Calling All Ladies! sort of…

Okay. So exciting times! We here at GBD are looking for a passionate and committed group of teen females to be our Teen Board of Directors. Now, this will require a wee bit of responsibility and time… As in: you are able to respond to e-mails promptly and are willing to meet on-line (Skype, forum, chat, etc) twice a month. But the fun stuff will be soooo worth it! heehee.

Girls will get to be an integrial part of building the company. They will be a part of testing, giving feedback on company ideas as well as generating ideas and helping GBD stay in touch with the ever changing needs of the teen market.

Here is your challenge should you wish to play: Send us a creation of ANY kind (anything that can be sent via e-mail) that shows us you are the kind of person who we would love to have as a voice in our company! Woot! We are so excited to hear from you. E-mail to! Due Date: October 1st!


Kristin and Kendra

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118 Responses to “Calling All Ladies! sort of…”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    This is a great idea, when you say teen, do you still include 19? lol Well it is a “teen” I’m just not sure if you want 13-16 or 18 year olds.

  2. Ver0nik21 Says:

    That’s such a great idea!!! So you can have the perspective from us teen girls in the ones that you’ll pick!!

    Keep up the great work!


  3. Colleen Says:

    Id love to send something in,im a creative person I could come up with something… But im not going to send anything in just in case I do get picked (yeah right..) because im getting a job (SUCKS!) so I wont have time:[

    Good luck choosing though, it is a great idea.

  4. taylor nikole Says:

    hahah so on it 🙂

    bahh already planning ‘service to community’ stuff 🙂
    we ( I as of right now and a friend or two) are gathering a group of ‘committed’ people who are going to do food drives and such to help the community.
    Also go to soup kitchens etc.
    I’m excited!
    Funny that you speak of responsibility.

  5. taylor nikole Says:

    and planning is intense work at the moment
    its just a new idea!
    but im going to make it work 🙂
    no matter what

  6. Robby Says:

    Kristin, you really need to find a place for the guys who are interested too 😛

  7. MarilyneL Says:


    We can get involved! I loove it!:D

    By any creation, you mean anything? I find it hard to choose the right thing to persuade you guys 😛 but I’m certainly gonna try! I was waiting for that opportunity since the really beginning so I’m really excited:P Thanks by the way !

  8. Gina Says:

    Hmm! What about art? Is art allowed? 🙂

  9. Kristin Says:

    Art is “allowed”!!!

  10. Gina Says:

    Thank you, Kristin! 🙂

  11. Susanna-Cole Says:

    @ Robby … ok, before you get the wrong idea, I hope I don’t offend you with this, and I don’t mean for this to be any sort of personal attack or anything … but dude, really… this is GIRLS by Design, so actually I think it’d be awfully weird if there were guys directly involved. I mean you say you want a place for the guys who are interested, but what Girls By Design is all about is “creating a place where teen GIRLS can come together…” so, I think it would totally defeat the GbD mission to have guys be part of the GbD team or anything.

    And personally if suddenly guys were helping to create GbD… that would somewhat ruin it for me. This is about girls and for girls, and I personally would hope GbD will become a place for girls where we can just be girls without the presence of boys. Otherwise the name needs to be changed to Girls & Boys By Design and would be an entirely different thing.

    Like I said, I don’t mean this to be a personal attack on you or anything… I would say the same thing to any other boy in this case.


  12. maha Says:

    it’s a great idea 🙂

  13. G Says:

    Umm…Call me dumb, but I don’t quite get the concept haha. What would be an example of something one would send in?

  14. taylor nikole Says:

    anything creative that can be sent by e mail 🙂
    if you can attach it to a file on you email….
    then you’re probably set to go

  15. Robby Says:


    I know, but if you look around the forum you’ll see a couple of guys here besides myself 🙂 So we do have an interest.

  16. Gina Says:

    Don’t mean to bust your chops, buddy, but this site was created specifically for girls. Why are you interested? Seems a bit weird to me…

  17. Susanna-Cole Says:

    @ Robby… I think you’re kind of missing my point. Interest or no interest still doesn’t at all mean guys should be involved in a girls project/place. I must agree with Gina and say, it’s kind of weird to have guys interested at all. It’s kind of like having guys interested and wanting to join the girl scouts instead of the boy scouts. And frankly I feel having guys at GbD feels kind of like some guys just walked into a girls restroom. Um, kind of awkward and unwanted. Don’t just ignore the “Girls” sign hanging outside the door, so to say.

    I was trying to avoid going to this…but personally, I think if a certain actress dissapeared from this project so would all the guys interested.

    @ Gina, thanks for sharing your opinion as well… I wasn’t sure if I was the only one who was bothered about having guys trying to be a part of GbD. 😉

  18. Gina Says:


    I’m glad we both feel the same way. I mean, I don’t mean to be rude, but this is a girl’s site, y’know? 😐

  19. Susanna-Cole Says:

    @ Gina, yeah I’m with ya, girl! 🙂 I’m also not trying to be cruel here… I mean us girls do like boys, just not ALL the time, and not in all places… and this just happens to be a situation in which I think it’d be better, and make more sense, to have it be girls only. 😉


  20. Marie Q. Says:

    yey..! I´M SO ON IT.. thank you for the opportunitty!

  21. Scott123 Says:

    Here comes the big, smelly male!
    Whaddya mean no guys?!
    What the hell is that?
    Alright I’ll stop….
    One of the reasons I started coming WAS to see if Kristin would read my replies ( I can tell that you have, Kristin, and I thank you kindly).
    It was Allison Mack who first directed me here. She said “Go see my friend Kristin’s website! It’s so cool! Well, I did, and my first thought was, “Butterflies? Puppies? This is a chick site.”
    But the blogs have been consistently interesting. I think this is how GBD made my shortlist (I go to alot of blogs..)
    Rob, my friend, all we can do here is drop our two cents where appropriate, and leave these good ladies to do the good work they’re intent on doing.
    I am reminded of what Robert Heinlein wrote in his novel “Time enough for Love”: “When a woman DOES make up her mind, all a man can do is cooperate with the inevitable .”

