MMM = MIA = Meh

You may have noticed that Movie Madness Monday has been Missing In Action for the past few weeks. The word “meh” has only recently entered my vocabulary, but I think that is the appropriate word to describe this unfortunate state of affairs. I’m sure Mari will correct me if I’m mistaken in my usage. 😉

Anyway, apparently Kendra thinks it’s more important to take care of her newborn son than to write a movie review, to which I say “Pfft!” As if Marcus were going anywhere. He just popped into this world! Where’s he gonna go? He’s a guy. He won’t even ask for directions.

Kristin is, I dunno, shooting a TV series or something. Apparently, this requires 14-16 hour days. You know what that means? That means there are still 8-10 hours left in the day to write a movie review! But I guess SOMEONE thinks it’s more important to use the remaining third of the day to do things like sleep. Or eat. Or, I dunno, breathe.

Tabby is off working on her master plan for world domination.  I approve of this.  I hope she remembers me when the time comes for her to pick a lieutenant.

And Mari…folks, can we please give poor Mari a break here?  She already wrote the review for “Gray Matters” not that long ago.  Plus, she’s a world-renowned expert in the use of the word “meh.”  She’s done enough.

So what to do?  Well, it has recently come to my attention that there’s a movie called “Twilight” coming out this week.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  Apparently, it’s a very big deal.  Because apparently, it’s based on a book that’s, like, a worldwide phenomenon.  Dude…all I know is that there’s a guy who can run up trees or something, and he likes this girl, who likes him back, and there’s fighting.  And there’s supposed to be a werewolf?  But I didn’t see any werewolves in the preview, so I don’t know what that’s all about.

Am I clueless?  Absolutely.  But we’re not gonna review “Clueless”!  We’re gonna review “Twilight”!  Or rather…we were hoping that YOU hip and happenin’ gals would review “Twilight” because clearly, I haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on.  So help us show Movie Madness Monday some love ladies.  Who wants to review “Twilight”?  Come one, come all!  Whoohoo!


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54 Responses to “MMM = MIA = Meh”

  1. Chris Says:

    Twilight! I’m so glad they moved up the release date.

    Edward is a vampire who has…a dazzling effect on people 😀
    Bella is your “average” girl…she is such a clutz 😛

    haha the werewolf is Jacob aka Jake…a very cool one might I add. Hes the one for Bella *looks around*

    so yeah…I can’t wait to see this movie 😀

  2. taylor nikole Says:

    pft ill do it! im already (possibly) writing a review on it for my school paper… maybe (might as well do one or 2 just incase lol)
    if I needs to be written for gbd im up for writing a separate one

    hmmm I hink wen tabbs takes over the world I deserve a country. :-p lol

    and mari that lazy but ❤
    but always doing something.. gotta love her 🙂

  3. Le Amazing Mari Says:

    Lol I have yet to try and read this book. All I know is that Ive seen some pretty crazy teens go insane over this lol I wanna see twilight just to try and understand what the fuss is all about.

  4. Le Amazing Mari Says:

    heeeeeeeey wth! I be no lazy butt!

    hehehe cant even type that with a straight face! I love how mine is the only lame ass excuse… well, Tabby`s kinda is too, so yay for not being the only one. I also love how I just got outed as a lazy person. THANK YOU VERY MUCH KATHY. meh!

    I kid I kid.

  5. jessica f Says:

    hey thanks for all the updates with what’s going on with the GBD administrators! You’re doing a great job. Please let me know if I could help out in any way!

  6. kristina Says:

    the books are pretty much awesome and the movie will no doubt be pretty crazy. when it comes to vampire novels, twilight is definitely boss.

    btw what tv series is kristin currently working on? i kno smallvilles out and im curious to kno

  7. Marianne Says:

    i have the two first books but have yet to convince myself to read it lol i did, however, read about nessie, and omg that was so lolworthy. seriously! very amusing.

  8. Marianne Says:

    I wonder how that’d be worked out in a movie lol

  9. taylor nikole Says:

    no tabbys excuse was legit.. pshhh
    your one the other hand mariiii…..

  10. Brooke Says:

    Loved the witty post. I’ve read three of the Twilight books and they’re amazing. The main guy in the trailer is a vampire you probably just didn’t realize lol.The main girl Bella is in love with him.

