I just HAD to share this dream with all of you.  I slept in late toady, to 8am oooo sooo late hahahaha! But I was having the most VIVID baby dream and would love to try to piece what it means together.  Anyone wanna help?

OK…so…here is goes…Terry and I are driving in a car (not sure what kind of car, seemed comfortable), ALL OF A SUDDEN my big belly starts to flatted out…there was NO PAIN or PANIC, it just kinda felt weird. It actually felt very peaceful and calm.

Then I felt a tingling above my public bone and watched my belly bump move down, down, down…then within a matter of minutes I saw the babies head, there was no pain, but a cute little baby head sticking out, looking back at me.  Then came the shoulders and within minutes I was holding the baby in my arms.   The baby came out with ease, I took off my shirt and placed the baby on my chest and the baby started to nurse all by itself.

I look over at Terry, who was calm driving the car.  Then….I look back to the baby and the baby is now a black and white baby goat, in my dream this was not odd or shocking or anything, it was simply just a baby goat nursing.  Then I woke up….CRAZY right?!!!

I wonder if this means the baby is on the way???


ps I love this family picture of Extra Little Terry and I, thank you to Winica for taking such beautiful photos!


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23 Responses to “BABY DREAMCATCHER”

  1. Hammad Says:

    I think the ease with which you have birth is symbolic of the ease that you are dealing with the pregnancy, and that you really have no qualms about giving birth. I don’t think it signifies that you will have a painless birth, because I don’t think that is physically possible for most women. Perhaps, the birth will also come at an unexpected time, but it won’t be something that causes any consternation. Driving with your husband in the car is representative of being on the journey of life together, and since it seems to be smooth in your dream, it is most likely smooth in reality. The birth of a child in the middle of a car causes no fear in you or your husband.

    I’m not exactly sure how to interpret the goat. Since it is black and white, perhaps your child will see things in black and white. Perhaps the goat is representative of a tenacious child, or one with a voracious appetite. I think it depends upon how you view the creature. But, you also seem to be at ease with the fact that your child became a goat, so the symbolic representation of your child that manifests itself in the goat is nothing that will alarm you or cause you any fear.

    I am no expert at dream interpretation and only started really looking into it when KK posted something about her dream on the forum. It has interested me more because spiritually I think there can be some relevance to them. But, I don’t know if you see it that way.

  2. Marie*Andreé Says:

    ooh that was defenetly a beutiful dream.. to me I think the fact that happened with no pain is something great..! and that the baby turned in to a goat that he is going to be a healthy baby.. I don know why I saying this..but.. 🙂 who knows???
    xo Marie

  3. Frida Says:

    The things that we immerse ourselves in day in and day out becomes part of our dreams. I have so much in school right now, and now I dream about my teacher. She’s the best, but it’s just weird, like…whatever’s happening in my dream…she’s there and she’s ALWAYS there.

  4. Melz Says:

    This really IS an interesting dream…..I don’t really believe too much in dream interpretation (because one symbol can have a dozen of different meanings, who guarantees you picked out the right one?!) BUT my friend and I always feel the need to go online and search for the meanings once we had weird dreams (and we do have them a lot)….
    So what I gathered so far is that the weirder your dream gets or better, if you dream something that you would normally categorize as bad it truly means that good things are going to happen.
    So from your dream what we have is:
    1. you were a front seat passenger
    2. then you were giving birth without any pain
    3. the baby started nursing itself
    4. your husband was calmly driving while you still drove shotgun
    5. then your baby was suddenly a black and white baby goat nursing itself and you stayed calm

    So about,

    1. Being a front seat passenger =
    It can mean that you let yourself drift by circumstances without really having thought about how you plan to continue.
    Maybe you’re still uncertain about how to deal with what’s to come and that feeling of not having control doesn’t irritate you anymore.
    2. giving birth=
    Has actually a lot of meanings (i.e. a new beginning, creating new plans etc.), but here the most fitting one, since you ARE actually pregnant, would be that you have come terms with your pregnancy and you are ready to begin your new life. The fact that you were totally at ease could signify that this new beginning will come smoothly without real problems. A newborn also is a symbol for happiness in your family as well as your career.
    3. nursing your own baby=
    If a woman nurses her own baby it can imply that you will be deceived by someone you really trust BUT since here your baby did the nursing all by itself this meaning doesn’t really add up for you I think. Maybe this is just another way of showing how easily you will blend into your new role as a mother? Hmm I dunno really…..
    4. driving a car=
    Driving symbolizes basic needs and wishes. If you are the one driving then you are the one having control.
    Since your husband was driving and you were driving shotgun, it could mean that (see meaning of 1. above) you know that you haven’t got everything planned out for your future, (maybe you’re a person who usually has everything completely planned out?) but you are content with the situation (you were both calm) and you trust your husband to take control in times you won’t always know what to do. That you both together will still be able to figure it all out.
    5. goats=
    usually stand for smartness, frugality and flexibility. You may have to deal with people in your life that you can’t always please and who criticise you. But this critic might be partly reasonable.
    I think it’s interesting that after you look at your calm husband your baby has turned into a goat. Maybe you feel pressure from people outside but again you stay calm and accept the criticism, but you still go on how you think is right (still nursing).
    As for the color, white goats= you will get along good, black goat= severe misery.
    Meaning probably that you will do just fine but there might also be some bumps in the road.

