Men’s Magazines?

My Darlings!

It has been so long since I wrote last… Been working my tush off in TV-Land. And since it is American Thanksgiving, I have got a few days.

I am being approached to do some press for my new film Street Fighter, which comes out late February. There is a specific Men’s Magazine that I am being asked to do the cover of, and I have always turned down these offers in recent years. This magazine reaches a very large male demographic, which is important for the success of the film. I have my own personal hypotheses about what the effects these magazines are on both the male perspective of female, and on the general objectification of women. And I understand that I can only see what I can see… duh. So, I am wondering about your experiences with men’s magazines and what you think is positive or negative about them. What do you think is valuable about them, and what do you think is destructive? And what are your opinions on how to reach that important young male demographic without utilizing these resources?

Excited to discuss with you all!!!



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156 Responses to “Men’s Magazines?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Obviously, women and men are different in other ways other than physically. So what I find good about men’s magazines is that its something for them not women. They can relate to the material that is presented in the magazine.

    What is destructive however is how women are presented. It doesn’t only affect the men readers but women as well. The standards men have of women might be raised. They want something more than your “average” woman. Women would also think they have to be attractive like those models on the cover to get a guy. So really, its a double-sided sword. I think to overcome this “image” magazines present to us is something both men and women will have to work together on.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

  2. DK Says:

    It’s an interesting position you’re in. You want to be loyal to youself and your beliefs, but you also have to support your film (and in order to do so- attract the film’s main fanbase).

    I remember watching a piece on how one men’s magazine choose their cover models. The guy said: “She has to show her cleavage. If she’s not willing to show her boobs, she’s not on the cover.” That sums up men’s magazines in two lines. They objectify women, but so many ladies pose for these magazine, because sex sells.

    A few people (Sarah Silverman comes to mind) did a shoot for one, and was able to make it unique to her and her character. I believe she said the gorilla costume had to be on the cover. You could make a list of items that had to be met, and only then would you do the shoot.

    Something else, that might be of interest to you, Maxim and Blender are in financial trouble.

    I’ve also seen, the internet is the most powerful tool. President-Elect Obama was able to raise so much money and reach out to so many people via the internet. I’m sure your film could have similar success because I think a lot of comic geeks are very familiar with the internet.

    Best of luck!

  3. Ashley Says:

    Women are lying big time when they say they’ve never stumble upon one. Seriously, you’re brothers look at them, you’re husbands, you’re boyfriends, and even those males friends, so I don’t necessarily make me boyfriend put them down. Just as long as he doesn’t expect me to come out looking whichever way. But…. the image they portray for women is a negative, I don’t think all women look that way. I wish, but I don’t. I have bigger hips. But the positive is that most men won’t judge women based on it. How you can reach the male audience? I don’t know I’m not male but I would say a little bit not a lot lot of skin just a little. And maybe a smile and a pretty face would get their attention.

    Happy Thanksgiving all!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hope everyone stuff’s their self.
    haha not really

    Oh and Kristin work the photo shoot girl!!

  4. MarilyneL Says:

    Well…first, it’s great to hear from you Kristin! hehe 😀 “Thanks Thanksgiving!:P”

    Of course that, with all the hard efforts everyone has put into a movie, you want the audience to want to attend that movie, to like it and to talk about it. What I think is sad about promotion in general, is that yes, it seems like in order to do so, we have to go through these awkward and bad representations of women. I don’t know why, but I’ve never seen an almost naked man on a cover of a magazine to promote his film, and the movie was very successful but how many have I seen of women. Yes, that publicity objectifies women, so I wish there would be less and less of these. I think that a great story promotes a film, faces promote a film, names promote a film, not boobs. As far as men’s magazines, I agree that it’s great that they have their own place were they read about things that interest them. I’m not sure that they agree with what is going on now and how the media makes us perceive women a certain way.

    But you know, I no expert in publicity so I don’t know what would reach the male audience…kids?: colourful, joyful and catchy promotion, seems easy!?:P haha

    So, I don’t know what would be the best thing to do as far as the movie’s concerned, but I know you have to do what YOU want to do.

    February eh? 😛

    Good luck with everything!

    *and Happy Thanksgiving Americans out there! Here in Quebec, Thanksgiving seems far away with all the snow everywhere hehe!

  5. taylor nikole Says:

    dude go for it and have fun as long as they don’t ask you to do anything degrading….
    sounds fun and all….
    afterall 🙂

  6. Gina Says:

    Glad you’re doing well! It’s been a long time lol.

    Yeah, I agree with Taylor Nikole. Most Men’s Magazines that I’ve seen only degrade women. I think it goes both ways… It can be good for promoting movies and such, but negative on the woman’s image (depending on what they ask you to do). I obviously have no experience in this field sooo…

    Happy Thanksgiving! It’s national gluttony day! 😀

  7. BrazilianDan Says:

    It´s just fantasy, is like character. I think the mens and boys know the diference between the fantasy and the real. For me, the worse part is for whom have to do these pictures. It´s so much invasive! It´s don´t have anything to be only your. Women like you, who have the life so invaded, to have just a some privacy, I think, is really precious. Some magazines show the sensuality without be porn and when this happens, is not destructive for us, is beautiful.

    Happy thanksgiving for you,

  8. Arelis Says:

    To be completely honest, I have a lot male friends that range of all ages and I don’t know any who read or buy any of these “men magazines” with women on the covers…at least I’ve never heard them mention it or seen them with them or seen them lying around at their places.

    But what I do find that they read a lot of, are those GamePro or something or another gamer magazines that I can’t remember the titles of…

    Maybe I just have a lot dorky conservative guy friends?! Hmmm, that could be the problem. 😀

    So I’m not exactly aware what demo of men are into to those types of magazines with women on them and if they’re even worth exposing yourself for… because let’s get real, those magazine don’t shy away when it comes to having their cover girls show skin. At least those that I’ve seen!

    Now the question was, what’s a way to appeal to young males… Magazine wise, I would say gamer magazines first, since those are the most common ones I’ve seen guys read, second would be a tied between those comic magazines like Wizard Universe and those tech magazines like WIRED, then third would be car magazines… which donno if that’s somewhere you would want to promote a film? Though the first three, most def.

    At least in my opinion!

  9. LilacYume Says:

    Sometimes, Men’s Magazine focus too much on sex and women in a destructive way. Those magazines should focus on women and sex in a constructive way. It really depends if the woman presented in the magazine is being used as a constructive or destructive example. If she is used as a constructive example, it doesn’t really matter how men will see it, but how the magazine meant for men to see it.

    May God help in your career, Kristin!


  10. David B Says:

    Kristin, I will start by saying this: Do what you feel really comfortable with.

    Personally, I don’t think you, or the movie really need that type of coverage and even more so if you have to go against what you feel right for you.

    As for men’s magazines, I honestly don’t have much experience or interest in them. But I can see how they use to “objectify” their subjects and use women’s body to attract the eyes. That is the most negative aspect of this kind of press.

    Like MarilyneL said above, you don’t see many men doing promoting for their movies by “undressing”. I agree that women shouldn’t have to go that route either, but sadly, in today’s society it is still a major selling factor.

    The line between men and women does get thinner and thinner (beside the physical evidence) as more women do what men do and more men do what was usually associated to women. So even those magazines aren’t exclusive to the male demography anymore.

