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So, the other day I was thinking “What is wrong with me? Why am I eating this cookie!?”

The cookie? It was so so delicious.

But that’s not the point. The cookie will probably always be delicious. But that’s not why I was eating it. And why I was eating it isn’t really what I was going to talk about, but rather why I want to lose weight.

I think its important to reflect on occasionally because reasons change. Originally, I wanted to do this because I felt unhealthy. I wanted to feel healthier. As time wore on, I think my reasoning changed into “I wanna look hot,” but I wasn’t fully honest to myself about it… so I think the lack of inner honesty with regards to why I was trying to lose weight allowed me to … stop trying.

Now that I realized that I wasn’t being honest with myself, I can focus on the task at hand, figuring out how to get back on track! Mostly I’ve just decided to just DO IT. Get back to my previous routine, and then go from there. So, day two back on my previous routine and I’m back to my weight that I “ended” at (220 lbs) and on my way back down again. w00t!

So, photos will hopefully get back up soon, perhaps next week? In other news, my hip is still very injured. Thanks to the lovely skahahoo, I’ve got some exercises and things to try to strengthen it up, but I do need to go see a doctor… soon. Once that gets back on track I can start up an exercise routine!

Until next week!

ETA: Rainbow Chocolate Chips!


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16 Responses to “Weight Blog: Honesty”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    I think we all struggle with our weaknesses, no matter the circumstances.
    In a way we have to make strengthening them a priority or we find ourselves veering off track.
    I have so much faith in you, because if you weren’t devoted you wouldn’t be posting your status or pictures of you to us.
    Or thats what I think.

    Soooo maybe (probably) this week.. while you are working on strenthening your ‘weakness’ (in a way)
    im going to do the same with mine.

    Good luck Tabby!

    and looking hot…
    who the hell even knows what that is? :-p
    Its so much easier to say that we are working towards our just making ourselves happy and health opposed to wanting to in a way ‘impress other people’
    but we all end up thinking that way in some shape or form….

  2. skahahoo Says:

    You forgot to say what kind of cookie. 😉

    I’m glad you’re back on track! 🙂

  3. Emma-Lu Says:

    We all have those weaknesses…. Don’t worry Tabby! I have faith in you too, and Taylor Nikole is right: if you weren’t that determined, why would you be posting! x

  4. Ash Says:

    Cookie… you mentioned a delicious cookie… I MUST know what kind it was… it was a Chocolate Chip Cookie wasnt it… cause those are TOTALLY the #1 Cookie of all time… no joke… well, to me they are. =P

    Well, ofcourse do not be doing this for others. You must put yourself first at times, before thinking to please others.

    Keep up with positive thoughts and dont push yourself too much too fast. =)

  5. Lydia Says:

    I hope your health issues will be over soon and that you’ll feel tiptop again.

    Stay positive and believe in yourself and your goals, I’m sure you’ll get to your target weight and fitness level.

    You’re already gorgeous now, after losing weight, you’ll look even more stunningly gorgeous.:-)


  6. Kelly Says:

    Hi Tabby!
    I’m glad to hear you’re back on track! It’s good that you were honest with yourself, I know sudden discoveries about yourself can help you make some changes or just carry on 😉
    Hope your hip will be better soon!!


  7. Hammad Says:

    Of course you should be honest about your motivations. However, I do not think that was the primary reason why you aren’t succeeding in your weight loss at the pace you like. I think that has to do with will power. The most difficult thing about an exercise routine is maintaining the consistency required in it. In order to do so, you have to be totally focused on the goal you want, regardless if it is to get healthier or to look hot. Both are fine goals, but you have to maintain that drive mentally so that you want to do it, not that you need to do it.

