still happy with the decisions you make for yourself.. You are the only hollywood person I admire and find real.. I’d love to be one of your lucky friends..

    Oh and yeah your new do is cool. It doesn’t matter whatever changes you make on your looks, it’s still you! I just hope that one thing will remain permanent, your unique personality.. Stay true! 🙂

  111. jeannie Says:

    I think it looks cute!

  112. ANON Says:

    Kristin, dont even spend 1 second thinking about those hateful comments, its not worth it at all. You did a good thing, your happy thats all that matters… so dont worry about what those jerks think. Geez people what did you think ..the girl would go through life without getting a damn hair cut??!! Its HAIR! and its cute.

  113. Pimpstyleo Says:

    Still looking good 🙂 I was digging the long hair and short hair doesn’t work for everybody but ur face is definitely pretty enough for you to pull it off =]

  114. Oliver Says:

    An amazing woman is not defined by the haircut 🙂 You look amazing … take care!

  115. Emma Says:

    Yes I second what you said, there are a couple of drifters on this post (who clearly don’t support the GBD initiative), who are making irrelevant (and cynical) comments.
    KK is a really innately down-to-earth and awesome celebrity! xxx

  116. Amina Says:

    I had my haircut no long ago and can relate to the ‘head feeling lighter’…’sun on the back of your neck’……i can never go back to having long hair! oh and on anotehr note I’m going to a StreetFighter tournament – any tips??!?

  117. Amina Says:

    hmmm reading some of these comments are freaking me out……you’re pretty no doubt but you’re more than a face, some loco people on the net – that’s for sure….me not included!

  118. Cindy Says:

    Hey Kristen,

    Well…. I’ve got to tell you hun, that was an incredibly brave thing to do! I do admire your guts, because for a woman in your industry it can be a very risky move. (I’m sure I only have to say “Felicity” and you will get my meaning.) So, props to you for being all bold and daring! It says: “I’m a leader not a follower”…. If I’m honest though, I do prefer you with longer hair.

    Having said that though, I can understand that after all the years of being on the TV show and not being able to experiment with different styles it must be wonderful to throw off the shackles of confinement and just do something crazy! After all, I believe that one of the best things about growing up is being able to experiment with different looks and styles. It is all part of figuring out who we are and where we feel we belong.

    I’m a big admirer of your work and I think you are an inspiration to young woman the world over. I’m really proud to have someone like you as a member of my gender and I feel quite relieved that young females have somebody like you to look up to. It is very inspiring to see somebody in the entertainment industry taking the time to interact with young woman and providing them with a platform to express themselves and making it a bit easier for them to make that transition into adulthood.

    Enjoy the breeze!


  119. Benji Says:

    You look adorable KK, don’t sweat what the haters say lol I like it very much, you could dye you’re hair green and blue and i’d still love it….but don’t get any ideas. lol To be honest i’d love to see it shorter, like a boy’s hair cut. Like you said, it’ll grow back. 🙂


    ok.. very nice..

  121. Teresa Says:


    you are one awesome woman.

    ps: this is so frickin’ awesome, i had to go from lurker to give you props. that is how awesome

  122. Cristina Says:

    Wow!! When I woke up this morning this has been the last thing I could imagine… this is sooo weird :S lol

    I strongly understand what you kristin feel ´cause I always have been long hair (and now too) and I hate it determines me when I have to go out. It´s a shit when I have to take it into account and thousands times I wish to cut it all off. But… curiously… I can´t do it :P. I need my long hair because I love it and it makes me feel so good when this looks pretty or just the way I like to wear it.

    Congratulations; you´re so valiant. I´ll think about you the day I cut mine haha 😉

    p.s. Now you have to put a lot of photos… we need to become accustomed to your new cut 🙂

  123. Teresa Says:

    (cont. haha):
    ..i think you are. Not many actresses would have the courage to express themselves with such a dramatic change. I think it looks great…although it does make it harder for Chun Li to put the buns up. 😛

  124. Pegone Says:

    With cute face you can try any kind of hair stile
    from long to short or like Lex Lutor
    Yuo are young so you can try a lot of stiles

  125. Carley Says:

    I’d like to know where you got those super cute pillows.

  126. Kaila Says:

    Hey Kristin, it was very brave of you to cut it so short! I wish I could pull off a hair style like that. You look uber cute!!