    Your friend in the bloggosphere,

  22. taylor nikole Says: ftw!
    okay okay seriously…..
    can we all get along?
    sure you say they are just here for kristen, maybe its true… but give em a chance and don’t stop their hopes and gang up on the like 2 guys that we have here…
    im not sure….
    i think if someone has an interest… they should have the ability to take part in it…
    if not just a part.

  23. Marie Q. Says:


  24. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Hey let’s keep it up peace! As I said in the forum let’s all have respect. It’s true this is just for girls specially teen girls but sometimes to have a point of view of guys it’s ok so you can have all the perspectives. And since teen girls you can see how similar and different we all are.

  25. taylor nikole Says:


  26. Kristin Says:

    Well… What do you guys want to do? What would you want to start? And in what way could I help you to do that? Obviously, Girls by Design is, well, girly, but what would be valuable for guys? Also, is there something that you think you could offer to help build young women in a positive way through your perspective? Lemme know!!

  27. Kristin Says:

    Girls: Be creative with your submissions. There are no rules here. 13-19 is great age-wise! We have already received some beautiful submissions… So keep them coming team!

  28. taylor nikole Says:

    “Well… What do you guys want to do? What would you want to start? And in what way could I help you to do that? Obviously, Girls by Design is, well, girly, but what would be valuable for guys? Also, is there something that you think you could offer to help build young women in a positive way through your perspective? Lemme know!!”

    thats what im talking about 🙂
    im always so proud to be apart of an open minded community!

  29. Ver0nik21 Says:

    @Taylor Nikole: it feels good to be in an open minded community!! and I didn’t understand what your post meant; meaning this: ^^ woo?? sorry ( embarrasment grows haha)

    As I said in my last post it does help to have the perspective of how guys think too so girls everywhere can grow knowing how men think too!


  30. taylor nikole Says:

    that is true, but I don’t think they should be left out constantly… or not feel like they can be apart of something.

    Gosh its just some of this makes me feel like im apart of a community where we are excluding guys as payback for them excluding us for hundreds of years (sorry weird) but then i see posts like this… and i know thats not the case.

    So lets not have them form a group for a ‘mens rights movement’

  31. Ver0nik21 Says:

    @ taylor nikole:

    lmao!! hahaha yes, we really shouldn’t let them form that groups of men’s right movement!

    in a serious note we don’t need to do what they did to us! that doesn’t help the world at all!

    love to you all!!

  32. taylor nikole Says:

    amen sista!
    I just read this script with my acting coach…. I played this girl who was seriously into womans rights… and was basically a man hater.
    I felt ridiculous acting her character….
    (but I love characters that have such a strong opinons and morals.)

  33. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Woow seems to be a challange for you and well in those moments you see why acting is difficult because to play a character that has nothing in common with you and just try to understand it so you can do it at your best.

    But it does call for my attention that every girl hates misogyny, not men. Kinda like that “hate the sin, not the sinner” thing, sometimes it’s easy to separate the behaviour from the enactor and sometimes it’s not. Dont you think?

  34. taylor nikole Says:

    hahah yep…
    method actor right here 🙂
    which was kinda weird putting myself totally in that position, but i love it!

    and sometimes….
    i cant say ‘every girl’ or ‘every guy’….
    its hard to put every bodies thoughts in a general category.
    but most of the time I’d guess.
    That is a hard one to answer… I really have to think of the right words for this….
    Gosh I guess it really depends on the individual… does the individual have the capability to separate the two?
    Personally, I do… and I don’t like the idea of misogyny… but I don’t hate it at the same time, nor do I ‘strongly dislike’ the misogynist…
    It has tested our limits and boundaries and power in society…. and what do we learn when we give up and don’t overcome our obstacles?

    I cant help but think that misogyny (and not just woman hating) is all a part of our imagination.
    Its not about the hate, its about the power of putting an individual of the opposite sex under you (no pun intended).

  35. taylor nikole Says:

    well considering misogyny is only woman hating… speaking of other things besides that…

  36. taylor nikole Says:

    oh boo it pasted the wrong thing and submitted
    don’t read that last one!

  37. Ver0nik21 Says:

    haha ok not to take it under consideration! 🙂

    Well, I supposed you are right i mean it’s really about power and I think sometimes that kinda of power of putting under the opposite sex can really hurt our society and create more and more barriers between a world without prejudice.

  38. taylor nikole Says:

    This is true.
    Although, lets face it, we are never going to have a word without prejudice and lies and hurt.
    Its not possible with power hungry people.
    Society has worked in that way forever and who knows if its ever going to stop in our time.
    Its kind of weird how we want to see so much change in the world and if we are lucky we do… sometimes we accomplish the ‘change’… but what makes our time so much different from any other time (setting aside the accomplishments that others have made and that we now get to live with).

  39. taylor nikole Says:

    not get to live with…. but have the privileged to live with.

  40. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Well, it does seem utopic to ask for a society without prejudice, hurt and lies.
    But don’t we have the power of stopping being that society? Is it really that far away?
    I don’t think so but as i hear more and more opinions of young people seems like we all want to but don’t do anything about it.
    But how do we do it I wonder? I think as it says in this quote: be the change you want to see in the world. I mean If I become what i want to change in the world, I could make an impact on my family,a nd my family to my town and my town to my country then perhaps that society that I think we want to see could really happen.
    what do you think?

  41. taylor nikole Says:

    dude… i live by that quote 🙂
    funny you bring it up because i was discussing it with a friend because it related to our new project and doing things that were bigger than us.

    I dont think its possible either… when there is a chance for power, people jump to it… even if there isn’t people jump hoops for it.

    Sure there are amazing opinons and ideas of change, but we still have those people who i talked about….
    and was it Aristotle who said we are political animals? Needing to constantly be lead?
    so whos going to lead us in the change if someone is so willing to take the power that they are being handed?

    And how will we know what impact we make if we are already gone?
    many artists work wasn’t recognized till after death.

    Personally I think its the little things that count. Sure we can try to work to change the way that the government works… try to get rid of the thirst for power and rule…

    Have you noticed that we put hope in people that say they are going to bring change?
    Speaking of political figures… they promise change… but they dont always come through….
    is that how its going to always be?

