MarcusHere is the very first image of Kendra and Terry’s babe… He is awesome… I am in awe.

I visited today, and everyone is healthy, happy and tired. Kendra will write you all as she gets settled.


Kristin (and Kendra and Marcus)


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78 Responses to “Marcus!”

  1. Binks Says:

    AWWW!!! omg Marcus is TINY O_O

    He’s adorable. I can tell he’s a heartbreaker already =p Thanks for the pic. 🙂

  2. Chris Says:

    dudeeee he is small

    awwww hes so cute!

  3. taylor nikole Says:


  4. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Oh My!!
    that is MARCUS!!
    he is so cute!!! finally we meet extra little!!!

    Thanx so much for the pic! K!!!

  5. Hammad Says:

    That tiny guy came out of Kendra’s big stomach. Are you sure the doctors didn’t find something else in there?

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    haha as we go…
    8 lbs??
    wow.. i was 9 lbs 3oz..
    i was a fat little baby
    andd now im tiny

  7. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Yeah Hammad!
    Are you sure there isn’t a twin still in there??

    Thanx again for the pic KK!

  8. Allie Says:

    He’s so adorable!

  9. Le Amazing Mari Says:

    Awwww sleepy baby!

    takes after me!! haha

  10. taylor nikole Says:

    but mari you never sleep
    oh wait..
    you sleep late..

  11. skahahoo Says:

    Tiny? Tiny you say?? lol. I have yet to meet a newborn that hasn’t made me go “Ouch!” at the thought of the delivery. 😉

    I have also yet to meet a newborn that hasn’t made go “Awww!” and giggle like a silly fool, and Marcus is certainly no exception. That’s a great photo…all yawning and being cute. 😀

    Also, has anyone else noticed that Marcus’ initials are MTV? Hehe. Babies do rock, but I think Kendra and Terry took it literally. 😉

  12. *dacara* Says:

    OMG I”ve been mia from the website for awhile and I come back to hear this wonderful news. Yeah! Congrats Kendra and hubby! Marcus is ADORABLE!! I’m glad to hear that everything went well. I hope the delivery wasn’t very painful and scary for you Kendra. I can’t wait to hear your story on Marcus’s birth. I’m so happy for you! Take care and get lots of rest.

    P.S. My mom’s birthday is also on Halloween:).

  13. G Says:

    Awww, what a lil cutie!

  14. t Says:

    awww! look at that lil yawn!

  15. Nicolas G Says:

    Congratulation, Kendra and Terry for your babby.

  16. Gina Says:

    OMG he’s so precious! Congratulations! I knew he was a boy!! ❤ 😀

  17. Lydia Says:

    He’s soooo cute!
    Thank you Kristin for sharing this picture.

  18. Jill Says:

    Awwww…he’s a cutieeee!!!
    Welcome to the World, Marcus!
    Congratulations Terry and Kendra! 😀

  19. Audrey Says:

    What a cutie. Congrats Kendra! 🙂 Best wishes!

  20. Laaya Says:

    OH!!! He is adorable!! Im so happy for you Kendra 😀 How cool to be born on Halloween 😀

  21. maha Says:

    he’s so cute 🙂

  22. Sascha Says:

    hey there, tiny man 😉

    i love his mimic on this picture: “whatever! i’m just tired.” hehe

  23. Jennifer Says:

    Awwww! Marcus is precious. I’m so happy for Kendra. Thanks Kristin for sharing the pic. ❤

  24. Lorène Says:

    hello Kristin,
    He is very cute. Congratulation to Kendra and her husband .
    and happy birthday to Marcus of course 🙂

  25. Michel - Sorocaba Says:

    Wow, he is veeery cute.
    Kendra and her hunband, CONGRATULATION!!
    Marcus, welcome to the world….

  26. Jennifer Says:

    He is beautiful! Congratulations Kendra and Terry!

  27. Ash Says:

    Nice work Kendra & Terry. 😉

  28. airese Says:

    Congrats to Kendra and Terry!
    Extra little indeed!

  29. evakke Says:

    congratulations Kendra and Terry, and welcome little Marcus!!
    he’s sooooo cute and little and lovely! 🙂

  30. Emily Says:

    Awww. My aunt just had her baby Zoey last weekend, on the 25th. Babies are so adorable when they’re first born, I could seriously just hold a newborn baby all day and never tire of it. =) And both my cousin and my grandfather are/were (respectively) halloween babies. =) Congrats to Kendra and her husband!

  31. LI Says:

    He is so cute

  32. jessicaf Says:

    totally adorable. Congrats Kendra! What a beautiful bundle of joy!

  33. Amara Says:

    Thanks for the Pic Kristin..!
    He’s so cute and adorable..!
    Congratulations to Kendra and her Husband..!!

  34. Emma-Lu Says:

    He is beautiful and so tiny. Kendra and Terry must be very proud parents! Xx

  35. Sonia Says:

    Félicitatioooons !! “CONGRATULATIONS” !!

    He’s so Cute !!

    Hugs xx

  36. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    Oh God , to look at this beautiful little human reminds me there’s always a new hope in life .
    so adorable , Marcus welcome to Life. Congrats to kendra and terry , i guess all that mustard worked out for u ha Kendra , lol.

