Movie Monday Madness ‘Twilight”

by: Taylor Kagy

Let me just start off by telling all you gals that when I was waiting in the HUGE line outside the movie theatre Friday night (which required us present two hours before the actual show, in hopes of getting okay seats) I had the biggest adrenaline rush and my tummy felt like a butterfly garden. This might have been due to the fact that I absolutely adore the Twilight series, and also people at school who went to the midnight showing saying it absolutely… uhh sucked. Yep, I am a Twilight fan, but not quite Twihard or ‘obsessive twilight fan’ (which Mari and Chris recently educated me on).

For all of those newbies out there who are unaware of the Twilight… let me just fill you in a little. The lovely main character (of the epic saga, written by Stephanie Meyer) is Bella Swan who moves from Phoenix, Arizona, where she lived with her mom and her moms new husband to live with her father Charlie in Forks, Washington, the rainiest, gloomiest town with a population of about 3,000 people. The reason for her move was solely based on her feeling that she was ‘cramping’ her mother’s new life with her new husband and, in a way, feeling that she was being a nuisance. Lucky for Bella, despite Forks tiny population, she meets the beautiful, gorgeous and chiseled seventeen year old Edward Cullen (If you couldn’t tell… I’m team Edward) and finds herself instantly fascinated and drawn to him. The problem is, the first few days of school it seems Edward is repulsed by her and even tries to change his schedule around to avoid her. Edward is gone for a few days following and when he returns he pulls a sudden Jekyll and Hyde by introducing himself to Bella which leads to the wonderful Bella and Edward friendship/relationship. In the movie an almost tragic incident occurs, (which I won’t spoil) making Bella question Edwards being, his real truth and his motives. When Bella finally finds out what Edward is hiding, their relationship benefits from the truth by bringing them closer and making them inseparable, but at the same time suffers… sending their relationship on a wild rollercoaster ride. So, if you want to know what happens, let’s just say you will have to go see the movie, because I refuse to spoil it and all of its twisted plot goodness.

Personally, I thought the movie was okay, but I also found myself comparing the movie to the book the whole entire time (and comparing how I envisioned the characters myself, and who they had chosen). Soooo lets just say the movie would have been ten times better (or fantabulous) if I hadn’t read the books and based my opinion solely on the movies content compared to the books. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everything else was ‘disappointing’, since director, Catherine Hardwicke ultimately did an amazing job bringing Twilight to life and to the big screen. The acting was also, in my opinion phenomenal, with a few exceptions (but who am I to judge). I must also give props to Kristin Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) for not failing to bring forth the corny hormonal teenage romance that Stephanie Meyer intended.

So if you haven’t seen it… go see it! I’m guessing most of the Twihard’s on the site have seen it, so even if you haven’t read the books go see it anyways!

Taylor Nikole


73 Responses to “Movie Monday Madness ‘Twilight””

  1. Chris Says:

    darn…no spoilers 😛

    awesome review dude 😉

    and uh…TEAM JACOB 😀

  2. Ash Says:

    You didnt mention Jacob. =(
    He is an important character in this. =P

  3. Marianne Says:

    ~waiting for the twihards~


  4. taylor nikole Says:

    yeah YOU HIDE mari!

  5. taylor nikole Says:

    but if i mentioned jacob! that would be spoilers! gosh ASH!
    i thought about it too
    haha don’t worry

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    doesn’t jacob have more importance in the second book opposed to the first
    because really jacob showed up like twice in the movie…

  7. Marianne Says:

    but twihards are full of ~lulz~

    plus, the vampires ~sparkle~

  8. taylor nikole Says:

    so are world of warcraft players!
    and don’t even start comparing twihards to WoW players
    dont you dare
    im not a twihard 🙂
    i read the list
    and i don’t fit under like any of those little…
    how to know you are a twihard


  9. Marianne Says:

    im not even gonna mention wow cos i have no idea where you were going with that 😀

    i love how i have nothing against twilight, but cant help but poke fun at it and the twihards. i am ~speshul~

  10. taylor nikole Says:

    i already told you to stop eating the paste mari
    you don’t know where im going with that?
    you do know what WoW is right?

