A Little Controversy is Fun!

I was talking to someone the other day about Global Warming. I said something to the effect of, “Regardless of whether or not “global warming” is man made, it is still important for us to take care of our environment, and create sustainability.” This person responded with some indignation that it was not okay for me to even suggest there was a possibility that man-made “global warming” was not %100 true. I think the whole subject is getting a wee bit taboo… And when you aren’t supposed to question something any longer I get a little curious. So here is an article published by the National Post newspaper that talks about some of the other data that is out there. Enjoy! THE ARTICLE
I want to be the kind of person who looks at things from all angles, open and willing to take in information and then determine what I think seems the most true.



25 Responses to “A Little Controversy is Fun!”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    heheh devils advocate 😀
    technically couldn’t you say there was ‘natural gobal warming’ occurring…
    and our actions are just helping speed along the process in a way.
    Take the ice age for example..
    there has always been drastic changes on the earth before….
    and we didn’t help with that one.

  2. taylor nikole Says:

    but im all for going green dont get me wrong…
    I’m just saying…
    many are saying its all our fault that any of it is happening…
    maybe it was already happening, but we are certainly not helping, but there are ways we can…
    i think there’s always room for improvement…
    but i always wonder…
    the question that always pops into my head is…

    when is too late?
    who makes that decision…
    anyways..thoughts to ponder 🙂

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    coulnd’t = could
    which is technically what the ‘article’ says in a way…
    (ughh 3 comments to correct myself.. i neeed sleep)

  4. G Says:

    I remember way back in grade 9 geography, we took a closer look at weather patterns and the different ages the earth has gone through, way back to when it was Pangaea. We learned that the earth goes through certain cycles of really hot and really cold until it can reach equilibrium, which it did with the ice age (after the meteor and the dinosaurs). The meteor, if I remember correctly was responsible for the earth over-heating back then and then the ice age came to balance out. In present times, the earth is beginning to over-heat again, but this time, it is a result of the ozone layer being depleted and the earth being more vulnerable to the sun’s rays, therefore heating up more than it should. Not to mention, the polar ice caps melting means more salt water will mix in with the oceans and throw that out of balance as well. To sum up my word vomit, global warming and the effects of it are a little bit of both. Nature and humans.

  5. Emma-Lu Says:

    Hi KristinK,
    I think it’s a fair argument, but I do believe humans are pushing the limit of Earth’s capacity. Whether or not it’s human nature to push boundaries and be destructive is a question for a Psych 101 class perhaps..
    What distresses me though; is to see so many innocent animals facing extinction and fish species in our oceans being depleted? Surely man’s reliance on our oceans is to blame for this? There must be a way to curb the exploitation of Earth’s resources. Could we not at least TRY and live more ‘economically’; for example, by driving slowly and less frequently, flying less frequently (maybe traveling by train instead), eating sensibly and living less wastefully? What’s the rush? Why do people have to drive so fast? Here in South Africa, there are so many car accidents on a daily basis because people are all in a rush and tend to drive aggressively. Why the anger?
    And what about the frequent natural disasters occurring more regularly? (eg. USA hurricanes; Asian Tsunami’s etc.). Don’t you think that if people didn’t push boundaries by; flying so often, never recycling, dumping waste in the ocean, wasting water with long showers and baths, wasting electricity, we humans would have a smaller impact on climate change?

    And on the other hand, this could also benefit the human psyche perhaps. It could enable a less sedentary lifestyle; where kids aren’t so TV obsessed. Wouldn’t that make the population healthier – mentally and physically? Less global disease and health problems. Maybe those man invented ‘distractions’ would not have so much weight then; because humans would already be leading more resourceful lifestyles. Do you really want to leave your mark on the planet in the final hour of your days saying to yourself: “Well…. all I did was waste money, waste water and use more electricity than I needed to?”
    I believe we should always question our behaviour as humans and constantly challenge theories. Otherwise we’re just a bunch of ‘moles in a hole’ right?

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I think that for someone to say that global warming is COMPLETELY the fault of humans is absurd. Have humans contributed to this obvious problem in some way, shape, or form? Absolutely. But one cannot ignore the scientific evidence that has been collected over several decades that illustrates the cyclical nature of Earth in terms of climate change. It’s all available if you know what Google is. Let’s not forget the Medieval Warm Period and the subsequent Little Ice Age. Neither was really man-made in any sense, but simply the natural cycle of Earth’s weather patterns.

  7. Robert Says:

    “Regardless of whether or not “global warming” is man made, it is still important for us to take care of our environment, and create sustainability.”