    Love you =)

  127. Ver0nik21 Says:

    how many people interested in Kristin’s new hair style?!
    Hopefully you’ll read the other posts, thery are very interesting!!
    Have a great day 🙂

  128. Neil Says:

    Dear Kris, I have been a fan of yours since day one of Smallville. Forget all the moaners and groaners who have whined about your haircut! You’d still be the same person even with NO hair. (not a suggestion … lol) Who you are is all that is important to me. When I first saw you on TV, it was during the darkest time of my life. Your presence on Smallville every week, was the brightest point in each week. I can’t thank you enough for your presence in my life … as indirect as it is. I’m in a much better position in my life now, but I believe it is who you are that helped pull me through the tough times. I will always root for yor continued success in life, and you will have a special place in my heart always. Thank you so very much for being who you are!


  129. gaL Says:

    whoa!! my goodness.. i said it before and i’ll say it again, Kris .. you can pull off ANYTHING .. i would so give anything to see you having a mohawk ..haha.. love your hair it;s really cute..

    here’s a lil idea.. get a berret and thats it.. POETRY IN MOTION ..

    anyways.. keep on doing what you’re doing .. !!

    much love.

  130. Kalie Says:

    I definatley cried when I saw this but after I got over the fact that I was in love with your beautiful long hair, I kinda like it (: I don’t like change so I would never be able to grow a pair and chop all my hair off. I’m too chicken but I think this looks great on you. I’ll still miss your long hair though. Enjoy the breeze you get :]

  131. Ev Says:

    Honestly, I was a little freaked out when I saw this picture, but the new one with your hair down further on one side looks great on you! I hope you’re enjoying the change.

  132. t Says:

    oh as for Kristin,
    It takes more than a haircut to stop me from being your fan! HA 😀

    More serious now, didn’t like this pic so much, but really like the 2nd pic. And I’m really happy for you. Must be a wonderful feeling to be free at last.

  133. alondris Says:


    I have always had the desire to make a change in my hair but I do not dare to cut a look around, I liked much what they wrote, I realized how important it was the hair for you not just for vanity but it is part of our essence and for me is just as important.

    Last summer made the decision to cut and I did but do not leave it as short as that of Kristin mine was a hair longer, I like what I made a radical change in my life for me was moving from one stage to another and is really good attempt to do so.

    Greetings to all

    xau xau

  134. Maxima Says:

    Dear Kristin,
    my mom and dad said that no matter what you do with your appearance, you still remain a beautiful and sophisticated woman, and I add that what you did is a sign of change.
    As always……all the best.

  135. -LéNa- Says:

    Hi Kristin *

    It is really a very good piece of news. I always wondered when you were going to pass the step lol ! i find your hairstyle very cute and chic. On the photo we see that you are proud of it, that’s great. Since child, i have hair at the middle-length and I always wanted to cut them but I have one fear. One morning maybe by waking me I would have the courrage to pass the step quite as you! But for the moment I wish you a good day and I hope that you will have a lot of success with your new hairstyle.

    Kiss from FrAnce

  136. SMB Says:

    Who knew Kristin cutting her hair would be so… controversial. Aren’t there bigger things in life to worry about than Kristin cutting her hair?

  137. Ver0nik21 Says:

    @ SMB u r totally right!!! CAn’t believe sooo many post in this blog!!

    As I say before: Hopefully people will read the other posts, thery are very interesting!!

    Have a wonderful say!!


  138. Ralph Says:

    I can imagine that it felt liberating to cut off your long hair. The new hairdo looks good on you!

  139. Tania Says:

    Well, it’s weird to see you in this way, with your hair cut, but…you have to express yourself in every way is possible, even this way. So…I respect your courage, becuase you know that, cutting your hair you could disappoint your fans, but it’s you, it’s your choice, people have to love you and respect you in every your part. So, enjoy your new style.

    P.S. Sorry for my language, I’m italian…

  140. marialena Says:

    To be honest, when I first saw the picture of your new haircut I was shocked!! I said: Oh, I hope she did this because of a movie or something like that!
    But a few minutes later I realized that we can see the characteristics of your cute face much better than before…
    Although I (and the most of the people in my opinion) still have the picture of Lana in my mind and maybe this is the reason why I still prefer your long hair…
    My advice: Let them grow a little bit!

    Kisses, Marialena from Greece.

  141. CLB Says:

    HAAA! At least one of you needs to calm the heck down. I prefer long hair, especially Kristin’s freakishly amazing hair, but erm, it’s a haircut. The last time I checked, that stuff grows back. Just a Streetfighter movie? It’s going to be huge! That was a great career move. Going back to tv may not even be a goal of hers, so why worry about her haircut just because of that? Also, unless I’m misinformed, the SV stylist is the one who cut it, right? According to the Comicon interview, there’s a reason for Lana having a new look. So, therefore, Kris, you just go right ahead and enjoy your short new look. Again, just in case anyone is unsure, HAIR GROWS BACK.

