Cool Shite!

For your enjoyment! Thanks to the folks at Good Magazine! What do you ladies think? What could we do in our communities?


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47 Responses to “Cool Shite!”

  1. G Says:

    Whoa, that’s crazy awesome!

  2. nena akthar Says:

    funny! but some serious issues that so needs to be addressed.
    we should all try to do something eco friendly and creative.
    last year for my textile project i made a bag from the hairs from coconuts and pineapple skin!

  3. Jane Says:

    I won’t lie, that was awesome! and what an excellent idea 😀 I’d actually try that out.

  4. Binks Says:

    Is it sad that I understand everything he says, yet I still read the subtitles anyways? haha.

    I think it’s cool what he did, but it looks hazardous. O_O lol. Eco-gym. Nice.

  5. Kristin Says:

    You understand everything he says Binks?? Niice…

  6. Alyssa Says:

    Wow that’s amazing, that guy has got serious creativity. Who would have ever thought to make a gym with all that stuff? That’s awesome.

  7. Colleen Says:

    Id prolly get a splinter in my butt haha, it is a good idea. Something like that takes a lot of time though.. an its hard to get teens to do stuff like that these days cause all they do is sit near a tv or sit on the computer all day.

  8. MarilyneL Says:

    Hablo espanol tambien, pues un poco. No pude entender toda la conversaciòn…pero me gusta. hehe now in German….nooo not quite there yet

    Schlüs! 😀

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Gotta love the Spanish speakers. 😉

    That gym is mighty cool. Kind of insane, but still pretty rad. Not that I would work out on that, it doesn’t look very stable. :/

  10. G Says:

    I imagine working out at that gym would give you splinters in the weirdest places…

  11. Binks Says:

    WOOO! haha vamos Marilyne! Yo se que tu puedes entender todo. 😉 No tienes que echar mentiras. 😛 *high fives*

    Oh! German! One of my friends keeps trying to teach me German but the only thing I’ve learned in 3 yrs is “nein” haha. It’s pretty pathetic.

    haha Yes Kristin, I can understand him. 😛

  12. Gina Says:

    Well, that’s funny! It seems like the video doesn’t work. Maybe it’s my computer or something. O.o

  13. superkurre Says:

    De donde eres? Mi español no es muy bueno pero quisiera a mejorarlo. Porque estoy acostumbrado al español de America latina no entendí el hombre en el video muy bien.

    And now my head hurts… That was some cool video. Wouldn’t mind working out in that gym.

  14. Ash Says:

    Thats totally awesome.

    Another reason its better then a “regular” gym is becaue its out doors and you arent packed into a builiding… although when it rains…. meh, just put up a tent/tarp over it… and after you are done sweating, you just walk into the rain and rinse off, instead of a gundgy shower shared by hundreds daily. 😛

    It’s more germ free, G! 😛

  15. Ash Says:

    ^^Ooppsee… When I mentioned walking into the rain to rinse off, I meant to say, cool off… and no streaking in the rain people. 😉

  16. Binks Says:

    WOO! Otra que habla español!

    My familia es bilingue, y estudie en Tijuana, Mexico por 15 años. 🙂 Cruzaba todos los dias de San Diego a una escuela privada.

    Siempre estoy aqui si quieres hablar. 😉 hehe.

  17. Ver0nik21 Says:


    people are speaking spanish!!

    Eso es muy chevere!!!
    Sigan asii!!
    Muchos mas amigos ahora!!

    Cuidense 😉

  18. jessica f Says:

    omg that is ridiculously cool! that guy has such an amazing imagination. his persistence was incredible too, 4 years?! This is the coolest thing!

  19. *dacara* Says:

    Thanks for posting this Kristin. I think that eco-gym is awesome. That’s so cool that that man took time to actually build that on his own for the town and the people. Gosh seeing this just makes me think what we can do with things we think of as junk.

  20. skahahoo Says:

    @ superkurre – Hablas espanol tambien? Eres ree talentosa! Cuantos lenguas puedes hablar? Tu ingles es buenisima tambien! 🙂

    That gym is pretty cool. I won’t be building one anytime soon though. 😉 But I try my best to reduce & recycle as much as I can. It makes me a little sad to see that so many Americans still throw away plastic bottles, even when there’s a recycling container nearby. I spent the summer in Korea once, and they’re AMAZING when it comes to recycling. They’re so organized and diligent about it, that at the end of the week, the actual garbage that the family I was staying with had to throw out doesn’t even take up one of those plastic shopping bags you get from a supermarket. I wish we were more like that.

  21. taylor nikole Says:

    what now?!?
    interesting actually

    hmm spanish speakers 🙂
    i think we should have little language lessons on the forums LOL
    Ya know, id think im pretty fluent in english and totally jealous of people who can speak their own language and english lol

    I know a little french *innocent smile*

  22. airese Says:

    Wow. I wish i was that resourceful!