  11. Marianne Says:

    no, i live under a rock. and im sad to say i once played it up til 5am 😦 its addicting! but then i stopped cos i didnt want to pay for it and the free trial was done 😀 i be poor!

    my new addiction be ~guitar hero~ …. when I remember it exists 😀

    oh no wait, my new addiction is to make fun of twihards that think rpattz is ~dazzling~

  12. taylor nikole Says:

    NOPE! goo watch twilight
    you ex WoW nerd!
    whilst i go watch true blood
    a deal is a deal mari!
    twilight will be your new addiction!
    i can see the future!

    dude im going to challenge and kick your butt in GH someday you just watch!
    LOL ❤

  13. Marianne Says:

    Dude, I can barely play easy on GH. Puck off!

    Oh yeah, another addiction: summer heights high 😀

    yah yah whatever, Ill give twilight a shot, but in return you must watch the full season of true blood 😀 which I started watching today….. AND watch every youtube video I send your way. A DEAL IS A DEAL.

    I should post here what RPattz said about Smeyer, cos that never gets old.

  14. taylor nikole Says:

    i already watch all of your obsessive linky videos :-p

    hahah brit had her status say somethiing about being in love with summer heights high right?

    hmmm for some reason this seems unfair
    you give up 2 hours of your time
    while i give up atleast 15…

  15. taylor nikole Says:

    like i said.. someday when your addiction actually gets you to higher levels :-p

  16. Marianne Says:

    well except if i end up liking the movie, I will most likely give the book a chance haha, so there you go, does it not seem like a fair deal? 😛

    hehehe i totes got brit into summer heights high 😀

  17. Marianne Says:

    “When I read it I was convinced Stephenie was convinced she was Bella and it was like it was a book that wasn’t supposed to be published. It was like reading her sexual fantasy, especially when she said it was based on a dream and it was like, ‘Oh I’ve had this dream about this really sexy guy,’ and she just writes this book about it. Like some things about Edward are so specific, I was just convinced, like, ‘This woman is mad. She’s completely mad and she’s in love with her own fictional creation.’ And sometimes you would feel uncomfortable reading this thing.”

    so when RPatzz said that…. do you think he meant twilight was super awesome, or that its some mad womans creation? oh the hidden meaning….. 😀

  18. taylor nikole Says:

    totes= totally
    i still remember that

    hmm and especially the 4th one 😉
    jk jk

    yeah i remember alot of ppl were readin the books so i was like
    eghh ill be the defiant one and not read them
    and then my friend made me read twilight
    and i got through it in a day
    and then there was waiting for all the other books, but still!

    mari you PULLED A TAYLOR!
    ofcourse says mari :-p

  19. taylor nikole Says:

    for future reference guys…
    mari is amazing
    therefore i am pulling a taylor (double posting) to make her happy -_-

    to comment on her brilliant quoting
    I think RP is …. insane
    but that doesnt make him uncute
    just a little creepy
    he openly admitted he was paranoid since
    he was young
    therefore eveything he says should be taken as a joke when it comes to saying people are crazier than him

  20. Marianne Says:

    first off pulling a taylor is something of my creation, and as of now, only I can say it!

    secondly, rpattz sounds like the only sane one in the bunch 😀 everybody knows twilight reads like smut fan fiction… well, every ontd’er knows that 😀

    that being said, theres nothing wrong with smut fan fiction. its just ironic that smeyer is a mormon 😀

  21. Chris Says:

    pfft spammers but thats o..K ;P

    haha well I think the beginning of Breaking Dawn can be classified as smut 😛

    and I cant wait to see Jacob onscreen 😛
    KS and TL look cute together haha

  22. taylor nikole Says:

    im srsly rofl-ing
    okay okay
    is this like a claim thing
    just like only brit can call me tay tay now?

    wait… what! it has my name in it! and it was named after me therefore i should have some rights! gosshhh haha

    its like saying… now you can’t say meh
    cause we both said it alot, but i said it more and as of this moment only i can say it
    and ‘shuduppp’

    says the person who reads smutty fan fiction?
    im concerned…

    well how is it ‘fan fiction’ if she ultimately created an wrote it herself?

    although this is coming from someone who doesn’t read FF’s… soooo i wouldn’t know anyways….

