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I was told stories since before I was born. Once I learned to read I never stopped. I was that oh-so-cool kid who broke the rules by hiding under my covers past bedtime with a flashlight reading. I read out loud to my sister and my cousins ALL the time. And now I am an actor. Human stories, stories of humans. Who we are, why we are, how we can be better… Finding the honesty and the depth in all types of people and experiences. I love that stuff. So when I watched this I got soooo excited. What beautiful ways to share and collect the stories we are already telling. What creative ways can you peeps think up to share your stories?? Perhaps we could create something together… Thoughts?



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  1. Robby Says:

    I’ve got an idea. 🙂 You could put in an Add-venture script that let’s people add onto the story or turn it based on options that are already there or make their own.

    A simple start can go crazy using that method of storytelling. Just establish the rules first and make sure people stick to it.

    I like your train of thought to. The “whys” is really the secret to everything. Noone really questions as many as they should. Why is the world like this? Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t we change it?

    I used to read a lot as a kid. I don’t know what happened. I’d read more if I have the time. With the internet and video the need for reading is really low. What can be in words, can be put in video. For example, the video you posted could be a transcript rather than something you can watch.

  2. Hammad Says:

    That was cool. Several really neat visual ways to amalgamate and search for data. This is something that not only kids could learn and have fun with, but adults as well. I wonder if he will be setting his bots against facebook status lines. Haha. The software today would have picked up the word “feel” three times in mine.

    However, I didn’t need to see that naughty feeling…well, at least not during Ramadan. 😉

    The only thing that bugs me about the internet is that it seems to take the element of human interaction out of the stories that are told. That is the irony. Instead we read from or watch a big or flat black box that sits in front of us. But, I guess that is not its element. So much time can be wasted on information overload. Kids are now spending more time on the computer, and spend less time interacting with each other. I know I spend probably too much time on it.

    It was not surprising to me that it is mostly those in their twenties who are using the internet as a medium to tell stories. I don’t know this is significant and what it means for the future.

    Unfortunately, I have no ideas to suggest. Maybe someone may weed one out from what I have written.

  3. t Says:

    whoa the “We Feel Fine” thing is really cool!

    This kind of stuff really interests me too. I started having all these questions and thoughts about life junior year and it still confounds me. Even though I only got more confused by thinking deep thoughts, I felt so profound for even having these thots. Then I realized that many of my friends had the same unanswerable questions/thots. In the end, the only conclusion I got was that all this “thinking” is very thrilling, but it amounts to nothing if you don’t apply it in some way and improve for the better because of it.

    Sometimes I’m just struck by awe of how complex life is and yet how simple it is. And how SIMILAR all of us are and yet how different…

    anyway, back on topic, advanced technology + globalization = amazing stuff.

    I was curious so I looked up “We Feel Fine”. This guy “Jonathan Harris” makes a lot of these cool projects. check them out:

  4. t Says:

    oh and Hammad, I totally agree that we spend too much time in front of the computer nowadays.

    I used to be so able to entertain myself. Now, when I take a break from the comp, I never know what to do. So I end up going back on. It’s terrible.

    And everyone in my family’s in their own separate rooms in front of their own separate computers doing their own thing. (except my mom, who is not tech savvy. She is saved from becoming a boring drone)

    It’s really quite sad. 😦

  5. Michel - Sorocaba Says:

    in my opinion, anything in excess is wrong (study, television, computer, beverage …… However, we have a chance to improve we, through our experience of life.

    I love a lot about the issue of diversification lives. What do you think? Each one acts differently in a particular place. I live in Brazil, and sometimes have contact with people from other countries. It’s funny seeing the behaviour of foreigners and how to them in ver.E so in jest, was born a friendship.

  6. John Says:

    I think the main reasons that people today read less is because we have the internet and movies etc. Although when reading it unlocks your imagination and the possibilities become endless. Watching a movie helps us identify emotion, were as reading a book can help us create an emotion that we never knew we were capable of. I never really read much as a child (although i never really watched TV either), but as I have grown I really enjoy reading books that makes us question the way people think, do things and interact with society. For me that kind of enjoyment can never come for the internet or TV.

    John x

  7. Lydia Says:

    Sharing stories, experiences, thoughts, ideas, feelings…. it’s true that we have all something to tell, we can learn from each other, support and comfort each other and make each other happy.

    I’ve come to the realization that my introspective moods and thoughts weren’t ridiculous at all because other people think alike, have similar feelings etc. It’s a nice thought to help and encourage one another around the world to embrace life and who we are and continue to work towards a better self.

    I’ve no idea how something can be put up but, I think it’s an amazing idea.

