Movie Madness Mondays: Amelie

Ummm… I love this movie. Like, a lot. I love the color, the quirky-ness of the story, the way Jeunet introduces each of his characters, I love her, I love the little gnome (I gave one of those to my dad after I did “Snow White”–they are so bloody fantastic), I freaking LOVE Paris, the music is so beautiful… I will refrain from making a complete list as I think that would be a wee bit tedious for all of you. The point is: I love this movie.

When I first saw Amelie I was in a period of great change in my life. In Amelie I saw a lot of myself: her enjoyment of “little things”, her imagination as well as her struggle to connect with people. To me this is a beautiful story of blossoming. What does it take for a person to decide to overcome a fear? What does it take for a person to open up and to live more fully, with more presence?

For me, at that point in my life, it was a recognition while I was traveling in Nepal that I was not living my life the way I wanted… I was so fearful of simply expressing myself and connecting deeply with others. And while I watched the Nepali people (especially the children), and while expelling whatever little bug had made it’s way into my system during my trek on the Annapurna circuit, I was like, “Dude… really? You’re really going to be afraid your whole life?” And I went home and I started to go out and build friendships, I began the process of understanding that my focus on helping others was also a distraction from my self, I began a relationship, started to buy clothes other than fleece and jeans and changed some of the way I had been. Obviously it was only the inspiration to change things, I can continue to choose to evolve myself or not. To overcome fears takes effort. I really see all of this in Amelie and her journey to herself.

Another thing I love about the film is the illustration of how a person, as a child, can set beliefs that run well into adulthood. Jeunet illustrates this very simply at the beginning of the movie by showing how Amelie’s feeling of being close with a person (the whole heartbeat increase when touched) is bad and could kill her. Do any of you have experiences like that?

Okey dokey… What did you think? So very excited to hear your thoughts!!!!



PS This weeks movie has been picked and will be reviewed by the fabulous Mari Hunter, “Mean Girls”

If you too would like to pick a movie and do a review email us an you could be chosen next 🙂


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48 Responses to “Movie Madness Mondays: Amelie”

  1. LI Says:

    You said:”What does it take for a person to decide to overcome a fear? What does it take for a person to open up and to live more fully, with more presence?”
    I really don’t know but i’m in this prosses and it’s really so hard! but i know i can’t live as i’m today and i have to change my life. I want to be more happy and i want more friends 😀
    Thank you for writing these things, it make me feel better.
    Good luck to all of us who struggles. Cheers!

  2. Marilyne Says:

    Hey! I have not seen the movie yet because my friend was supposed to lent it to me, but I’m still waiting..:P but I can’t wait to watch it! Everyone I know who has seen it loooved it!

    Curiousity….did you watch it in French? 😀 hehe

  3. Lydia Says:

    It took me quite some time to figure out what I want and don’t want in life. And, now I’m in the process of reinventing myself and stepping out of my comfort zone. It is not easy but it is a beautiful journey.
    I have started to open up and I have met (only by email but I’m hoping to meet my friends on my future travels) extraordinary women. I feel happier and stronger because I have found inner peace, I want to truly live life, make a difference and overcome my fears for the unknown.

    I have been dreaming of traveling to Canada and the USA since I was a little girl and I have finally taken action. I’m going to stay in Vancouver for a week, all by myself, in September. I’m excited and scared but I’m happy that I have taken upon that challenge and I’m confident it will be the first of many travels.

    It is women, like you, Allison Mack, Tabby, Mariska Hargitay, … who have inspired me and who have given me the strength to truly be myself and to embark on my own journey.

    Thank you for being who you are and for sharing your thoughts and experiences as you go along on your journey.