  23. taylor nikole Says:

    nope we are discussing and debating important things.. leading up to twilight.. get with the program CHRIS *snap snap*
    lol ❤

  24. G Says:

    Twilight -_-

  25. Marianne Says:

    Hahaha lets rewind and be clear on the fact that I didnt say it was ff! it just reads like one 😀

    chris: hahaha the only thing ive ever read of twilight was the graphic uterus eating baby vamp birth. so im just bs-ing my way around here and its been working so far mwahaha.

    i will however give this thing a try. which doesnt mean ill stop making fun of it. cos its too much fun. as long as the twihards dont get offended: its called a sense of humor pls 😀

    no offense is meant here 😀

    this is the mari zone, where everything can be made fun of.

    especially vampires that ~sparkle~ in the sun.

  26. taylor nikole Says:

    no shes only watching it cause we made a deal -_- she lies
    it was not fee will!

    soo that means making fun of and bashing mari is a free for all!

  27. Marianne Says:

    oh and @ chris again: i dont know if Kstew and rpatzz look cute together, but I must say that I really do like KStew, ever since panic room and it bugs me that people think shes bitchy at talk shows. awkward and shy does not translate into bitch in my world. this is still twilight related right? 😀

  28. Marianne Says:

    epic fail, taylor, epic fail.

    its just not as epic as people failing to realize kstew makes a better and truer couple with ellen page.

    still epic fail though.

  29. Marianne Says:

    oh just an fyi: every THING can be made fun of, not every ONE. so lets not bash people here! ill even refrain from making fun of twihards, just twilight 😀

    damn i just did a triple taylor.

  30. taylor nikole Says:

    and we can bash taylot…
    and the review all we want
    just to even out maris bashing 🙂

    sorry im just poking fun at mari’s ‘soft spots’

    yeah kstew is twilight related..
    we are talking performances here

  31. Marianne Says:

    kstew is awesome.
    i dont know much about rpatzz other than his cedric performance.
    i do love elisabeth reaser too though, didnt she play the mom or something?

    no no taylor bashing! not aallowed!

  32. taylor nikole Says:

    damn you made it a free for all
    and then had to set rules -_-
    no fun mari no fun!

    Overall twilight is amazing, therefore mari should go watch and real whilst i go watch true blood…

    therefore she will be like
    “ohh maybe this movie is amazing.. and the book.. wow its even better! maybe ill go say something nice now!”

  33. taylor nikole Says:

    im just kidding though 🙂
    no mari bashing

  34. Chris Says:

    LOL yes yes this is all twilight-related

    hahaha I still can’t believe TK got Mari to see Twilight 😛

  35. Marianne Says:

    hey i never made it a free for all! you did! haha

    i said in the mari zone everyTHING can be made fun of. and in the mazi zone everything does not equal everyONE! 😛

    hahaha I will watch it, and Ill even try to read the book. and itll be hilarious to read it with all of the teasing already in the back of my mind.

    its like watching the happening for a second time and not take it seriously, just look for the lols instead 😀 *might i add im one of the few who liked the happening*

  36. Marianne Says:

    @ chris: she didnt get me to haha i was always gonna do it cos i like kstew and elisabeth reaser, and for all of the lols

    you peopleee dont understand i got nothing against it! its just full of lols! therefore fun to poke fun at 😀

    i mean, come oooooooon THE VAMPIRES ~SPARKLE~ in the sun

    theres a uterus eating baby!

  37. taylor nikole Says:

    chris im pursuasive!!!!
    its part of my charm.

    but then im also selling like 15 hrs of my life in return 🙂

  38. Marianne Says:

    but hey, those 15 hours will be filled with vampiric *if thats not a word it is now* awesomeness….

