New Featured Sexy 7!

Go check out Lena’s Sexy 7 HERE!


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5 Responses to “New Featured Sexy 7!”

  1. Charisse Says:

    Hi Kristin,
    When are you gonna post your own Sexy 7? =) Just wondering.. TC!

  2. -LéNa- Says:

    Yeah, So that one know a little better the real kristin and not the one that everybody believes to know ! 😉
    and kendra too if you want, that’s will be great.


  3. gaL Says:

    i think you girls are doing a stellar job!! and its really nice to get to know Lena.. hey LEna!! hahahaha..

  4. LI Says:

    Hey Lena,

    You like your errors? It’s the right way.
    I’m still trying to like them :/

  5. Marilena Says:

    Hi Kristine… I’m an italian girl (infact sorry for my horrible english….)
    I often read this blog and congratulation to all.
    Good luck in all tour dreams…
    A big kiss from Italy!!!!!!

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