  8. Lydia Says:

    On a side note…Kristin, I love your fabulous new look and I’m eagerly awaiting to see more pictures.

  9. Emma-Lu Says:

    KK, I think this is a great idea, maybe we would need to imagine a virtual campfire for some ambience…. 🙂
    I think we could try telling stories using an introductory phrase. If you give us a title or a catch phrase, we can contextualise it and build on it from there, what do you say? x
    @Lydia I second you! Don’t worry I’m also introspective like you and used to worry that it was just me! like a little fish 🙂 so high 5!

  10. prad robert Says:

    Yeah ! I like this guy , It’s really a great even Legen… wait… for it dary idea , we have to find a way to do that !

  11. LI Says:

    Ted is hot 😛
    Very inspiring, thank you!

  12. taylor nikole Says:

    “I was that oh-so-cool kid who broke the rules by hiding under my covers past bedtime with a flashlight reading”

    wow i remember doing this when i was like 7….
    and i would wake up completely exhausted in the morning 🙂
    I read my first chapter book right out of kindergarten…. it was 300 pages
    and i was hooked.
    My room is full of books….
    nothing else inhabits my shelves ….
    stories help me escape my reality and
    be someone else for a minute or two….
    (acting also…when i work with my acting coach… my character is me… and therefore being my character means the world to me)
    i especially love biographies and autobiographies
    A story of a persons life inspires me….
    and helps me pull through my life and also bring knowledge out of their story.
    right now im reading obamas book and a book called ‘an unsuitable job for a woman’ and ‘The Diagnosis’
    so far they are amazing 🙂

  13. Varner Says:

    I saw this idea of “We Feel Fine” when TED created a worldwide event called Pangea Day back in May. It showed short films from all over the world — each one was SO amazing.

    This one in particular had a heartbreakingly beautiful story. I love sharing this film with people:

  14. jane Says:

    loved it…thanks KristinK for posting this. Very interesting. What I was curious about is what his conclusion was = his general feeling throughout all of 2006 or 2007? How were people in general as a universe were feeling, were there differences on how they think based on what region of the world they were.

    I was waiting for a general summary of all that he talked about…I was curious how simillar or different people were on their feelings, etc.

  15. sandy Says:

    For my part I do not read, this is the last thing I would do. Biensur if my little cousin asks me to read a story I lirais to one with pleasure.

    PS: regrettable, if there are mistakes I am French, therefore, English is not my strong point too 🙂

  16. skahahoo Says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet (no time), but I think it’s really cool when people communicate things in interesting ways. Like this online comic, which is a collaboration in which one person takes the photographs and the other writes the words (the link is for the first one they did):

    This other link is for someone who’s experimenting with different ways of communicating information. Think graphs, but way, way cooler than just a pie chart:

  17. skahahoo Says:

    I almost forgot…speaking of storytelling, this website presents 6 stories, each of which is presented in a different way, primarily by using technology. For example, in “The 21 Steps” the reader follows the story as it unfolds across the world using Google Maps. “Fairy Tales” and “The (Former) General” ask for reader input to either help shape or guide the story’s direction (I remember reading books like this…where you got to make decisions throughout the book). “Your Place and Mine” was written live over a period of a few days. I think it’s pretty neat…how they’re using the Internet and technology to engage readers.

    Here’s the link:

  18. Ashley Says:

    That was pretty cool !! And I agree with you Kristin we should totally come up with something to do whether its keeping a journal of how we feel what we did that day and look back at it and remember oh yeah did go shopping with so and so or that was the day that we went through the baby book(for Kendra) and it made us happy. Yeah i think it’s a cool idea whatever u guys think or wanna do give a shot at like Im all in for just let me know what it is. =D

  19. Kristy Says:

    what if we created the thoughts of teenagers instead of just everyone put together because we have a lot more to say then just complaints. We are trying to understand who we are as people and what we want to do with are lives.

  20. M0 Says:

    Ah, thanks Kristin, that TED video is pretty sweet. I wonder why I didn’t think of doing something that “social networking graphing”. Not bad creating something so nice regarding passive observation technology. If any of you guys / girls have any ‘creative’ ideas as brilliant to this one, let me know, and we could make it happen.

    This like this, really amaze me. And I would love to create something using the Computer knowledge and experience as a Software Engineer in Research and Development to do something remarkable.

  21. Dew_drops Says:


    Well I am currently completing a full length novel and I would love feedback if people would like to get involved. Theres so much we can learn frm storytelling and it’s so interesting to see how people intepret what you write. I am doing a Masters in creative writing and am enjoying it so much. I would love to be more involved in a writing project for GBD, any ideas how I could go about this? Maybe the board of directors could help with a project?

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