Writing Exercise: Haiku

Write a haiku based on the theme of technology.

Kristin’s Entry:

Racing through wires
Peach pits, stagnant, collect flies
Lithe forms remembered

Tabby’s Entry:

unbiased judging
life’s going on around it
no compassion left


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23 Responses to “Writing Exercise: Haiku”

  1. gaL Says:

    Vacant thoughts
    innocent smiles remain
    subdued restrains hold

  2. Marilyne Says:

    Speeding information
    Virtual actions and sharings
    Distances out of the way

  3. Kitty Vipurr Says:

    we are connected
    wires bind us and signals pulse
    yet we are alone

  4. Ness Says:

    Finger’s traces on tv
    Burning news
    Put foots never

    (excuse for my english!!)

  5. Alyssa Says:

    I wrote two.

    connecting and aiding us
    making things simple

    it now surrounds us
    once it was only a dream

  6. Scott123 Says:

    Bright, colored pictures
    Data flowing as a river
    I am overwhelmed

  7. Gina Says:

    connecting us through
    wires, our hearts must mend through
    the pain is immense

  8. Maxima Says:

    Peel back my metal skin
    see through the infrared tissue
    caress my CGI dreams

  9. Marie*Andree Says:

    eltric,vulnerable and efficient something you could be if you work like it…

  10. kryzzy Says:

    artificial brain,
    instant mails, moving pictures –
    all were fancy dreams

  11. Kathleen Says:

    Started the Cold War
    Led to humans on the moon
    Gosh what will come next

  12. Emma Says:

    Endlessly absorbed
    Faintly pitched sound streaming
    Forgotten in speed

  13. Emma Says:

    @Alyssa, I really like your two.. especially the 2nd one; where you compare a dream to reality – striking!
    @Maxima – loved it, your use of metal, infrared and peeling the skin. And what is the CGI reference?

  14. Susanne Says:

    Hi Kristin. I just want to let you know that Smallville runs everyday in Sweden and almost every single day I see you in my little town called Kiruna. I have just written about you in my blog (in swedish dough). You are so so beautiful. Keep it up! / Susanne, Sweden

  15. Blank Says:

    A message beyond Time and Space
    Pure Metal bursts within my Skin
    A source of Me fades away

  16. skahahoo Says:

    Sold my soul to cell.
    Free to roam, but now I can’t
    hear my own signal.

    (I was on call last night, so as I was driving home this morning, I thought of the following one. See how misery can inspire? lol.)

    Always on call. So,
    I ask, “Do I travel with
    or within a cell?”

    @ everyone who posted – This is a good turnout! πŸ™‚ I think it’s interesting how a running theme seems to be this idea of technology connecting us but isolating us at the same time.

  17. Binks Says:

    An Evolution
    Life writhing beneath the screens
    Machines take over.

    OoOo I love ur second one Skahahoo πŸ˜€

  18. Jessica Says:

    Mixed messages lie
    Every blip of sight and sound
    Controversies strike

  19. Jessica Says:

    And another one:

    Drunk upon instant answers
    Never fast enough

  20. Emma Says:

    wow, some amazing entries!
    @Binks – very nice, I like this line especially, “Life writhing beneath the screens”.

    So true Skakahoo – your comment!
    Really like this part ‘Sold my soul to cell’ (as opposed to hell?!) hehe


  21. skahahoo Says:

    @ Maxima – I second Emma! I like the whole “metal skin,” “infrared tissue,” “CGI dreams” imagery.

    @ Binks – I second Emma again! Me gusta “Life writhing beneath the screens.”

    @ Jessica – Really like the intoxication definition.

    @ Emma – I second you again! Everyone submitted some really good ones huh? Have you noticed that I second you a lot? lol. And hehe…”cell/hell”…I didn’t even notice that til you brought it up. Is my subconscious trying to tell me something? Oh…and I think CGI stands for “computer generated imagery,” but I could be totally wrong.

  22. Emma Says:

    ooohh, that’s what CGI stands for, thanks!
    lol you do second me alot… Go Team!
    Hehe, I thought the cell/hell thing was genius!
    I love that these assignments stretch our lateral thinking minds! It’s my daily dose of brain chocolate πŸ™‚

  23. Marie Q. Says:

    i miss the assignments!! please post more..!

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