Comic-Con Madness!

I spent 5 glorious days down in San Diego where my geek-heart got its delicious fill of nummy nerd-sweat. Or… not. Comic Con is such a strange place. I realize that its this massive gathering of thousands upon thousands of people who, some of us, usually feel out of place and a bit socially awkward in any normal setting, but can come to this convention and feel “normal.” In fact, I heard a lot of “geeky” people say, “Man, I feel really normal now,” as they watched other more “decorated” fellowmen push by.

In any ordinary day-to-day setting, I find that there’s not many people who will tolerate my love of discussing the latest in the Superman Comics or what Joss Whedon is up to. Most people I even attempt to have that kind of discussion might respond with, “What’s josswhedon?” So its always fun to get up to a place where the line for Joss wraps around the building and into the atrium like an inside-out cinnamon roll. I’m still not over him not doing Wonder Woman, and of course the people who would even know that he was doing Wonder Woman are likely reading this blog or at that convention, but never sitting on their lovely laptops in the coffee shop where I spend most of my time.

Comic Con, for me, is a place to go and get the latest scoop on all of the latest tvshows and video games out there. It’s my job to live on the geeky side so I have to keep myself informed, although admittedly Kristin usually reads wired magazine to me rather than me reading it myself… but that’s besides the point!

It’s also kinda fun to observe people and how they go about their day-to-day lives and how they interact with others. There’s people who dress up in the most ridiculous and/or elaborate outfits and seem to walk around as if they’re wearing jeans and a tshirt. That takes guts, ladies! I’m not sure that more guts equals more self-esteem though, as I kinda wonder that if you were a person with a high self-esteem if putting on a costume that barely covered you would sound appealing. I once wore a Methuselah costume, which covered my entire body except for my face… and I was feeling weird. But maybe that’s just me!

What do you all think? Specifically for costumes, do you think the outfits we choose to wear is related to self-esteem at all? Or is it just a fun time to play dress up and take goofy photos?


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25 Responses to “Comic-Con Madness!”

  1. Robby Says:

    I’ve been to GenCon, which is a 4 Day Gaming Convention. I love it. I’ve gone for 5 straight years before missing the previous 2.

    I know all about the costumed people and feeling like you fit in. Those people there really speak your language, are nerdy πŸ˜› They “get it” I guess.

    This is a big part of my life. You have no idea how much I missed not getting to go to Comic Con and meet Kristin! I was kicking myself for not knowing about it so I could book the trip.

    Anyway, back to the Convention thing. I’ve met people there I only see once a year. We’ve hung out before without the convention at their place to go to a wrestling PPV. These people you get really close to. I’ve met my share of gaming celebrities, I personally know some game designers, and I’ve got friends with connections to other companies because of these conventions.

    There’s nothing like it. I think you may need to have an interest to enjoy it though.

    Once again, I WISH I got to meet Kristin 😦 Maybe another time.

  2. Marilyne Says:

    Hum…really hard to tell….sometimes I think it shows by the attitude that the person has. Confident or not..but sometimes people kinda hide behind their attitude, they make everyone laugh, seem confident but are not necessarily that confident.
    Speaking of myself, I know that if one day I’m in a mascot, I’ll just jump around and really do pretty much anything…but I since I really care about what other people think, I would never do those kinds of things with no costume!

  3. Binks Says:

    I think its for fun. Those guys really get into character. It’s awesome to watch them. πŸ˜€

    Although some are tricky and they’ve scared the crap out of me. >_> Pretended to be cool statues…then BOOM! pop out of nowhere. 😦

  4. Robby Says:

    I missed the costume part in my first reply πŸ˜€

    I think it’s all in fun. Maybe to get a little attention since no one else really understands. I’ve seen an army of storm troopers, a lot of sailor scouts, Darth Vader, and virtually everything in between.

    These conventions give people a chance to let loose and not worry about what other people will think. It’s a release.

  5. Gina Says:

    Haha, wow that’s awesome! I wish I could’ve gone. I bet it was a LOT of fun to see all of the cosplayers and Anime geeks there lol. XD

    Glad you had a great time! ❀ πŸ˜€

  6. MoMO Says:

    Wow sounds like a ton of fun! Even though I would probably be considered stupid in that area of expertise, It would be cool to go.

  7. skahahoo Says:

    Hmm…that is a really, really good question. I’ve never been to a convention, so I don’t really know enough about that environment to say. It seems to me like it would be for fun. But do you mean something more along the lines of, “If someone dresses up as Luke Skywalker, that means he somehow wishes he were more like that character in real life? And so maybe in real life, he doesn’t think he’s as heroic and grand?”