  142. Lucas Says:

    Kristin, your hair looks great.

  143. Kendra Says:

    Wow this news is getting some serious air…I too was in awe to see K with short hair, I think having the courage to express yourself is an amazing gift, I am so NOT that brave, maybe one day I will chop my crazy, fluffy hair….soo not to offend anyone here, but I wanted to let you know that some posts have been removed…this is an environment to support and encourage one another in a positive way. It’s cool to say you don’t like something, but not cool to be crude, nasty or mean. This environment is meant to be safe place to express yourself. Thanks to all of you who have supported that mission.


  144. Fabio Says:

    Hi Kristin, this is Fabio from Brazil. Well, your “short hair version” looks really, really cute, you go girl!

  145. Bleixen C. Rumbau Says:

    Hello you look super different without the long hair but this new court falls well you good if you think that it would be pink pints of super is different jejeje joke.They say that the physical and emotional aspect of a person say more than 1000 words and if you feel your well with your new cut the others must adapt to change.

    many successes and luck in your life, work,etc…


    God bless you.

  146. Jenny Says:

    It looks rather good and cute on you the way you styled it!
    The was another picture on the web where it’s all in the front…doesn’t look bad but it’s harder to recognize you…

    Well, at least, when you say you cut short, you ain’t joking 😉

  147. Scott123 Says:

    Well,*sigh* I had this long speech about changes in behavior with a new haircut, famous women who have short hair,….then I said “Aaagghh, screw all that”.
    I like MY haircut. When I look in mirror, if I’m happy, that’s the end of it. So I ask, “When you look in the mirror, are you happy?
    Are you still….you?
    Whatever form of Liberty this brings you, if it empowers you, if it just makes you smile, that is all that really matters. If you are happy, then I am happy with you.

    Your friend in Periodical Adjustment,
    P.S. Congratulations Kendra!!!!:)

  148. lacie Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW i like it but i will miss the long hair ……you do look different its a change and thats good..bye the way im gonna miss you on smallville i love that show your acting is so good..wish the very best for your new hair cut…

  149. Lindsey Says:

    Congrats on the new hair! It looks great! I myself did almost the same thing about 6 months ago. I had really long hair about down to my waist and I cut it off and it was really freeing for me. I donated almost 11 inches of my hair. Haha and your right Kristin the first time you wash your hair your like “what?! Where did my hair go?”

  150. Grace Says:

    I can totally relate to the hair becoming an emotional attachment. Mine was waist length (beautiful, long and model-straight, I have to add) back in high school. I cut it off once I got to college and my male friends (!!!) hated me for it. Now that was weird but I guess it’s not just girls who get attached to long hair.

  151. Kristin Kreuk - "Street Fighter 4 Legend of Chun-Li" update Says:

    […] in the past 7 years. “And it has now pretty much ended.” As a way to seal the freedom, Kristin Kreuk cut off ALL her hair! I (Kristin) just went in there on my own and Sarah (she is the key hairstylist on Smallville, and […]

  152. Ztone-kill-a-bot Says:

    I LOVE YOU …Kristin Kreuk!!! short…long…even bald…BUT WHY?…WHY?…WHY?

  153. Nailia Says:

    hi Kristin
    you look very nice with short hair.
    And you are the most beautiful actress I ever seen (with long or short hair) And very talented. You have a natural beauty. And you are smart and intellegent. Så many girls look up to you. You go girl.

  154. Marj Says:

    Hi, I am french and i have a blog about hair cut. I think you look great and it is mature hair cut.
    I would love to interview you for my french readers !
    Well done, you look amazing !

  155. Alicia Says:

    Work it! You’re still gorgeous. Have fun with your new ‘do, you get major kudos for being brave and cutting it all off.

  156. Duhris Says:

    omg I know how you feel! Iused to have really short hair and it felt so good. Now I have alot of hair on my head & my head a back to feeling heavy. sometimes I just wanna chop it all off again, but I cant 😦

  157. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Long hair social envy isn’t just a female thing. Speaking as a lapsed heavy metaler with hair very nearly down to my back side (and it was cut a few months ago) I have to say their are only 2 kinds of hair cut that are accceptable for guys in that ‘scene’

    A./ As long as humanly possible (which is what I went for, more because I have VERY flyaway hair and this way I can tie it back when it gets unruly)


    B./ Completely shaved with some REALLY silly facial hair and ideally tattoos on your shaven head. (Google a band called Slayer if you don’t believe me)

    A ‘normal’ hair cut deffinately draws looks.