  4. Denise Says:

    I love this movie, I always have since the first time i saw it. Its amazing, funny, and enjoyable. I loved all the things Amelie did in the mans apartment, its like she always had a plan but it was just her being herself. The end was nice, everyone learned something, and got what they wanted. My eyes always get a little cross eyed near the end from reading all the subtitles but good thing I know a little french and didnt have to read every single line.
    I think when I was young a mean older cousin told me if I ever said I hated someone to their face they would die in 24 hours, and I always thought that till I was about 10 haha that isnt adulthood but its a stretch from childhood.

    All in all. This movie was amazing, it was aperfect movie review Kristin, and can’t wait till next week. Im pretty sure I know everysingle line in mean girls hehe I wont mind watching it again.

  5. Marie*Andree Says:

    wow..! thank you very much kristin for sharing your thoughts with us.. that´s really sweet..! SOmetimes i feel like an alien in this place call earth LOL but then I realize everyone is an alien here..! CAUSE WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.. last time I

  6. Marie*A. Says:

    sorry it cut off.. LIKE I WAS SAYING last time i was talking with my friends and a crush and they suddenly started talking about ex-boyfriends /girlfriend AND I WAS totally nervous because they all said they already had a relationship before I mean boyfiends-girlfriends AND THEY ALL HAVE ALREADY FIRST KISS SOMEONE.. I MEAN maybe it´s not big deal but i´m 15 and there was a girl of 13 who has already got her first kiss …SO, I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE ROOM WHO HADN´T GOTTEN MY FIRST KISS OR A RELATIONSHIP..SO, I WAS COMPLETLY QUIET WELL, MORE THAN USUAL BECAUSE OF MY CRUSH. And then my crush asked me “AND YOU?” anD I WAS LIKE em,em,em… NO not really and there was a big silence in the room.. I REALLY FELT LIKE A LOSER.THE BIGGEST LOSER! 😦 And then after I stop torturing myself with my thoughts, I talked to my mom and she said to me that it was ok and all that stuff but she told me something that I HADN´T SEEN IN MY BIG DRAMA 😀 I´M different and that´s ok and it doesn´t matter if I HAVEN´T KISSED ANYONE YET I CAN STILL CHOOSE A SPECIAL SOMEONE THAT I CAN SHARE THAT WITH.. I DON´T WANT TO KISS MANY FROGS TO FIND MY PRINCE .. I WANT TO BE DIFFERENT , I want that kiss to be really special = my prince..! And next time if someone asks that again i shall said to him ,really proud of myself that: ” I HAVEN´T FIND THAT PERSON ALREADY BUT WHEN I FIND HIM. I´M SURE HE WILL BE REALLY SPECIAL”..!

    xoxo 😀 marie

  7. MCM25 Says:

    My comment is not on the movie, Amelie, but a suggestion. I think it would be cool if all the girls, Kristin, Kendra and Tabby give a small comment about the film of the week. Just a 🙂 , 😐 or 😦 would be fun. Just to see if you liked it or even watched it. Do you guys watch these movies together? It would give us all a general idea of how you gals feel about the movies and if you agree or not.

  8. Maxima Says:

    I have to disagree with Kristin….I don’t love this movie, I ADORE it! I relate a lot with this character. I was born and reared in Europe, and their way of making movies is a lot different than Hollywood; look a the quirky german film “Run Lola Run”, and the romanticism of “Chocolat” (by the way, you should put these 2 movies in your list for review)….Amelie is a whimsical and wonderfully interpreted story.
    Tautou captures the innocence, joie-de-vivre, and even the delightful naiveté of…do you notice me using all these French words? Ah’!
    She is so charming….always gazing at the world
    with innocent sexuality.
    So far this is my favorite movie among the ones featured on GBD.
    au revoir!

  9. Binks Says:


    This movie was…bizarre. To say the least. It kind of reminded me of Pushing Daisies, but in a weirder way. O.o In the end though, I think it’s what gave it heart, pizzazz. Not surprising it got 5 Oscar nominations, including music, art direction, screenplay, cinematography and best foreign film, too bad it didn’t win any =\ . I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I was smiling a lot through it, and definitely got a few laughs (suicidal fishes, vengeful soccer matches and mind-tricks played on a grocery store owner, yep yep.) but also had a little gut wrench seeing Amelie hold back on herself.

