Hey Taylor Nikole!

Tag!  You’re it!  On behalf of the entire GBD community, I’d like to thank you for volunteering to write the review for “Twilight.”  I suppose I could’ve announced this in a more subtle fashion.  Maybe next time.

Also, apparently, I’m supposed to write a “Twilight” review as well.  Yup.  Tabby volunteered me.  So for those of you who were thinking that I was just kidding about the whole Tabby-world-domination thing…no, that’s really happening.  I don’t mind though.  As long as I get first dibs on North America.

So tune in this Monday, when you will get TWO movie reviews for the price of one!  Whoohoo!

Have a great weekend everybody!  🙂


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11 Responses to “Hey Taylor Nikole!”

  1. taylor nikole Says:


    I logged onto the blog and i was like… uhhh
    why is my name in big white bold letters…
    although it is 7am
    (and lack of sleep)

    Kathy… i call germany -_-

  2. jessica f Says:

    HAHAH good job taylor! I’m so proud of you for volunteering. Have fun writing that! Hopefully I can write a review some day! 🙂

  3. lesley Says:

    alright TK! lol.

  4. taylor nikole Says:

    aww thanks jessica!
    and Lesley lol

    i also can’t wait to hear what everyone else has to say….
    so far there has been bad reviews, so im a little nervous to see it (tonight i believe)

  5. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Nice we get 2×1!! haha
    yeah really subtle!!
    to be honest tk the first thing in my mind was what did she do now? like you were in some kinda trouble LOL but you are a nice girl! LOL
    I think… LOL
    Can’t wait for the review!

    Yeah tabby is in charge! niceee!

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    pft v….
    haha I smashedmy fingers in the door earlier this week and went to get ice in the office and the lady in the office ws like “what did u do now?” haha I laughed..
    always in there getting something… im accident prone….

    its always something with me but I guess that makes life exciting loll

  7. Jeff Liu Says:

    wow… miss nikole..

    i thought you were joking today but…

    wow. just epic
    this needs moar fierce

  8. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Waiting for TK’s review!!

    Excited!! 😉


  9. O.T Says:

    Hey Taylor I hope you do an awesome job! I’m sure you will! Good luck!

    Oh btw, I totally basically laughed all through ‘Twilight.’ Maybe it had something to do with all the young teenage girls screaming, lol.

  10. taylor nikole Says:

    hah u mean when jacob and edward made their apearances and whe the movie started….
    my ears were deff bleeding lol

  11. O.T Says:

    Yeah the Edward dude. When he came in all the girls were screaming like crazy, lol.

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