A few weeks ago we featured Emily Jubenvill, the really lovely green girl. Well, she was up for the “Greenest Person on the Planet” award. It is our pleasure to let all you ladies know that she is in the top 5 worldwide and has achieved the honor of being the greenest person in Canada! Woohoo! In case there some of you who are not wanting to search for the previous post about Emily, I have embedded her Youtube video again… some of you, meaning primarily me.

AND here is a link to an article about Emily’s win…

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18 Responses to “Congrats!”

  1. Binks Says:

    YAY! ‘tIs cool she won. We need more peeps who think Green.

  2. Ver0nik21 Says:


    So cool top 5! and the greenest in Canada!!!!

    I sure I votes for her as soon as you post it coz it seemed to me so great that she worries about our planet so much!!!!

    Have a wonderful time!!! πŸ˜‰


  3. Robby Says:

    Congrats on top 5! πŸ˜€

  4. Gina Says:

    AWW congratulations! That’s great! You’re very inspiring. You actually inspired me to recycle my water bottles. :3

  5. Saad48 Says:

    Congrats Emily thats an awesome acheivement, hopefully this will inspire more people to do there bit for our planet. keep up the great work

  6. Emily Says:

    THANK-YOU so much for the support guys!
    This contest is all about building awareness and motivating more people to take steps to be green! I’m so happy that you’ve all enjoyed it!

    Thanks again!

  7. Vale Says:

    Congrats Emily, it’s so great what you’re doing, we need more people like you in LatinAmerica.

  8. jeannie Says:

    Wow she really goes above & beyond! Go GREEN!

  9. Emma Says:

    Congrats Emily! That’s truly inspirational. We need more people like you in every country!

  10. Emily Says:

    Hey Vale,
    Did you know that one of the other Top 5 contestants is from Venezuela? Her name is Audrey. Maybe you could contact her and find out more about what she’s doing. Her profile is also posted on the 3rdwhale website.
    talk to you soon!

  11. Ver0nik21 Says:

    So cool!

    Emily checks the page!!!

    I forgot to mention about venezuelannn!!

    And again congrats Emilyy!!!

  12. BelugaBoyd Says:

    Hi, this is BelugaBoyd, the founder of 3rdwhale and the GPOP competition. I receive updates daily on websites and articles that are talking about 3rdwhale and I just saw this. Yes you should all be excited for Emily-quite an accomplishment. I saw that a few of you were interested in Audrey, the Venezuela contestant (she is an architect focusing on green buildings whenever she can). If you want her contact email just contact me at: and I’ll put you in touch.

  13. skahahoo Says:

    Well lookit that…that IS cool that Emily checks. Had I known, I would’ve posted my congratulations earlier. So belated congratulations Emily!

    So here’s something to throw out at everyone. I read an article today that presented a very unusual perspective about our oil consumption. The argument is that we shouldn’t reduce our oil consumption as quickly as possible because a sudden change like that will end up increasing the price of oil and thus cause more harm (to the economy, tension between countries, etc.). The reasoning is that if the oil producing countries see that everyone is trying to reduce oil consumption, then that will decrease demand, and so there’s no motivation for the oil producers to produce more oil. With less oil, oil prices will go up. So essentially, what they’re saying is that hey…hold on…don’t trade in that SUV for a hybrid so quickly. Doing that will cause more harm than good.

    So what do the rest of you think about this argument? Do you agree that reducing our oil consumption will cause more harm than good?

    (I have my own opinions on this, but I don’t want to bias anyone. I’m really interested in what everyone else has to say.)

    Here’s the link to the article if you’re interested:

  14. gaL Says:

    very inspirational … and congrats!!

    now i wanna be green =)

  15. Emily Says:

    Hey Skahahoo,
    The argument that you mentioned is interesting. It’s a basic economics supply and demand argument… but I’m not convinced. There are SO many factors that go into the price of oil that I think it is really inaccurate to boil it down to something that simple.
    There are SO many reasons to decrease our dependence on oil that has nothing to do with how the price of oil is going to affect us. Who likes cancer causing air pollution & yellow skies? What about oil spills in pristine habitats? Climate change is impacting all of us already, we need to act now to avoid catastrophic climate changes.

    Check out peak oil –

  16. Saxon Says:

    Hey Emily,
    I saw you on Canada AM this morning, and I wanted to wish you good luck with the contest! I was also wondering how I could find out more information about the company you are starting about reducing your carbon footprint. A close friend of mine is really interested, but he feels like he is too young to make a difference. I am trying to prove him wrong. Any suggestions on how I could steer him in the right direction and maybe find out more information about the company you’re starting would be great!
    Thanks so much, and good luck!!

  17. Emily Says:

    Hey Saxon,
    So cool that you saw the Canada AM segment! It was SO EARLY (5:15am PST)!!
    Anyways, we’re just testing a beta version of our website at the moment, but I’ll make sure to post it on this site when it’s up and running. As for your friend, there are countless examples of young people making a difference – there are SO many examples! Check out the people attending this conference –

    I’ve been thinking about doing vlogs that highlight the work that youth are doing in Vancouver… maybe I’ll get on that sooner rather then later! If your friend wants to, he can email me at emily at smallfeet dot ca

  18. skahahoo Says:

    @Emily – Yeah, I wasn’t so convinced by that argument either. lol. Like you said, there are a lot of other benefits to be gained from reducing our oil consumption, and just consumption in general. My heart does go out to all the people who are suffering though because of all the craziness that’s going on with the oil and the prices. On the other hand, I feel like if there was ever going to be some kind of spark that would push us to change, I think the current situation is it. At least in the States, it seems to be the ideal scenario because there isn’t this one enemy that you can point to and try to fight. I think the general attitude here is, “Well, times are changing, and that’s how it is. So we have to adapt.” So people are driving less and using mass transit more, and they’re not rioting against gas stations or anything like that. πŸ˜‰

    And this is for both you and Saxon…check out:

    I think it’s a really cool idea. Basically, it works like a regular health clinic, except that you go in to talk about environmental health concerns. And the “prescriptions” you’re given aren’t drugs or antibiotics, but actions that you can take to improve your environmental health. So it’s very pro-active.

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