One last Mission for Parker

Some of you may know that a while back my wee little friend Parker passed away of Cancer at a very young age.  This little dude lived life with “Character” and I say “Character” because truly was a snuggle monster, a funny monster and at times and (very rarely) hahaha!…he was…well, lets just say…he was hell on wheels out to cause some trouble….just the way I liked him best! A true little MONSTER! HA!

Parker was Smallville’s #1 FAN.  So his funeral was very fitting when it was a SUPER HERO themed service where we all had to dress up like our favorite Super Hero’s. Parker sat at the front on the room, not in urn, but instead tucked away in a Play Station Box…TOTALLY his style!…like I said the kid had character.

Alex, Parkers mom did an amazing job at fulfilling every dream a kid could have in one very short lifetime.  Parker’s life was filled with the most amazing journeys and experiences thanks to the compassion of people and his mom’s hard work.

A few short months after Parker passed away I hung out with Alex and her son Broody at the Aquarium in Vancouver…during a quiet moment Alex dug into her purse and pulled out a tiny travel Advil container, and announced, “here is bit of Parker!” “WHAT!?” was my answer, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? PARKER?  HE IS IN THE ADVIL CONTAINER!?”  “Yup” Alex said with a big smile on her face…”I have a mission for you, Parker Style.”

Ok soooo, I could handle this one or two ways…first I could get all WERID that I was holding parking in an Advil container or I could try and see thru the eyes of child and imagine what he must have been thinking, when he requested this.  So I pushed aside being uptight, took a swig of my Aquafina water, dove into my imagination and was quickly seeing the world thru the eyes of a child. FUN! I gotta hang out in this demension more often!

“OK” I said “I  will accept the mission.” “Great!” Alex said, “here’s the deal, I have been spreading Parkers ashes in ALL the places that he loved, and one of the places he loved most was SMALLVILLE. Do you think you could find a place at Smallville to sprinkle a few of Parkers ashes?”

Could I?…Would I?…Should I?” would Smallville be cool with this?  Dare I even ask? Could others step back and see thru the eyes of a child?  I wasn’t so sure…I didn’t know what to do.  I knew exactly where I wanted to do it…but wasn’t sure if I COULD do it…I mean this is a BIG deal…A BIG DEAL! I had Parker in my hand…Parker!…in an Advil container!…I couldn’t let him down…so, I put Parker in my purse and told Alex I would find a way!

The next few weeks I carried Parker around in my purse with me…I kinda liked him in there…but was a wee bit worried that someone might dig thru my purse looking for an Advil only to find Parker AHHHHHHHHH!  NOT FUNNY!  I mean, listen, I don’t think everyone would be that cool about this, some might be down right offended! But, I was ok with this…this was between me and Parker now.

Soooo late one night on the set of Smallville, Parker (in the Advil container in my back pocket) and I were cruising the sets.  I knew exactly where he would want to be, a place where all the action, drama, tears, and memories happened on Smallville. I wanted to full fill his wish, as crazy as some might think it is, Smallville has touched they lives of so many people, and here I was a messenger for a little dude who wanted to make a permanent tribute to the Smallville cast and crew…I realized in that moment it wasn’t up to me to judge this wish or decision, nor was it up to others to claim if this was a good or bad thing to do.  So I quietly did what I had come to do and sprinkled Parkers ashes in a very special place where he will be high up like an angle looking down on the cast and crew.

29 Responses to “One last Mission for Parker”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    awww kendra 🙂

    i think i would be feeling the same way if i was carrying around the ashes of someone i cared about… in my purse.. in an advil bottle.

    It was also nice how much thought you ultimately put into this…
    like you could automatically say that he wanted to be here or there…
    but you seemed to give it a little more thought 🙂
    (well ofcourse)

    wow, i actually don’t know what exactly to say to this blog…
    im at a loss for words actually 🙂

  2. taylor nikole Says:

    and meh..
    im the person who cries during songs
    sooo you almost had me here

  3. Sascha Says:

    extraordinary story, thanks for sharing.
    rest in peace Parker and all the best to his family.

  4. Michel - Sorocaba Says:

    That is what history …..
    Congratulations Kendra and for the Parker family I wish them the best

    Kendra: best word that can summarize this feeling is this: SAUDADE (word in Portuguese only )….

  5. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Good work Kendra

    As much as In wanna know where he got scattered, I’m kinda glad that I don’t

    Rest in piece my friend

  6. Ashley Says:

    aw that was very sweet Kendra…
    and i short of teared up reading that but it’s all good
    Kendra did her good deed for the day!!

  7. Sue Says:

    awww thats so lovely that Parkers Mom and you fullfilled his wish. I am sure Parker will be always with you and looks down form a happy little cloud.
    Thanks for sharing this heart touching moment Kendra and all the best to Parkers family. They can be proud of having such a strong, special, little hero – even it was not that long, he will still be there and made this world a little bit more precious, with him being in it.