    Well in conclusion, no matter what you decide to do in the end Kristin, I will be going to see the movie, but you will be the one to live with the consequences of your choice.

    Yes the movie needs some promoting (and we are waiting for a trailer lol) but the type of publicity is open to discussion. A well done interview for a talk show or maybe an appearance to a sport show (like martial art show) could be as effective I think.

    On a little side note to finish, I agree with you MarilyneL, with the snow we are having here in Quebec, Thanksgiving is far away. I have to say though that the smells of the cold winter air does remind me that Christmas is coming fast.

    So happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors in the South.

  11. Patrizio Says:

    I’m a man then you can give advice on this subject.

    I don’t think the photos in a men’s magazine will significantly increase the sale of tickets for 2 reasons:

    1) The target of those who buy these magazines is aged over 20 years and so few that in this age group sees that type of film and no increase because of the photos.

    2) Adolescents film enthusiasts to combat and we’ll go to see regardless of the photos in the magazine. Who is not interested you procuring the photos on the Internet without them buy the magazine and the cinema ticket.

    For these reasons do not recommend you to take pictures. The only thing that Can you see your pictures hung inside the truck and rooms adolescents … I do not know if we understood 😉

    In my opinion it would be much more effective to do a tour of schools in major cities and to draw the gaget autographed by all those who go to see movies delivered to you. In my opinion it would sell a lot. Obviously you can do so in Europe or elsewhere.

    I hope that the answer is comprehensive.

    Greetings Patrizio

    Nb: excuse my horrid English but are Italian and I try to write in English … I am writing from Iceland where they are on holiday 🙂

  12. suzieQ Says:

    I think that with respect to your movie and the character you play is a strong and powerful woman……I think if the photoshoot depicts you as strong and independent, I think it would be great! I think you can be sexy without being degrading. I think too, that strong women are sexy. I don’t think that as a negative.

    If you posed just to pose provocatively, then I think it would be more negative…….in that you are just promoting a sexual persona.

    I think that you, Kristin, have a unique opportunity to promote a female “hero”, how you do it could be done in a positive manner,,,,,,, with class, even in a Men’s magazine. It could be artistic depending on which magazine it is.

    I think you should go for it!

    Good Luck!

  13. Isabela Says:

    I think it isn’t a good idea. Let me tell you why….
    It would be a nice thing to you, because it is important for the success of the film… Like you sad. But it is something that is happening right now. I know we shouldn’t think about tomorrow and live today, but anyway we have to think about that someday you will find a perfect person to live with… Would he like it? I know it’s you, and it’s your career… But someday you will get old… And your children will now that you covered a Men’s Magazine. You’ll be the reference to them. And its not kinda cool. If you have a daughter and she want to do the same thing, you will not be able to talk anything.
    Now let’s talk about the fact that is important for the success of the film… Let’s see…
    A long time ago in history, when women wore long dresses… Men loved to see the woman ankle. Do you know that? It’s true. And do you know why? Well… It’s because everything that is mysterious, that man does not know, he has great interest. Draws more attention.
    If you accept this, you will be known as one that does cover of a Men’s Magazine. You’ll be
    like any other. And you’re not. I guess… LOL
    You’re beautiful in your own way. You don’t need that…
    Here in Brazil, almost all man that I know thinks you sexy. You won that position because your way to be sweet and kinda shy. This is your charm, your “brand”. Don’t miss it. It is important to follow something that is working out…
    And most important, you will being you… It is the most important thing. You don’t seem that kinda of girl who cover a Men’s Magazine…
    I gave my opinion…
    But it is important you listen to your heart, and do what is the best for you… And no one else.
    Not the new film Street Fighter…
    But what would you like to do?… Would it let you feel good to yourself?… Think about the present and future.
    Hope I have helped somehow.
    It doesn’t matter what you’ll decide… I know that everyone will like you no matter what you will decide to do.

    Good lucky!

  14. Mikee Says:

    Those magazines have no effect on my outlook on women. Besides, so many of them dress and act the same way in public.

    DO IT, KRISTIN KREUK! Don’t be ashamed of your outtie!

  15. jessicaf Says:


    I totally understand the two sides you present. Although I think it’d be wonderful for you to do it, I know that you also want to set a good example for these girls. I think you should do it. Go for it! But dont let the magazine or photogs push you around. Let them know what image you’d like to present, your boundaries, and limits. I think it is a great opportunity! I hope this helps somewhat. Love you much Kristin! All the way from San Fran, CA!

  16. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    Hi all and happy thanksgiving…
    i hope u don’t mind of a male’s opinion on the subject 🙂 . And it’s my Personal opinion. I’m sorry if anything i say would hurt anyone , but if it does , i hope to hear what u have to say about my comment … Disagreeying is a normal thing.

    Since Adam and Eve , the female had been and still seen most of the time as an object of sex for the males. Most males that u know may tell u in ur face what u really wanna hear ( some mean it) , but in their minds they still have this thinking that a woman is ”1st appearance then mind ” …. Take Sarah palin for example … Lots of males looked at her as a symbol of sex not of what she represents ( read it in a newspaper) …
    Times are changing ,yes, women started to take control of lots of things .. Do lots of things to change their images .. working and being independent … it’s changing the perspective of males towards women to the better . But still , there r many women who show a negative image other women r trying to change … i don’t read lots of men’s magazines ..but sometimes i concentrate on the health and fitness magazines (of men that is), but even in these magazines i see some pages of women in bikini or other pics that aren’t suitable and way off the subject of the mag.. u can’t force men not to say anything when they see a girls naked or posing in a bikini but u can change their thinking when they see less and less skin and more intellectual thinking from ur side , when they see u reach high positions they will admire u and respect u , the sexual image will be decreased more and more . I said before that u can’t force men not to think sexually , but another thing , why give them the alibi … when u show skin they will think , when u show them brains they won’t …
    As for kristin , i have a question for u , if u pose in men’s magazine showing some skin , do u think it would be different than posing in a let’s say woman’s magazine also showing some skin? I know that ur not like that (in showing skin i mean) 🙂 .. if the cover is about the character u play , and the image represents the character’s struggle in a way to tell the world that this character is all about having justice and not about femme fatale showing skin like ”barb wire” .. then it’s good. (But it’s my opinion ) . U can take head shots like the head shot on , but it’s what inside the mag that u should take into consideration and try to affect the males .. for example talk about GBD , that while u were acting street fighter , u were working on GBD , this will attract people to know how u and kendra r trying to form this group and all its contents , and how ur trying to give a positive message to the world with it …. negotiate about the title of the cover , for example , kristin … fighting crime at day as chun li and helping girls at night as a GBD … I suck in making titles :S .. but u get the point …
    sorry i talked alot … i can continue …. if i hear comments on my post , then i’ll comment ..

  17. Mikee Says:

    Actually…maybe you shouldn’t. It will get magazines sales and publicity for you, but the director has stated that the movie isn’t making Chun-Li / you a walking sexpot, so if you do the magazine, lie in the interview and say it has hot girl on girl action and spandex hotpants.

    And if it truly does have those things, I will send you 5,000 American dollars.

    P.S. prepare for a lot more paparazzi if the movie does well.