  42. Ver0nik21 Says:

    It does seems like it’s always going to be that way unless we start realizing that one person alone can not make or force the world to change!
    We must decide to change! To start by us! To make an impact even small but an impact a good one I’m talking about.
    To bring this world together to save it! we must first face our problems and then spread that love and that peace out there!
    Make our decission determined i know it’s hard but we can there is nothing taht we can’t fix except death itself!

  43. taylor nikole Says:

    hmm death…
    haven’t we brought people back to life from being dead for moments or minutes?
    is that considered fixing it?
    or just playing god?
    i feel like im on again :-p

  44. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Well… i meant fix as if someone dies, you know buried and all we can bring him/her back to life. At least no in this time.

    Playing God? Perhaps or perhaps it’s a second chance to humans to say goodbye somehow and for the ones left behind in this life to know that they did everything they could to save them or someone else did.

    It does feel like haha i do feel in GBD we need to debate a little more.


  45. taylor nikole Says:

    haha i know
    I was telling Darwin on allisonmack
    that i like playing the devils advocate
    im an evil teen 🙂
    well not really, i just like a good
    and strong supported or ‘unsupported’

  46. taylor nikole Says:

    my friend was just saying to me that in a way its not playing god…
    if ‘god’ (depending on belief) wanted us dead… he would hit us with a lighning bolt or whatnot… and you can’t revive from that….
    but he considers murdering another person ‘playing god’
    personally i try to put myself in the eyes of the believer since im not sure what i believe.

  47. Ver0nik21 Says:

    It’s ok not to be sure if you believe or not. I think you have a long way or short way, it depends on the individual to choose a religion or not, or just to believe in God.

    I personally haven’t chosen a religion just yet but i do believe in god i do believe there is some great spirit that guards us. And helps us too.

    little devil teen haha lol

  48. taylor nikole Says:

    hahah ohh beliefs 🙂
    we are on the same boat…
    i believe that there is some sort of spiritual being. then period.
    There are just some things we can’t explain.
    Although we keep trying to test our boundaries…
    and thats where im torn…
    Some religions say not to question… but wheres the fun in that if you aren’t testing your boundaries, limitation… being?

  49. Jane Says:

    ooo, this is going to be fun – as an artist I’m going to something arty but very different & I already know what I’m going to do

  50. Jennifer Says:

    I am soooo excited! I already submitted my entry. I hope you like it! I just have a few questions. How many people are going to be on the Teen Board of Directors and when are you announcing the members on a specific day? BTW, about guys on GBD I’m kind of undecided. I agree with Gina and Susanna, but I guess that guys could be helpful. A really good friend of mine is a guy and we talk about everything. I just hope that if a guy joins it’s for the right reason. Peace out everybody!

  51. Jennifer Says:

    I’m kinda having trouble leaving a comment. My comment keeps saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation”, so if someone could help me that would be amazing.

  52. Randy Says:

    Hello everyone…..Yes I am ANOTHER guy who is making a comment. Now I do realize that I am bit late to the discussion, but after reading through the comments I decided that had to throw my 2 cents in as well. (Please be kind, this is my first post) 😉

    I do understand where several of you are coming from when you discuss concerns about guys coming into a “girls only” zone. And I do agree that GBD has to say “girl centric”, but that does not mean that you should automatically exclude any contributions from someone who happens to be of the male gender. If you completely disregard all guys, you are in essence decreasing your potential resource base by half. After all, the commonalities between men and women are much greater than the differences. Essentially everyone wants the same basic things: to be accepted for who they are, to find their place in the greater scheme of things, to love and be loved by those around them, to have security in your life, etc. These are NOT male/female issues…….these are HUMAN issues. And if I am not mistaken, is it not the founding principle of GBD to help young women find out who they are and how to be comfortable with what they find? (Thereby assisting others with some of these basic needs/desires.) So please ladies, I humbly ask that you do not jump to conclusions just because someone happens to have XY chromosomes instead of XX. We all have similar pressures/issues/desires/needs….the only difference is how they are expressed.

    Plus, it could actually be beneficial to everyone to get a different point of view on certain topics. After all, ignoring the guys does not make them go away….nor how they feel on certain issues. And since no one lives in a vacuum…..wouldn’t it be helpful to understand guys a little better?

    As for why a guy would want to be a part of GBD…..obviously that would vary. I know that a few comments stated that if “a certain actress” disappeared….so would all of the guys. And there may be some creditability to that statement. Obviously this “mystery actress” (ha ha) knew that people could be drawn to the project because she was involved. If she had not wanted this to be the case, she could have easily remained anonymous. (Which she did not.) However, to say that is the ONLY reason why a guy would be interested in assisting GBD is a blatant generalization. (And a bit insulting.) Now I can not speak for anyone else, but what profession someone happens to have means VERY little to me. Personally, I have always been much more interested in WHO someone is…..not how they are employed. And I would imagine that anyone who came to this site for JUST that reason would probably not stick around for long. In the end, the only real reason why someone would stick around would be because they believe in what GBD is trying to do.

    Why would a guy care about what GBD is doing? Why would I? Could it be because I was mostly raised by my mom, grandma, and two older sisters? Perhaps?….I can not answer this question for anyone else. But when I look around at my nieces, cousins, friends, etc. I can see the need for a site like this. And THAT is why I am on this site right now making this comment. And I must say KUDOS to the whole GBD staff for what they are trying to do with this site!!!!

    As for those of you wondering if GBD could really make a difference in the world. I have to say that it definitely has the potential to help young women around the world. Now does that mean GBD will bring world peace? ……..Doubtful……although it is a nice thought. However, I do like that fact that someone quoted “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”……For this simple statement is very true. And from my own point of view, it seems that everyone behind GBD is trying to live up to this ideal. (Which I try to do myself.) But the thing that everyone needs to remember is this… is not so much whether or not WE succeed in our attempt……It is MUCH more important that we MAKE the attempt. If everyone did this, the world would be a much better place. Now does that mean that one day soon we will wake up in a utopia? Probably not, but even if we are only successful in improving things a little bit……isn’t it worth it? Even if we don’t see the full results of our work…..isn’t future generations (even far off generations) worth the effort???? And if we decide it is not worth our trouble and it is not our problem……then who else is going to do it????