    I will say this though. To dress in a way that is out of the norm in everyday life…that takes a tremendous amount of guts. A friend of mine in high school…he dressed normally for the first year or two that I knew him. Then one year, he decided to do things like come to school dressed in a bath robe and a towel on his head. Or with a regular shirt and pants, but wearing a bunch of belts all over his upper body. Things like that. Needless to say, he caught a lot of flak for that. He was a friend, but I didn’t know him well enough to understand what his true motivations were. But I do remember feeling, and still do to this day, that man…he’s got guts. We’re talking suburban high school people. More or less homogeneous student population. Whether his decision to dress that way reflected either great self-esteem or low self-esteem, I don’t think I’ll ever know.

    And hey…Joss Whedon…that sounds familiar. I think I’ve read something by him. Didn’t he write stuff for…um…Astonishing X-Men maybe? I think it was him. I liked those stories. The plot was interesting, the characters were well-developed, and I liked the type of humor he put in.

  8. Steven Says:

    I saw Chun-Li…I mean Kristin there!

  9. LI Says:

    I Love these convension. I love Sci-Fi so it’s interesting for me to go and to meet people who i know in there.

    About the costumes, i’m not into these things, just don’t get it. but if these people great with it, i’m cool with it.

  10. superkurre Says:

    I remember feeling “normal” once at a Star Trek convention when I saw 5 Klingons do the Macarena on the dance floor… I think outfits are a way to have fun and to express you’re deep affection and/or admiration towards a character you love. I personally don’t like to do it, but I enjoy seeing what other people have come up with.

    I love conventions, they’re a nice way to meet people who like the same things you do, not that I’ve been to many. Not as many as I’d like anyway. I agree it’s really nice to talk about stuff and not be met by blank stares, like I usually am when I start going on about Battlestar Galactica.

    And how about Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse? Anyone else really, REALLY looking forward to it??? Can’t wait…

    Joss Whedon also did Buffy and Angel. He’s a genius. I liked the X-Men stuff too, but haven’t read them in a while. One of my friends collects X-Men comics, (he has loads!) so I guess one day I can read the rest.

  11. Robby Says:

    Joss also did Firefly, a show I know a little bit about, but his actors appeared on Buffy and Angel.

    I’m really looking forward to Dollhouse. Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon working together again will be awesome. I still miss Tru Calling though 😦

  12. Jennifer Says:

    I think it’s for fun and to take silly pictures,then again there are some people that really get into their costume and walk around believing that they are that character. Either way it’s fun seeing people dress up. I never would unless it’s for Halloween. I’m not that big of a nerd.

  13. gaL Says:

    wow.. i feel normal now.. looking back at the days where i randomly put up my hair like wolverine’s and start smiling (including yesterday) .. it seem like the costume just a talent i would say.. just like the start of an interesting conversation between 2 people or more it comes off more like an adhesive to the “public” and to some liberates them to the extend of just showing how much love they have for a certain character …. and i always wondered that maybe sometimes “celebrities” are always the ones who are dressed up as storm troopers hahaha my imagination ..

    anyways.. yea.. i think costume are like hairstyles…

    much love.

  14. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I’m not very much into comics, I only like watching the movies like spiderman or batman but I’m not just very into it! like reading comics and stuff like that!

    But hope you all have like a great time and funny to see so many costumes sooo elaborate!!

    Well, Have a wonderfull time you all!


  15. Rysa Says:

    I LOVE comics!!!
    So bad I ccouldn’t be there cause I live in another country…
    Costumes….outfits… chat with someone who has a superman cape!

  16. superkurre Says:

    Not to worry. I think I spend a little too much time at the ol’ TV πŸ™‚ Out of work now, so have nothing to do. I’ve been watching old Golden Girls episodes. In a word; HILARIOUS!

    Dollhouse is Joss Whedon’s new TV show with Eliza Dushku, who played Faith in Buffy. She’s a bit of a fan favorite so I guess that’s why people are excited. I know I am!!! Bring on January…

    I never watched American Idol either, I don’t like reality shows. And Lost stopped making sense, so I didn’t see the point in continuing to watch it. Buffy is definitely worth checking out πŸ˜›

  17. skahahoo Says:

    @superkurre – lol…I remember Golden Girls. Who knew old ladies could be so funny? πŸ˜€

    I’m glad that fans will hopefully get to see something they enjoy with Dollhouse. πŸ™‚

    My brother also said Lost started getting ridiculous in the middle, but he stuck with it, and now he says it’s good again. lol.

