News Day Tuesday: Guinness Records Galore!

He Pingping is 2 feet 5 inches tall. (photo: Watts / Daily News)

Suresh Joachim (left) and Claudia Wavra (right) sat through 123 continuous hours of movies in New York’s Times Square.  Actress Susan Sarandon (center) stopped by to personally drop off a copy of Thelma and Louise, the last movie in the Netflix Popcorn Bowl. (photo: PRNewsFoto / Netflix)

The world’s tallest LEGO tower stands 29.48 meters high and required 460,000 bricks to complete.  A crane had to be used to position the highest sections. (photo: AAP)

Lately, my hometown of New York City has seen a slight rise in Guinness World Record activity. The world’s shortest man, He Pingping, literally stopped traffic and caused quite a stir when he visited a few weeks ago (I didn’t get to see him though…man!). He Pingping is 2 feet, 5 inches tall (73.66 cm).

There was also a contest going on last week in a glass living room located in Times Square to see who could break the record for longest continuous movie watching. The last two standing were Suresh Joachim (from Canada) and Claudia Wavra (from Germany), who watched 57 films over the course of 123 hours – that’s more than five days, with just a 10 minute break between movies. (They’re still waiting for the record to be confirmed.)

But Vienna, not to be outdone by NYC, hosted a world record of its own this past week when the world’s tallest LEGO tower was built to a height of 29.48 meters (96.72 feet). The platforms for the tower were built by hundreds of children to celebrate the 100 Years of Friends of Children festival (master builders assembled the platforms together for the final tower).

I thought each of these records was inspiring in its own way. He Pingping could have let his height get in his way, but instead he’s choosing to go out there and travel the world and experience life, stopping traffic along the way. 😉 Suresh Joachim has actually broken more than 30 world records in a quest to spread world peace. And who doesn’t love it when a bunch of kids get together to build the tallest LEGO tower in the world??

Now, I haven’t broken any world records, but I thought it would be fun ask everyone what your personal records are?  What’s the biggest, smallest, fastest, slowest, tallest, shortest, greatest, silliest thing you’ve ever done?

I’ll go first. Back when I was in college, during my first semester, I slept for maybe a total of 5 hours (an hour here, an hour there) over the course of 3 days studying for finals. *sigh*…Good times, good times. After that bout of sleep deprivation, I learned to manage my time better. Sort of. (heehee)

Your turn! 🙂


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22 Responses to “News Day Tuesday: Guinness Records Galore!”

  1. JenipherI Says:

    OMG! This is incredible! Seems like NY is on the spotlight! [I loved NY when I visited, only wish I could’ve seen He Pingping around or even that tall LEGO tower! :D]

    I must honestly say I haven’t done anything Guinness Worthy but the craziest thing I’ve ever done? Nothing interesting….let’s think…does staying up late with my cousins for over 24 hours of movies, joking, dressing up and just fooling around reliving our childhood count? LOL

  2. taylor nikole Says:

    i hula hooped for 4 hours straight….

    ridiculous i know

  3. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Alright, me and my sister are VERY keen roleplayers (insert your own joke here) Once, about 10 years ago, we decided to see how long we could roleplay for, without a break, and see who gave out first.

    Neither of us gave out.

    We went for 48 hours straight. No breaks or sleep at all.

    Powered only by vast quantities of very sugary sweets indeed.

    Afterwould I slept for 17 hours straight.

    Happy memories………


  4. Ashley Says:

    Well…I don’t know if I’ve got any records but one New Year’s ago, which is a really long time ago, I actually stayed awake an entire day at least if not half of the next. I probably was a kid and hopped up on sugar. Childhood memories are the best!! 😀

  5. Binks Says:

    HA! I am officially no longer the shortest person 😛 see? Ya’ll can stop calling me a midget now. =)

    Dude, if I had time and money I could totally beat those Netflix ppl. No problemo.

    As for my own record….hmm…I beat everyone in my PE class running the mile, haha. Even the track peeps. MUAHAHA! hmm…I’ve stayed awake for 18 hrs straight…hmm…oh! I once ate an entire box of gummi bears that had over 45 packets in it. haha. When I was 6 or so (ended up puking the entire night but hey, it was my record :P)
    I haven’t broken any substantial records I suppose. I’ve never really tried. =/

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    hmm how tall are you binks?
    im barely 5 foot

  7. Binks Says:

    I’m not that short, but I’m the shortest of friends and family so I get the “small” nicknames. >_>

    5′ 1/2” so I’m barely taller than you…then again I’m 2 yrs older soo….haha.

  8. taylor nikole Says:

    yes this is true
    apparently im still growing…
    i don’t understand
    my mom is 5’7.. how sad

  9. Ver0nik21 Says:

    many thing happened in NYC!!
    Now i can’t wait to go there!!!

    Still in London more strange things happen here!!


  10. Binks Says:

    always pimping London eh V-card? 😛
    Well….ya know what?….CALI RULES TOO! 😀

  11. taylor nikole Says:

    hahah apparently your video to milkshake is pimpin london also binks.. don’t forget 🙂

  12. Binks Says:


    I want to forget.

  13. taylor nikole Says:

    im sure anyone on gbd who hasn’t seen it would love to 🙂
    haha now im just poking fun

  14. Chris Says:

    now I wanna rewatch this vid. Tis was an awesome one 😛

    SOMEONE still needs to make their Maneater vid….

    and I no need to pimp NYC stands on its own ground 😀

    Last yr, I stayed up for about 23 hrs…it was a wonder I was able to survive the next day. I was actually just learning about time management today haha…sleep was emphasized greatly. Caffeine and being sleep deprived may just make one jittery.

  15. skahahoo Says:

    lol…These records are awesome. 😀

    @ taylor nikole – 4 hours? Seriously? How? Why? Didn’t your hips or waist hurt afterwards?

    @ Danny the Only Bloke – 48 hours? Dude! lol…Who won? The game I mean? Or am I ignorant and that’s not how role playing games work?

    @ Binks – lol…Do you still eat gummi bears?

    Also, I’d just like to state for the record that I am all about the NYC. So along with Chris, that’s 2 points for NYC and we’re in the lead. Booyah! 😉

  16. taylor nikole Says:

    heheh not really….
    i just sat there and hula hooped through like 2 or so movies lol

  17. Ver0nik21 Says:

    your video is here in Oxford!!
    You are the new idol!
    They want you here so you can perform it live!!


  18. Binks Says:


    @skahahoo haha I actually don’t, I stopped ever since. If I do eat gummies it’s only if they have chili on them or dey sour 😀 Not regular ones.

  19. Ver0nik21 Says:

    NO I didn’t!
    I didn’t dare to do it!
    So relax!!

    Still for my classmates at least the 18 who watched it!
    You totally rock!
    They wanna see you live!

  20. AlyssaMarie Says:

    These records were set in NYC? When? I wish I could have seen it. Legos, world’s shortest man….

  21. Tahira Says:

    This was a cool article. That Lego tower was amazing. My two greatest records would be; I watched 5 seasons of smallville one after the other (well i had a lot more than 10 minute breaks lol), and I once crammed 3 subjects in one night for 3 tests the following day.

  22. tokyostargirl Says:

    I am originally from Texas, but currently live in Japan. I love traveling (to other countries) as well as exploring all the cities in Japan. Japan is big about Hello Kitty (I’m sure you know) and they make Hello Kitty key chains for every area in Japan. The HK is in the shape of or wearing/doing/eating whatever that area is known for. I started to collect all the different key chains to remind me of all the places I’ve traveled to. Now – 3 years later – I have close to 200.

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