  18. G Says:

    Hmm, those kinds of magazines are rather fond of exploiting females and heavily rely on the exploitation to sell them. Although if you look at how other aspects of the media exploit females, it’s really not all that different, it’s just that these magazines are so blatantly obvious with it, they don’t add extras to try and cover it up. As for a way to reach the young male demographic, I’m not really sure. These types of resources have been utilized since the 1950s, albeit a toned down version, but it was the start. This has been the main route to reach males of most age demographics, of course men have usually been the majority of employees in the advertisement industry. I do think that with films and such like Street Fighter, that are based off of a video game, or even based off a comic book, book, etc, that males could easily be reached by advertising that aspect of it. I dunno, I’m just rambling.

  19. Kristina Says:

    It’s really good to hear from you Kristin.
    First of all, speaking as a fifteen year-old girl, i think it’s pretty obvious what is expected when you look at a men’s magazine. Sexy, unrealistic pictures of girls in little to no clothing :).

    In my opinion, this distorts a man’s image of how a woman should look and gives him unrealistic expectations. It would be degrading if you did the shoot simply to promote the movie, but if you are confident about your image and really want to do it, I see no reason to not just go for it.

    As long as you know your boundaries in what you are willing to do and don’t sell out, it should be fine.

  20. Chris Says:

    Ayman I have always liked this quote

    “Woman was taken out of man; not out of his head to top him, nor out of his feet to be trampled underfoot; but out of his side to be equal to him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be loved”

    I do realize that men are more visual than women. However I think to change the media’s image, its something BOTH sides have to work on. If men keep buying these magazines, they are, in effect promoting these images. Women by struggling to be like models are too encouraging this demeaning image of women.

    Now the media is a very demanding place but in trying to uphold and live your values, there are some sacrifices that you would have to do. You can’t please everyone. So what is more important getting more viewers or establishing the idea that its truly ok to be yourself? Ultimately its you who have to know what you want you want to portray to the rest of the world. Don’t let anyone else tell you to do something that you don’t.

  21. Ash Says:

    Wheather you do it or not, Kristin, we wont think any less of you.
    It’s your decision alone.
    Dont let anyone try to tell you its what you NEED to do or HAVE to do if you want people to go see the movie.
    They’ll go see it any ways just to see if it met their expectations or not.

  22. Robert Says:

    There’s a huge psychological aspect to it. Sex sells because it’s the basic of human needs, it’s a huge motivator. Why do you thinks there’s cheerleaders at football games etc? But there is a different in being sexy and being sexual. Most men magazine tailor towards the later. Being that the video games are for mostly teenager boys, sexuality will play a part on how it affects the movie. Maybe I’m rambling now…in the end, it’s all about business and making money. I say, take a stand for your beliefs!

  23. Janine Says:

    Well just the fact that you’re promoting an action movie will catch a lot of young male’s attention. That plus that fact that you’re a really beautiful actress whose been a part of the superman mythology settles your issue of reaching the male demographic 🙂

    While I agree with a lot of people here that Men’s Magazines usually have an exaggerated view of women in their pictures, I think it’s just for fun and doesn’t seem that destructive unless you can see too much … lol. But I think of you as someone that’s smart enough not to do extreme things like that just for publicity. Plus I think it’s cool to see you on the cover of a magazine xD I hope your Street Fighter movie goes really well, I’m so excited for it.

  24. MarilyneL Says:

    I would add that any interview with you gets everyone’s attention because of your intelligence that shows through your words. Maybe men will be impressed with that! And there you go, they’ll be all for Street Fighter ! And like others said, talk about what you are involved in other than acting. That’s pretty impressive too!:P

  25. Nick Says:

    Hello Kristin,
    From another male’s point of view. Men’s magazines are notorious for telling you they will do one thing and doing just the opposite. You have to be very careful in dealing with them. As for promoting a movie by posing in a men’s magazine, I don’t think it would do all that much good. Not for the movie, or you. But then that is just my opinion. I have read where several actresses have posed in Playboy to promote their personal career’s, and later regretted it. For all the exposure it got them, most affected them in a negative manner. There are much more effective ways to go. The movie being based on a video game then gaming magazines would be where you should gain the most because these are the guys that would be the most likely to go see the movie, where as those that see it in a man’s magazine would most likely only be interested in seeing the movie if it utilized very scantly clad women, or out right nudity. Let’s face it, most guys buy the books for the explicit pictures and not the stories contained within the covers, depending on the magazine of course.

    Anyway all that is just conjecture rustling around inside my skull and little else. Search your inner self, and do what you feel strongest about. I know you have a good head on your shoulders and will make the right choice for you, which ever one it is.

  26. Ver0nik21 Says:

    First, I’m really happy to hear from you it’s been a while!

    well about this topic i think men found this mag attractive coz they handle topics specifically for them and they handle a language between them and the material seems to be what’s on men’s mind just the same way we, females, do. And i think it’s positive for them coz they have, so i heard from my mates, great tips about how to get fit, cars, sports, parties and girls so i guess they are happy about it.

    What’s destructive it’s that they sexualize and objectificate, undermine a person’s confidence in and comfort with her own body which lead to emotional and self-image problems because women think that’s what men want which again leads to mental and phisical problems for women such as eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression or depressed mood.

    I think that it will take both, women and men, to change this, it’s not fair to give men or women all the burden to change the negative and embrace the positive!

    Still at the end, It’ll be your decission to make Kristin, it won’t make you any less as long as you do it coz you want to and you like what came out of it.


    Hope to hear soon from you 🙂

  27. airese Says:

    For the most part, I think Men’s magazines are really degrading. I’ve seen some actresses pose for it and their pictures are sexy but not trashy, I guess it depends on their limitations. Maybe Kristin can start a trend and pose in a Men’s magazine in full winter gear or something! lol. I’m not gonna lie though, It would be very exciting to see Kristin in any magazine!

  28. Arelis Says:


    Yeah, Kristin should TOTALLY pose in a turtleneck and sweats!

  29. Lydia Says:

    Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right in your heart. It would be great to promote your movie and your GBD work but, let them know what kind of photos you want and don’t want. Great shots of you with your joyous smile radiant with positiveness and energy will intrigue men too. You’re stunningly beautiful without showing skin.

    I’m waiting for recent pictures to be posted to add to my collage of role models on my vision board. So, if you have photos to share, please do.:-)

    Happy Thanksgiving Kristin!

  30. tarrow Says:

    As an 18 yr old girl w/ no experience with Men’s magazines or know anyone who reads them, here’s my humble opinion:

    The only image a woman on the cover of a men’s magazine represents is sex. I don’t think it’s possible to portray any other image when you are on it. No matter how you are posed, men will not see “independence” or “female heroine” or whatever you wish to be portraying. They will not say “hey! From the way her body is posed, Kristin Kreuk is promoting strength and bravery in woman! I think that’s great! Very classy too!” They will see what they want when they picked up the magazine: sex.

    Like David B said, I think there are plenty of other ways to publicize the film…Yes, being on Men’s Magazines would reach a larger crowd faster and save you time doing all those interviews, but at what cost?

    I can guess being in the media is very pressuring and I know it must have been hard upholding your values up to this point in your career.