  11. Binks Says:

    TWILIGHT!!!! *squeals like a crazy teen schoolgirl*
    Honestly there are only 2 things in this world that makes me squeal. One is Twilight 😀 So much awesomeness in a book is too much for my small heart to take. =D
    Edward is a vamp, Bella is a regular chick who falls in love with this vamp. Romance ensues and so does trouble. Jacob is a werewolf….who can go choke on a rabbit and die for all I care. Stupid mutt >_>
    I don’t think the movie will live up to the expectations of the book, because honestly, books are always better. I don’t think there is a movie out there that will be better than the book. But alas, I’m still giddy and mushy and ecstatic about the movie. Definitely seeing it midnight tomorrow. >=)

    Loved the entry Kathy, haha twas funny. And it’s a great idea for a Movie Monday 🙂 I’m sure a LOT of ppl will want to do the review xD

  12. Marianne Says:

    how is world domination legit? I am not impressed with you little one.

  13. taylor nikole Says:

    mari…haha but u still love me…
    because out of how many times I’ve dissapointed you…. *cough*
    pft world domination is legit! it doesn’t need an explation as to why it is (amazingly) legit.. seems like ur alone there mari :-p
    ur lazy butt is busy not being youuu


  14. G Says:

    Ugh, Twilight 😛

  15. Gina Says:


    Twilight is seriously overrated. But thank you for updating us!

  16. superkurre Says:

    Thanks for the update. That was hilarious, but good to know what people are up to. Kinda figured that Kendra might not be updating us for a while. She must have her hands full with that cutie of a baby 🙂

    Think I’m gonna give Twilight a miss, although I love vampire films. Just think this might not be my cup of tea. I hope all of you going to see it enjoy it though! 😀

  17. Ash Says:

    That better not be sarcasm, Chris… You better mean it, when you say you like Jake. =P

    No haten on MY JACOB, Bunks!. 😡

    The Twiligh series of books are pretty great, and I think the movie will be good and do the first book some justice.
    And the werewolves dont really make their appearance until the second book.

  18. taylor nikole Says:

    meh and totes
    i forgot

    i didn’t know what totes was
    kinda like a human computer abv. dictionary…
    there is talent…

    and it sooo is busy busy busy work planning world domination -_-

  19. Linden Says:

    Dudes, my gal pals and I are having a massive, I mean MASSIVE twilight party tomorrow night. We don’t have school Friday, so we’re all going to the midnight showing tomorrow night! (And then we’re playing capture the flag and eating our hearts out.. you know girls stuff.) But I can’t wait for the movie!
    Its gonna be big!
    We bought 40ish tickets for the movie. And I’m not exaggerating.
    Ahhh Twilight.
    Ahhh EDWARD…

    No offense to the mongrel lovers… but go Team Edward! 🙂

    (That was for you Binksy.)

  20. taylor nikole Says:

    team edward ftw!

  21. Chris Says:

    gosh Kristin and Kendra are the only ones with good excuses 😛
    as for Tabs and Mari…tsk tsk
    it is also busy busy work planning rebellions 😛

    mongrel lovers? *shakes head*
    and what? no love for Jacob? I mean sure Edward is almost every girl’s dream…but Jacob rocks too 😛

  22. taylor nikole Says:

    Pshh CHRIS!

    no no no
    i still say
    tabby’s excuse is legit
    world domination takes time
    and effort

    *cough cough*
    mari :-p

  23. Ash Says:

    Meanie leach lovers. 😦
    I’d take HOT over COLD any day. 😉

  24. Chris Says:

    great Ash, you have me listening to Hot N Cold…again 😛

  25. Linden Says:

    i’m just messin’ with y’all!

  26. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Oh my god!! LOL LOL
    I was already happy but this entry was the greatest way to finish my day!
    (england time 3:11 am)
    Kathy: this was really great made me laugh so hard!

    Well Twilight!! I read the books! they are great books! I like them a lot!! I just caught up with them finish them last week!!!
    Can’t wait for the movie!! and the review!!!


  27. Binks Says:

    COLD is where it’s at. Cold and sparkling. All your mongrel does is eat and turn into a friggin dog. >_>
    I agree with Tako! Team Edward!!! HELLZ YEAH…
    no…wait…actually. I’m all for Alice. She’s the true reason why everyone reads 😛

  28. Ash Says:

    …Sure, sure, Bunks. =P
    You BIG MEANIE! 😦 =P

  29. O.T Says:

    First I just have to say your so freakin’ funny. You should totally talk to my cousin. She knowa everything about “Twilight.” All I know about it is that I am supposed to be seeing it on Saturday for my friends birthday. lol. It’s so funny how things get so popular.

  30. taylor nikole Says:

    apparently everyone… my new name is tako
    *smacks forehead*

  31. Ver0nik21 Says:

    It’s not only tako!
    it’s BABY TAKO!!!

