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The School Of Life…

In London there is this freaking rad school… They have courses in what they consider the major topics in our lives: love, politics, work, family and play. They also provide dinner parties with groups of strangers with “courses” of discussion… And you can pay to hang out for an hour with an “expert” or your choice… Check out the site! And send in your thoughts!



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22 Responses to “More Cool Shite!”

  1. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I live in Oxforshire! and go to London everyweeknd! (it’s just more fun!)

    I ‘ve heard of that! It was this lad who actually put together what already happens in many groups in London as well in many Universities circles.
    Here it’s not that uncommon for people to get together depending on a subject they have in common and just go to a coffee place or a somewhere to get into very interesting disscussions. This happens a lot in here. I know since I do attend to many of these.

    But this lad put it all together!! if you are new in town it really helps otherwise if you are from here or have lived quite a while you already identify where to go and just aproach a table and go join and have a conversation. You can get together again if you want if not it isn’t an issue.

    So cool you actually check it out!

  2. Chris Says:

    ugh I can’t see the link

    seems pretty cool thou

  3. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Here is the link:

    check it out!


  4. Chris Says:


    this is a kind of school that everyone should go to.

    I REALLY wanna go to England now 😛

  5. Ver0nik21 Says:


    So you can go and meet Henry Cavill!
    You’ll get G very jealous if you do!
    That is you real intention!!


  6. Chris Says:

    LOL oh yes

    G is sooo gonna come after me 😛

  7. G Says:

    -_- -_- -_- Not before me, Chris!

    That school sounds pretty damn cool. All the more reason to visit England *starts saving up for trip*

  8. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Oh No Chris!

    G caught you again!!

    I’ll be happy to show you England!!!
    Come visit me!!

    We’ll go and check that school oif you want I kinda recognise the street from the pic!


  9. G Says:

    We can go bohemian!

  10. Chris Says:

    I will totally visit ya 😉

    we got to see the castles too!…can’t forget the castles 😛

  11. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Oh right!

    the castles!!
    buckingham palace!! looking for Wills!
    someone promised that I remember!!

    We’ll go bohemian and disscuss the great questions in our lives!


  12. Binks Says:

    Nooo! Haunted castles! haha right Chris? 😛
    Sounds like a pretty kick-ass meeting. I’d definitely join. 🙂
    hey! I wanna goes to England now too 😦 *puts a penny in the piggy bank* Eventually I shall go! haha Maybe I can get Michael Phelps to swim there while I ride on his back. It’d be cheaper. 😛

  13. MarilyneL Says:

    Now, that’s what I’m talking about! School should not be attended for the only reason that it’ll give you a job, but just a place to learn. How many times do I hear my friends say “But what’s the point of that course…” because they just can’t see how this new knowledge could help them through life. The School of Life is the complete opposite which is great. I seems to have this completely different way of living and learning. Great site!:D

  14. Delaney Says:

    That is cool. I have been to London and absolutley loved it.I would go back in a heart beat.

  15. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Yes i think that is the prob!

    I’m sure she’ll fix it soon anyways still there is the link! in my first post.


  16. Hammad Says:

    There is no school of life except experience. The syllabi of the various courses, or I should lack thereof, was pretty lame. The experts are who? I don’t know. Perhaps the website is lame, but if it is a reflection of the actual things that may be learned, it seems there is much to be desired. I personally think it is hyperbole to call it a school, let alone a “school of life.” Sorry. But, I’ve never been there, or experienced it, so I could be wrong.

  17. Robby Says:

    Interesting school. What is the qualifications for the Professors? “Love”, for example, different people will give you different advice.

  18. taylor nikole Says:

    that would make school so much fun :-/

  19. Emma-Lu Says:

    Those courses sound cool! Especially the ‘love’ and ‘family’ – cuz gaining skills on how to approach those things could make your life much easier and could probably make you a calmer person in general. Interesting! Thanks KK

  20. Lesley Says:

    man this makes me want to move back! my dad retired and i had to leave. uggh! everyone start saving!lol we should all meet up for GBD mob time.LOL!..august ..yeah next year veronik!.LOL. good ticket prices.english professors are the most interesting! thanks for sharing the site!i think its great experience!

  21. whitney Says:

    I think that, that school is soo effin cool!!!
    i wish all schools did things like that. i especially like the love, family, and play part.

    who ever said school had to be boring…
    these teachers have the right idea.

  22. Raquel Passarelli Says:

    It’s very cool. I need to try it soo much.

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