For All You Dog Lovers Out There

This is Harry. (photo: Michael S. Williamson)

I must warn you…I personally know of at least 2 people who cried when reading this article. One of them kind of doesn’t count though because she will cry during a McDonald’s commercial if it’s sappy enough. 😉
The article:  Something About Harry
A photo gallery:  Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs


17 Responses to “For All You Dog Lovers Out There”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I own two Maltese dogs, and they’re my best friends. My family sometimes worries about me because it appears as though I don’t have many friends, or really just put no effort into the friendships that I do have, but to me, human companionship pales in comparison to what dogs can offer.

    The following passage from the article made me perk up (like my Bella does when she hears a floorboard creak):

    “Some people who seem unmoved by the deaths of tens of thousands through war or natural disaster will nonetheless summon outrage over the mistreatment of animals, and they will grieve inconsolably over the loss of the family dog. People who find this behavior distasteful are often the ones without pets. It is hard to understand, in the abstract, the degree to which a companion animal, particularly after a long life, becomes a part of you.”

    I always felt awful for not getting emotional over the death of humans. There’s always that lingering thought whenever I watch the news of,”Why aren’t a FEELING anything? Am I really that heartless?” On the contrary, when I watch an ASPCA commercial I start crying uncontrollably. I think most people would categorize that as strange behavior, but it’s not my fault I just happen to love my dogs more than most of my family members. They will never be disappointed in me or unhappy to see me, or criticize my shortcomings. They’re love is absolute and unconditional, and reading that article just makes me realize that they’re more human than people are.

  2. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    I fully agree with what Jennifer said. I’ve never been fortunate enough to able to own dogs, but my sisters many dogs through the years have been some of the loyalist friends I could have asked for. Even when they got old and smelly.

    The big one for me was Smokey, a 1/2 English Blue 1/2 common scum cat. (Mum, the big show cat, escaped for 20 minutes, and came back pregnant, it ain’t hard t fill in the blanks) She finally gave out at age 15 or 16, nearly my whole life.

    I have another cat now, who’s also knocking on, at age 11.

    And as a 27 year old guy, that article did make me well up a bit.

    The greatest cruelty on life is that our beloved animal friends are fated to die before we do.

    I too have been unmoved by the deaths of thousands on TV, but weeped unconsolably whenever an animal friend of mine passed away.

    In many ways I prefer them to the majority of humans. Their’s no BS, they wear their hearts on their sleeves, love or hate, youre getting it live and direct.

    We could learn a lot from them

    Danny the Only Bloke

  3. jessica f Says:

    The end of that article made me cry. I have 3 dogs total. The first dog, my cookie, is 9 years old now. And she’s aging just as Harry had. She is now a grumpy old dog that spews attitude. My third dog Teddy is still a puppy. The three of them interact as if they are humans. I agree that people who have never owned a dog do not understand what we feel for them. The sacrifices that my parents and I make for our dogs, the thousands of dollars of surgery and dental care, my colleagues don’t understand. I would do anything and everything in my power to save/care for my babies.

    Dogs are the most generous, loving and forgiving creatures. I am almost nothing without them. I don’t live with my parents and my dogs keep me sane, and make me feel so appreciated. They can always read me by my tones and glances. Even when I cry, they are right there, laying next to me in bed. I am a 26-yr old woman. But around my babies, I feel like a kid again. I LOVED this article and am so grateful that you have posted one for animals lovers. Thanks so much Kathy!

  4. jessica f Says:

    p.s. if any one is interested i have a few photos of my babies! Just thought I’d share. Reading this article makes me miss them! But I’ll be home soon 🙂

    Here’s my #1 baby cookie-

    here’s Brownie-the middle baby

    and my newest pup teddy

    Enjoy and have a great Friday!!

    Jessica Ann

  5. taylor nikole Says:

    aww :-/

    dogs are amazing 🙂
    and loving creatures

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    i cry listening to songs…
    although im not quite
    greeting card tearing up
    just yet :-p

  7. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Oh oh!! what a nice and sweet story!
    Now i’m tearing too!
    I had 2 dogs well I have I go visit them every summer and x-mas break! Since they are like on the other side of the world literally!!
    But I love them both! my dog tim III and scott!! Specially Tim, he was born in my house he is now 10 years old the most loyal friend and dog i ever got! he suffered a lost too her mom she was in our family long before me! she was the sweetest dog! and i know what the article means my dog tim he was in morn too when his mom died he was kinda blue and looked like he missed her very very much so I think the dogs do know about death! Dogs are really special!

    Thanx for the post Kathy!

  8. AlyssaMarie Says:

    I didnt read the article because from the sounds of it, it seems like a very sad story. I do not want to cry or get upset, if it has something to do with evil humans towards animals. I was a dog owner my little luv, Lucky, was a Pekingese and he lived to the ripe old age of 15, I still thought that was too young to pass on. I know of other little dogs living to the ripe old age of 20 yrs.!! I’ve had pets all my life, from hamsters to birds to fish to ducks! yes ducks in NYC! turtles, cats and dogs!! When my poochie passed away, I was there with him when he took his last breath. I was glad to be by his side. As of now, I havent had the heart to get another. I am not ready. I am still heart broken. He passed away on Memorial Day 2006. When I do get another dog, I will be ADOPTING to save a life. They become a part of your family when you have them for so long.
    Here’s a cute story of my beloved. When he would watch animals on t.v., he thought they were inside the television, he would go around to the back of the t.v to look for them, thinking they were inside the t.v. I thought that was sooo cute!!!

  9. LI Says:

    I love dogs and Harry has a good soul, you can see it in his eyes.

  10. jennifer Says:

    That was a sad story and made me cry. I wish I hadn’t read it as it brought back some painful memories of my old dog.

  11. foretold Says:

    hi all!

    I’m also like totally dog mad. I found this bernesse dog on flicker:


    He(or she? doesn’t know) is just the most fluffy and beautiful dog I’ve ever seen.

  12. kristina Says:

    i know this is pretty pathetic, but this article is one of the saddest stories ive ever read. i always hate seeing movies, watching commercials, or reading stories that hav to do with dogs because if the ending is not happy, i will be pretty gloomy the rest of the day.

  13. C Says:

    *raises hand* I cried.

  14. Ashley Says:

    Omgoodness, are you serious? Oh I hate putting dogs down it kills me. I know it has to be done, but it’s the worst thing for an owner to go through. You get so attached and then they are gone. He was a cute dog.

  15. Giu Says:

    This story is pretty sad …
    It made me think about my old dog .. I miss him T.T

  16. Emma-Lu Says:

    This is just the cutest most heart wrenching story ever; a dog can really tug on our heart strings. My dog is also just my favourite ‘person’ on the planet 🙂

  17. sussy Says:

    the end of the article make me cry.i have a 4 yeards old labrador .the story is beatiful and sad and the same time.

    how could think that a dog can make such a difference for this person.oh so sweet.

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