Now That’s Getting Personal

Belly ShotIs there an alien in there? whats that sticking out my side? Ohhh…don’t kick me there…now that’s getting personal!

Week 31 and I’m loving every minute of it…I find it interesting when people approach me and say “awww how ya feeling?” like being pregnant is an illness or something. I feel great, never better actually. I am excited, giddy and kinda dreamy about how my life is unfolding day by day…I won’t lie, I have my OMG! moments and “I dont know what I am doing” feelings, but those don’t last long. They are just moments that help remind me that I am not in control and just along for the ride :).

So my wee little 3.5 pounder is wiggling in there non stop…it feels pretty trippy…last week there was suddenly this bump sticking out of my side, hmmm I thought…is the baby trying to make a get away? Fascinated I grabbed ahold of this bump sticking out of my side and I almost fainted as the bump retreated and then moved worm-like across my belly! OMG! is there an alien in there? ummmm no, just a human being..*GASP* tries to run for the hills but realizes where I go so does the alien inside.

So lately its been a game of cat and mouse, I am like “Hellllloooo in there Extra Little…where are you?” Poke! Poke! and sure enough if I poke poke in the right place I get thumped back, yup thumped, no loving pokes from the inside.

Now I don’t want to get into many details about all this kicking and wiggling and alien like activity…but I have to say and don’t laugh…well laugh if you want but, kicking and punching can…well….sometimes get personal, for example HELLLOOO G-SPOT! Ohhh….ummm….hey that makes me uncomfortable *Yikes* tries to run for the hills but realizes where I go baby can still kick me in the G-Spot! But really who can complain I could be experiencing heart burn instead, tee hee! (ok that might of been tooo personal :). Well lets face it pregnancy is personal…again I am just going along for the ride and trying to share my experiences honestly.

I thought it might be fun to start an online baby pool where we could all guess the due date, time of delivery, boy/girl, weight etc. and have a little fun! ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW HOW TO DO THAT? Hellloooo out there….hehehe!

Kendra and Extra Little


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34 Responses to “Now That’s Getting Personal”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Another beautiful picture.:-)

    I’m glad you’re feeling good and that you’re so happy.

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

  2. stan Says:

    i have a baby too ahah and he’s the more beautyfull baby of the world! yes!!
    ❤ see him in my blog ;D

  3. Arelis Says:

    LOL@the baby’s kicking.

    As for the online baby poll, there’s these you can maybe use or get some pointers from:

  4. nena akthar Says:

    looks like ure having a gud pregnancy, lol,
    have u eva tried putting headphones on your bump so that ure baby cud hear music.
    my sis did that and my nephew wud bump and move about to the music lol!

  5. Sascha Says:

    >>“Hellllloooo in there Extra Little…where are you?” Poke! Poke!<<

    i love that sentence. it seems that a little sportsman is growing up in there 😉

    good luck to you Kendra and your upcoming little family. regards (to Kristin as well)

  6. Marilyne Says:

    Hehe, I laughed…:P
    I think that it is so great that you are sharing this, yes, really personal journey with us. Wow, 31 weeks…time passes so fast, eh? Well, I’m glad you enjoy every moment of it and once again, I’m really happy for you and wish you the best!

  7. skahahoo Says:

    lol…I hope your baby is as funny as you are. 😀 And I’m really happy to hear that you’re feeling healthy. 🙂

    I think the pool is a great idea! Here’s a site that lets you create your own pool:

    Apparently, a “baby pool” is one of the options. Who knew. You can add as many questions and answers as you want. They call the questions “propositions.” There’s a tutorial too. The only thing is that people who want to participate in the pool have to register. So that’s kind of a pain.

  8. Hammad Says:

    I just wanted to say the way you write reminds me a lot about a former boss of mine who emailed me back in January of this year concerning job opportunities. She was blond, had long hair like you, probably could even pass of as your relative, and used to write in a very similar style to you, with ellipses, “he he”s, “tee hee”s (she said them a lot) and the same “giddy” style. Oh, and she just had a baby recently, and I think is around the same age as you, as she told in an email:

    “Let me know. Also, did I tell you I had a baby? She is so marvelous and wonderful!!”

    “And aren’t you sweet? Jill is a happy baby. I hope she will be bubbly. I will send you some pictures if you want. She is dreamy and marvelous.”

    Anyways, I just had to point that out because it felt so eerily similar. 🙂

  9. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Woowww so much has happened these past weeks with you and extra little!

    You are so funny! love those alien comments jeje I laughed so hard!! my belly start to hurt haha

    But really glad you are keeping us update woth these exciting news about you and extra little! I ‘m very happy for you! 😉

    Well about that pole thing sorry can’t help, but guessing a baby boy?

    Have a wonderful time!

    And say hi to kristin too!

  10. Cecilia Says:

    That is a beautiful picture!
    My older sister is pregnant and it is really an amazing thing.
    I love that you are sharing such a personal and amazing experience with us.