    Finally….(and yes, I do mean finally….) I wish that I could come up with a bunch of ideas on how us guys can be of assistance to the GBD community. Unfortunately, my mind is pretty much drawing a blank. The only thing that I can think of is an idea that I tried emailing in a while back. Since you have “themed” days…..why not have “Earth Friendly Friday”…..Since it seems that everyone on GBD is already concerned about the planet and the environment….why not give it its own day? You could post articles/ideas on how everyone can help in their own ways in order to protect the planet. As well as showcase individuals that are exhibiting exceptional actions to help the environment. (So that others can learn from them.) Other than that, I would have to give it some more thought for additional ideas.

    The only other thing that I can suggest for my personal contribution to helping GBD…..(Which is not so much a CREATIVE idea….) Is the fact that I would be happy to assist in some of the technical (behind the scenes) aspects of creating the GBD website. I am currently redesigning one of my own websites and many of the technical issues that I am working on are similar to the sorts of things that would be on the GBD website. (That is if none of you ladies would have a problem with a guy helping with the technical aspects.) I realize that this is not exactly in line with this particular discussion, but I figured that I would just offer…..

    Well, thanks everyone for indulging in my rant……I apologize for making this so long…..I suppose that I should have broken this down into multiple posts….but once I get going….it can be hard to stop. (But I promise to keep it shorter in the future.)

  53. taylor nikole Says:

    Don’t worry Randy, I love reading novels… no matter what genre 😉

    and I agree and accept your point

  54. Emma-Lu Says:

    You make a fair argument.. well written.
    I second your idea for ‘Earth Friendly Fridays’. I like the sound of it.

  55. Ryan Says:

    Hello everyone , well , actually i believe that the guys should not interupt the ladies , who are already enjoying the things that they had done.Not trying to be a gentlemen here, but i do think that the girls could and will express more of their feelings out with friends of the same gender. I agree with Randy that ,it is because of the certain actress , we guys want to be part of it. But to a certain extend ,as i’ve mentioned earlier, this is originally a girls site , so we guys should not disturb them? as in joining their face to face activities.
    yups, thats about it. thanks !
    Btw , this site is pretty cool , special thanks to Kristin , Kendra & Tabby!

  56. Gina Says:

    “These are NOT male/female issues…….these are HUMAN issues.”

    Do men experience physical childbirth or PMS? Not trying to argue with you, I’m just saying that men and women aren’t equal based on their brain activity, body structure, emotions (also deals with the brain), etc.

    “Why would a guy care about what GBD is doing? Why would I? Could it be because I was mostly raised by my mom, grandma, and two older sisters? Perhaps?”

    Hmm, also intriguing . But still, even if you are a guy that was raised by female members, it doesn’t mean that you can easily place yourself into their shoes simply because you are *not* a female yourself.

    Hope I wasn’t trying to sound rude and I hope I didn’t miscomprehended the information at hand.

  57. taylor nikole Says:

    this reminds me of
    a child asking their mom or dad whats the difference is between boys and girls.
    hmmm nothing, you are all special?

  58. Gina Says:

    Ohhh yeah. There is a major difference between the two, don’t get me wrong. I don’t understand how we’re equal? Besides the fact that we’re human.

    /captain obvious

  59. taylor nikole Says:

    “I don’t understand how we’re equal? Besides the fact that we’re human.”

    Technically, more mentally then physically we have the capability to be equal.
    Lets ex the technicalities such as hormonal differences and such and just look at the amount of determination we have…. and how much we can accomplish.

    Then if we are not equal… and cannot be equal…. is there a better gender? One with more power?
    We fight for it, sure….
    So, now, are we really fighting for equality or the chance to lower men in status?

    ehh confusing :-p

  60. Gina Says:

    Yeah, it is confusing, heh. That’s what it will probably come down to. I don’t think either gender is equal, however, I also think that there are certain factors that separate both men and women. Men have their own issues. Women have their own issues. I believe each gender has different downfalls and upsides.

  61. taylor nikole Says:

    ofcourse 🙂
    as does each individual.

    Or maybe it doesn’t come down to the gender…
    maybe it just comes down to the individual?

    because ive noticed we are making a generalization of the two groups (genders).
    considering that everyone in one group were the same?

    Its so weird, we notice our differences…. maybe we discover us, our sexuality etc.

    But when we are little…. we don’t know the difference.
    It seems everyone is the same… until we learn about cooties that is 🙂

    But, ofcourse men and women have their own issues…. some the same… some different…
    some the same for some men, some different… and vise versa (for women).

  62. Gina Says:

    Yeah!! That’s the point I was trying to get at: Everyone is different. You may have some masculine woman or some feminine man. It’s just how we are. :]

  63. taylor nikole Says:

    hmmm and for some reason we veered off and this has nothing to do with guys on the site 🙂

  64. Gina Says:


    It kind of does, but kind of doesn’t. I think we should just accept the fact that everyone is different and that no one is equal, though someone may care to argue with that statement, heh.

  65. taylor nikole Says:

    Well I believe that everyone is created equal….
    (ex the hormones and differences)
    therefor we should all be treated so…
    although i think we have the potential to rise above others…. or be the one to fall behind, to let others take the power and remove the equality that all of us long for.

  66. Ver0nik21 Says:

    @ taylor nikole

    You are playing devil’s advocate! as you confessed you like to do! hihi

    I do think every human is unique but somehow similar in some aspects that’s why some of us get along so well and sometimes just NOT haha. That’s why makes it so fun being a person! 🙂


  67. Virginie Says:

    Hi Kristin, Kendra and Tabby,
    I’m french and I’m 22 years old.
    Your idea is great to create a community to help teenagers and talk about every thing of life. Your subjects are very various and I find it very great.

    Great continuation

    PS: sorry if there’re some mistakes.

  68. taylor nikole Says:


    haha in some way i am
    no shifty eyes here 🙂

  69. Gina Says:

    See, that’s the argument. We aren’t created equal, sadly. At least, society doesn’t treat both men and women as if they were equal.

    For example: Men ALWAYS get a higher salary than women. Even if women do the exact same job, the pay is higher for men.