  8. MarilyneL Says:

    That’s really cool that this little guy got his last wish done, especially by you, a friend of his that he really seemed to love. That’s a great story 😀 Thanks for sharing

  9. Rysa Says:

    I’m with Michel… the best word is “Saudade”… portuguese word, and it’s like “I miss you”…
    But Kendra what a story. I’m glad you did that for Parker. I feel sad and happy cause you did that for someone who is special, like Smallville is in our lifes. Smallville touched everyone…. I can say specially the Clana fans.
    Oh my…. you said that and I remember my friend who comitted a suicide and he didnt tell anyone he would do that.. so on the last day before the act, he came to me, gave me a hug and said:” Promisse me you always be happy, no matter what.” I thought that was weird cause next day we’re supposed to have class… but we got that new. Well, what I’m trying to say is whatever happens to me, I always remember what he said. And it isn’t a bad thing, cause people that you care about, you always have to remember. Or better you’ll always have “Saudade”.

  10. jessicaf Says:

    That was totally awesome of you to do for Parker, Kendra. He is probably super happy that he got to be in on the set of his #1 tv show. I bet he really appreciates it, and so does his family. You did a wonderful thing for him and his family. I will keep his family in my prayers and in my heart.

  11. Kailin Says:


    What a touching story, and this especially hit home for me because my mother just started radiation treatment for cancer this week. The doctor was sorry to have told my mom right before the holidays. But there is never a right time for it, is there?

    God bless you and the cast/crew of Smallville to fulfill the dreams of such a young fan. I am truly very sorry for the loss of Parker and my prayers go out to his mother Alex and family.

  12. kristina Says:

    That was a really special thing you did for Parker, ignoring all the judgements and burying all the doubts, to fulfill a kid’s last wish. Major props!

  13. G Says:

    It’s a good thing no one asked you for some Advil…

    In all seriousness though, it’s great that you were able to do that one last thing for Parker and his family. I bet he was looking down on, you smiling the entire time.

  14. foretold Says:

    This is so touching reading through your story, especially because my grandmother (in fact, the most loving, sensitive, strong, visionary, childish and altruistic person I have every met in my intire life) recently died at the age of 92 and after the cremation funeral she had always wanted, we spread her ashes all around the foreign countries in the world(yep, from russia to australia and from japan to africa) she had traveled in her life. I had remembered the funeral scene from the Smallville episode reckoning where Clarks father died, but the funeral of my best grandmother made me desperately sad and I was not able to stop thinking of her for about 12 days and my parents and friends had a hard time to comfort me.

    And you, Kendra, spreading around Parkers ashes around the set of Smallville, let me guess, you spread them somewhere at the Kents farm, probably at Clarks barn or something?


  15. Lydia Says:

    Kendra, you are a wonderful human being.

    And, it’s not crazy to think that Smallville has touched people’s lives. I’ve been inspired by Allison (and her character, Chloe).

  16. Emma-Lu Says:

    That’s a wonderful story and what a great tribute to Parker, Kendra! Rest in Peace Parker.

  17. Jo Says:

    I think what you did is absolutely AMAZING! And you’re right, in this situation it shouldn’t be up to anyone to judge his wishes. You were doing what he wanted, what would have made him happy, and that’s all that matters. God Bless You!

  18. Jennifer Says:

    At first I wasn’t sure what to think of this story but once I kept reading, I found it to be really touching. What you did for Parker was very special Kendra. Smallville has touched the lives of so many people. Parker is now Smallville’s guardian angel. Thanks for sharing this story Kendra.

  19. Nina Says:

    I cry… I truly do! The life and wish of this cool buddy really touched my heart! And I’m kinda proud of you that you fulfilled his wish! I don’t know if I could have let him go… out of my purse!

    Humans have this weird character trait to keep everything we love. We are scared to lose. But actually we have more than anyone else of a dead beloved person – we still have the memories! And them keep the person alive. So for you… Parker will always be by your side while you’re walking over the Smallville place! He’s there and he’s in your heart!

  20. Dottie Says:

    …here is hoping Parker is resting in peace….thank you Kendra for sharing this story…my best wishes to Parker’s family…

  21. Binks Says:

    That was a great thing you did Kendra. I’m sure Parker appreciated every bit and so did his family.

    Thank you for sharing the story with us.

  22. Gina Says:

    So very sad, but I’m glad Parker got to do what he dreamed of. Every life is so very precious. R.I.P. Parker.

  23. Ver0nik21 Says:

    Oh! Very sad to hear about Parker.
    It makes me sosoad to hear about little kids suffering such horrible deseases still i know they are here for a reason and i think at they end that reason must be that they really affect our lives in the most beatiful way!

    So glad you make Parker’s last wish come tru!
    You are a really great person Kendra!

  24. Sharon Says:

    aww! That was really sweet of you doing that for Parker. There should be more people in the world like you.

  25. O.T Says:

    Kendra thank you for sharing that beautiful story. It just makes all the problems in your life seem so insignificant. Stories like that really make you appreciate and love life. Well they do for me anyways. Thanks again for that touching post. The imagination is indeed a beautiful place to get lost.

  26. Hammad Says:

    Another inspiring story:

  27. Brenda Says:

    Woow! That’s was a very sweet action towards Parker. I think throwing the ashes in his favorite places is better that leaving him in just one place, because is as if he is alive and chasing her dreams and making it true.

    Parker, will be around with us always.


  28. Nefirtiri Says:

    very touching…..
    thanks kendra.
    Have fun out there, Parker!

  29. *dacara* Says:

    I remember hearing about Parker’s story some time ago. I had no idea he had passed away:(. I was really hopeing that he would beat the cancer, but I guess he didn’t. I’m so sad to hear about his death. I think it’s really nice what you did Kendra. I hope that his family is doing well. R.I.P. Parker.

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