    I mean…..i hope so anyway haha ive only seen the season finale and it was quite good! hehehe

    ok what can i say now to make this not a spam…

    so you guys, have you heard of that book with vampires that ~sparkle~ in the sun????

  39. taylor nikole Says:

    never heard of it -_-

  40. Marianne Says:

    well, taylor, let me educate you.

    there is this book, and it has ~sparkly~ vampires, and uterus eating babies. apparently its a hit.

  41. taylor nikole Says:

    maybe you should read them….
    if you will i will :-p

  42. Marianne Says:

    damn that backfired. haahahaha


    i just realized theres a trailer on this post, and ive never seen it.

    should I?


  43. Binks Says:

    Already spamming…without me!?!? I am do disappointed in all of you 😛
    haha Tako is a tease with her whole “I’m not telling anything except its good” line. BAD TAKO
    WOOOO!!! GO TEAM EDWARD! Jacob can go choke on a rabbit. Choke and DIE. -_-
    TWIHARDS UNITE!! *raises dazzling fist* 😀

  44. Arelis Says:

    Thank goodness I’m not a big book reader and didn’t go out and read the books before watching this film… because I would had most likely been one of those nitpicking it.

    Which I don’t find that to be enjoyable at ALL. How can a person enjoy a film when all they’re doing is comparing it to written text?! Which barely EVER translates the same in film!

    Going by reviews from critics and fans alike… before seeing this film, I was scared of spending money on it.

    But after taking the chance and seeing it, I came out thinking to myself “WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT?!”

    I LOVED it and because of that, I don’t plan on EVER reading any of the books because I don’t want to be one of those people that gets bent out of shape because things didn’t turn out the way I imagine it should had coming from written text! 😀

  45. Ash Says:

    Niiice post Arelis. I liked. =)

    Sure, sure, Bunks =P

    I liked the books and I was never really surprised about the things that happend, because I didnt “throw” my self totally into them, and become …”obsesed”… with the turn out/end… like SOME people I know *cough*Bunks*cough*… she just cant be happy that she got her happy ending… she gotta hate on my Jacob all da time. =(

  46. Binks Says:

    yes, yes I must cause my happy perfect ending would include a world without Jacob in it 😀

  47. taylor nikole Says:

    yeah… jacob kinda creeps me out :-p

  48. Emily Says:

    I admit it… I’m a die-hard Twilighter. I was at the midnight release, and I’m pretty sure I cut off my friend’s circulation by squeezing her arm so tight and frequently smacking her when I got excited. And I was one of the ones in the theatre that screamed when the Cullens walked into the lunch room, when Edward and Bella kissed, during the AMAZING baseball game, that whistled whenever any of the male actors crossed the screen… ANYWAYS. if you can’t tell, I LOVED the movie. Those who have read the book and thought the movie was “okay” in comparison are comparing it too much to the books. Those still nitpicking apparently haven’t experienced the letdowns of the Harry Potter films. You just can’t compare a book to its movie. It’s impossible. I think i loved Twilight the movie so much because I was NOT prepared for any disappointment whatsoever. Therefore I had no disappointment. You have to experience a book and a movie separately… they are two completely different things. Just enjoy both for what they are. May I say… I am in love with Jasper. I just want to be Alice, so I can have an amazing wardrobe, visions to the future, a quirky personality, and a super hott boyfriend/husband. All of the characters were gorgeous. And I must applaud all actors on their superb performance, especially Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Rachelle Lafevre, and Cam Giganet. And, of course, the on-screen chemistry between Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was amazing. The whole movie was amazing. So there’s my unofficial TWILIGHT review… =D

  49. taylor nikole Says:

    okay… the baseball scene was awesome.. i just expected it to be a HUGE game…
    like in the book they said that they seemed like a mile away from eachother when on the bases…

  50. O.T Says:

    Great review Taylor. I guess I’m always fortunate because I hate reading. So I never read any books that are turned into movies. So I’m never disappointed like most people who read the books.