  11. Ash Says:

    Heehee I laughed too, but that’s only because one of the nicknames of a friend is “G-spot”, haha I kid you not, along with “G-string” 😛

    Kendra: “Poke, poke.”
    Extra lil: “…… did she just poke me…. well I’ll show her…. *Kick, kick, punch, punch * muhuhaha. “

  12. Gina Says:


    I’m not sure about anything with the baby pool. I’m not even sure what it is .*runs to Google*

    AHH but that’s GREAT though! You really don’t have that far to go! I would be very afraid if there were an alien inside of me. It would certainly feel that way to me haha. Hope to see pics soon!!

  13. G Says:

    Maybe you can put a poll up, or open a thread on GBD site, or one of your social networking ones?

    Sounds like you have a mini athlete growing in there haha.

  14. Ash Says:

    Uhhmmm G? She just asked where she could find to make a poll. 😛 😉

  15. *dacara* Says:

    Hi Kendra, I always enjoy reading your entries about you and Extra Little. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have someone kicking you or giving you a little thump from inside. It must be such a strange feeling. I’m not sure how the whole baby pool thing works, but I would love to participate in it. Take care!

  16. LI Says:

    Thanks for sharing Kendra.
    Your baby sound to be so cute, he’s/she’s just say hello to you by kicking you…lol
    Cute 😀

  17. LI Says:

    Wonderful pics BTW.

  18. Jennifer Says:

    Kendra that’s a beautiful picture. I laughed reading your blog. Being pregnant must feel amazing and yet so weird. I’ve watched my friends and family experance pregnancy and hope one day I will as well. Enjoy all the experances while your pregnant. =) A baby pool that sounds like fun,I’ll ask my friend if she knows of any websites that let you make one.

    Take Care Kendra

  19. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Now I’m confused :S
    I think she meant a poll, right? to kinda guess if extra little was a boy or a girls and weight??
    Yes a poll! hehe
    Well, have a great time!

  20. skahahoo Says:

    @ Ver0nik21 – A “pool” is kind of like a poll in that you are collecting input from people, except in a pool, you’re sort of “betting” with your guesses and there’s a winner at the end. I think they call it a “pool” because you’re “pooling together” or collecting guesses from everyone. They’re actually really popular in sports…like football pools and stuff. Hope that clears up any confusion. 🙂

  21. andreina Says:

    hi! wait, kendra is pregnant? that is rigth, is awesome, i’m happy for this new!

    well congratulation!!

  22. Ver0nik21 Says:

    @ skahahoo

    Thanx so much that really clear my confusion!!
    You are awesome! 😉


  23. Gina Says:

    @ skahahoo

    Thanks, yeah I was confused for sec! XD

  24. lesley Says:

    LOL @ G-spot. =) baby pool sites are all over the place. kendra you should create one online and we can all go on there and guess the weight, the gender and all that good stuff along with sending you gifts.=) im good at this stuff so im up for the challenge!oh and the closest guess wins some sort of something in replace of a baby shower.LOL.;)

  25. nena akthar Says:

    does any1 miss those kooky kendra and kristin videos?
    plz bring back those vid messaging!

  26. taylor nikole Says:

    hahah this made me blush just reading it 🙂
    awww and theres a baby 🙂
    (not really sure what to say, but for the most part the post was verrryyy cute)


  27. Michaël Says:

    Have a baby is a wonderful thing. Congratulations ^^

    Good luck to you Kendra and your baby !

  28. Binks Says:

    hahaha. That was erh…interesting. To say the least. Thanks for sharing something so personal Kendra. It sounds like a very magical experience, take it in while it lasts. Your kid looks like one active lil’ tyke. 😛 Maybe ur poke feels like a thump to him…or an earthquake O_O hmm….

    *sigh* I suck at baby games…but I like to play anyways. 😀 hehe

  29. Ashley Says:

    OMG!!! Kendra I just wanna touch your tummy !! And that sounded so weird…haha lol Laugh with me girls ! Anywayz I hope you guys the best Kendra with you’re little bundle of joy.

  30. AlyssaMarie Says:

    I think you are having a boy. A friend of mine tells me when a woman is carrying low and stomach pointing out, its going to be a boy and when she carries round and slightly higher she will have a girl. By the looks on the picture, your stomach havent dropped yet, so you are not due yet.

  31. Tiffany Says:

    hahaha…I found this tooo funny! I think it is so amazing that you are sharing this experience with us!

    I have a feeling you are going to be an excellent mommy! I wish nothing but great great things for you!!

    much love!

  32. Aurelie Says:

    Congratulations Mum !

    Kisses of France !

  33. anna Says:

    oh my goodness how exciting!
    i saw a video on youtube that totaly caught my attention it was a woman with a bigger belly then yours and the baby was sticking its leg out (like the bump you saw) and it kept moving!, it was so amazing i was freaking out the only reason why i told you this is cuz i wanted to ask when the baby is kicking or giving a bump on your belly does it hurt? it looks like it, isnt it pulling your skin? i really want to know ……………:)

  34. anna Says:

    to AlyssaMarie: wow i didnt know that thats really neat how a person can tell if its a boy/girl

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