    As an aside Kristin, your hair makes you look VERY different. Much more Elfin. Also more exotic, you don’t normally look that Japanese, despite your mum. Still not sure I like it to be honest, but you’d be gorgeous whatever you did with your barnett.

    As an aside, I’ve never commented before ‘cos I’m not exactly your target demographic (27 year old male) but I LOVE what you 3 gals are doing here, us blokes need something similar. Nothing wrong at all with getting in touch with your femine side right? (And no I’m not gay, I just love humanity in all it’s weird and wonderfull varieties.

    God bless all of ya


  158. Danny the only bloke Says:

    P.S. Ignore what I just said about ‘not sure if I like it’ If you like it, so do I. It’s youre head after all.

    And you DO look chic now.

    Any chance of some more photo’s of it? Back sides, with the bangs down etc?

    Just a thought


  159. Kelly Says:

    The new haircut looks amaaazing! I’m probably going to miss the long hair but I’ll get over it, hahaha.
    Long hair can get annoying and my hair isn’t even that long, compared to how long yours used to be, lol. Not very fun when it’s reaaaally hot. Ugh.

  160. Vim Says:

    Wow! it looks great and as you said it is going to grow back lol

  161. Blank Says:

    From a portuguese fan of the Series “Smallville” and definitely a big fan of you and your work, i must say that your hair is pretty cute like that, its different and stylish. Well i guess its time to say goodbye to Lana and welcome… Chun Li? heheh ******

  162. MoMO Says:

    I’m liking that haircut! It must feel really refreshing not to have to have a sweaty neck. Ahhhh…

  163. HELLO MY NAME IS Says:

    Ace! I like it! Short & sweet!

  164. Jamie Says:

    It looks great! I’m sure it felt very empowering to be able to chop off that much hair. Don’t worry, you will get used to it!

  165. Chin Says:

    I think Kristin would look amazing even if she was bald! It’s everything about her that makes her pretty anyway..her outlook, her personality, her individuality, her kindness, etc..(I could go on).
    So the new look is a wonderful change, and as usual Kristin…you look awesome girl! 😉

  166. eric y. Says:

    you look very beautiful as always ~ i buzz cut my hair as well for summer..refreshing huh! take care! much love from SoCal~

  167. de Says:

    i had the same experience as you do now, it’s like having a new life. n it’s so true, the hair will grow. no matter how beautiful u were in a long hair, i support your decision to cut it, u’re still as beautiful as before. i’m happy for u 🙂

  168. laura Says:

    KRISTIN I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!! It looks great 🙂 Can’t wait to see the new Lana on SV too 🙂

  169. xmaseed Says:

    It’s always you.

  170. caitlyn Says:

    ummm… wow. i ahd kinda long hair once, but now that its short i can do so much more with it in terms of style. so are you ever going to grow back your hair? it looks really good!

    live life with love , caitlyn

  171. Nicole Says:

    I love your hair! i was shocked when i saw at the sweet site, for clark and lana supporters, that you had chopped you hair… but i wanted to see for myself. At first i wasnt excited to see it. It wasnt what i thought it would be, but i had one night to sleep on it and thought that this is what you can do to show young woman that hair isnt always everything.

    I would love to see pictures of the back! Your still beautiful as always. It must be really different to do your hair every morning now.

    I recently chopping my hair off (it was around my belly button) but my hair isnt as short as yours, i give you kudos for going to extreme measures just to feel free!

    Keep flying in the clouds!

    xoXo~ Nicole

  172. Lesley Says:

    i want to give you a huge hug! HUGS! it takes a whole lot do cut hair when you’ve had long hair pretty much your whole life! Ive always had long hair and my mom never made me or should i say wasnt aloud.hahah! to cut my hair for important reasons (i swear its an asian mom thing!) you do something to disappoint your mom and its over! LOL!but anyways i took the same step you did kristin and i cried my eyes out! lol. it was a part of me for several years and i had to let that part go.Hey it saved money on shampoo and hairconditioner! lol. not only that less time in the shower.It usually took 30 mins to wash the hair.As you said you feel more free, hair feels lighter on the back of your neck. Less headaches actually.Your body doesnt feel so hot. Pretty much what youve mentioned on the experience of the cut.But i just wanted to say good for you for taking this step in your life and of course the hair does grow back.Use pantene if you want it back faster though.LOL! But yeah love the new dew!cant wait to see ya work with it using certain products. have fuN!