  51. Ash Says:

    Ah, but, Bella’s happy-perfect-world DOES include Jake, Bunks. =P

  52. taylor nikole Says:

    no it doesn’t…
    it only includes edward!
    gosh ash
    get with the picture! LOL

  53. taylor nikole Says:

    picture as in perfect world… picture 🙂
    it sounded weird when i said it
    but it was pun ish
    yeah ill shut up

  54. Binks Says:

    I never said Bella was the sharpest tool in the toolshed, Ash 😛
    Besides it’s all Renesmee’s fault Jacob is in the ending anyways -_- Only time I doubt her lil’ perfection 😛

  55. Ver0nik21 Says:

    I love edward! Vampires are so cool!!
    so Team edward!!

  56. taylor nikole Says:

    and hes cute
    nuff said 🙂

  57. Chris Says:

    gosh its not like you team edward peeps didn’t get what you wanted. Let Ash be. Do we go saying mean things about Edward? hmm?

    Bella’s perfect world DOES include Jacob…quit denying it 😛

    Vamps are cool….gotta dig the fangs oh yeah

  58. Ver0nik21 Says:


    I’m not saying anything against Jacob!
    And no! in Bella’s perfect world DOESN’T include jacob!
    Says in the books her love for him is too strong!!!

    Vamps are the coolest! I love any actor who plays one! LOL

  59. Ash Says:

    Sure, sure. =P

    And, actually, its Edward and Bella’s fault that Nessie’s is around, at which keeps Jake around…. so, there ya go, your “perfect” leech, is partially at fault for Jake still around. =P

    And yeah vamps are cool… says so in the books… cold as ice. =P

  60. taylor nikole Says:

    stop arguing guy
    we already know team edward
    kicks team jacobs butt

  61. Ash Says:

    Sure, sure. *insert>eye roll *


  62. Chris Says:

    nope team werewolf is where its at

    We will just have to agree to disagree 😛

  63. taylor nikole Says:

    or we have to disagree to disagree
    because its team Edward all the way LOL

  64. Ver0nik21 Says:


    I just love robert! LOL

    Vamps are way cooler! than werewolves!
    VAMPS rule!

  65. Ash Says:

    Vamps may be “cool”, but Werewolves are HOT! =P

  66. Binks Says:

    VAMPS is where it’s at, werewolves don’t hold a flicker to the blue flame. Ohhhh yeaaah.
    Edward rules, Jacob sucks. ‘nough said. 😀

  67. Kailin Says:

    If you like tall dark and handsome, then you’d like vampires. If you like hairy hairy, then you’d like werewolves. Personally, I think vampires are so romantic! Especially since they have all their teeths and all. ha ha.

  68. Ash Says:

    I saw tall and handsome, but I didnt see tall, DARK and handsome when it came to the vamps… they be white as ghosts.

    But, I DID see TALL, DARK and GORGEOUS when it came to Taylor/Jacob. =P

  69. Sarah Says:

    ah… what a funny funny movie. i agree with the whole comparing the movie to the book made it difficult, but my friend who has not read the books was really confused. so apparently there is no win.
    ew. jacob was not very attractive. when we first saw him, everyone in the theater GROANED. haha

  70. Girls by Design: This is a Blog » Blog Archive » News Day Tuesday: Thanks Says:

    […] that I’m thankful for all of your participation and feedback on this blog.  Thank you Taylor Kagy for writing the “Twilight” review.  I thought Taylor Nikole was supposed to write it, […]

  71. taylor nikole Says:

    haha taylor nikole is taylor kagy 🙂

  72. Chris Says:

    I saw this movie yesterday and it was awesome…I wanna see it again. KS did a wonderful job as Bella. Edward was kinda…creepy 😛

    The movie was kinda chessy haha. I wish it was much longer than 2 hrs thou..felt too short.

    the lullaby song is beautiful *sigh*

  73. jeff liu Says:

    😀 great job miss nikole
    i need to see the movie :3

    people like you made me read the book
    and i have to say it was pretty good,
    plus i thought i was a twiight hater :3

    but no, i want to see da movie

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