    I think this comment more or less sums up my opinion. Whether or not global warming is our fault or natural is not the point. The question (for me) is simply whether it exists and, if it does, what do we do about it. One could also ask the question of whether we think the results of global warming would be good or bad, especially with regards to the environment where the natural vs man-made question might be more relevant – if its natural, do we then let it happen because its “environmental” 😛 From a sustainability viewpoint for us, though, I think that it is something that needs to be addressed if it does indeed exist *and* will continue. If we assume natural cause(s), then we also need to consider the natural trend.

    That said, I will posit my two cents to say that I do think it exists and that I feel it is the result of both man-made and natural factors.

  8. eileen Says:

    Thanks for the link. It’s always refreshing to have both sides of a story represented in the media.

  9. Hammad Says:

    My belief system tries to instill in me the view that everything we have been granted is a “trust” from God, from our wealth, to our relationships with people, whether they are our friends, co-workers, and family members which incude our relatives, children, and spouses. In the same sense, our relationship with the planet we inhabit is also a trust, and if viewed in such a manner, what a previous poster mentioned about the Native American saying about borrowing (the Earth) from our children is extremely relevant and further exemplifies the importance of this view in the current context. Although I do not believe humans are solely responsible for the climatic changes that have resulted in this notion of “Global Warming”, I believe we have played a significant part in some of the detrimental aspects that are associated with it. But, at the same time, “the only constant is change”, and “everything is perishing except the face of God.” As the most intellectual creatures that exist on this planet, we play our part in everything, and our effects can either be symbiotic, or they can be detrimental. As long as you hold onto the view of seeking the truth, I believe you will be successful in life KK. Consider, question, understand, decide, then trust, and I think you’ll be alright. I think you’ve been doing fine so far. Sent from my phone.

  10. MarilyneL Says:

    Well, I’ve always been a pro-environment person. I really care about pollution and its effect on this planet. However, I think that the ups and downs we are experiencing in temperatures are “quite not suprising” because my theorie that I have since I was a little girl is that we are ultimately gonna do back in another ice age, then defrost, than humans will live… like if every type of humans including us, Homo sapiens are one of those…so maybe after the next ice age, “we” will be even more evoluated…bad or good thing..hum…. so that’s my crazy theory. I think that the planet going through a normal phase, but that human actions is rushing it.

  11. Ashley Says:

    Wow, this pretty cool.
    It definitely sounds like they know what their talking about. But personally for me I need a little bit more information to think that global warming has disappeared. Not that I don’t have a hint that it hasn’t just need a little bit more.

  12. Michel - Sorocaba Says:

    Hi KK,
    do not be surprised: there are still people who do not believe in the conversation “Global Warming”. It kind of person who throws rubbish type in the street, but not to see your dirty house …. That person you care only with the self-interest (screw up the other, problem is theirs).

    Here, the winter is becoming less cold and more dry, so every year that passes This is a small example of the great change that has occurred. Frankly, this person with whom you spoke, fits the “select” group above ….

    But do not worry,
    yet the people who care about the welfare of people and planet.


    Here in Brazil

  13. Robby Says:

    Global Warming… scam or not, taking better care of the planet is in order.

    Aren’t we the caretakers of Earth? It’s time we acted like it.

  14. Scott123 Says:

    Whether it is man-made, or a naturally occurring cycle, the point I always try to emphasize is that the earth is in fact, getting warmer. We will see the planet heat up in our lifetimes.
    I’m glad you added the word,”sustainability”. I think it is key to new technology development. Balancing the environment with reusable technology is going to be important going forward.
    In other news…
    I found a blog by TV anchor Olivia Munn. She is the host of “Attack of the Show” on cable G4. I bring this up because she recently posted a fan picture with a retouched photograph that had the caption “Munn Li” (Oct 5). There is also a Vlog of a Halloween photo shoot where she wears a certain blue qipao….
    She’s a little wild, but considering her work environment, I understand. I think she needs some GBD….
    but I will leave that to you. 🙂
    here’s the link: http://www.heyolivia.com/

    Your friend on the Big Blue Marble,

  15. Gina Says:

    I believe in Global Warming, most definitely.

    Yes, it IS important to take care of the Earth and man-made pollutions aren’t helping out too much either.

    Polar Bears are dying because it’s too hot for them… I believe global warming definitely has played a part in this.

  16. Milan Says:

    Kristen, your comment is the most intelligent opinion on this topic I’ve heard in years. It seems all anyone can focus on is the political side of this issue. The fact is we should all be taking care of our environment because it’s the right thing to do regardless of our political beliefs.