    The character was very well written. At first you’re like “Huh?” then as the film progresses you get real insight into who she is and why she does the things she does. Her whole life she was basically isolated, and used her imagination as a source of comfort which still continued into adulthood. Her imagination never seems to die, which still makes her a kid at heart, but it is also causing a problem. Because, even though she is helping others in their daily lives, she just keeps imagining her own life away. She’s scared to take a risk for herself, instead she just dreams of what her life could be.

    I liked the relationship between Rufayel and Amelie very much. It was a very sharp contrast between the two but both had similarities in them. The man with bones like brittle who couldn’t leave his own apartment and is unable to experience life fully, as opposed to Amelie, a healthy young woman but also too afraid to live her life fully. It was really interesting seeing both their views on why and how the lady drinking water in Renoir’s panting should look and how inadvertently it was depicting Amelie.

    I could see myself in Amelie, as I’m sure a lot of people can. Her story is very true and very heartfelt. You can’t live life away in your protective bubble, you just gotta go out there and meet new peeps and have fun. As for what does it take to overcome fear and live more fully? Well Iono, it could be a sudden epiphany, or maybe something that was building on for some time, or maybe it was a sudden and harsh shock in your life that made you reevaluate your priorities, it can be a number of things and reasons why, but the change only really happens when you do one thing: Take the initiative.

    I watched the movie for a second time yesterday, with a friend called Sal. Our conversation towards the end became something like this: “OMG if this all turns out to be in her imagination Imma kill you” “Haha! That woulda been a really good ending!” *Sal gives mean glare at Binks* “What?! It would’ve and you know it…ok maybe sad but still…What’s wrong?” “She should already be jumping him” “But he barely stepped through the door.” “So?!”

    hehe. Anyways. I think I really need to try and edit more my movie reviews O_O they always turn out so long. 😦 Sorry!

    Mean Girls is gonna be a real good one. 😀

  10. Robby Says:

    Wow, this movie really affected you Kristin.

    What stood out to me in your review is how you found that helping others wasn’t helping yourself. That seems off. If that were still true this website wouldn’t exist and you would still be out helping yourself a lot. Maybe it was the way you did it that needed a fix, not that you were helping others.

  11. Prad Robert Says:

    Hi’ , I’ve explained before why I hated this movie and adored too ^^

    I love all that you say , her enjoyment of litttle things , and how your childhood can have an influence on our life because I recognize myself too (I believe all the people who felt alone being a child for various reasons) and the humor especially at the begining .

    And now , why I hate this movie ?

    because it’s one of the only french movie which is known all around the world and It’s full of “cliché” and caricatures or simply conveying an old image of France what is made for fun and mood but which can bring bad things .
    For example , the minorities are nearly absent and Montmartre doesn’t seem the same now .
    Then , minorities can feel them apart and “New York times” believe taht we still live in the nostalgia of the 60’s 70’s whereas there are only three movies on that “Les Choristes” , “La mome” (Edith Piaf) and It’s disturbing and frustating that there are the only which are succesful , I want to say “hello , France has changed , and the 60’s wasn’t perfect ” to not fall down into reactionary beliefs .
    But all that are some Policy , social problems , I’m always annoying everybody with those things lol , so I shut up .

    I’ve just watched a movie named “Philadelphia” ( It did a long long time that I wanted to watch it), wonderful movie with a shattering song by Neil young .

  12. Hammad Says:

    Sometimes in the process of intentionally helping others, we unintentionally help ourselves, as existence is a mirror that reflects ourselves. Is there any reward for good except good?

  13. Sarynelli valerin Says:

    This movie came out in the states when I was a little kid, and I didn’t actually watch it until many years later, despite the rave reviews I had heard from all my friends. Then a few months ago I was lucky enough to have stumbled across it while going through my friend’s dvd collection and decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

    After I saw it the first time, it took me a while (as it does with every single movie I see) to take it in and give a consensus. The next morning I woke up and the first thing I thought was: ” I LOVE THAT MOVIE”.