  70. taylor nikole Says:

    yes, but you are saying in society…
    essentially we are created equally (or thats what i believe, but argued that society and our potential got in the way), depending on what we want and believe.
    you are saying we all aren’t created equal?
    how do you know that ‘insert name or belief here’ didn’t intend for us to be equal?

    hahah and heres the weird thing… are we just saying our species human beings? (veering off a little) because after all we are animals… and I can think of a couple species of living things in general… where this is the other way around.

  71. Gina Says:

    “Insert belief here” is Christianity for me. I’m a Christian and yes, God created us equally. In fact, I looked this up today, which totally distorts my way of thinking.

    And how are humans animals? Sorry, I don’t believe in the whole ‘Darwin Evolution’ Theory.

  72. taylor nikole Says:

    yeah well… i was saying depending on belief 🙂
    I’m actually not sure what I believe…. who knows if we are ‘totally random’ or whatever.
    (atleast for me)
    I was just taking an example.

  73. skahahoo Says:

    @ Gina – I don’t think it totally distorts your way of thinking. I think what’s going on here is that everyone is thinking sort of the same thing but the wires are getting crossed. When you say everyone isn’t created equally, I think you’re saying that we don’t have the same abilities or capacities to do certain things. For example, you draw better than I do. taylor nikole acts better than I do. But I can probably do mental math better than the average person (unless you guys are secretly housing your inner math geek, which would be AWESOME cuz math is AWESOME!! 😀 ) And perhaps it’s true that with enough practice, you can do math as well as I can, or I can draw as well as you can. But realistically, there are limits. I mean, I can train all I want, and you can set a hungry tiger after me, but I won’t be able to run faster than world record holding sprinters.

    However, inequality in ability doesn’t translate to inequality in worth. And I think everyone here agrees that human beings are each equally valuable and worthy of being here, and thus equally deserving of certain basic rights. In other words, we deserve to be treated equally.

    When people say that “All men are created equal,”…whether that reference comes from religious texts or not…I think that statement is open to interpretation. Let’s take art for example since that’s your specialty. 🙂 As an artist, don’t you more or less put in your best effort into all of your creations? Or at least try to? You don’t set out with the mentality, “Ok, well this drawing…this drawing I’m not going to try so hard on.” I think when people say that God created all people equally, they mean that He created all of us with equal amounts of love, not necessarily with equal abilities. I mean, if we all had the same abilities, life on this planet would get boring pretty quickly I think. 🙂

    As to the “humans are animals”…I think that was a purely biological statement. According to the 5 Kingdom classification system in biology, there is an Animal kingdom (and a Plant kingdom, etc.), and human beings fall under the Animal kingdom. I know people also use the word “animal” to mean “savage” or “uncivilized” or even “not made in God’s image,” but that extra layer of meaning is not used in biology. 🙂

    And, as a science nerd (hehe), I must ask…what is your understanding of Darwinian evolutionary theory? What do you think the theory says? And what is it about that theory that you disagree with? (Full disclosure: I support evolutionary theory, but I’m not out here trying to “convert” anyone. lol. I’m just sincerely interested in hearing other people’s perspectives, to widen my own world view. But also to address any misconceptions if there are any. 🙂 )

  74. Emma-Lu Says:

    @Skakahoo – You are one open-minded and very bright lassy!
    You presented your argument in such a well rounded objective way.. nicely done. I too believe in Darwin’s theory, but like you I am intrigued by others beliefs and theories…… a debate session all round… yay!

  75. taylor nikole Says:

    so not using equally…. using.. differently

  76. Gina Says:


    That’s what I was trying to get at lol. That not everyone is better than one another.

    Well, if we were truly animals, we’d be allowed to kill and get away with it. For example, if someone fed a live human to a bunch of starving dogs and they ate the person, would they feel sorrow? I’m not saying that humans are heartless, though those sociopaths are. What I’m trying to get at is humans are NOT animals.

    We are not animals, simply because we have MORALS and laws. Do animals have morals and laws? No, they don’t. We also have feelings more advanced than any other animal. Not to say that animals don’t have feelings or don’t feel pain. They do. We show compassion for others while animals just act on instinct. I wonder WHY that is… Hmm. If we were truly animals, then we would live like animals. Just my opinion.

    Hope that made sense.

  77. taylor nikole Says:

    hahah in your first paragrph… the first 2 sentences… the word moral popped into my head.

    I totally agree….

    but alot of time… we do act on instinct.

    Gosh when do we decide to act upon logic opposed to instinct?

    because as humans we are able to comprehend logic and emotion… think complex thoughts etc.
    And we are able to have morals, sure.

  78. Gina Says:

    Yep, humans have certain instincts. I think there’s an actual purpose for that. How come we’re the only ones that can do that?

  79. taylor nikole Says:

    oh yay more questions!

    hmmm does this happen to lead back to the brain?
    lol, im too lazy to even research on google :-p
    (google the source of all things holy in my life)

  80. Gina Says:


    It has to do with why humans are NOT animals and why we’re on the top of everything (or we’re supposed to be). And why it is a coincidence why we have feelings, we have hearts and why we feel these advanced feelings.

  81. taylor nikole Says:

    well, dwarf hamsters have hearts….
    they are small…
    even the smallest creatures do 🙂
    so how do we really know?
    what do we really believe?
    We’re just a little complex… and
    should be appreciative of the fact that we are
    able to comprehend and make the decisions to act upon logic opposed to instinct…
    that we are able to set apart our emotions.

    Isn’t there a way we could all be animals…
    and still be on top…
    considering us, the superior species…
    which we like to consider ourselves, and are.

    sorry im kinda being the devils advocate here…

  82. Gina Says:

    It’s funny you mentioned devil’s advocate…

    Well, as I said earlier, were truly animals, we’d be allowed to kill and get away with it. For example, if someone fed a live human to a bunch of starving dogs and they ate the person, would they feel sorrow?

    No. Because they’re dogs. Why would they feel sorrow after eating because THEY were starving? A human would probably feel guilty afterwards or wouldn’t eat another human at all. Their instincts are different than ours and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Humans act on a higher manner because we are not animals. Yes, we are warm-blooded and may be considered to be mammals, but how can you categorize a human and a dog and put them on the same level as each other? Or any other animal for that matter?

    If we were TRULY animals, we could live free. We could murder. We could rape. We could just run free and live in a communist country or a country that is based around Stalinism. And that is not a country where I or anyone else should live in.