  17. Jasalom Says:

    Ah the Global Warming paradigm. What a wonderful phrase. For all those people that say it’s the evil human race that is causing Global Warming please please please tell them it’s the Natural order of the their precious theory of evolution. If we believe that we evolved into the most intelligent creatures this planet has ever seen, aren’t we just a part of nature following it’s already charted path? “Yes I know, the Earth, the Polar Bears, the Bees”. Look we do not own the Earth. We inhabit the Earth. We are not going to kill it, Mother Earth will make adjustments to sustain itself in the most effective and efficient way, just like every other living organism. Homeostasis! Some living creatures will parish others will thrive but that is our nature. If the Earth feels like we need to trim the population, bam viral pandemic or a bacterial plague outbreak. Sorry to stray so far from the initial subject but everything moves in rhythms, cycles. Everything from your heart beat to the stock market has it’s peaks and valleys, as does the weather of the Earth. Is man (and woman) helping the shift, oh God yes but this is the consequence of having a human race. You ask me what we should do, do not over consume. Just live on the minimums and enjoy life. C YA next time!

  18. dom froggy Says:

    When you read this , what can we would think?
    One thing we are sure of nothing, we are not specialists, and there are so many discordant studies
    So we must be very vigilant on the, content, veracity of websites.
    It is true that it is necessary to keep our critical spirit and not to stupidly follow all majority movement, but before the issue of a global warming, even if humans are not the only responsible, my green sensibility talks to me and says
    We must not stay here without doing anything

  19. skahahoo Says:

    Hoo boy.  Global warming, climate change…when did it get so politicized?  Whenever you read debates about it, it seems like everyone is so touchy.  And that’s never good for an honest, open exchange of ideas.
    BUT…I must say, I’m going to have to side with the scientific consensus on this one, who say that human-caused global warming is very, very, very, very likely (there are no absolutes in science), to the point that debating whether or not we play a significant role in climate change is no longer constructive, and that we should instead move on to figuring out solutions.  I know that climate is extremely complicated, and it would take years for me to truly understand all the science behind it…years that I don’t have.  And so I defer to what the majority of scientists have to say and take it on faith.  Just as I take it on faith that the engineers know what they’re doing before I cross a bridge without examining all the blueprints and physics behind the bridge.  Just as I take medicine on the recommendation of my doctor without reading through all the studies behind it.  Maybe it’s foolish of me, but peer-reviewed science has served me, and the world I think, well so far, so I see no reason to stop trusting it now.
    Also, just a note…the graph included in the article is misleading, in my opinion.  It implies that the data go through 2008, but as we all know, we’re still in 2008.  The data seem to stop around the middle of 2008, which is interesting because if you examine the data for the other years, you’ll see that for many of the years, there’s a rising-dipping-rising pattern, and it dips around the middle of a year before rising again.  The graph cuts off around the middle of 2008, when the data started to rise again.  So I think it’s a bit of fudging there…to make the trendline look like it’s continuing to drop that drastically, without taking into account the rest of 2008.
    And the world may have been cooling since 1998, but then what of the claim that most of this past decade has had the warmest years on record?  I think it’s something like 11 of the past 13 years or something have been the warmest?  Don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty sure it’s something like that.
    Also, I think the issue isn’t so much whether the climate is warming or cooling, or whether it’s cyclic and it’s supposed to happen, etc.  I think what has people worried is the RATE at which the change is happening.  When the climate changes too quickly, whether it’s a warming or a cooling, it has catastrophic effects…like mass extinctions and such.  So as Jasalom stated, the earth will fix itself, but I think people are worried that part of the earth’s “solution” will be to kill us off.
    I think it’s also worth noting that many of the reports arguing against climate change come from organizations that are funded by companies with a vested interest in alleviating fears about global warming…like oil companies and such.  And then news outlets and blogs, depending on your ideology, pick up on those reports and circulate them.
    If anyone is interested in reading more about the controversy over global warming/climate change, New Scientist magazine has a thing online in which they address a slew of myths.  Check it out:  http://environment.newscientist.com/channel/earth/dn11462-climate-change-a-guide-for-the-perplexed.html
    At any rate, kudos to keeping an open mind, and weighing all the sides before coming to a conclusion.  And double kudos to supporting sustainability. 🙂

  20. Stephen K Says:

    Sounds like you came across a closed mind. But the faith that was exhibited can be almost religious in its zeal. The technique here, indignation, is used to close off any debate. Always ask why.

