26 weeks and kissed by a dolphin


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14 Responses to “26 weeks and kissed by a dolphin”

  1. Gina Says:

    Aww Kendra, you’re looking GREAT! I hope you’re doing well.

    This reminds me a bit of Sea World. 😀

  2. Me Says:

    It looks awesome!
    Dolphins have a beutiful soul 🙂

  3. Emma Says:

    ahhh so exciting Kendra.. I heard once that Dolphins sense pregnant women instantly and if you’re anywhere in their waters, they’ll swim around you and protect you xx

  4. -LéNa- Says:

    awww it’s a beautiful and so cute pictures to put in the baby’s album photo! lol
    I love the dolphins *
    I hope that everything will take place good for the rest of your pregnancy =)

    A lot kisses
    * léna *

  5. Lydia Says:

    You’re looking fabulous. This is an amazing picture.

    Dolphins are beautiful and they are friendly to people.

    You’re going to be a wonderful mother. Enjoy this journey.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Awww Kendra you look great! Hope everything is going well with your pregnancy. =)

  7. Marilyne Says:

    The dolphin represents your baby in mummy’s belly ❤ ! hehe

  8. Prad Robert Says:

    héhé , I was right when I said a long time ago ” someone was hiding us some informations “and said that kristin looked like pregnant ( it was her purse ) , just wrong target ^^

    enjoy !

  9. Ver0nik2º Says:

    Congratssssss!! Again!! 😀

    That’s a great picture!!!!! Love dolphinss!! they seem so much like us!

    U r going to be a great mom!! 😉


  10. skahahoo Says:

    This. Picture. Is. AWESOME! 😀

  11. Ashley Says:


  12. *dacara* Says:

    This picture is wonderful:).

  13. Lola Says:

    Ah congratulations!!
    Your story of how you found out in Thailand that you were going to be a mommy was soo moving!

  14. anna Says:

    I dont know if i got the top part right but anyway i did not know u were having a baby i can not believe it i fell in love with babies ever since i saw my sisters friends baby boy. i think it is so amazing to have a baby wondering what they will become imagine what you can teach your child hopefully it becomes number one fan to girl by design:] from veiwing the process of having baby it might be the worst experiance of anyones life but i think the outcome is worth it:] do you know if its a girl or boy? i hope you post up photos<3

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