Movie Madness Mondays…oops!


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14 Responses to “Movie Madness Mondays…oops!”

  1. Emma-Lu Says:

    hehehe! stumped.. oh well…the cartoon strip is just as refreshing and entertaining as the movie reviews are x

  2. superkurre Says:

    lol, I do that a lot…

    ah well, the cartoon was funny. we can wait a week for the next review 🙂

  3. Ver0nik21 Says:

    movie review?? mm?? in Kristin and Tabby’s faces. LOL

    Hope to see the review and a comic next week.

    Oh I miss those comics!

  4. Ver0nik21 Says:

    but wait Why did I ask for review? if we don’t even know what movie???

    funny that clock says 1:22 am and here it’s like 9:25 a.m… wooww that time difference!

  5. Alyssa Says:

    This is too funny, but I have a minor complaint … where’s Kendra’s baby bump lol. So what will be the movie for next week?

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    heyy that happens on our school newspaper staff….

  7. Gina Says:


    Wh- wait a second. O.o

  8. maha Says:


  9. Ash Says:

    Life is just crazy like that to where you forget to do some things.
    No worries.

  10. Amanda Says:

    why doesn’t Kendra have shoes…….

  11. Robby Says:

    Hahaha 🙂 Awesome cartoon.

  12. skahahoo Says:

    lol…This is very funny. I have to agree with Alyssa and Amanda though…where’s Extra Little and the shoes? lol.

  13. O.T Says:

    Ummmm….. “Mona Lisa Smile.” Just a suggestion.

  14. *dacara* Says:

    Movie review til next week . .lol.

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