Movie Madness Monday “Legally Blonde”

Ok, Like, this is sooooo not a story about a dumb blond, but instead a story of a smart blond, despite the fact that….*sigh*….OMG did Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) seriously follow what she thinks is the love of her life, that Ken-doll boyfriend of hers…after HE dumps her…to Harvard, just to win him back? Like, What? Getting into Harvard Law School is hard?

I mean the girl goes from LA Delta NU house on a LA Campus, she’s slathered in everything pink, is an expert in grooming, hair care, and accessorizing.  She, like, has  a degree in fashion… and then straight to Harvard law school? STOP THE PRESSES! Is it soo hard to believe that because she has like, the blondest hair and big boobs that she is incapable of using her brain to get into Harvard?

Ok, so, here is what I love…the girl goes for it. At first she tries to be someone she is soooo not, a prissy law student, only to discover that she can still be a brilliant law student who is smart, has blond hair and a flare for fashion. I mean tell me ladies why are we all afraid to embrace and love who we truly are? Let people meet the real us and see the brilliance from a place of honestly. And OMG if we like, like to talk like this…then who cares????!!!

I couldn’t help but have sooo much fun while watching this movie, I mean, like peel back the layers of pink and puke me some entertainment…deep down inside girls just wanna have fun! Yet in the same breath, this movie is truly about girl power, strength and determination. There is nothing soo serious that we can’t use massive drama and exaggeration to get a certain point across just to have a little fun…yes? No?. (This could just be my issue) ahahahah K! don’t laugh at me!

How many of you find yourself in a situation where either you dumb yourself down or do the exact opposite by trying to be hyper intelligent just to fit in? Why not just be you, which is perhaps somewhere in the middle of both stereotypes?

I mean I have to admit that because my family moved around so much, every time I entered a new school there was a new me…I tried-out being, “mean girl”, “preppy girl”, “sporty girl” to “popular girl”…each had its serious highs and lows! In the end I turned into what I like to call ‘Everything Girl”…just a gal that was able to be friends with ALL GIRLS! By the time I hit high school I was able to be chameleon-like and fit in wherever I wanted…I was open to everyone and mastered the art of falling into rapor with those around me. I could rock with the rockers, cheer with the cheer leaders, sink a few hoops, and style my hair and make-up to agree with whatever mood I was in. This made for some fun times in high school.

I would love to hear some of your high school experiences of when perhaps you too tried on a different hat or two.Hope you all enjoyed the movie!

Next week lets watch Erin Brochovich…since I confused us all this week with Legally Blond? Oops!



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10 Responses to “Movie Madness Monday “Legally Blonde””

  1. Denise Says:

    Elle kicks ass.
    so does Erin Brochovich.

  2. taylor nikole Says:

    heheh highschool experiences….
    Ummm I cussed out a girl in line today *sigh*
    (she did deserve it)…
    she totally underestimated me because of my size

    but anyways
    I’ve found my place in journalism….
    I LOVE IT!
    I’m always up for trying new clubs, sports, etc…
    and i may have fun with them…
    but at the end of the day I have my tight group of friends who accept me for me (I’m not even sure who that is yet).

    I’ve always been a little outspoken too.
    I got accused of cheating in class on a computer assignment (i had to share a computer due to shortages).
    No one had ever yelled at the teacher before, but knowing me, ofcourse I was the first.
    I told her she was being ridiculous and that she was wrong for accusing us of cheating. I also told her that I would willingly see my counselor and prove her wrong 🙂
    anyways, i got to make up the assignment and received full credit and after that I got a little more respect from the teacher….
    who the first day in class… the first thing she said to us was “class, our only purpose here is to reproduce and die…. don’t expect anything more out of life”
    I’m not rude… I just always make sure that I don’t get pushed around…. afterall im only about 5 feet tall 🙂
    but apparently im considered fiesty ahah