    Because of that, I sincerely wish I could say “Kristin, I will be completely happy with whatever you end up choosing to do.” But I can’t because I admit I would be rather disappointed if you did choose this route in order to promote your film. To be sure, I would get over it eventually because: 1) I know you chose what you feel you had to do, 2) how can I not forgive KK? But I would be sad nonetheless..

    Having said that, it is ultimately your personal decision and contrary to what it seems like, I don’t want to get in the way of that. I want you to make the decision based on what you want to do, not on what others (such as me) want/not want you to do.

    Lastly, whether or not this movie does well, I hope you will not see it as whether or not you decided to be on the magazine.

    okay, done talking!

  31. tarrow Says:

    Gosh I realized my rant was more of an answer to something you did not ask (“Should I do this or not?”). Didn’t answer the real questions posed:

    Other ways to reach the young male demographic:
    1) like Arelis said, gaming magazines – I see more teen guys pick up these too
    2) Youtube! hehe although once the trailer is released, that will spread by itself. Basically the Web is a very important channel
    3) commercials in between sports games ?

  32. Marc Says:

    I think I should give at least another male perspective here since theres not too many. I think I’ll start by summarizing what everyones saying:

    “Be yourself, but have fun.”

    The dispute of how women are portrayed in magazines will go on forever. Alot of males will admit they like tasteful pictures over cheap skin shows. The Arena shoot you did was tasteful, sexy, mature… and I didnt hear any complaints from the female audience either.

    Honestly, just have fun with it. Enjoy being who you are, being in your skin, and just let go. Life is short and I’ve learned too many times that you have to jump on opportunities while you can. Just respect yourself!

    On the other side of the coin…

    In regards to promoting the movie, I say do whatever you can. Because honestly, and I hate to say it, but this has been one of the worst marketed franchise movies in a long time. There has yet to even be a teaser trailer and there is still only a handful of pics available. For sake of marketing purposes, I would say do it.

    But at the end of the day… you are blessed with a loyal fanbase who respects whichever decisions you make.

    God Bless!

  33. Scott123 Says:

    Dearest Kristin,

    I hope you don’t mind, but I feel compelled to offer my own two cents on this matter. I had a long diatribe written up about this, but instead I’ll just get to it.
    Entertainment media was here long before we got here, and it will still be here, long after we are gone. The thing to remember is, it is all profit driven. All of it. Now, I can’t say if that is right or wrong, but I can say that it is so, and you should be mindful of that as you proceed. I call them “Men’s Toys” Magazines because that’s what’s in them. A wide variety of unattainable items. I suppose, *sighs* women fall into that. However, they don’t give those magazines away.
    Now if you do this, and they start saying, “This is Chun Li at the beach,” or “This is Chun Li in the bedroom,” or something similar, then lose ‘em. Or, force them to raise their game. If they are willing to listen, ask for a tribute to Joan of Arc (Where you would have to wear a suit of armor.) or maybe …evening gowns? 🙂
    Seriously, you should do all you can to promote YOUR film. That’s part of the job. But, in the end, the only thing you really have control over is the image you present. I wouldn’t let go of that.
    In fact, I am inclined to agree with Arelis. The Tech magazines represent a demographic group that knows a thing or two about video gaming. Personally, I would really enjoy seeing you on the cover of Maximum PC. (Just an aside: Here is a group that would really appreciate you, and likely give you a great deal of personal control.) But, that’s just me. 🙂
    Gee, I’m glad I didn’t write a long diatribe…

    Whatever you decide, don’t lose control of the image you present.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your friend in a Tuxedo,

  34. Kailin Says:

    Hi Kristin,

    Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you’re getting a much-needed break from the grueling hours of production.

    You are such a person of integrity for your concerns about your portrayal in men’s magazines. Very admirable and I know your parents are proud of you in any decision you make!

  35. LI Says:

    I remembered a shoot with Brad Pitt, he wear a woman dress and it was so refreshing . heheeh. I think he had fun in that shoot and he was also very sexy. I as a woman enjoy it a lot and i’m glad he did it 😀 (Thank you Brad 😉 )
    And that is what you have to do, Kristin, just have fun and express yourself.
    If it decent, go for it!

    Brad Pitt pictuers link –

  36. Jasalom Says:

    Any magazine or media for that matter can be very demeaning to girls (and guys) . In terms of the public viewing I think you should be more worried about being stereotyped vs. objectified. Because you have reached celebrity status you already belong to a certain cohort of people (which tend to already be objectified) that can be supported or scrutinized by the public. Everything hinges on how you present yourself and what kind of photos will be taken/shown. If the magazine is for young gamers cater to them with a focus on your character not your sex appeal. Your attractiveness will show through but it does not have to be done with racy imaging or evocative lingo.
    My point is use the magazine for marketing only! You’re young, aspiring, talented-use it to bolster and prosper your career and endeavors. You can definitely be beautiful without being risque. (and that goes for all girls)
    Look, this can be used as a tool for your career, your website and most importantly your reputation. I say do it, but do it with grace and good taste. Don’t worry about it being a men’s magazine, just make sure you’re calling the shots. Well that’s my genius advice for the night. Take care and good luck.



  37. puffy Says:

    Personally, I think that male targetted magazines (barring pornographic ones) are the least damaging to the female psyche. Compare it to the female targetted range with “how to lose weight” and “how to find a man” and “see what celebrity *gasp* has cellulite” articles. Yes the pictures in mens magazines are sexual and idealised, but I can’t think of a time where I looked at a female picture in one and thought “gee, she looks unhealthy or too thin” whereas I’ve looked at covers and fashion shoots in Cosmo and thought I was looking at a lollipop instead of a girl.

    My dad and brother read a variety of mens mags and they’re normal with normal expectations of women. They read these magazine for fun… they look at the articles about expensive cars knowing they’ll never own one…. they learn tips about how to act suave but still are goons…. and they look at the girls in swimsuits because they are pretty but still love their partner who is sitting on the couch in her sweats.

    Of course, it does also depend on the magazine… so maybe you should go buy a copy of the one in question, read for yourself and then decide?

  38. Emma-Lu Says:

    Firstly Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!! Enjoy the celebrations with your families 🙂
    Kristin!! Good to have you back on GBD land!
    I love that you question yourself in everything you do! The thing is that everyone on here knows who you really are (behind the camera) and the way you come across when you actually talk to people. I do understand that you take your role as a celeb very seriously in the example you set to young girls, but if the cover represents your female character in a clever, strong, independent and quirky way (to up the image of the film) rather than a sexualised way then why not. Go for it!

  39. Sally Says:

    Hey Kristin!

    It really all depends on the individual; in this case you lol. What some women might feel or see as objectification or degrading others see it as empowerment or display of confidence in their sexuality. Again, it really depends on the individual.
    I personally don’t see anything really wrong in showing ‘some’ skin (I am a female). I am comfortable with my body and I like to feel ‘sexy’ once in a while lol I love my femininity I guess, BUT I also have my limits. It is those limits/boundaries that each woman has to decide upon imo. Especially, in deciding what feels comfortable and what doesn’t to them (or in this case you lol).