    I do not know what your metabolism is, or how difficult it is to control your hunger, as people’s bodies vary. However, what I can suggest is a weight training routine, followed by a cardiovascular routine, while eating healthy. There is nothing wrong with indulging in extra food every once in a while, like once a week. If you can take off just 100 calories per less per day filling up with more food that has less calories, and perform exercise at least three times a week, I think you will start to see results quickly. Start slowly. It doesn’t have to be hard, but it should at least be 30-45 minutes of weight training, and 30 minutes of cardiovascular (walking faster would probably be appropriate for your weight as you get better). And if you want to eat more, eat more after you’ve worked out, and less on the other days.

    This is something I try to stick to and over (except for the 100 calorie thing which I don’t do as I tend to eat moderately and gained more muscle mass and thus better metabolism so it wasn’t necessary) the course of 9 months I lost about 35 lbs after sitting on my ass and not participating in any physical activities almost five years ago when I went down from 180 lbs to 145 lbs. You most likely will lose more as you start off, and have diminishing returns as you get in better shape. I’ve maintained my weight with a slight deviation at one point, and am still trying to lose the bit of flab around my gut and butt, but as you get better you have to work harder, or change your routine up due to plateauing. Also, try to only eat until you feel satisified, but not to a full stomach.

    Remember, consistently doing the routine is the best thing, even if you don’t work as hard on one of the days. Hope this helps.

  8. Ash Says:

    Rainbow Chocolate Chip?!… Mmmmm yuuummmyyy. :)~ *drools* =P

  9. MarilyneL Says:

    Obviously, if your focus has changed to another goal, your motivations will be affected. If you got injured, so you could not exercice as much as you would before, it’s pretty inevitable that your good habits have been on pause for a while, but I’m sure you can get back on track faster than a speeding bullet! 😛 Good luck!

  10. G Says:

    I’ve seen many a person doing very well on their way to leading a healthier lifestyle, then they either get injured or something happens and they get discouraged and fall off the wagon, so to speak and then it all goes to waste. That being said, major props for picking yourself up and going back at it, it’s not an easy thing to do. Best of luck to you!

  11. Scott123 Says:

    Dearest Tabitha,

    I have long put off saying anything about this, because I know it is a sensitive subject, but enough is enough. Any friend of Kristin’s is a friend of mine. So here goes….

    1. Go to the local pool.
    2. Put on your swimsuit (That’s right, I went there..without fear, you listenin’?)
    3. Get in the water, shut off all the switches in your life….and it’s just you and the water…
    Nothing will be better for your hip, your weight, or any stress in your life. Swimming is the goods when it comes to a healthier lifestyle.
    It has worked miracles for me and I just have to share.

    Your friend in Hydraulic Power,
    P.S. No more sugar! (I’ll not argue the particulars, you can find natural sugars in fruits.)

  12. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Hello Tabby.
    So glad to hear you are back on track!!
    back to try to achieve your goal!
    I do think you need to focus a little bit more!
    You should ask your friend to help yo with the diet thing!
    I think with friends it’ll get easier!!

    Sorry to hear about your hip!!

    I think you should listen to Scott123!
    He is right about swimming!
    It really does help!


  13. taylor nikole Says:

    haha not only does swimming help you work out…
    but its also more fun than running and other stuff 🙂

  14. Corrie Says:

    Good! Being honest with yourself is SO important–and sometimes really difficult. I admire you for figuring this out and making it a serious goal to lose weight. Good luck, and I’m excited for you! You’ll feel so much better…and being healthy will help you both now and in the long-run (I took an undergrad class called The Aging Brain, and we talked a LOT about how important it is to eat healthy foods and exercise).

  15. Joy Says:

    high five for trying to work around your hip!
    my mom has the same problem actually, and she just started going to a swimming teacher at the YMCA to keep fit. Scott123 is right on with that.
    i think the hottest thing in a girl, ever, is confidence.
    good luck with the weight loss/healthyness!
    congrats for getting back into the swing of things

  16. Jane Says:

    today i thought i was fat telling everybody if i was fat but everybody said that i was skiny. it’s hard because you have less self-esstem iusses.

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