Movie Madness Mondays – The Others


Sooo…to stick in line with Halloween, I thought a great scary movie to watch over the weekend and review would be THE OTHERS! Check out the trailer gals….FREAKY!…maybe a good scary movie will scare me enough to get Extra Little (Big) to come on out of the womb. Tee hee!



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38 Responses to “Movie Madness Mondays – The Others”

  1. Binks Says:

    Oohhh I remember this movie. Dang this is old. haha I saw this yrs ago. 😛

    Guess Imma have to brush up on it again.

  2. Robby Says:

    I’ve seeming to find myself watching the “I Put A Spell On You” scene from the movie “Hocus Pocus”. It’s an old classic now. 🙂

    I’m not really into scary movies, so that one was one I could take and enjoy.

    I scare too easy.

  3. Hammad Says:

    I never saw this movie, but there is what I think is a great foreign film called “The Orphanage”, which is a suspense/horror movie produced by the director of “Pans Labyrinth”, which many people probably haven’t seen as opposed to this movie.

  4. taylor nikole Says:

    haha k…
    but not til halloween 🙂

  5. Binks Says:

    I’ve seen that one Hammad. It was pretty good. I liked it a lot.
    I went with 2 guy friends and in one scene all 3 of us were caught by surprise and yelled. hahaha. Twas funny 😛

  6. Hammad Says:

    I know exactly what scene you are talking about. I jumped myself. LOL. The reason I recommended the film was because it was more than a creepy/scary movie. The directing, acting and cinematography were all well done, the movie also had a bit of a fantastical element to it, and it asked some rather thoughtful questions. It had a rather sad, but at the same time, a happy ending. Anyways, I just wanted to recommend it even if it isn’t the movie of the week so others could see it on their own time because it really appealed to me.

  7. Ash Says:

    “But mommy, I am your daughter. ”
    *shudders* creepy creepy, no like scary movies. =*(

  8. G Says:

    “At first I couldn’t understand what the pillows where doing in my hands and why you didn’t move, but then I knew, it had happened, I killed my children. I got the rifle, I put it to my forehead and I pulled the trigger, nothing, and I heard your laughter in the bedroom, you were playing with the pillows as if nothing had happened, and I thought the Lord and his great mercy was giving me another chance, tell them, don’t give up, be strong, be a good mother but now, but now what does this all mean? Where are we? “

  9. Binks Says:

    Way to go G. Ruin it for all the others. >_>

    ……..wait a minute…

    haha! Was this a trick to get me to say “The Others” ? Oh Touche`…Touche`… 😛

  10. G Says:

    MUHAHAHAHA. It was, muhahahaha.

  11. taylor nikole Says:

    guess whos turning 18 tomorrow guess whos turning 18 tomorrow *sings*

  12. G Says:

    My baby shoes? 😛

  13. taylor nikole Says:

    she is growing into her adult shoes *gaspp*

  14. Chris Says:

    hahaha tommorow is gonna be awesome! How can it not be? 😛

    G you will still be a kid at heart….so no worries 😛

  15. taylor nikole Says:

    iwish we could attack her with silly string tomorrow

  16. taylor nikole Says:

    OMG wait wait! im sooo slow!
    ive seen that movie!
    *smacks forehead*

  17. Chris Says:

    I just wonder what stories of APness we will hear from G. She is a hazard to herself 😛

  18. taylor nikole Says:

    *accident prone…all in the same*

  19. Binks Says:

    I missed comments of making fun of G and her accident attractions?! *GASP*

    Yes, Happy almost B-day G. Dun suffocate while ur eating cake 😛

  20. taylor nikole Says:

    hahaha don’t take Binks examples..
    inhales cake..
    no chewing

  21. Sarynelli Says:

    haha YEAAHHHH!! i love this movie. A really elegantly made thriller with a great twist at the end.

  22. LI Says:

    I’ve seen this movie. IT IS SO FREAKY!!! lol

  23. taylor nikole Says:

    I don’t think pans really made me jump… i think it was just intriguing more than anything…
    and i totally spent alot of time focusing on the subtitles LOL

  24. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I watched the others!
    well i must till next monday to let you all know what i think! and read what you have to say!!

    G’s brithday is just 30 minutes away!!

  25. Chris Says:

    Pan’s Labyrinth has gotta be one of the best movies I have seen. Its very moving. Those of you who haven’t seen it…do so. Def worth watching.

  26. skahahoo Says:

    Oh yeah? It’s G’s birthday? Happy birthday G! 😀

  27. AlyssaMarie Says:

    I loved that (The Others) movie. At the end, they didnt even know they were dead until they were told. It was like the movie Six Sense with Bruce Willis.
    Pan’s Labyrinth was too gory and violent, I didnt think it was moving.
    The movie took place around the time of dictatorship in Spain.
    The name of the movie caught my eye because I thought it was one of those fantasy movies with magic and stuff. A movie for kids, but, when I started to watch it, I was horrified!! I didnt know the movie was sooo GORY and VIOLENT, not suitable for kids!! It was not moving. If you are into blood,killing, and violence, then it is the movie for you.

  28. Emma-Lu Says:

    Oo! I bet I yell louder than any of you during scary movies… I’m a ninny of note. Happy Birthday G 🙂

  29. Sue Says:

    *lol* Kendra I hope your baby is not too scared so he/she rather wants to be save in the lovely, warm waterbed and stays even longer^^

    @G: HAPPY BIRTHDAY – so maybe you can answer binks advisement about “halloween-babies” – did you came out with a costume on?^^

  30. Binks Says:

    We were talking about “The Orphanage” skahahoo, Pan’s didn’t make me jump. Teary eyed maybe, but not jump 😛 Same writer/director though.

    HA CHRIS! HA! PROOF!! PROOF that you should watch more movie when I tell you to watch them! If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t even know Pan >_> YOU’RE GROUNDED! Go to your room and watch Atonement, equally awesome 😛

  31. G Says:

    Hahaha, I was born The Devil, Sue 😉

  32. G Says:

    Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes! Now lets all watch The Others! Woooooooo.

  33. Robby Says:

    I plan on watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas” at some time tonight…

  34. MarilyneL Says:

    Ououo…kinda creepy…I so could not tell the end! The little boy was so cute while his sister was so smart. I still don’t know why their mother killed them…anyone? 😛

  35. kristina Says:

    okay so i kno this is an old movie but just watching the trailer still gives me the chills! perfect halloween movie 🙂

  36. maha Says:

    i really loved this movie

  37. Maura Says:

    I totally watched this couple of weeks go for the first time and i would have to say i loved it!
    creepy but not like gross blood and gore.. although that us not always bad lol :p

  38. Chris Says:

    gosh Binks you still haven’t given up on that 😛

    Atonement has awesome music thou despite its tragic theme….

    haha G was a devil since the day she was born 😛

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