    And for so many reasons. It’s hard to name them all. But throughout the entire movie, I kept thinking, ” Yes, I know exactly what she’s talking about,” or ” Yeah, I know what she means!” or “Oh my gosh, that is totally me…”.
    And I hadn’t felt this connected to a movie since “Garden State”.

    In the simplest terms, I think the best films are those that leave the audience with a message or a questioning towards life itself, as does a piece of literature, or any other form of self-expression. And Amelie does just that. I sympathize with Kristin because I saw this film right before I was about to turn 18, so I too was at a place in my life where I was scared of change. I thought ” In the eyes of the world, I’m considered an adult, but I still feel like a little kid! There’s no way I can go to college, live on campus away from my parents, buy a car, etc…”

    But this film IS about growing and blossoming, because it is something that we all must face. And a film that talks about a universal journey that is taken by all, is amazing in my book. I’m a film major now, and I’d be lying if I said this film didn’t give me the extra nudge to go out and pursue my dream. If I ever made a film like this, I’d say my goal as a filmmaker would be accomplished…

    ….Anyways, I luuuurve this movie! haha.

    the end.

  14. Maxima Says:

    I like Philadelphia… mean the one with Tom Hanks and Denzel…Right?
    But please Neil Young….he makes me puke!
    You want to hear good music in a movie?
    One great example is Spike Lee Mo’ Better Blues.

  15. Denise Says:

    @ Maxima

    “Run Lola Run” was a good movie, even though almost the entire thing was her just running around lol.

    Also,Thinking back I loved the music in this movie.

  16. mytoda5 Says:

    i dont understand every line of this movie..

  17. Ashley Says:

    This movie was like the bomb…more like the bomb diggity. I was so into it like none of my friends could drag me away I was so focus and anxiously waiting to see if she’d get the guy or how something would play out. lol I think at some point in a girl life where the opposite sex comes to play all of us girls in some way or other either have like weaken knees when he’s around or our hearts speed up. I definitely think you guys picked a good movie that really expressed how girls feel at certain touches whether its a guys or our own. It just shows like how much value that and what it feels like. I guess you could say that I am experiencing it now, because my boyfriend and i are at that point in our relationship where like his touch and my touch are like the only things that matter and hearing his heartbeat when we are napping together is like a peaceful thing to me it calms me in another sense. If anything ever happened and we couldn’t see one another I’d probably just hold on to the happy moments and remember the way his heart beats…that movie was amazing I’d loved it. Great choice you guys!! Mean Girls sounds like we will hear a lot of mother daughter issues or something.

  18. G Says:

    LOL, I feel like I’m being deprived because I haven’t seen these movies yet. What am I waiting for?

    I’ve had the same thoughts/beliefs that ran into my adolescent years. I want to be an artist. Not sure where to go with that though, but I have to keep practicing, y’know? That’s the only way you get better and that goes for anything in life.

  19. Lourdes Says:

    awww it sounds really good.
    now i want to watch it.
    thanx for the review kristin! (;

  20. Emma Says:

    What a lovely, honest review Kristin! Nice one!
    I was also enchanted by this movie; the little crazy characters (hehe they all have their quirks!), the colours – the human frustration and the happy moments.
    Amélie seemed to love being this little ‘background’ Cupid character, which made her so likeable. But when it came to actually having to make herself happy and woo the man she loved, she still plays this coy little riddle with him so she doesn’t have to deal with the overwhelming thought of actually confronting him! So cute.

    @Prad Robert – France is changing yes, but that’s how things go in most countries, no?? Don’t get too down about it. And movies tend to romanticise locations to satisfy the viewer’s appetite.
    @Hammad – Very insightful theory about the human quest.