  173. allyson Says:

    it’s just hair…

    w/e you still look good.

  174. Dew_drops Says:

    Hi Kristin.

    I think it brings all your lovely features out. I recently shaved all my hair off. It’s feels amazing but admittedly it was a bit drastic and I miss my hair. Its still too short to show anyone.

  175. Prad Robert Says:

    My sister did the same thing one year ago .

    On the one side , I’m wondering if it’s the collective identity and vision about sexual appereance which is changing (like we can see with bill form tokio hotel )
    Or if it’s not a step for girls to let out the young girl they were and become a real woman .
    There was a few of that both points at the “Garçonne” time .

    are you the new “Coco chanel” ?? , anyway with short or long hair you’re always beautiful but it often depleases to the boy ( fear … in front of the mark of a strong and accomplished woman )

  176. Daniel Says:

    Woah, i don’t know what to say. You still look absolutley gorgeous though.

  177. Jacques (The Netherlands) Says:

    Well, I have no idea who you are. After reading about you on wikipedia and imdb I think I only knows Earthsea. I also saw many pictures of you with long hair. But I prefer the short hair. (I always preferred girls with short hair). When I see school pictures of my mother, from about 1980, I notice that most girls in that time had short hair. Today most girls have long hair. I hope this will change again.

  178. Gustavo Borges Says:

    Hi Kristin, how are you?
    I love you and your job, and I would say that I miss you so much in the Smallville and I want to see you soon on TV.
    You were beautiful with long hair and is even more beautiful with the new look. I love it your new haircut. You’re wonderful!
    I would very much like to talk to you through an e-mail or chat, only for a little chat, exchange some ideas, talk a little about life, know it better and gain a new friend. =)
    I am Brazilian, almost 22 years old and I think you are a very special person!
    Kisses from his big fan and admirer,
    Gustavo Borges

    PS: Please, answer me when it will be possible!
    PS 2: This site is amazing! Congratulations for all the girls!

  179. Sigh Says:

    Not flattering at all… Which is a suprise as you had this very unique ethnic look. 😦 Blaming it on the photo, hopefully it looks better IRL…

  180. Jenipher Hernandez Says:

    I am very proud to say I am your fan! The new look works great for you, and you are right, girls attach themselves to their hair and I am sure chopping it off must be like lifting years and years off your shoulders. Truly love it and don’t worry, you are looking better than ever with your new do!

  181. chas Kent Says:

    Hi, Kristin I have now recovered and been released from hospital. The staff have helped me to realize nothing can last forever, even long, black , beautiful, hair. Seriously I have said and totally mean your beauty comes from deep within your being. God forbid, but if something happened that changed your face or I lost my vision your beauty would not change. As I posted in my Space I believe God created you to show that natural beauty is still much greater than anything mankind can form. So do as you will, go bald but you can not change this fan.

  182. professional Says:

    Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

  183. Octavian Says:

    Hi Kristin. I must say my first reaction when a buddy of mine send me this link was “noooooooo!”, because i think you were (almost) perfect the way you were. But i understand why you did it. I am the opposite, being a guy and all. Always had very short hair, playing alot of sport kind of made it easier, but now that i don’t i just let it grow, no hair cutting at all, just natural growth. I’m really curious how i’ll look with a samurai hairstyle. That being said, I’m sad to say you won’t be playing Lana anymore, i love Lana more than Clark does :). Best of wishes to you.

  184. Lorène Says:

    hello Kristin,
    your new hair cut is so fantastic.Really I like it. What’s more I think it’s very “courageous” because there is so many girls or even women who consider that their hairs are all their life. I think it’s a little stupid . My theory use to be that you can be beautiful even if you have short hair and it’s not because you “look like a boy” 🙂 that you are a boy . In fact I think that many girls think that “to be a women you need to have long hair”, but it’s not because you have short hair that you are ugly (on the contrary).I have short hair too , and I am totally proud of it. I feel unic and it’s totally great.
    You take the great decision because you are very pretty like that . And as you said a new life begins with a new hair cut .
    best wishes

  185. Raelene Says:

    Hi Kristin….So I don’t know really what to say…? I mean I know what I want to say, but it seems that the 183 people before me have pretty much said everthing that I wanted to and more…I was really shocked and probably flabbergasted by it, but I think it’s amazing, and sort of like out with the old and in with the new. Since you have been a part of something for so long and it’s pretty much become apart of who you are. Probably time for a change….my question is, did you donate your hair? I don’t think you said what you did with it….