    Even the most intelligent animals (dolphins, chimpanzees, etc.) don’t compare to us. I think it’s silly to believe that we evolved all from monkeys. Science and the government want you to believe that crap. They are working together, are they not? The government is already corrupt enough as it is. Hiding 9/11, etc. Do you really trust the science that is working with our United States government? I certainly don’t.

  83. taylor nikole Says:

    “Well, as I said earlier, were truly animals”
    (I love typos and missing words when people reply back trying to prove their point against yours… im just doing it for the sake of debate.. its fun)

    but, lets say we are….
    but we are animals with a higher ‘thinking level’…

    well when we eat animals… how do we feel?
    actually, most of us wouldn’t care…
    we’re hungry… we are the superior species… are we not?
    (well im a vegetarian hmmm)

    “Yes, we are warm-blooded and may be considered to be mammals, but how can you categorize a human and a dog and put them on the same level as each other? Or any other animal for that matter?”

    haha i feel like i have a finger pointed at me when you state this.
    Welll…. this all comes back to us… and wanting to be the superior species… and keep it that way 🙂
    we love the rule and power…
    and the ability to make the rules…

    If a dog attacks a person… they could be put to sleep…
    if a person kills a dog… who really finds out?
    If a person kills a person… we are still iffy on the death penalty.
    Yet, we don’t question putting an animal to sleep?
    are we really that low to think a life is below us?

    Animals kill to eat.
    We kill to eat.
    aren’t we doing the same thing on that level?
    What’s the difference?

    another thing…
    animals don’t usually act upon intelligence…
    they act upon intuitive… instinct.
    Maybe we do… infact act upon instinct as well and mistake it for intelligence?
    could that be?

    this is really hard, considering you are strongly opinionated when it comes to your religion.
    I want to be careful with my words so i don’t offend…. if you can’t tell 🙂

  84. Kristin Says:

    Dudettes… and dudes… Lot’s of different subjects going on here. You’ve all explored: the difference between male/female, distilled that to us all being human, and then gone into how are humans different form other animals. All great discussions.
    How are men and women different? Similar? Why would it be that way? Is that good/bad/just is? How would exploring our female-ness be valuable? Would it be? Is it possible to do so without ignoring/hating/belittling men?


    How are we different from animals? How are we similar? Do you imagine it has always been this way? Why do we have morals? Why do we perceive a right and a wrong? good and bad? Why have we created laws, rules, religion, spirituality?

    Hrmm, thinking of creating a new blog post about these great discussions, so more people can find them… Thoughts?
    fun times!!

  85. Kristin Says:

    Oh— I forgot, you ladies also got into the idea that humans have both “instinct” and “morality”/”intelligence”. What are those things?
    Like instinct to me is a immediate survival thing. “me need eat now.” “food with neighbor”. “me kill to eat now.” As opposed to my “intelligence”/”morality” which would say…”is killing for your food really the kind of person you want to be? How can you know that your life is more valuable than that other person’s life?” And I would consider my actions.
    That being said, a lot of the time the instinct is a stronger feeling, probably cuz it feels like I need to do it to survive. So then I think, well how often do i do the “instinct” thing and call it “intelligence”. But wouldn’t it take “intelligence” to lie about the fact that I am doing something “instinctual”? I do use the word intelligence loosely in that example… Do animals lie?

  86. Gina Says:

    Okay, so I made a grammar error. And?

    Yes, but not all humans kill for pleasure as some animals do, like foxes for example. They kill sometimes to play with their prey. And sadistically enough, some humans do as well. However, it’s obvious that most of them have a medical condition or could possibly be a sociopath:

    If animals kill, why aren’t they punished for their crimes? The law of morals had to start SOMEWHERE.

    Those people don’t have conscience and don’t care about anything. Even themselves. All they want to do is win. How do I know? I live with one.

    “keep it that way 🙂
    we love the rule and power…
    and the ability to make the rules…”

    I don’t see animals starting their own government, building skyscrapers and such, so yes, we are on a very different level than animals are. Boy, that would be something, though.

    Just how well do you trust the government working together with science? Sure, you’ve done biology labs and stuff in high school, but were you there when they actually tested objects to see how far back they dated?

    I’m sorry. I really don’t trust the government and science working together and the fact that science is supported by the government.

    I especially don’t trust the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which could potentially have a great impact on Earth if it backfires. Not worth the risk, I’d say. Entirely different subject, but the thing is, I do NOT trust the government in any way.

    Yes, those are some of life’s greatest questions. Even I don’t know how to answer most of them. I just do hope that someday there can be an answer.

    I like the idea of a blog for this discussion! I would probably get a lot of people disagreeing with me because not everyone shares the same beliefs as I do.

    But for me, my religion isn’t just any religion. It’s a spiritual relationship that me and over 1 billion people on this planet share.

    Do animals lie… Hmm, I really don’t know since I am not an animal. Animals can communicate, yes, but how exactly do they lie when we can’t go inside their minds?

  87. Gina Says:

    Holy crap.. Sorry for my grammatical errors. If you didn’t know, I have several learning disabilities as well as comprehension issues and ADD. I apologize.

  88. Kristin Says:

    @Gina-I posted the questions, not with the intent to get the answer, as there may not be one, but to encourage the discussion of each of you thoughts on what you think may be the answers… Opening up discussion and thought…
    And don’t worry about the grammar… You are still getting all your thoughts across…

  89. Gina Says:

    Oh, I know. It’s not like the answers will appear out of thin air. That’s the thing, though. I want to KNOW the answers. I’m sure you want to know them too. Who doesn’t? ^_^ But you’re right, it helps to hear the other side so that maybe you can draw your own conclusion.

    Thanks. I’m trying. ^^’

  90. taylor nikole Says:

    what fun is it if we don’t try to answer?
    There is no challenge in that!
    and im greatful for you questioning and stepping in… because I think Gina and I were starting to lose conversation there 🙂

    another reason why i like to be the devils advocate 🙂
    makes for great conversation and debate… and debate really helps us learn and help develop opinions.

    Okay anyways,

    morality to me is the fundamentals of us. What shapes us to be who we are, since actions shape us (our own and others).