  21. Me Says:

    Mean Girls? Haven’t seen this one.
    Could be interesting. 😉

  22. JaCe Says:

    Hi Kristin! Oh my god, i didn’t know that u do blogging here, its really cool. I know u been part of this website and today is my first time visiting it. Its pretty cool.. Thanks for sharing. I wish to introduce a movie too which is a very touching movie, but is in Hindi speaking with English subtitle. Its a very very nice movie.

    The movie is called “Black”, is a about a little girl who’s deaf and blind, she’s been treated like a cow wearing a bell on her neck and don’t know how to behave well. Or even sit down still to eat her meal. Until one day there’s a teacher came into her life (a teacher for the deaf and blind. The school at which he teaches asks him to leave because of his drinking and failing eyesight.), he try his best to teach her to to be a proper human being, how to use sign language to express herself, recognizing things around her and she even got a chance to study in university, but she took many many years to complete compare to normal people.

    What so great about the movie is the expression of the actress(the pain, sadness & happiness) , she bring out the character so naturally, also her spirit of never giving up when in the middle of her schooling her teacher left her alone after doing something unforgivable and the teacher got Alzheimer disease. In the end she use back the same method as the teacher had use to teach her speak. The music play a great part of the movie. Especially the young girl who play blind and deaf in the first part of the movie i almost thought she’s really blind, but she’s not.

    Here’s are some short clip to share =)

    Enjoy! cheerS!

  23. Gina Says:

    Mean Girls is REALLY good, I was actually going to suggest that movie if no one else did. If you see it, you’ll know why and how it relates to some girls in this day and age.

  24. Prad Robert Says:

    I love “Run lola run” too , It was like a bomb when I saw that when I was young , the production is huge .

    @Emma , Yes I know , there is the same problem with the “Quebecois” (people from Quebec ) they say our reportages convey always the same cliché ( trapper , woods etc … ) , It’s just sad to see that we don’t want to see the things change

  25. Maxima Says:

    It’s true….she was running around and around…
    I guess it’s a long way to Beijing from Germany,
    Take care.

  26. Alyssa Says:

    I just finished watching Amelie… it was the best movie I’ve seen in a while. I’m putting this movie in my favorites along side my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies, and that’s saying alot. I can relate to Amelie and how she’s made up this dream world put is to affraid to act on it, I was so happy to see she got her happy ending, I’m waiting for mine. What really got me was when Amelie watches the video the old man(with the “glass” bones) sent her. and he basically tells her she has to take this chance or she’ll regret it. That part really spoke to me. I’m so glad you recommended this movie Kirsten it was awesome. 🙂

  27. Mallu Brazil Says:

    This is a amazing film…. I decided to watch this movie because of the soundtrack, but it is amazing by it all…. Amelie is really inspiring, I am very identified with her… Mainly because of your fears… Speaking in public can really do my heartbeat increase too… And all that things that she want to do but cant because your fears or because what people will think ( in my case)… When I watch Smallville I had an idea completely different from you, Kristin… Have this contact with you is really fantastic… You dont even seem a celebrity, which breaks many myths…. You are more for a big sister or a great friend chatting with us… its very good can count with your opinions and advices … I’m very very grateful for it … You, Tabby and Kendra helps me a lot….
    i have a sugestion for movie, GOOD BYE LENIN… Yan Tiersen does the soundtrack of this film too…

    With love from Brazil

    PS: Sorry about english but I still have a little difficulty with this language

  28. superkurre Says:

    I finally saw Amelie after putting off watching it for years. Thank god for satellite ;P

    I thought the movie was a very good awakening to what fear can do. Everyone in the movie was afraid of something and Amelie wanting to do good things for everyone made them all come out of their shells and take chances. I can relate to Amelie’s own fear of making contact with others, especially to someone I am romantically interested in. I don’t know why we live in fear for such a large part of our lives, missing so many experiences that could enrich our lives. Well, I don’t know what specifically it takes to stop living in fear, but for me it’s just getting totally fed up with the way I am about certain things. Maybe it’s not a conscious decision you make to change your life, but one day you realize you have. If it was a conscious decision I guess it would be easier. Also, it’s easier to want to change when you’ve hit bottom and found nothing there. I guess the movie just reminded me of how important taking chances really is. Sure, by taking chances some things might not happen the way I want them, but if I don’t take chances then nothing will happen.

