Writing Assignment: After

Write what happened just after the photograph, below, was taken.

Tabby’s Entry:

i run into the arms that protect me
and hold on tight

Featured/Guest Writers

Ariella’s Entry:

You’ve left the enchantment of the forest somewhere behind you on the trail.
Deep, thick woods will always wait for you to return.

You decide now, though, to leave them for good.

Allison Mack’s Entry:

grown out of her socks
out of the bow that so delicately droops off the side of her head
a wilted flower indented on the side of a vase
a kid on a roller-coaster smashed into the safety bar
losing cotton candy
finding popcorn
taking both and running
no more holding
no more cicadas
no more thorn, bushes, and bugs
just socks that suffocate and a ribbon taking the eternal bow
innocence lost


11 Responses to “Writing Assignment: After”

  1. skahahoo Says:

    bye bye butterfly
    i hope you come back soon
    i will practice flying
    then i’ll race you to the moon.

  2. skahahoo Says:

    Hehe…clever prompt…the before and after thing. 🙂

  3. Emma Says:

    @Skakahoo, that is sooo cute… You used Butterfly, and it rhymes, very good!
    ok, let me think for a bit before I send mine…

  4. Emma Says:

    Woah woah … topple over!
    Little Lilly’s latest accessory to her pinafore…..mud!
    A sight to behold….
    Shaking her crimson hair, she inches herslef into an upright-seated position; spitting out tiny leaves, and suddenly…. burps up a little frog!

  5. Emma Says:

    typ-o.. herself*

  6. Maric Says:

    “There you are little red. And just what have you done with your hood.”
    Said the suspiciously wolf-like grandmother. lol

  7. whitney clayton Says:

    Gathering delicate lilies in the meadow
    This place is filled of delight and of innocence
    Like a soul of a child
    Amazed with wonder
    This place reminds her of home
    But this is not home
    The smell of aroma putting her at peace
    The way her mothers home made pie
    Feels the air like a scented candle
    The feel of the roughness of the weeds itches
    Her soft skin
    She hears a soft voice yelling her name from a far
    Her mother is calling her for supper
    She gathers the lilies and stands up while brushing the dirt from her dress
    The beautiful white dress with the brown bow
    As she starts to leave the meadow she can hear
    the voice become louder
    Every inch she takes the voice comes closer
    And she starts to run
    And when the meadow finally comes to an end
    Her mother is awaiting her
    Now she is home

  8. Lindsey Says:

    Sun shines brightly down on me.
    A new dress, made for a day like this.
    A meadow filled with flowers in shades of blue.
    A butterfly with guilded wings.
    The sun slowly sets and I make my way home
    greeted with my father and his new camera;
    my first summer memory in my new dress.

  9. skahahoo Says:

    @Emma – lol…yours is funny! Great image with the mud, and ESPECIALLY the bit about burping up the frog. lol. 😀

    @Maric – lol…yours is funny too! I like how y’all are bringin’ in the humor! 😀

    @whitney clayton – I like how you incorporated almost all of the senses. 🙂

    @ Lindsey – It’s nice that you focused on how the girl felt about the dress…it seems very much like how a girl would feel in that situation. 🙂

    Keep writing everyone! 🙂

  10. bandaid Says:

    hey, where’d mine go? while off color, it was a sincere contribution. i’m disappointed if you girls are taking to deleting things.

  11. Tabby Says:

    Hun, you posted it in the “before” entry, not this one.

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