    Also, when it comes to objectification and or women being presented in unrealistic (or idealistic) fashion, I don’t think that practice falls solely on “male” magazines alone. There are many “women” magazines that do the same thing, especially when presenting and or promoting women in unrealistic fashion. I see it all the time when I open a “Glamour” magazine *sigh*

    Anyway, you are in a unique situation Kristin because you are in a business that, well, caters to ‘image’. Publicity (and a lot of it) is needed to sell the product you and others have worked really hard on…hmmm yup you are in a tough predicament Kristin lol Finding a balance in maintaining your principles and that of doing what is expected in this industry, such as promoting the film as much as possible (a cover in a magazine would be a very visible exposure)…that is a tough one lol

    I guess it also depends on the type of pictures and the type of “male” magazine…so many variables lol In the end, I think (as many here have said) it really all comes down with what you feel is right for you 🙂

  40. Ryan Says:

    My advice for promoting the movie would be to go on G4TV as often as possible to talk about it. This is a channel that I think reaches the demographic for this movie (young male gamers in their 20s or so), and it’s also the only channel I’ve seen that has actually been keeping up with the movie’s progress.

    The second piece of advice I would give would be to do what you can about the official blogs and websites. I used to keep up with that blog religiously, but now it hasn’t been updated in over half a year, and so it is really dashing my hopes (when I see that there is no hype surrounding this movie, it worries me, because as a lifetime Street Fighter fan and a fan of yours, I really want it to succeed).

    As for the magazine, if you don’t really want to do it, then don’t do it. Those magazines are overrated anyway – I don’t know anyone who buys them (except for myself, but I only buy Complex because my girl Olivia Munn writes for it). If you feel that they degrade women, then don’t do it. Don’t think for a minute, though, that you NEED to do these kinds of things to promote your work. You’re a great actress, and your work speaks for itself.

  41. Alex Says:

    Dear Kristin,

    Glad to see you’re taking a break from TV-Land.
    Now, my personal opinion as a man about men ‘s magazines and you being in them: i never liked the shoots of you where you were full of make-up and being “forced” to look sexy. I’ve always thought of you as a natural beauty that doesn’t need adjustments. Skimpy clothes and lots of make-up just seems wrong on you.

    Now, as for men’s magazines in general and men’s perception about the women in them: the “dirtier” the magazine, the more of an object the girl in the photos looks for them. Men’s magazines demographics (teen-agers, young males) don’t buy them for the articles, they buy them for the half-naked (or worse) girls in them, period.

    And a somewhat objective opinion: If it feels wrong, just don’t do it. Don’t. If it’s an artistic shoot where you get to keep your clothes on, and it personifies the Chun-Li character (that’s the whole point of the promotion, anyway), than i think it would be ok. Even so, don’t let the photographers force you to do what you don’t want. Simple as that.

    Conclusion: The promotion should be about Chun-Li the character, as played by you, and as long as you don’t compromise your integrity by making the photoshoot, go for it.


  42. photofan Says:

    As a photographer i would say don’t do it. Just stay away from it, it’s not going to help you one bit. The strenght of Kristin for me has always been the fact that she can say ‘no’ where a lot of other people would say ‘yes’. And the hot thing about Kristin is the fact that she never has shown anything of too much flesh until now. But still scores high on many a ‘babe-list’. Why is that? Because she’s hot without really having to make an effort. Or even realizing or caring about it. Some girls have that…
    I think that for instance the ‘Toro shoot’ was hotter than many a girl taking it all off in any so-called men’s magazine. So if you want to make a stand Kristin, and i take it you are of that kind of character, just say no. Don’t break the mystery, It would really be such a turn-off.
    And i don’t think Street Fighter is aiming for the audience of mens-magazines anyway. Or is Chun-Li going to flash some boob? Don’t think so. This movie will be more seen by young kids and game-lovers than anything else. So what do men’s magazines have to do with it? Imagine some kid walking out of the cinema and than seeing Chun Li baring it all in the newsstand across the street… Hilarious!

  43. evakke Says:

    I guess if you do the cover of a men’s mag, you’ll have to take most of your clothes off…. which is totally the opposite of GBD’s values I think. It’d be great if you could do the cover but with your clothes on LOL ! 🙂

  44. Alexander Says:

    Hey Kristin

    As a man and an admirer of you and your work, i would just advise you to do whatever you feel like doing.

    But let’s face it, the movie industry will always work this way, as it is male-dominated. There will be many portrayals of women that are objectifying and plain wrong (however the same can be send about men, just not as often). If you are in the business, this is something that you will probably encounter a lot. The point is how you will deal with it. Will you decide that you don’t want any part of this? (i hope not) Will you try to act in a partizan way, which will result in limited appearances? (again i hope not) Or will you try to work within the system using selected compromises (like you’ve done up till now), in order to try to achieve what you want?

    Don’t get me wrong, i personally enjoy watching a sexy woman, a beautiful woman and yes a naked woman, as i believe is true for most guys. I enjoy admiring beauty in all its forms. I also believe the same holds true for women admiring men. The varying factor is of course the circumstances under which each presentation takes place and i believe on the person being photographed. I mean, not all nakedness or sexiness in a mass media is objectifying!
    For instance i’ve seen naked or sexy photographs of actresses like B. Bardot, E. Beart, J. Fonda, M. Bellucci or even N. Kidman and most seemed really artistic… almost like a painting of old… and they felt right. When the person feels right in their own skin, it shows. When they feel comfortable and sure about themselves (regardless of how they look) they know that what they are doing is right and they know where, when and with whom to do it.

    Like many actors have said their body is a tool that they need to know how to use and be comfortable using it. You can’t be a really top drawer actor if you don’t feel comfortable and sure about yourself and your body. (at least that’s my humble opinion)

    Anyway… closing i just want to wish you luck in whatever you chose to do, cause you are a talented person, who also seems to be very good and generous. And for that you deserve every success (in every facet of success 🙂 )

    PS – Sorry for the long post…

  45. Robby Says:

    First, I can’t wait to see Street Fighter and I am a big male fan of yours 🙂 and welcome back Kristin, we’ve missed you.

    On one hand, I’d say to do it, but I don’t know what they’re asking you to do. I see a cover as great promotion and would get your movie in the public eye and all that. Really, that’s all you need to do. Get the public aware and ready for it.

    Showing skin, and posing sexy, and all that is just a byproduct of such promotion in a Men’s magazine. Which means you don’t HAVE to use that medium to do it. You can do the same job somewhere else to promote the film. Honestly, seeing you just be you is much better than any sexy or scantily clad picture… and I hope that came out right…

    Men’s magazine definitely objectify women, I don’t think there’s any question about that.

    Alright, now your question on how to reach this demographic without using such things as Men’s magazines and other areas that would objectify women. And this is quite revealing for me since I use this method to promote you :p

    Interviews. Guest appearances. Video is so much more powerful than pictures. Through interviews and appearances, like talk shows, where we can see you being you are much more powerful than any picture or written interview can be because people can connect to YOU. They’ll see who you are and what a great person you are and will want to see your work because of who YOU are. I understand the idea of Men’s magazines and oehr such media is to appeal to the sex drive of people like me, but few things doing it better than seeing the person laugh, smile, and just be themselves. The first thing I always direct people to is your interviews because if I can get them that far the rest will take care of itself.

    People want to relate. They want to like you. They want to see part of themselves in you. Sexy pictures can’t accomplish that. A quote or caption in a magazine can’t accomplish that. The tonality of what and how you say it, the way you laugh, the way you relate to people, that’s what people connect with. In order for them to have that connection they need to see you IN ACTION.