    Good movie! These have been very interesting movies so far, although Juno is the only one I didn’t watch. How about Little Women for one of the movies? It’s such a warm, lovely family story. I read the book so many times I had to buy a new one cause the spine fell off. The newest movie was good too. 😀

  29. Lorène Says:

    Hello Kristin,
    I totally agree with your point of view.
    This movie is very overwhelming because this is the life.Amelie is a girl like us but she one day decides to do something rather waiting and finally becoming as her poor lonely father.
    For me , after many deception of friends I decided to be who I really wanted to be and not what people wanted me to be .
    I think that there are so many lies : I mean many people pretend to be a person whereas they are totally different.
    This movie remind us that you don’t have to be ashame because you love the small pleasures of life .
    The music by Yann Tiersen is really great and during all the movie you have a small smile gaped and tears with your eyes.
    For the next weeks I have many propositions :
    – “Stepmom” with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon
    -“the Notebook” with Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling
    -“Million Dollar Baby ” with Morgan Freeman , Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank
    -“Hard Candy” with Ellen Page
    These movies are very very great but sad so prepare handkerchiefs 🙂
    Otherwise , as movies more “humoristic” I can recommend you “she is the man ” (with Amanda Bynes) and “13 going on 30” (with Jennifer Garner ).
    Good watching. xoxo

  30. Frida Says:

    I think we should watch Into the Wild. That book/movie changed me a lot.

    It’s a lesson taught by someone who had this yearning and this desire to pursuit his dreams and actually did it, passionately so.

  31. dom froggy Says:

    What a joy this film
    What happiness to see him again
    This film is for me a breath of fresh air, an immersion in a poetry and anachronistic world, the world of JP Jeunet, a World full of poetry like Prévert .It is primarily a story of immense love, if you look at this film with your soul child, you can not being the same person after.

    J loves music by Yann Tiersen , really.
    J loves the universe anachronistic and poetic
    J loves the characters (the choice of actors with special mention for the dwarf traveller, and Mathieu Kassovitz)), details of which are discussed after the film (a goldfish who tries to commit suicide, a horse in a cyclist race, 15 orgasms by the second in Paris …)
    J loves the humour décalé (shifhted ?)
    J likes shades and nuances of images

    And to answer to Prad Rob.. yes Prad this is not realistic this is not life In Montmartre or In Paris, it is stronger … it is Life.

    and for those who loves the world of Jp jeunet I recommend two films “Delicatessen” and “La Cite des enfants perdus”


  32. Ness Says:

    We see in this write up that you recognize really in Amelie and I think that’s it concerns a lot of young girls. It reminds me an article when you said that before being an actrice you see the “world behind your window”. It supposed that you were in your protective bubble and you didn’t dare bear the reality.
    I understand that because like Amelie we need for existing and for existing with others, to build a personality which will important in order to tell “NO” when you disagree with or even admit our error.
    I understand these numerous fears which are in the human beings. Why? I think that we are so complexs; it reminds me a philosoph who compared the human with an “intermingled knot”.
    We aren’t machins (not yet!).
    Why can we overcome our fears? I think that at the bottom of our mind, maybe in “subconscious”, we have “an alarm bell” which push to realize ourselves because the time pass, we must to make choices, yes we aren’t eternals… and maybe we would risk to have regrets a day…

    I have propositions of timeless movies to see or see again:
    “La vittà è bella” of Roberto Begnigni

    Animated film (japonese) wich is REALLY realistic: “the tomb of glowworms” of Isao Takahata

  33. Blank Says:

    This movie is sublime, beautifull, and compelling.
    The acting is great (specially Audrey Tautou´s acting), the story is simple and engaging. Amelie is an altruist human being, always ready to help the others in every aspect, and ultimatly she finds love in a simple and challenging way. Excellent direction by Jeunet aswell, in one of the best films of the begining of the century. Amazing.