    “How are we different from animals? How are we similar? Do you imagine it has always been this way? Why do we have morals? Why do we perceive a right and a wrong? good and bad? Why have we created laws, rules, religion, spirituality?”

    I think gina pretty much covered it… but I think its our ability to process and understand/analyze complex thoughts. Similarities…. we have many of the same instincts, but we also have logic, moral and restraint/abstinence from a few of these instincts. Depending on what you believe, it could have been this way, well taking into consideration the similarities and differences. Why do we and how do we perceive good and bad…. id say refer to, but what fun would that be.
    Personally, we perceive good and bad depending on our morals. This also goes back to what morals are. We all define them differently, but that just makes us the individuals we are…. so do our actions and words.
    We’ve created laws to promote order and limit chaos. We’ve all needed someone to take charge when things go wrong. Not only that, but we create laws to protect us…from ourselves. Whether you ascribe to the school of thought of Thomas Hobbes, and believe that people are inherently evil, or that of John Locke, and believe that people are inherently evil, people nonetheless act in ways that they perceive to be in their best interest…this is a fact, not an opinion. For this reason, laws are created for “the greater good”…we establish them believing that their outcomes will benefit us in the long run.
    It exists because we crave “more” to life. We desire answers that for some are not available in mundane things. As such, spirituality is needed to fill any void we fill.
    And gina….
    “Okay, so I made a grammar error. And?”
    I didn’t mean to come off rude, I do it all the time and I laugh at myself. sorry.
    “Boy, that would be something, though.”
    I concur!
    although i don’t think we would like the idea of sharing building space so much space with those other species.

    And Kristen 
    I think it’s a great idea!
    I can’t wait to see the blog and opinions…
    Im happy gina, veronika and I decided to discuss these subjects

    ❤ taylor nikole

  91. Gina Says:

    Yup. I agree with you about the morals. :3

    SOME of us crave more to life… I already know that there is more to life when I accepted God and Jesus into my life.

    I’m sorry if you do not share my beliefs. It saddens me, actually, but oh well. :/

    It’s alright. I suggest referring to this post: “Holy crap.. Sorry for my grammatical errors. If you didn’t know, I have several learning disabilities as well as comprehension issues and ADD. I apologize.”

    Eh, crap happens lol.

    “I concur!
    although i don’t think we would like the idea of sharing building space so much space with those other species.”

    Nooo, haha! It would be way too complicated. Animals do have their own systems though. Like ants and termites for example. It’s amazing. O_O

  92. taylor nikole Says:

    and kristin not kristen…
    on the last one 🙂
    my godmother spells in kristen soo i get confused :-p

  93. taylor nikole Says:

    they do…
    and little kids destroy their ant hills, how sad.
    apparently they don’t agree with their space taking 😦

    Ehh yes crap does happen 🙂
    I do love the quote:
    “Sh*t happens, mostly to me… so don’t worry”

    And about religion….
    it shouldn’t ‘sadden you’
    you have your beliefs… i have mine.
    Don’t spend too much time worrying about what people may believe in.
    I’m glad you have such a strong belief…
    but I on the other hand, openly say i am a bit confused on what I believe.
    If you haven’t noticed.. I question everything.
    And I don’t think its right to question so many things and call yourself a believer of so said religions.

  94. Gina Says:

    Haha, funny quote! But it’s true. XD

    I still question things, even if I am a Christian. It’s a part of human nature to question… And I still do so.

    Unfortunately, it’s going to sadden me no matter what. :/

    I was confused too. I still kind of am… But I am so much happier now than I ever was. It all depends on what makes YOU happy. I can’t force someone to do something.

  95. taylor nikole Says:

    yeah, its true…
    I’m happy living my life now.
    I like to see how i can shape my morals by taking ideas i really strongly believe in and i think are great from different religions 🙂

    Yup, it is human nature…
    and its an amazing part of who we are.
    Were would we be without questions?
    would we be more closed minded if we didn’t ever decide to question?

  96. Gina Says:

    Oh, we would be VERY close-minded, that’s for sure. Everything would be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Where’s the fun in life then?

    That’s what I like about being an open-minded Christian and individual. I may not like what one has to say, but I am willing to listen.

  97. taylor nikole Says:

    even if we were closed minded…. mostly everything would still be black and white.
    although, you would know what your opinion was and not be persuaded to change it.
    You could still have the possibility of two very closed minded groups… the yeses and the nos.
    Where do you get with that?

  98. Gina Says:

    Ahhh I know. D:

    Thank goodness there’s a grey area!

  99. taylor nikole Says:

    or is there? in our scenario?
    saying that people are closed minded…
    you only have the yeses and nos….
    so where is the grey area in that?

    haha yep im still asking questions 🙂

  100. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I think everyone asks these questions, I think we never really stop! it’s part of being human and discovering.

    I do think there are grey areas that you only you define the limits, it’s you and your concience who are the one that put labels to everything wheter if I’m christian or not, white, lazy? bad or right? And wheter or not that’s acceptable.


  101. taylor nikole Says:

    haha ofcourse there are grey areas…
    I find myself trapped in them all the time 🙂

  102. taylor nikole Says:

    oh and kristin (i just noticed this)…

    “That being said, a lot of the time the instinct is a stronger feeling, probably cuz it feels like I need to do it to survive. So then I think, well how often do i do the “instinct” thing and call it “intelligence”. But wouldn’t it take “intelligence” to lie about the fact that I am doing something “instinctual”? I do use the word intelligence loosely in that example… Do animals lie?”

    I actually find it extrememly difficult to tell the two apart. Instinct or intelligence?
    We act upon instinct, whether good or bad do we raise the bar of our intelligence?
    Is one a direct effect of the other?
    It really makes me wonder.
    There are some actions that I would like to consider intelligence but they may be purely instinct.
    Or do they work together?

    animals act upon instinct… could they also act upon intelligence?

    woo its like a circle. 🙂

  103. taylor nikole Says:

    That being said, a lot of the time the instinct is a stronger feeling, probably cuz it feels like I need to do it to survive. So then I think, well how often do i do the “instinct” thing and call it “intelligence”. But wouldn’t it take “intelligence” to lie about the fact that I am doing something “instinctual”? I do use the word intelligence loosely in that example… Do animals lie?