  32. Binks Says:

    NO! Only I can call Tako Tako…. V-card is just stealing my thunder, like airplane! friggin V >_>

  33. Ver0nik21 Says:


    sorry mate!!
    but you made it public! so tako it is!
    actually BABY TAKO!!

    the maneater!! tk!

  34. Chris Says:

    see this is y…its great to have one nickname 😛

    make peace not war :)…I feel like such a hippie today 😛

  35. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Make love not war!!
    An eye for an eye will make us all blind!!!
    All you need is love so let it be!! 😉

    Baby tako wants to rule the world!

  36. Chris Says:

    actually TK have bigger plans than to just…rule the world 😀

  37. taylor nikole Says:

    so lets see
    nicknames and claimers

    tako claimed by binks
    taylot claimed by mari
    tay tay claimed by brit brit
    tk claimed by everyone apparently
    and taylor is a freefor all
    and tayter tot claimed by monique
    too many nicknames

  38. Ver0nik21 Says:


    tk has many nicknames you forgot maneater and baby tk!

    she can rule the moon too?

  39. Marianne Says:

    I still stand by the fact that mine is at least an honest excuse! world domination is NOT legit.


    The fact that vampires sparkle makes me giggle. ~scandalous~

    i just wanted to say ~scandalous~

  40. Chris Says:

    pfft forget it…Im taking over the moon now and will explore the galaxies and planets of this universe 😛
    one step for Chris big leap for civilization 😛

  41. taylor nikole Says:

    pshh you better remember that when she finally accomplishes and rules the world -_-
    i thought that was my job
    but she is already well on her way

    ohhh yeah CHRIS! we are taking over the moon.
    we can have cows there!

    I know.. i do sparkle :-p
    *shifty eyes*
    sorry that was random

  42. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Random! but that is tk! part og her charm! LOL

    VAmpires! they rule!
    can’t wait for twilight!

  43. taylor nikole Says:

    “Meh” <—- yes that had significance :-p

  44. Binks Says:

    r we spamming here again? 😛

  45. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Chris’s idea!

    still I love vampiere’s movies, books!

  46. G Says:

    *raises eyebrow*

  47. Gina Says:

    -secretly lurks in the BG-


  48. Lesley Says:

    kathy thanks for the laughs! lets just say i want this twilight weekend to get over with!preparing aint even the word.its the kids bum rushing in the theatre im not ready! ahhhh!HSM3 was already enough. MEH! loL!

  49. suzieQ Says:

    Taking a bunch of 14 year olds to see it and watching it myself.

    I have to confess………I’m excited too!

    One more day……Hee, Hee!

  50. skahahoo Says:

    @ Gina & G – You guys don’t say anything, and yet you still crack me up. lol. 😀

  51. G Says:


  52. MarilyneL Says:

    Haha, you gals are certainly forgiven, …even if there were no real reasons to be sorry 😛 Like Kathy said, you must take the little time left for yourselves. “Bride” airs tonight! hehe! , Marcus IS 😛 and Tabby..well Tabby…just conquerring the world!

    Take care! xoxo

  53. Ash Says:

    Twilight soudtrack is great, people.
    Rob Pattinson has a song on it called “Never Think”… he has such a deep voice and the song almost sounds… country-ish.
    He plays the guitar, its all acoustic-eee =P it’s a good song… and “Bella’s Lullaby” is cool too. Its done by Carter Burwell.

  54. Ashley C Says:

    I’ve never really known of the Twilight books before. I read, but I wasn’t really interested in the Science Fiction books. I’m more of a Murder/Crime Mystery books kind of girl. From seeing all the ads on t.v. for Twilight I was really curious and interested in it. So this weekend I dragged my boyfriend along and we saw it and i don’t know why but as soon as the movie lights dimmed and the credits started I was excited.

    By the end of the movie I was standing up with just about everyone else cheering and wishing there was more, but sadly the lights dimmed back on and people began to make their way out.

    The next day I was in the bookstore and saw the Twilight books I ended up buying the whole series and now I’ll be reading them (so that I can share the excitement for the second movie). It’s crazy because usually at night I’ll be watching t.v. but now once I open the books I’m in a whole new eerie world.

    I recomend this movie for any one. Believe me you’ll love it even if you haven’t read the books you’ll enjoy it just as much. And for those who have read the books you’ll enjoy it even more. Yes, not all the scenes in the book are in the movie, but everything cant be fit in, because if it was then we’d be sitting in the theater for hours, not that I mind though staring at Edward Cullen.

    I’ve never really liked Vampires there creepy, but after seeing this movie I’m wishing I had a handsome mysterious Vampire Boyfriend like Edward Cullen.


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