    Over the years you’ve done an amazing job at not letting the destructive part of these magazines effect you and your career. To this end I say don’t change what you’ve been doing. Stick to your guns.

    This is probably the longest reply I’ve ever left on this site, but this issue is important to me too. 🙂 So please take what I said into consideration. When I started writing this I was thinking perhaps you should do it, now I’m not too sure, but remember people relate to YOU and not a picture or a quote. And YOU are very likable and sweet and don’t need this magazine to make Street Fighter a success.

  46. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Hey Kristin

    I don’t see how posing for one of those magazines could do anything other than harm your career.

    You’d go (in the public perception) from being that talented up and comming young actress to that girl that strips for magazines.

    I think you’re better than that, also I agree with what Alex said above. You look sexier, classier and just better all round with little or no fancification in terms of make up and so on.

    My favourite photo’s of you are all ones like that, quite often candid ones not taken at a proper photo shoot at all.

    I don’t know of anybody who reads those things anyway.

    I deffinately think you’re better that kind of gutter press exposure.

    Danny The Only Bloke

  47. traveler Says:

    Please don’t become one of those women who encourage the idea of being objectified. Because then you start to become one of those actresses who sells herself for the sake of stardom. From what I hear this movie is not your stereotypical Chun Li film.

    That is all.

  48. Uyr Says:

    They haven’t even released a trailer yet, or an official website for Street Fighter yet, and the movie is three months away, the magazine should be last of your concerns. I for one don’t buy magazines, the internet is great for information, also what magazine is it? There are some classy mens magazines out there too, but I’m guessing from your wording this is something like FHM or Maxim. You should come online Super Street Fighter ll Turbo HD Remix for a day and play as Chun-Li against fans, that would be some great publicity. Also on the magazine, it really depends how you present yourself on there, If there’s some good information regarding the movie that I can’t find anywhere else I might pick it up.

  49. Amara Says:


    great to hear from you..!
    I think you should go for it and have fun as long as you feel comfortable with it and they don’t ask you to do anything degrading….!

    Happy Thanksgiving from germany
    sounds fun and all….

  50. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Kristin! It’s so nice to hear from you. =) All I can say sweetie is do what feels right to you. I really don’t see any harn in doing the magazine as long as it’s done tasefully. Good luck with your decission ❤

  51. Nick Says:


    From a fairly young male’s point of view (22yrs), I think it really depends on the magazine(s) that are offering to you. Some men’s magazines only portray the degrading, “super-sexy,” low self-esteem inducing image of celebrity females or females in general if it sells magazines.

    Judging by the interviews from the head people of your new movie, they respected your wishes for how to create the strong, sexy heroic character in the sense that she is strong and honest, deep and independent while also being beautiful. It sounds like you were able to exude everything about being beautiful in your role, and just how you carry yourself in this GBD project and other things. If you can have the same relationship and respect from the men’s magazine(s) offering to you, I think it would be a great opportunity to sell that for your film… that it’s not just a movie about this video game character that is physically outwardly sexy, but is hurt, scarred, strong, fierce, caring and beautiful inwardly and outwardly because of it.

    You also have the gift of being able to show your emotions through a gentle stare into a camera and a great smile… Again, if the magazine can respect that and show you (and your character) in that light, I think it’s a great opportunity to show young males, men in general, and women the way to be strong, beautiful, and sexy without needing to display what you are uncomfortable with…

    Hope that made sense, and hope that helped!

    Good luck with everything and your work and love is appreciated I believe… Take care.


  52. Sharon Says:

    Hey Kristin!

    Hope you’re enjoying your short break.

    You should totally do what you’re comfortable with and if they can’t respect your wishes then you shouldn’t do something you don’t want to do.

  53. Sarynelli Says:

    ahh kristin!

    i have always respected you so much for sticking to your gut and not doing anything you never felt comfortable with…

    …as far as men’s magazines go, I think the extent of objectification of women only go as far as the person in question. In other words, I think a woman can pose in a magazine targeted towards men without exposing her body in such a way that it objectifies women or adds to the belief that women are just sexual objects for men; it all depends on the woman.

    The extent of all this is up to the person that the magazine wants, in this case you, if you decide to do this. There are certain women who don’t mind exposing their bodies so much, and other women who do. I don’t know much about the business, but am I safe to assume that at a photo shoot, the model lets the photographer know to what degree he/she feels comfortable?

    If that’s the case, then I think that if you do go through with this, and if you let the magazine know exactly what you want and how you want to be portrayed, then I think everything will be fine.

    But then again, maybe my naivety about press and publicity isn’t helping at all haha. Either way, as long as you do what you feel is right and as long as you don’t feel like you’re giving up your beliefs, you’ll be fine 🙂

  54. dom Says:

    Sorry if I shocked some people (-c est expres- in French in the text)

    Indeed the press for man or woman tends to
    enhance the physical above all, to place the
    person as an object as a commodity.

    But if you want to scratch a little more,
    is what this vision is not also in our mind ?

    There is image and the phantasms which we
    project above .

    Why devaluate body against spirit we are the

    Man or woman is the one for the other (most cases) an object of desire ,this prevents which
    no mutual respect.
    the troubles in these magazines is that the body becomes a commodity just like any other,
    the only message possible, it s done without
    restraint , sensitivity(?), in this case I think
    there is a perversion.
    This subject deserves more development but
    my English is not good enough to do without

    So I think it’s not good to touch young boy and older, only with some sexy pictures
    magazine it s better to have also a real
    message and other argument, and if you have
    the twice(image and arguement) it s better
    ( ce n est pas sale : it is not dirty … french joke)


  55. mld_7 Says:

    Hello everyone!

    So far,you have been a real example of an non-having dirty nude photos actress.
    It is obvious that you don’t feel very comfortable in any kind of “sexy” photoshoots and believe me, this is one of the reasons I appreciate you! Because you don’t do anything if it doesn’t feel right to you..You have the power of your opinion.
    I’m sure that the most of guys would kill me for saying that…

    Anyway,on the other hand, undoubtedly an attractive cover is very important for the promotion of a movie. Although it depends of how attractive it can be…There’s a big difference between classy and cheap.You deside that by putting your own rules.

    You can be sexy without taking off your clothes…and I’m sure that’s what you want!
    If I were in your shoes,I would not follow the easy way…
    You have values as a person and you don’t need to prove anything to anyone…

    Of course the last word is yours,so…

    Take care of yourself!
    I can’t wait for Street Fighter!
    Best wishes!!

  56. Ginaj Says:

    Kristin I believe you will do what you feel is comfortable. Men magazine’s aren’t only necessary for men, I know alot of women who read these magazines also. Either way you decide, I believe your’ll do great in this magazine. Go for it and fun, just don’t let them ask you to do degarding things. stand up for your beliefs.. You will do great …..