  186. Andrea Says:

    Hahah well it looks awesome Kristin!!
    I recently just had a massive hair cut as well… I just walked into the salon and I’m like, take all of it off. And the hairstylist is going nuts saying, “Are you sure honey?!?!?! that’s a lot of hair!” But, I did it, and I’m finally used to it now… And its getting longer. Guess it is time for an another appointment at teh hair doctorr!

  187. brian Says:

    it doesnt matter if you have long or short hair, your eye, your smile, your face are still very beautiful! like in “smallville” lana faked her death, you wore white short wig, you still look beautiful. i like you alot either way, long hair or short hair! no worries!! 😉

  188. William Darking Says:

    Hi Kristin, Your still gorgeous. But i won’t lie. I think you look even better with long hair. Maybe i’m just accustomed to seeing you that way on smallville. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

    Take Care

  189. Mallu Says:

    Hi kristin
    I am a Brazilian fan and I was worried about your exit of smallville…. it is very good for being able to count on this blog to know of the new features and to participate of this wonderful project that you and the Kendra have developed ….. yours website has really helped me and believes that many girls of my country would like to have access ….. but unhappyly they are not all that read in English… Thanks for the concern that you have destined to the girls…. it is wonderful
    See you
    Mallu – Brazil

  190. Meagen Says:

    Hey there, Nice do 🙂 I love having my hair short but the maintenance is a b*tch. It’s just soooo much easier having it long… you can just chuck it up and go.

    I think you could do anything with your hair and still look beautiful. Enjoy it 🙂

  191. Tom Says:

    I have always loved your hair long but always have wanted to see you in a cute chin length bob. Maybe when it grows out I will get to see how cute you will look in a bob haircut??

  192. Jo Says:

    The hair looks fabulous!!!! But heh…you could shave your head and still look fabulous!!

  193. Jessie Says:

    AGH! Big change! I could never cut my hair that short! My mom used to cut my hair that short when I was a kid, and I hated it because the other kids in the neighborhood thought I was a boy.

    I always threaten to chop off all my hair when I get frustrated with it (because I have crap hair), but I could never cut it that short. I have a round face and I would look horrible. You’re lucky. You have one of those faces that can look good with any hair style.

  194. FS Says:

    It would be great to see you grace magazine covers…… go on KK, you know deep down you want to! All the best!

  195. Kristin Kreuk e o seu novo visual | KATIERO.COM Says:

    […] mas acabei deixando passar. Mesmo assim ai vai o texto que traduzi, o qual a Kristin Kreuk escreveu no blog Girls by Design, está um pouco […]

  196. mathieu Says:

    Hey I am french and I am 18 and it’s the first time I go here, kristin I just love you and what you do like smallville I love this show since the beginning specially the season 4 and 5, I have all the dvd’s, I love partition , earthsea… you are very beautiful and these new hair are good I am sorry I don’t speak english very well… I loved your long hair but it’s good to change sometimes and I hope that your departure to smallville in the new season will be interresting and will be an uncredible event for the show and the story. I hope you will read this message because I really love your work and you look very kind. all the best.

  197. Sam Says:

    Hi, Kristin! I am fan of yours here in Asia and I think that your new hairstyle looks fantastic! I am just quite upset that you are leaving Smallville; after all, wasn’t that the show which made you famous? If it weren’t for Smallville, you would not have the chance to reach out to millions of girls/women all over the world. Just a piece of advise from a concerned fan: be loyal to the show which catapulted you. Smallville needs you more than ever. Even though you may have big dreams, you will certainly disappoint many who have been supporting your Smallville career from the start. You may also give the impression that you are getting a big head plus an attitude.

  198. Katlynne Says:

    …Kristen!! Oh my! I used to be so jealous of your long hair!… But you still look amazing!!!… hmm… will smallville make you wear a wig?…

  199. Adrian Says:


  200. JR Says:

    ha ha! I like it!

  201. Matt Says:

    I was disappointed to you were done with Smallville. You’re the main reason for watching. I’ve always had a crush on Lana. Btw, I love your hair long. You’re beautiful either way, but your long hair is stunning.

  202. D Says:

    Hurray Kristin!! More power to you – the cut looks fantastic, and you have such a gorgeous face that you could pull off ANY hairstyle!! It’s great to see you spread your wings! God bless you. xx.

  203. Cero Says:

    I like it, you look beautiful 🙂

  204. Joee Says:

    i think it looks fantastic. but honestly… i think she should go even shorter and have the sides very short and get a faux hawk for the top. i think it would be adventurous and fun while still looking good. also it would be fun to play with her “goo” still and have the wind blow through it. i just think it would look good and be all around fun. anyone agree?