    I like to think that i act upon intelligence, but do we really act upon instinct and pass it off as intelligence? Or is one the direct effect of the other?

    Its like a circle 🙂

    About animals…
    do they lie?
    I think in a way they could… they have the ability to, but don’t know exactly what they are doing.
    Its weird! I think animals act upon instinct, that we may mistake for intelligence in some way.
    For example, I believe they can be ’emotional’ just as we can… although whats different is that they can’t comprehend their emotions, so they use instinct to deal with them…

    anyways.. yup

  104. taylor nikole Says:

    reply to kristin…
    because i need to try to answer stuff 🙂
    thoughts anyone?

  105. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Well instict and intellegence? Since to me they are different and aqual both at the same time! weird?
    Let me explain… Let’s say I am kiddnapped and going 60 miles and hour in this car i have the opportunity to jump out of the cat and by instict I do. Is it smart? yes, I can free myself from this.
    But if i wanna kiss someone who i know doesn’t like me back. Do I kiss? yes by instict somehow I feel it so I do. Is it smart? no. I know it’ll mean nothing.

    And also you have to separate intelligence too, I mean as in IQ level or concious or feeling intelligence?? Don’t you??

  106. taylor nikole Says:

    Hmm jumping out of a car going 60….
    what an analogy… if i wasn’t mistaken id think you have a deathwish like me? haha just kidding!

    hahah i agree with you and in a way thats what i was trying to say.
    And Its true that you can tell distinct differences between the two.
    Such as IQ.. and whatnot.
    although, it seems extremely difficult to separate the two when you try to mix them together. Does that makes sense?

    Maybe instinct is what we want to act upon, but intelligence or logic is what keeps us from acting upon our instinct?
    but what about when you act on an instinct… and the action is the right thing to do at that moment?
    can you mistake that for intelligence and logic?

  107. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Umm… intelligence I think it is the way we can solve hard problems and logic ,I think, is the way we solve a problem, i mean, step by step manner. It’s the base of science. so i think it’s logic just takes more time that intelligence??
    Is it not?

  108. taylor nikole Says:

    are we putting logic and intelligence on two separate levels here?
    Oh i agree with that…
    i can’t believe i didn’t even think of that!
    Well, i have another fever so im trying my best to think of anything :-p

    So wait in a situation that needs a quick decision… but at the same time ‘careful attention’…
    do we use logic, intelligence or instinct?

    Has it become an instinct in itself to use logic and intelligence?
    weird question sorry 🙂

  109. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I think we do tend to go with intelligence at first, so we ma ke our decision based on it, specially if we don’t have much time but afterwards with more time you get all logical and start thinking about the ways you could’ve solve that problem in a much careful manner. and if you can you redimed yourself and if you can’t you’ll save that experience for a future problem.

    I htink it has become an instict for us humas to use these 2 logic or intelligence coz we have grown in time we have evolved so we tend to learn from mistkes not only in one’s lifetime experience but in the experience of all the human race!

    What u think?


  110. taylor nikole Says:

    so lets say we our first thought is instinct.
    then we try not to give instinct ‘time of day’ because we know our logic is more ‘reasonable’.
    do you think that could ad to our intelligence?
    so that when we are in a certain situation or similar in the future… we could refrain from even thinking of acting on instinct? due to our built up intelligence, which helps us comprehend logic… the bad and the good… the right and wrong?

    Exactly… learning from our mistakes…
    but don’t we have to act upon instinct or see another act upon instinct to be able to see the result, therefore being able to make a logical decision for the future?


  111. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I does add to our intelligence! logic becomes instict somehow! when you have more experience if can make logic become instict. I think that’ll be a great progress for evryone.
    Of course you need to act with instict at first but have you realized that your insticts are someone else’s logic?? as a legacy left for us by past humans the ones we are now have evolved from.

    mm?? whtat u think did it make any sense?


  112. taylor nikole Says:

    well maybe not someone elses logic… but your first choice, your first logic, your first instinct completely on a first try with something.
    Its true…. in our minds we all in some way or another, even unintentionally turn instinct to logic…

    (just adding here)
    So what do you consider giving into pressure? is it an instinct? to get away from uncomfrotable positions by giving in?
    What about when our instinct kicks in, but although a ‘bad choice’ our logic doesn’t kick in?

  113. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I htink it does kicks in but sometimes the situation or the sentimental value that you would give in the pressure put on you can really be stronger that logic! Specially if you are young you tend to give in so easily.

    Why is that? i wonder,… What do u think that is?


  114. taylor nikole Says:

    I think its mainly frustration and constant put downs….
    it goes back to support, we all need it sometime or another.
    I think one person can accomplish sooo much, but when you put a whole community towards a project… things can soar past limits, and test boundaries along with breaking boundaries.
    I think some boundaries are set to break 🙂
    to test us.

    ehh thoughts?
    my brain is fried atm 🙂

  115. taylor nikole Says:

    and to an extent a lack of integrity?

  116. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I think some boundaries ae meant tobe broken so we as humas can explore our limits! and know when to back down and when to move forward!

    It’s not lack of integrity, it’s that rush to find out what we can beat! To see how amazing we are and how much we can acomplish if we really do set our minds in.

    Take care 🙂


    p.d: I love this debates with you! you are an excellent person I can tell! Peace & love!

  117. taylor nikole Says:

    haha thank you! As are You ❤

    What I mean is lack of integrity to push forward… why people give up so easily.

    of course people can do almost anything they put their mind to.

    Although from personal experience, I’ve found that an adrenaline rush pushes me forward… and when that adrenaline subsides…. where do i dig to find the need and want and excitement to push forward again?
    Well, usually… I’m *a little* obtrusive…
    *inncoent smile*
    I love when someone tells me i can’t do something because its ‘bigger than i am’….
    because it really gives me a reason to push forward.
    Some people may take it as a bad thing and quit right away due to the lack of support, but I try to use that to push forward.

    And it really is a rush to find out what we can beat.
    As humans.. as animals… as whoever we may be… we can’t help but have this curiousness that, in a way, is insatable and I love it!

  118. Emily Says:

    I think this is an amazing idea…I am so interested!!!!
    Love Emily Grace

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