    Well oops…..I guess that was long huh? *looks around*, haha. Even if I don’t really believe in this stuff, it still gets me curious enough to think about the dream and research. Sometimes it really is not far from the things in your real life that bother you.


  5. MarilyneL Says:

    What a niiiice photo! 😀
    For the dream, I was laughing so hard at the goat part! I was like “Sacrée Kendra” 😛 As far as what your dream means…I’m not an expert, so I would let the others express themselves, though, I believe indeed that the baby’s one the way 😀


  6. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    It all made sense up until the goat. Maybe the kid’ll always graze at his or her food.

    It’s a BEAUTIFUL portrait,something you can embarass little extra with when he or she brings home her 1st boy/girlfriend, or even his/her 1st son or daughter, making you a grandmother, he he he.

    Embarassing your shildren is always good, I’m nearly 30, and my mum still does it n a daily basis.

  7. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    er, that should have read CHILDREN, sorry

  8. Emily Says:

    whoa. so interesting. actually i was laughing at the end but hey it could mean that you’ll have a really good delivery! (and maybe pain free too!)

  9. blayzgirl Says:

    Sounds like a simple display of a mother and child bonding. Almost as if parenting will be a natural transition for you (and for Terry). I believe that you will find it effortless. You are a natural mother. You’re instincts will kick in and you will be able to go into mommy mode with ease. Congrats! And good luck (but I don’t think you’ll need it).

    p.s. oh and just for some fun info: the proper term for a baby goat is ‘kid’. and that’s what you’re having..haha.

  10. Jane | BH Says:

    lemme put it simply for you, your baby is definately on the way, be aware!!! Baby goats symbolise youth, innocence all tht stuff. you’re gonna be a mummy soon 😀

  11. taylor nikole Says:

    all I have to say is… adorable picture ❤

  12. Ash Says:

    Beautiful pic.

  13. Gina Says:

    I’m not exactly what this dreams symbolizes…

    But I ALSO had a dream that I had a baby and I had to choose whether to breast feed it or feed it via bottle. I didn’t feed “my” baby for a day and it lived. Very weird.

    BTW, awesome pic. ❤

  14. Binks Says:

    That picture is adorable. 😀

    as for the dream…well… odd stuff happens but there’s a meaning behind it (usually anyways :P) I don’t know what it means, but here’s a dream index thingy. Maybe it can help ya.

  15. LI Says:

    Amazing Photo and i really like your dream. You are ready for him and so is Teddy
    Good luch you two *kisses*

  16. Schmutzka Says:

    Interesting dream! 🙂

  17. Jennifer Says:

    Beaufitul picture of you and your husband.

    Your dream was beautiful,a bit funny about the goat part but beautiful. I’ve heard that when you dream about giving birth that it’s a sign the baby is on it’s way.

  18. G Says:

    I’d offer my two cents, but I don’t know a thing about dream interpretation lol, but it does sound like Extra Little could possibly be born a Libra instead of a Scorpio. Ok, I offered my two cents anyway 😛

    Great picture, btw!

  19. Le Amazing Mari Says:

    I don’t really think that dreams are foretelling, but a way of our brains to make sense out of everything in our subconscious.

    Maybe it means you’re no longer afraid of the baby being born unexpectedly, and that even though it’s something so foreign to you (as a baby goat), you know deep down that everything will be okay 🙂

  20. Chris Says:

    beautiful pic!

    it would be something if extra little was born on Halloween

  21. taylor nikole Says:

    hmmm no pain…hypnobirthing?

  22. AlyssaMarie Says:

    Love that family photo of you, hubby and baby. Kendra, I have a feeling you are due anytime soon. Your stomach dropped in this foto. By the end of this month maybe, I still s

  23. AlyssaMarie Says:

    sorry, I was trying to say, I think you are having a boy!

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