  205. J Says:

    i love the cut. however, i think a faux hawk would look even better and would be really fun. so i think she should try that but that might be just me. the new cut does look very stunning though.

  206. reta Says:

    Dear Kristin, I write you since Spain. I love you, you are very nice. With any haircut, you will please me. You dared to change look, I congratulate you. Deeply see you on television with your new look.

  207. db Says:

    I’ve been a fan since the beginning of the Smallville series. As an admirer of you and your talents for these past few years, I can only say that YOU have made me grateful God gave me eyes to see with and ears to hear.
    It would be wonderful to just relax and have a conversation with you sometime.
    Everyone has an opinion and some should learn a little restraint, but if nothing else, remember; change is the only constant in life and your gift of beauty comes from within your heart. I have found that if you are true to God and yourself, happiness abounds… no matter what the opinions.
    GBD is a great commission. I believe your efforts (and the team’s) in this venture will prove this. May it and you stay vivacious for many years to come.
    A Kristin fan for always,

  208. Selvi Says:

    when i saw ur picture in this blog my mouth opened at least 1 minutes!!
    i loved ur old hair style, but i think this is ok too. i understand about being different with the new hair do cause its hapened to me too. few months ago i cut my long hair and everyone who knows me like ‘omg! what happen to u?!’. some people thinks i’m broken heart!

    maybe i won’t watch smallville anymore with u don’t role in it anymore. it wll be boring with no more clana in it. i hope u do more movies, i want to see ur new hair cut in movie.

    i hope the best for u.

  209. Mary Says:

    Am I too late to be leaving a comment? I hope not. Who knew hair could totally change your look, or anyones look for that matter. Personally, I love short hair. I recently chopped off my hair and I love it. I kept it long because my boyfriend told me he liked it better. To tell you the truth, you inspired me to cut my hair despite what everyone else thought. Now, my co-worker calls me Rihanna even though I look nothing like her, but I have the Rihanna/Posh Beckham hairdo. I also read girls with short hair are more bold and daring…hey, I can’t argue with that! Besides, Kristin, you have the face more beautiful than a super model so you can even go bald if you wanted to and still look fabulous!

  210. Virginie Says:

    I think you’re really pretty… whatever you hair looks like 😉


  211. reta Says:

    I would a lot like to see other photographs of Kristin with the new look

  212. sandy Says:

    Frankly this cup you will. it’s nice to change that gives another personality, a new image.

    PS: regrettable, for mistakes (I am French) so the English is not too . 🙂 🙂

  213. Léa Says:

    Hi Kristin ! I am a french fan =) I find you really pretty with this hair cut, you are always pretty..
    I like you very much ! and I’m your fan since I am 9 years old (now I’m 15 !)
    Please write me… thanks
    kiss !

    Oh I like your Blog =D

  214. Lauriane Says:

    Hi Kristin! I’m a French fan. Your new look is really nice. It is a very good idea, and a real change.
    Otherwise, in France we watch the season 7 of Smallville (6th episode) and I’ve to say that it’s more and more interesting and a little more dark and frightening: it’s a radical change comparing to the others seasons. Your character has radically changed too, and that give a new intrigue to the story. Congratulations for this season, and of course, for the serie.

  215. Lorna Says:

    Wow, I have no idea how ive only just found this blog but never mind.
    Although I did love your long hair, I think its really nice short too. So so different but totally awesome =)
    Ive thought about cutting off all my hair too (Ive had long hair for like 17 or 18 years) but Im not brave enough. I think its great that you have the guts (for lack of a nicer phrase, sorry) to go through with it.

  216. Babz Says:

    I have natural African hair, all knotty and long down deep into my back… it started breaking because I couldn’t handle the length so I hacked it off (myself) last night, now it’s at chin length and everyone’s dying, but it’ll grow back.. I mean it was gonna break all off. I miss it now though…

  217. Eve Says:

    Hey, Kristin,

    You look great with your new hairstyle! Very chic.

    Take Care

  218. Pam Says:

    Oh Kristen. (Sigh). OH MY GOD, HOW I ENVIED YOUR HAIR. But I understand. I guess I feel that way because I have african hair that I’m trying to grow out(never had it really long) And I am pretty sure you are going to keep this cut for a long time. I have many friends with hair like yours, long, and they have cut theirs your length years ago & haven’t grown it out again. So now I will stop yelling,”WHY DID SHE DO IT.”- just kidding.

  219. Tiffany Says:

    WOW…look at all the comments!