  57. Lesley Says:

    Hey Kristin, great to hear from you. I honestly feel you should follow what your heart desires.hehe! I work at a movie theatre and i dont believe marketing yourself for the film street fighter on a mens magazine (any that is) will do any justice. It would just be stereotypical to oneself. In general its a fighting action movie.There are fans/gamers out there that love your acting and those supporters will see you regardless. i think a nice elbow to head side shot would be nice and stare exotically into the camera, would be the farthest i would go if asked to do a mens magazine. Anything beyond that would probably effect the person you have upheld all these years away from all the media and what not. I admire your strength and beauty and you really dont sell urself out there like other actresses do and still can be successful. You are always you and its great! you always have my support. =) hope you have a wonderful relaxing few days off!dont work too hard! hehe.

  58. deena Says:

    There are really two issues here. The first issue is about men’s magazines: Men’s magazines are like women’s magazines, they are designed to shaped and sell a certain reality. People, both men and women, are made to feel inadequate so that they are open to buying whatever products that will make them feel better and hence more adequate. The second issue is about your implicit and explicit obligation to the film producers and backers and your willingness to promote the film and play your part in helping the film to reach a target audience. I think a reasonable person is also a pragmatic person and you cannot cut off your nose to spite your face. A complex character in a book or movie has contradictory feelings and thoughts and I think a complex person in real life also has contradictory feelings and thoughts,, My take on this issue is: It is best for your to do the magazine cover and interview and promote the film so that the film could reach a wider audience. I think that is the implicit and explicit obligation when you take a leading role in a certain project and/or don’t do the project/role at all. If you have made the decision to take the role in the film, it is your responsibility to make the film as successful as possible and that you have made the efforts to sell the film to the target audience that is the intent of the film. I think that is the moral dimension to decision making as a person. You see to it to the end. You can’t take a leading role and then not do what it takes to make it financially successful, it would be just hypocrisy and self serving parcing.

  59. brian Says:

    hi kristin, about mens magazine, you just tell from your heart of what you think of men and female. i know you have very special and warmest heart, we trust you. anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVINGS DAY!!!

  60. deena Says:

    I think Angelina Jolie is a good example of a complex person. She has this “sex sell” type of image that is captured in her public persona in a high number of men magazine covers etc. But she is a very idealistic , decent and kind person who has done more for the world’s suffering population than any other celebrity. I believe it is your obligation to promote the film to the best of your ability, which includes being featured in men’s magazine. And or don’t take the role or project to begin with. See to it to the end if you are going to do something and not nuanced and parced something when it is convenient to yor philosophical point of view.

  61. mld_7 Says:

    Hello everyone!

    So far,you have been a real example of an non-having nude photos actress.
    It is obvious that you don’t feel very comfortable in any kind of sexy photoshoots and believe me, this is one of the reasons I appreciate you! Because you don’t do anything if it doesn’t feel right to you..You have the power of your opinion.

    Anyway,on the other hand, undoubtedly an attractive cover is very important for the promotion of a movie. Although it depends of how attractive it can be…There’s a big difference between classy and cheap.You deside that by putting your own rules.

    You can be sexy without taking off your clothes…

    Of course the last word is yours,so…

    Take care of yourself!
    I can’t wait for Street Fighter!
    Best wishes!!

  62. kristina Says:

    Just because it’s a men’s magazine doesn’t mean it can’t be dealt with with class 🙂

    If it feels right do it, and while your doing it, be sure to know your limits and don’t turn into the photographer’s puppet.

  63. Elise Says:


    It certainly isn’t a bad thing for you to be approached with interest by a men’s magazine to promote your film. What you feel and do regarding it will be your choice. I would also agree, don’t do something that you are uncomfortable with.

    If it’s the particular men’s magazine I think it is, most of the shoots I’ve seen have been provocative, but I’ve seen some that have been more covered, not quite as provocative, but still sexy. I do think if this magazine will agree to shoot you in that manner, in a sexy but not overly provocative way that you are comfortable, then it could potentially be good exposure for you and your movie. However, this is not the only media outlet available to you to promote your movie. There are many many more ways for you to do this, that could also reach the potential readers/lookers of these men’s magazine.

    I’ve on occaision had these magazines come into our home from other relatives, and have looked at them out of curiousity. My husband honestly has no interest in them, but I have male friends and co-workers that do. I have to admit I find the males who do look regularly at them a tad more prone to make those sexually charged objectionifiying comments about hot looking women, etc, than the ones I know don’t.

    As far as a women’s perspective and the potential effects, I think it depends upon the woman. There are women out there confident in themselves and don’t feel they have to conform to the images of such magazines. Other women may feel a stronger need to appear as these women, if they feel that’s what men really want. I certainly don’t think these magazines help the general image of women. However, it would be nice to see a strong woman such as yourself shown being more covered and sexy, without being raunchy or overly provacative, if the magazine will accept this as well as an informative interview that’s not all about sex and raunchy questions and innuendo.

  64. Michel - Sorocaba Says:

    Kristin, it may be that my commentary you want to throw away, after all, I confess, in this case, I would be the “mad dog by the bone” (Hehehehhehe).

    But this may help you: if it is to help promote the movie, the character incarnates, in the photos.
    According to fans of Street-Fighter, the more they remember that much of Chun-Li is the legs …

    I know that you are shy, but consider: sexy pictures are legal and usually the most remembered.
    I say sexy, not the evildoers ….

    Regards, here in Brazil ( ah, hier there aren´t Thanksgiving, but I say to you “Happy Thanksgiving”)

  65. G Says:

    I forgot to mention this in my other post, lol. I’ve noticed that when men’s magazines are used to reach a certain demographic, it in a way screws with the integrity of the project for the other demographics. I know a lot of people think, “Hey, it’s based off a video game, we’ll get lots of gamer guys.” What they don’t think is that girls are gamers, too and girls in general do enjoy watching another girl kick some ass. So this could help get the one demo, but alienate the other, IMO.

  66. F Says:

    I would do it if I had control over some things like how much clothes I’d be wearing. I wouldn’t like to be photographed as an object because that would make feel like one.

  67. Rhonda Says:

    I think you should do the shoot if you’re certain you’ll have control over it. There are plenty of ways to be alluring without being trashy. I mean, come on, they could just put a close-up of your striking face and catch some attention. Maybe if you argue for control, more women will do that. Men might like nakedness, but they get that all over the place. They also love natural beauty, too. Ask them. I have! Every guy has told me they love it when a girl is beautiful without a bunch of make-up. That’s really their dream girl, I think. Sure, they’re not going to turn away from a bikini babe, but that’s not all men want. Really, those magazines aren’t giving them enough credit, either. Men love LADIES, too.

  68. Rysa Says:

    Hi Kristin!
    First of all, I have to say you were awesome on the last SV episode. I know you’re done with that, BUT I have to comment about your stunning perform! I had butterflies in my stomach just because you were there again! Thanks so much for that!

    Now what really matter. I think in this kind of magazine you have to see how they ask you to do those pics. You know what I mean. But you have show to them your character. Not something that they look and see KK and not Chun Li first. And as much we know you, I think you will do the right thing.

    Good Luck! And it’s great see you here again!

  69. Kristin Says:

    Wow! Lots of comments… It is interesting to hear what each of you value! I am kinda curious as to what you think of the actual magazines, and the content. I have my own opinions and values. It is interesting because, in my opinion, it isn’t about the images. I am not uncomfortable with my body (in general, haha), and my evaluation is not about comfort. I am evaluating what it means to support certain magazines and the way they speak about women… Not ALL men’s mags are the same, just like women’s mags. SO, this is super interesting to me!!!