  34. Blank Says:

    I have a proposition that you should consider: For me is one of the best movies of all time and is on my top 5 favourite movies
    Please watch: “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.
    Altough i must say that i like the sugestion above referenced: Grave of the fireflies by Isaho Takahata.
    [[]] **

  35. Lydia Says:

    I’d like to share some of my favorite movies:
    Under Tuscan Sun (Diane Lane)
    Mona Lisa’s Smile (Julia Roberts, Julia Styles)
    Chocolat (Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp)
    Legally Blonde (Reese Whiterspoon)


  36. superkurre Says:

    Oooo, I loved Under the Tuscan Sun, such a good movie. Talk about going with your instinct and taking chances! Diane Lane was really good in it too. 🙂

  37. LI Says:

    Kristin, you probably like Bjork.
    Bjork always remind me of Amelie…
    She had a great music 😀

  38. LI Says:

    **has a great music of course!

  39. tokyostargirl Says:

    i LOVE this movie, too! isn’t it great to watch a character and see a bit of ourselves?

  40. k-chen Says:

    hmmm…I actually think it was a lovely movie. I was certainly not as affected by it like Kristin was. I pretty much had a good time watching it because I´m a painter and the look and scenic interpretation of Amélie´s surroundings were rather intriguing. It´s also a good thing that a not-so-very-mainstream, good French movie had so much success. It´s nice for a change to see such a movie reach popularity as opposed to the dozens of Hollywood blockbusters (which are often (apart from the special effects of course) not very innovative).

    i did love run, lola, run though. my mother tongue is german so i could watch everything in the original language. it´s an interesting movie and pretty entertaining to watch.

  41. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for your review Kristin, it was really inspiring. “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” is a great movie with many layers. This is the kind of movie that can have you question yourself about the way you live.
    I really appreciate the fact that you shared your experience with us. I recognized a part of myself in what you described and it’s important for me to know that other people (have) experience(d) the same struggles as mine and that there are ways to overcome them.
    I’m curious to know at what age you made that realization and started the process of changing? Because, I feel like i’m only slowly beginning this process and that I wasted so much time already…Is it sometimes too late to start over fresh and become the person you want to be?

    Anyway, thanks again Kristin for sharing your experience so honestly! 🙂

  42. stan Says:

    french film ;D

  43. Virginie Says:

    Hi Kristin,

    Well… I’m french so I’ve seen the movie… everybody was speaking of it when it has been released and it has a lot of success!
    I didn’t like it a lot… Well, it’s cute, the shooting is great, the color is wondeful… but I am maybe the only person that didn’t like it in France! lol…
    Didn’t know it has been released overseas… it’s great!

    Hugs xxx

  44. MIMELOIC Says:

    I discovered your blog ^ ^

    Continues to smile to life! Sorry for my low level of English.


    19 Septembre 2008. Erstein, Alsace, France.

  45. Sonia Says:

    Love it !! My favorites songs:
    Yann Tiersen:
    – Comptine d’un autre été L’après midi
    -La Valse D’Amelie
    – J’y suis jamais allé.

    Take care ♥

  46. Sonia Says:

    The French Trailer is better i think, =p
    J’adore ce film …

  47. Joana Says:

    i’m french so i know this movie by heart!!!! lol i love this movie….it’s one my favourites…^^.. you tell before that you love to read….I love stephen king sooo much….what do you think about him???

  48. Aurélie Says:

    Amélie Poulain it’s a great french film ! ^^
    I’m so happy you like them (lol).

    Yann Tiersen play the music, it’s a great pianist too.


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