    I’m late to this particular topic its been a month or so since it was posted BUT I still want to say

    I applaud Kristin for taking such a brave and freeing step in life. I’m working my way up to doing something like what you have done.

    Granted Kristin I don’t think the act of cutting ur hair alone was a big a deal as some made it out to be, girls cut their hair all the time. But I guess what the hair cutting represented, and the strength it takes within yourself.

    So in summation. KRISTIN.YOU.GO.GURL!!! 🙂 you look great, but then again you have one of those faces that just looks good with any style! such a lucky chica! lol

  220. maha Says:

    this is very cute

  221. G Says:

    pretty gurl.. 🙂

  222. Melanie Says:

    its cute Kristin, it must feel great after all those years of not be able to cut your lol!

    btw- I will miss Clana but I’m excited for you to start your new journey!

  223. Darren Says:

    Well done on cutting your hair. It looks good and gives you a change not only personally but professionally to 🙂
    Congrats on the big decision

  224. Michael Says:

    Dear Kristin:
    I’m a guy, so your hair looks great and so do you. Kristin, thank you for those years on Smalville. I appreciated you and your abilities. Yes, we do have to move on in life. That is what makes “Us” grow and complete our lives.
    All the best in your future endeavors.
    P.S. I loved you in Eurotrip.
    Michael 🙂

  225. Lina Says:

    HI Kristin ^^ I love you so much and I think you’re so gorgeous and stunning.

    I really really love your role in smallville and I’m sad that you wont be on for much longer, I wish that you could stay on since you’re most of the reason I watch the show.
    you’re my idol^^

    Please be well =)

  226. Lucia Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! just searched net for ideas, as i had a long hair for a past 10 years and wanted to cut it short, thank you!

  227. Gina Says:

    Greetings Kristin: I think your new hair cut looks really cute. Good for you for taking a chance on a change!

  228. chris and leo Says:

    we love you but you didn’t ask for my permission to cut it, hurry up and grow it back.

    Thank you in advance.

  229. Andrea Says:

    Your hair looks amazing, I’m thinking about getting mine cut that length. Any chance we could see a few more pictures, maybe some of the sides and back? Love the blog, keep up the good work.

  230. createmo Says:

    Thank you for your website 😉
    I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and ect..
    my backgrounds:
    have a good day and thank you again!

  231. Joana Says:

    you rock!!!! i love your new cut hair!!!!!you’re amazing!!! xoxo

  232. Bea Says:

    I had long hair & no bangs, never been colored until i was 18-19. Then I saw Demi Moore in Ghost…my hair was waist length. CHOPPED IT ALL OFF! Needless, to say, I had to make adjustments & investments in hair products & earrings. Wore it like that for years. The most frustraing thing is, growing it out. I would start to, get frustrated, then chop it off. But once it gets past your chin, you are home free! I have nightmares that i have short hair again. sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night to see if it’s still there!

  233. Viro Says:

    aaaaaaa you look great,perfect, at this day the hair must be longer again but it was great short eheheheh

  234. accowcary Says:

    Hello! simply super!

  235. johana Says:

    i think you look very nice. I had a similar experience, my hair used to be very long and one day I just decided to cut it off, it was really short, I felt very weird at first, but then i get used to it so it became a very nice experience to do something diferent with my hair. I am very happy that you decide to change, change is good and let me tell you that you are very beautiful.

  236. Allie Says:

    OMG! Your hair is soooooo cute! I think I am going to get my hair cut like that (if my mom lets me)!

  237. farrah Says:

    KRISTIN, wow big change!
    dont worry it’s really cute!
    i used to have long hair before just like you, when i was in my younger age.
    but now, i prefer my hair to be short and i like it very much. i’ve been short hair for almost 3 years and i think it looks better on me.
    congrats, you’ve finally had the guts to cut it very short like that. it’s cute, really!

  238. Chris Says:

    I think you look sexy whatever you do with your hair you have a natural beauty and i wish you success in your future endevious.

  239. maha Says:

    now they are more long and it’s very cute 🙂

  240. maha Says:

    oh sorry longer not more long sorry 🙂

  241. Jim Says:

    I have always said a woman or girl looks so much better with their hair very short or buzzed and it’s always neet I totally say go for it you will love it.

  242. a chinese Says:

    I like Kristin Kreuk very much,espcially in the smallville.She is a “half chinese” isn’t she? She is so pretty!!!!

  243. Brittany Croley Says:

    Kristin, you are and will be beautiful no matter what you do to your appearance. Your beauty radiates from the inside of you. Have a peaceful & prosperous new year. Your dog is adorable!!

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