  37. superkurre Says:

    Oh my gosh, he is cute! Congratulations! And what a great name. Nice job 😉

  38. Robby Says:

    Cute baby 🙂

  39. Linden Says:

    well he’s just plain adorable!
    aww i LOVE BABIES!!!

    haha congratulations again Kendra and Terry!!

  40. Emilia Says:

    Thank you soooo much Kendra and Kristin for sharing these precious moments with us!

    He is an angel.
    Marcus welcome to this wonderfully crazy beautiful world! hehe


  41. MarilyneL Says:

    Awwwww! So cute 😀 Those baby pictures just make me wanna have kids so bad! 😛 His face looks actually smaller than the hand… 😛 Take care and rest! xoxo

  42. Leane Brunelle Says:

    What’s cute!!!!
    Thanks for the good news, Kristin.
    God bless kendra, Terry and Marcus
    WELCOME MARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. anna Says:

    ohhhhhh my goodness he is so cute -__-‘

  44. anna Says:

    i hope your doing okay kendra im so happy for u<3

  45. April Says:

    He is beautiful!!! Hope you are doing well Kendra! 🙂

  46. sypher Says:

    congratulation kendra and terry , he’s so beautiful !

  47. Lena Says:

    awww he’s so cute! ❤ congrats.

  48. Catherine Says:

    Oh, adorable!!! Hello Marcus! Congratulations to Kendra & Terry!!

  49. Alyssa Says:

    Awwww, he’s sooo cute. Congrats Kendra!!!

  50. Liz moser Says:

    what a handsome wee man! Huge congrats to mama and papa. Lovely name choice also

  51. Jenipher Says:

    OMG!! He is the cutest baby ever! Congratulations to both Kendra and Terry, they must be so happy. 😀

  52. Taty Says:

    He is so cute… God bless!!!

  53. Arelis Says:

    That’s one awesome picture! He’s adorable! Congrats!

    @Ash, haha… yeah, they did an awesome job! 😀

  54. Jane | BH Says:

    Congrats Kendra!!!

  55. marie Q. Says:

    congrats he`s so cute,!!!

  56. Jo Says:

    Such a BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  57. Rysa Says:

    So beautiful… like his mother!

  58. scott Says:

    Congrats guys! As a daddy of 3, let me just say, “stock up on Red Bull, you’re gonna need it!”

  59. O.T Says:

    What a beautiful baby!! I’m so happy for you! Wish you all the best.

  60. Keysha Says:

    So beautiful… congrats Kendra

  61. AlyssaMarie Says:

    He’s adorable! Congratulations to the new parents! Thanks for the photo, Kristin.

  62. Megan Says:

    Welcome to the world Marcus! and Congratulations to Terry & Kendra – embrace this special moment in time.

  63. Kells Says:

    Oh my god, he’s so cute! Beautiful kid!
    Congrats to Kendra and Terry.


  64. Maguii Says:

    OMG!! He’s sooo cute! =)
    I love the pic, he looks sooo adorable!

    Congratulations, Kendra and Terry! All the luck and the best wishes for you!

  65. Lesley Says:

    awwww marcus is so cute!

  66. Anon Says:

    Congratulations, Kendra and Terry. It’s an admirable and gutsy thing to bring a child into the world. God bless.

  67. Sandy Says:

    aww is so lovely and cute!! !!! beautiful!!!

    congrats Kendra and Terry 🙂

  68. Brenda Says:

    Hi Kendra,

    How are you feeling? (phsycally speaking, emotionally is obvious)

    So, finally you decide to come out my dear Marcus! He’s gorgeous Kendra, soooo cute!!! Extra little is here!!! Congrats to you, to Terry and to you my dear Marcus, welcome to the World!!


  69. Jaymie Says:

    Awww…he’s so cute…adorable…omg!!!
    Congrats on your new little bundle of fun! =P

  70. Dottie Says:

    Congratulations to Kendra and hubby…Marcus is beautiful…all the best …

  71. Lorna Says:

    I knew if I didnt stop by for a while Extra Little would be born. Note to self: Dont stay away too long, things happen.

    Congratulations Kendra!! He’s so cute!! I got all high pitched and squeeful at the picture. Awww.

  72. génnà Says:

    sööö cutíè…congrats kendra & terry!how about you kristin?when can we see a cutíè angel from you,too?hehehe!

  73. Patrick Says:

    Welcome to this world little Marcus! Wish ya a happy life from Paris! Congrats Kendra

  74. Kailin Says:

    He is perfect. Congratulations!

  75. Léna Says:

    AWwwww !
    He is so cute, so small .. I wish you a lot happiness.
    kiss =)

  76. Kailin Says:

    He’s perfect…didn’t I say that before? Anyways, I’ll say it again…he is perfect. What a little angel.

  77. Kailin Says:

    My little girl’s 2 years old so I miss the time when she was a newborn. Thanks for sharing such a sweet picture. I just love babies – everything about them (from their tiny feet to their baby yawn) are so precious. Please provide more pics of little Marcus. Too cute!

  78. Aurelie Says:

    Scorpion ! ^^

    CONGRATULATIONS ! He’s cuteuh !


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