  3. Emily Says:

    High school experience? Well, at the moment, I am in 11th grade, and I am a cheerleader. May I just say we are stereotyped? A LOT!! Cheerleaders aren’t always blonde, perky, flaky, outgoing, big boobs, going out with the quarterback, partying every weekend, and at the top of the pyramid (only the short ones get to do that… but where would she be without the bases? =P). On my 8th grade squad, there was a few months when none of us even had boyfriends. So cheerleaders aren’t the epitome of high school popularity. I’m actually the farthest from it. I’m tall-ish, very skinny and flat-chested (blaming it on my mother’s genes), brunette, single, have never gotten a report card grade lower than an A, prefer fantasy novels and superheroes, enjoy videogames with my brother, and – the biggest catch – I’m very shy. More of an introvert, but it’s the same concept. People think it’s crazy that I can actually yell loud on the sidelines and don’t get nervous before perfomances and such. I do talk – a LOT – once I get to know people, it’s just when I first meet them, or are in a group with a lot of people I don’t know. I’m actually trying to work on coming out of my shell and being more outgoing. It’s hard. Back to high-school experience. It’s hard staying out of the wrong groups when you’re a cheerleader – I regret to say that some of us are especially accurate in the “partying every weekend” stereotype. Not to sound cliche, but if your heart’s in the right place, hakuna matata! Just enjoy life – I’m trying to. =)


  4. Lydia Says:

    It all started out as a plan to get her boyfriend back but, Elle Woods has gotten so much more out of it (a new love, a new friendship, knowledge and respect,…) and she realized her own potential and value as a human being, no matter how blonde she is.

    I like this movie because it’s hilarious (I love the pink :-)) but, on a serious note, to me it’s an exemplification that you should not be ashamed of being yourself and that you can do a lot more than you think if you put your mind to it and work hard.

    High school experience? Nothing special, I was nice to everyone but, I was a bit of a loner.

  5. traveler Says:

    It is truly sad when people, especially girls, use the word “like.” It is 1)very annoying, 2)shows an inarticulate person, & 3) did I mention EXTREMELY annoying. Maybe it’s ok to say it once in a sentence, but for GOD’s sake, numerous times!?

    At uni I knew a person who used to say it 5 times in one sentence. I just wanted to throw a dictionary & thesaurus at her while screaming, “Learn how to SPEAK!” It is NOT okay to talk this way!

    THE END!

  6. Ashley Says:

    Erin Brovich is that spelled right? idk. But Legally Blonde was totally great and showed all us Blondes are not stupid…that and we don’t need men to make us happy.

  7. Maxima Says:

    Cute funny movie.
    It’s very hard for me to get real life messages from most movies. In films, everything is somewhat exaggerated (have you ever seen someone behaving like in the movies?
    I haven’t).
    There are exceptions though!
    A big smile to everyone.

  8. Hannah Says:

    This movie was one of my favourites. When I was in school I had a hard time not quitting! I used to always feel like I didn’t belong even though I had friends, there were always a few people that I would let get to me – mum always says I’m way too sensitive.

    Anyway I’d mope around Sundays and watch this DVD while doing girly pampery pick me ups and get the inspiration I needed to just tackle what I want in life 🙂

  9. Lorna Says:

    I love this movie! When she wins the case at the end its unexpected (not so much after the 20th viewing), funny, inspiring and makes me smile all at the same time.
    I love how Elle is ditzy but actually pretty smart.
    Plus Luke Wilson… (What? Im a sucker for Texan guys, what can I say . You were all thinking it anyway 😉 )

  10. Kailin Says:

    I’m from the Valley. Doesn’t everyone, like, talk like Elle Woods? Hilarious movie. I love how Elle won the case base on the witness’ knowledge of Manolos! ha ha.

    High school experiences…I was a Everything Girl, too, which also included slipping into different cultural groups, too. I was in high school drama, yearbook, high school newspaper, briefly pep team, orchestra, AP classes, and government. But what was more important was that I had friends from all walks of life, all races, and all religions. As I got older, it was this ability to blend in and find the positive in people that helped me form the deepest and strongest of relationships.

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