    Are you not working by choice? If so, rock on! If not, I’m sorry. I’m assuming that’s because of the economy.

    Hey…if you read comics, do you want some? I’m trying to simplify my life, and part of that ongoing project means getting rid of stuff I don’t need. So I have all these comics that’re just taking up space. I’m one of those people who buys them to read them, not collect them. Usually I sell them back to comic book stores, but I guess because of the economy right now, no one wants them. lol. None of my friends or family really reads them either. And I’m too lazy to go through the trouble of doing the whole Craigslist or ebay thing. I’d rather just give them away to someone who can get some enjoyment out of them. And don’t worry about shipping or any of that. It would’ve cost me money and time to drive into the city and park there to sell the comics. In fact, it’s such a hassle that I’ve only done it twice. lol. So I’d rather just give them away. Anyway, lemme know if you want them.

  18. vale Says:

    Seem like you had a great time Kristin, one of my dreams is to go to a Comic-Con, I’ve always been a fan of comics, movies, and games (I think everybody has a “geek side” ). In LatinAmerica we don’t have a convention to talk about this kind of stuff(probably cause most comics are made in the states), so hearing this kind of experiences from other people it’s great cause it makes me want to go someday to a comic-con.

    About people wearing costumes, I think it can be related to self-steem, or maybe passion, I mean, probably this people are really passionate about a character, and maybe this is their chance to feel like their favorite character for a day, without feeling weird lol, ’cause I guess a lot of people do it at comic-con and probably there are lots of people that do it just for fun.

    ps: I think we’ve all had those weird looks when we try to discuss something about comics, or something “geeky” to others. Great to know that you felt at home hahaha =P

  19. Gina Says:

    Question: What do you all think? Specifically for costumes, do you think the outfits we choose to wear is related to self-esteem at all? Or is it just a fun time to play dress up and take goofy photos?

    My answer: Hmm, it depends really!! I would probably go as a Kingdom Hearts character, and this would definitely be just for fun. It’d be fun wielding a keyblade around!

  20. Ilana Says:

    Being in a circle with fellow “geeks” may not always be so fun. Tabby and other GBD members– check out this article in the New York Times Magazine titled “Malwebolence”. Here, “Geek” meets disturbed in the “inside world of online trolls, who use the internet to harass, humiliate, and torment strangers”. It will blow your mind.
    Here’s the url:

  21. superkurre Says:

    I don’t read comics much myself, but my friend who collects them might like to know what you have. Is there anyway you could let me know what you have?

  22. skahahoo Says:

    @superkurre – Sure! Just email me at skahahoo at gmail dot com and give me a few days to get it together.

    @Ilana – I know which article you’re talking about! Wasn’t it a great article?

    You guys…you should read it. The author basically lives with a troll for a few days and interviews others and it’s just really fascinating. I liked the article because I thought it showed that once again, not everything is as black and white as people would like them to be. Even trolls have their reasons.

    Also, I’d just like to say that the other reason I liked the article is that I learned what a troll is. Had no idea before. lol. I still don’t really get the title though…is that supposed to be “malevolence” but in troll language or something?

  23. *dacara* Says:

    That Mega Man costume was awesome! I’d like to go to Comic-Con some day, but I don’t know how I would react to people dressed up in different costumes. I think it’s cool that people go dressed up but some of the costumes are silly and just make me laugh.

    I don’t know if the costumes people choose to wear are related to their self esteem. I think some people just see Comic-Con as an opportunity to dress up like a chracter that they like and have fun. I think it’s all for fun.

  24. Debbie Kay Says:

    I think Comic-Con is multilayered in what motivates us, whether from self-esteem or just having fun. i found myself in line for the Smallville Panel, talking to strangers about if we had Clark’s “ship’s key” we could be transported into the Panel, and Since i was wearing Jor-El’s Journey Pendant, from”Relic”, i just had to get into the Panel. We were excited, and it felt completely natural. I felt at ease:)

  25. Soffy Says:

    Oh, I so cannot wait for Dollhouse! I was so excited with the singalong and now he’s doing this!!
    Seriously, Joss Whedon has SO much imagination, he can do something really good. I know some people are waiting for him to fall but I know he won’t. He’s got serious modjo, i mean, he created a sister to Buffy after 5 season and we aren’t even shocked when we think about it.
    Can’t wait.
    And I wish i was an american so Comic Con would be closer to me. It is one of my project for the year I’m going to spend in a US university next year: COMIC CON!!!

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