Thank you to Gabby for sending GBD this article.

“I find it shocking that one billion women globally – that is one in every three women – are affected by violence at some point in their lives. In Latin America, between 30 and 40 percent of all women aged fifteen or older have been subjected to some form of violence, most often by a member of their own family,” said Reese Witherspoon.

We have to agree with Reese, this is a shocking number…and a great topic to discuss here at GBD. We are always inspired when we see amazing women partnered with amazing companies to help create change in the world.

Read the article below to find out how Reese as Avon’s Global Ambassador joined forces with an amazing group of women through the Bracelet Initiative that was created to raise awareness about the need to speak out against the violence that affects women around the globe.

In support of this mission, proceeds from the Women’s Empowerment Bracelet will go to the Avon Empowerment Fund, which will contribute to the UNIFEM-managed UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.

The first US$ 500,000 from bracelet sales have been matched in 2008 by the Avon Foundation for a total donation of US$ 1 million for new grants by the UN Trust Fund, representing the single-largest one-year corporate contribution to-date. Additional funds raised will support local domestic violence programs in each country Avon is located…read more click below ☺

Next weeks Movie is going to be Legally Blond 🙂


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  1. Sandy Says:

    Why does she find it shocking? Men are pigs. Good ones are few and far between. I’m glad she’s using her fame to do something about it, although if 1 billion people have been affected by it, seems like there is a long, long way to go.

  2. Lydia Says:

    I think it is hopeful and wonderful that amazing women of the entertainment business are doing their best to make the world a better place. It is not all about fame and money, they want to give back too and they use their celebrity status as a voice to reach out and help.
    There is hope, there is love.

    Thanks for posting this topic.

    PS: I love the movies Legally Blonde 1&2. Hilarious and oh so inspiring. 🙂

  3. Ashley Says:

    I agree with you Lydia it is a wonderful thing. It does help to have some female celebrity status to help spread the word. Peace and love not war. Woman are the necks to the world we can change those manly heads which ever way we want.

    Oh like Legally Blond not because I am blond I just like it.

  4. Gabby Says:

    You’re welcome! I also find these numbers horrifying. Hopefully this project will help women all over the world who suffer this kind or any kind of violence.

    thanks for posting it!!

  5. t Says:

    “Erin Brockovich” or ‘Legally Blonde” ? :O

    It says Erin Brockovich in the last posting

  6. stan Says:

    a just struggle for a just cause!
    this is fun! but the damage that violence persists, even here in france, in our cities, everywhere, and everyone turns a blind eye is pathetic! thank you for being there for them*

  7. Rysa Says:

    I live in Brazil and yes, we have problems like that. I study Law and I tell you that we have law to protect woman, but the most of the time they don’t search for their rights, they prefer to not say anything, cause it’s your own family you know, but I don’t agree with that attitude. Where is the Human rights? And on the other hand, in Brazil, people don’t believe that much in Brazilian laws, unfortunately. And me and my friends,as Law students, and the Brazilian Law community has the duty to change this view and reality.

    Oh and about the movie… I love Legally Blonde!

    *sorry for my english.

  8. Emma-Lu Says:

    Hey Ladies! First things first, as this website is growing I see there is a greater chance that peeps who have the same name will be posting on the site. I noticed that another Emma (who is from UK) has joined the GBD world, welcome! But it might be confusing if we both use our actual name on posts!
    So I’m changing mine to Emma-Lu (formerly Emma). Kendra, what a great article you chose. In my country, the problem of women abuse is rife. Our government and some minor organisations are trying to get to the root of the problem daily, but I agree with Rysa, mostly it happens in families so people are too embarassed and scared to say anything.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    I love Reese Witherspoon,she’s one of my favorite actors. I think it’s great what she is doing and I ordered my bracelet just the other day when I found an Avon book hanging on my door.

    Legally Blonde-Great pick for next weeks Monday movie.

  10. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I’m really glad that this major hollywood actress is bringing awarness to this important subject, I don’t know if you are are aware that at least one out of every three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime – with the abuser usually someone known to her, that’s a UNIFEM fact.

    And though in Latin America seems as normal for women to be feel somehow violected, if you are ever around you’ll see in the news that what i’m telling you is a fact or just talking to women they don’t feel really safe. It’s a right to move freely in the streets or eveywhere you are. Good thing it’s that women are moving forward to make that happen!

    So let’s start all by saying NO to violence against women, actually against anybody!


  11. Sarah Says:

    wow. that is kinda scary. Its weird to think how much goes on in our world that we can live completely oblivious to. I always love it when I see celebrities doing things to help others, it makes me so glad they arent just sitting around, they are using their influence to make changes. yay legally blond:)

  12. Hoover Monkeys Says:

    It is very scary! i agree with Sarah! i’m from the Philippines and everyday growing numbers of abused women here dies because of exactly that or complications from all sorts of abuse. last week a local news here about a 3 month old baby girl raped by her own father scares the hell out me! and that’s only the beginning! me and my friends can’t even walk down our own streets without bringing a spray gun in our pockets! God only can help us.

  13. Binks Says:

    I’m glad Reese is doing her own part. It’s good when people are so motivated to try and change the world in their own little bit. Stars have more effect on people since they have a massive following, it’s always inspiring to see them do good, it makes others try to do their own part as well.
    This kind of reminds me of Natalie Portman and her involvement in FINCA. Both on different venues, but towards a common goal in helping women and society.

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