    When talking about “global warming” it is important to frame the debate, to make sure everyone is referring to the man-made portion/contribution. As Taylor Nikole pointed out, it is a fact that the globe has been warming since the last ice age. Plus, within this long term natural warming trend there have been many shorter, variable, (500yr, 25yr etc) heating/cooling periods.

    Human made CO2 does contribute to natural global warming, the main question is what is the effect (%). I think the research shows it is small. Mother nature does as she pleases, we’re just along for the ride. It is certainly not a crisis that requires a $5 Trillion dollar crash program. But to continue with our ongoing 40 year cleanup is a good idea. Continuing research is a good idea.

    It is “… important for us to take care of our environment”. Yes! I’m with you. However we have also reached the point of diminishing returns and we need to be smart about where we concentrate our efforts. 40 years ago we could spend $100 Billion and clean up 25% of the pollution, today $100 Billion might yield a .5% improvement. The choice is increasingly pristine environment vs poverty.

    Interestingly there is some evidence that about 5-8 years ago we entered a period of natural global cooling. So if begins to cool should we increase our production of CO2 to offset the cooling. It could prevent another ice age 😉

    As a book to satisfy your skepticism (GW and many other issues) I recommend.
    The Skeptical Environmentalist
    By Bjorn Lomborg
    Steve K

  21. Randy Says:

    I agree with Kristin (and pretty much everyone else here) that it is not so much whether or not Global Warming is man made or not…..(Or to what degree it is our fault.) To try to completely understand the entire puzzle is well beyond even the experts. (Just look at how many “experts” have conflicting arguments or change their opinions over time.) However, this is completely understandable when you take into consideration all of the things that can contribute to Earth’s climate change….Solar cycles, volcanic activity, ocean circulation, methane release from the oceans and permafrost, CO2 emissions, etc. The number of variables is staggering….

    That being said, I do agree that we DO have to make an attempt to protect our environment and increase our sustainability in any ways that we can. For instance, humans throw away BILLIONS of tons of trash everyday….we deforest an area the size of North Carolina every year in the tropical rain forests…..and …..(just take your pick of things we do to the planet….) Now I am not saying that all of these things could/do contribute to global climate change, but they definitely do affect the world around us. It does not take a genius to realize that we do have to change the way that we treat this planet…..otherwise future generations WILL have to pay the consequences….be it a changed climate….or just a polluted one….

    I am reminded of something I heard a long time ago….it goes something like this…..”We NEED the Earth….BUT the Earth DOES NOT need us….” Just something to thing about.

  22. Lorène Says:

    Hello Kristin,
    It is terrified to think that the global warming is able to destroy us. But unfortunatly it’s the ugly reality. In a way, it was a little foreseeable. I mean USA don’t want to respect Kyoto Protocol ; there were nuclear tests in atmosphere , atomics bomb ,… the list goes on and on .
    I think today it’s essential to change and a huge one is necessary .
    One line from one song in particular stands out :”I’ll trade all of my tomorrows for a single yesterday”.

    And the worst in week it is because when it is finished … this begins again .
    Here is for actuality and tomorrow will be worse … 🙂
    huge kisse
    xoxo 🙂

  23. Kevin Says:

    State of Fear – Michael Crichton

    Read it, it’s a fiction book but uses real world stats to show that even though a lot of people have heard about global warming and believe it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. I believe that global warming is a good theory, however it’s far from being proven. If you really care about your world, even if it isn’t true, you should still try to use less and be more supportive of your environment.

  24. Alex Says:

    Hi Kristin,
    There are all kinds of facts that lead us to believe global warming in indeed man-made. For a great documentary filled with facts and figures you should see “An Inconvinient Truth” , the Oscar winning piece by Al Gore.
    Let’s all wake up before it’s too late.


  25. scott Says:

    “…And when you aren’t supposed to question something any longer I get a little curious…”

    “I want to be the kind of person who looks at things from all angles, open and willing to take in information and then determine what I think seems the most true.”

    Bravo! Bravo. Respect for Truth with a capital T should always be the crucible that our ideology is forged by, not the other way around.

    To the subject:

    We are stewards of all that surrounds us. We are responsible to each other, to further generations, to our Creator, for the resources we have been gifted. These are the simple truths that real sustainability can be built upon.

    The ideas are not complicated, nor is the change required in our attitudes. We resist the change, however, because we see it as overwhelming. The truth is, It takes 21 days to break a bad habit, and 21 more to form a good one. A month and a half to change the world.

    That is not so overwhelming, really.

    (Full disclosure: I work for the government in the environmental regulation field.)

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