  23. eliane Says:

    yo hablo tres idioma ingles ,frances y espanol

  24. Ashley Says:

    OMG!! Was a gym he made out of wood?? WOW. That just makes me wanna coordinate a Pliates class for free you know or something to those terms. That’s really cool and inspiring. Thanks for sharing the video with us Kristin.

  25. Lorène Says:

    hello Kristin,
    wow… it’s totally genious ! I don’t think it might be possible to create all of these things only with dead wood or recycle things .
    It’s brilliant . 🙂

  26. Susanna-Cole Says:

    Oh that gym looks kind of risky! If gyms around here were not only immersed in nature, but a little dangerous, I might consider going to a gym, for exericise, instead of doing extreme sports. Frankly working out is boring until there’s a risk factor and oppurtunity for an adrenaline rush.


  27. Emma-Lu Says:

    That eco-gym is an awesome idea, and you get to work out in nature rather than cooped up inside, while being resourceful at the same time! how cool is that! nifty video KK, thanks for posting it x

  28. Kristin Says:

    I thought it was a cool idea as long as trees aren’t rotten and break or eaten by termites. Anyway it was an especially good thing because the man was really proud of his work and since he saw a way to make a gym in a whole other way than what most people would think.

  29. MarilyneL Says:

    I did not know that my comment in Spanish would bring such a response ! 😛 I think that it’s pretty cool to see that no matter the language(s) we speak we still can share our thoughts, in English. I would certainly would like to see a language thread in the forum so I could practice or at least make friends with whom I could chat…well I think that’s exactly what I am gonna do 😛

  30. Binks Says:

    haha. Good idea. 😀

  31. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Good idea!!

    You should do that MarilyneL!!
    Add that discussion!


  32. Kristin Says:

    Well… What if you ladies did the language lessons in the forum, and we can post a spanish phrase of the day or week here on the blog? We could also get one of you spanish speakers to record it, put it on Youtube, and we could embed it here! Thoughts? Any takers? Who would be interested in a daily or weekly phrase posting??
    kristin k

  33. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I think a weekely phrase can be done!
    I can help you with that!
    No hay problema!

  34. Ver0nik21 Says:

    What kind of phrase woul you like it to be?
    We have a lot of old sayings in spanish.
    Let me know!

  35. Binks Says:

    we have a lot of different language speakers up in herez. It’d be a really cool idea.

    hahaha this reminds me of the movie Spanglish. Funny stuff.

    I’d be happy to help too.

  36. Marie Q Says:

    that would be a great idea.. yey my language…!
    I`M ON IT..!
    seria un honor ser parte de esto ademas de ser super divertido..!
    that means that being part of this would be an honor to me and we would have alot of fun..! 🙂
    right skahahoo like when we do the quizzes..! LOL!
    marie Q

  37. Marie Q Says:

    las mujeres somos irremplasables
    women are irrepleceable..!

  38. Arelis Says:

    “Is it sad that I understand everything he says, yet I still read the subtitles anyways? haha.”

    @Binks… I did the same thing, I even put the volume up too. W.T.F moment fo sho. -_-

  39. Emma-Lu Says:

    Nifty idea! I’m all for that KK. By the way girlys – if you ever want to check a great dictionary site – – they have ample definitions and many language options as well as a forum – so other users can give you feedback for your query pertaining to it’s context, Voilà xx

  40. MarilyneL Says:

    Great! Wow ! Thanks everyone! I really enjoy your posts in the forum and here! My main goal is indeed to share our knowledge in different languages. I speak French so I could definitely help with that but as I am a language student, more precisely in English and Spanish (and German), Spanish lessons on the forum and/ or on the blog would be awesome! I could ask my Spanish teacher for some phrases. I would like to post a daily/ weekly phrase even if I know I’m not quite the best in Spanish…but I still would love to do it! And as I am writing this, I am going to Spanish class in like 15 minutes! 😛

    Creo que tengo nuevas amigas, verdad? 😀

    Hasta luego !

  41. Marie Q. Says:

    yey.! my language..! I speak spanish so if I can contribute.. let me know…! I´M ON IT..!

  42. Marie Q. Says:

    claro…!!! :)@ marilynel L..
    las mujeres somos unicas…!
    women are unique.!

  43. MarilyneL Says:

    @Marie Q.
    tell ’bout it! ;P

  44. MarilyneL Says:

    * tell me ’bout it….sorry :S

  45. Marie Q. Says:

    so I already.. send them via e-mail some phrases some inspirational or coll phrases..
    like this one..
    la belleza de la mujer no se mide por la talla de su brazziere o ropa si no por la de su corazon.
    -the beauty of a woman isn´t measured by the size of her bra or clothes it is measure by the size of her heart.!
    or what kind of quotes or phrases do you ladies like or want?

  46. Marie Q. Says:

    tu español esta reebien bueno tambien si entiendes lo que dijo jajajaja..!
    TALVEZ PODEMOS ARMAR..UN SPANISH CORNER O ALGO ASI VERDAD ESO SERIA DIVERTIDO tambien a todas las que hablan español..! 🙂 que les parece??

  47. Jenny Says:

    OMG!!! That is very wicked.

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