  70. Binks Says:

    There’s pros and cons on both sides so whatever you do is ultimately up to you.
    If it’s a gamer mag or a comic book mag like Wizard or Game pro then I see no harm, they don’t usually put skimpy clothes and if they do it’d be your Chun-Li outfit 😛 Now, if it’s a magazine like Maxim or something of the sort theeeen well that’s when it gets awry. I, personally, wouldn’t mind what you do, whether be on the magazine or not. I see the men’s magazines as fantasy realms really, like they stare at the picture knowing they can’t have any of the women on it….but maybe if they look hard enough something close. Most I think don’t indulge in it, but some do.
    If you pose for a men’s magazine it shows 2 things. One possibly beneficiary, another…no: It would show you are comfortable with your sexuality and your own skin. On the other, (which is primarily the big issue here) they would probably twist this comfort and objectify it to a certain degree. This can be said to any mag really.
    However, it’s not all on the men’s magazines that this happens. I’ve seen more than enough women’s magazines to know that the objectification comes from both ends. How many titles have you seen on Cosmo Girl or what not say “98 ways to get laid”? does this not compliment the men’s magz in a certain way? Of course.
    The value? well apart from mentioned above, you probably will promote the film more. The destructive? the extent to which you are used on the cover.

    How to make it better? Well…that’s the media’s bit. Both parties objectify, and why? Because it sells. If you see a handsome guy or girl on the cover (often including with less than appropriate wording) you will do a double take. In order to make the mags more personable, they should target personality and spirit, not exterior structures. A man or a woman look just as appealing half nekkid, as they do smiling and laughing. One warms your heart while the other…erh…other body parts 😛 Ultimately to change the depersonalization of the magz the concept of “sex sells” needs to change.
    All that matters is that you make the decision that is right for YOU and it doesn’t compromise your beliefs in the process.

  71. Rhonda Says:

    The content? Hm. Well, I’ve only seen a few of those magazines because my husband doesn’t care about them. I think Cosmo is probably just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to talking about sex. How many articles are there about “How to please your man”? They can get quite raunchy! (And girls are buying into that left and right, mind you.) I definitely see where you’re coming from, Kristin. It’s lovely that you’re concerned about promoting things like that. If it really goes against your conscience, don’t do it. Here’s a side question for you. Are you afraid they’ll misquote you or twist your words in the article? I hear that happens a lot.

  72. MonicaOP Says:

    I have to say I, in particular, never read this magazines, mostly ’cause I find nothing interesting about them.
    I think you should do what you feel is better for you and for your image.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  73. taylor nikole Says:

    i hear ya kristin when you say you are not comfortable with your body….
    I think it takes alot of courage for most girls to go out and… show their body in any way…
    so in a way those girls who do… deserve some respect.
    Yet, at the same time there are the girls who do it constantly and just don’t care anymore….

    soo its like.. where do you draw the line?

    Like if i could get out there and not do anything ‘degrading’, but be comfortable enough to show aspects of my body that i am uncomfortable with.. i would be proud of myself.

  74. Krys Says:

    Well, having an older brother who subscribes to two of the more popular men’s magazines, FHM & Maxim, I kind of have an idea of what the content is…or lack of! haha jk But seriously, the articles are mainly about fitness, sex, film, video games, and electronics, you know, “guy stuff”. When they interview the cover girls the questions always (well, almost always) come back to sex. The rest of the questions will be super casual, briefly covering the actual project the artist is promoting, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of you doing the shoot to begin with.
    Another thing I noticed is that when they feature men in these magazines, the article is very well written, whereas there aren’t many well written articles when it comes to women. The focus is more on the photoshoot, which makes sense considering it is the reason most guys pick up the magazine in the first place…
    Granted it doesn’t seem like it, there are some men’s magazines who do write intelligent articles about women, but they are hard to come by…
    So, hopefully you were approached by one of the female-friendly men’s magazines!

  75. Robby Says:

    As these magazines go I’m pretty much in agreeance with most people here. People I know don’t really buy them for the articles but the pictures. Maxim, FHM, and other types of magazines are basically selling the sexy image of the girl. What that girl was promoting will easily be forgotten in time, but those pictures keep resurfacing. Like Stacy Kiebler’s Stuff magazine photoshoot.

    I don’t think anyone thinks posing in magazines like this is a direct show of support, but merely part of the job. If it were exclusively to a magazine or other entity, like Target exclusive CDs, then that would be viewed much more as a sign of support than just doing a photoshoot with them.

    Content is interesting. I don’t think people buy them for the content. Certain magazines are known for having great content and more prestigious photoshoots. Like Rolling Stone. Every magazine is different, but I think the “Men’s Magazine” niche is pretty straight forward. Sexy pics, content, but I can’t remember any recent examples where I remembered the articles inside, and aiming to the teen to mid 20s demographic, who would buy issues with sexy pictures of their favorite actress.

  76. Dan Says:

    Hi, Kristin
    I think that everybody thinks different about MM, it depends who’s reading, but the important thing (I think) is that you need to be original and unique and express your ideas or part of it to probe that a beautiful face could have bright ideas and smart things to said.
    Trust me that impress men.

    Good look with that and enjoy it!!! 😀

  77. C Says:

    Just do what you think is best, im sure if you decide to do it, it will be good for the movie, and yourself, if you don’t then who cares its not the end of the world.

  78. C Says:

    It depends on the Magazine, tons of Mens mags disrespect women, and just use them for their image. Others don’t, they have great articles, and interviews with the women featured in a positive way.

  79. Lucy Says:

    Hey! Long time no see Kristin! hehe always good to hear news from you! =)

    I think you have a great point! Maybe that mag reaches a lot of people and maybe it’s good for the movie but you should put yourself first.

    Let’s be honest most of us girls… we are very self conscious about our bodies and if you are not comfortable doing those things you shouldn’t.

    I also imagine that when you’re doing a photoshoot there are like a thousand people around you checking that everything is where it’s suppossed to be…. I couldn’t handle that!

    I believe that not everyone changes their impression of someone that appears in such mag but some people do and perhaps if you don’t think you can put up with it you should probably think about it for a little longer.
    I saw the Arena photoshoot and the pics were great sexy but not too much again it’s all up to you. I’m kinda shy like you I don’t think I would do it if I were you but…just think about it!

    To finish this I’d like to say that I love the fact that you have such moral values,… it’s remarkable and it just convinced me that you are a Superwoman and a true Role Model!

    Hope you choose what you think is best for you! Good luck with all your projects!

    Love from Costa Rica!


  80. O.T Says:

    Okay so this is a touchy subject for me. I don’t believe in the saying ‘If you got it flaunt it.’ I believe that your body is something personal. It’s private. All the Mens Magazines I’ve seen, it’s not about promoting good self image for women. In my opinion. They be-little women and make us seem like we’re just some piece of eye candy to be gawked at. Like the only thing we have to offer is sex. I think it’s terrible. So sorry Kristin, but I disagree. I think it’s all about the images. I mean really. Do you think that those guy’s are buying it to read something. Or to look at something?! I’m happy your comfortable with your body. But that doesn’t mean you or any other girl has to pose for these magazines. I don’t know that’s just my opinion. I guess I just have a very different opinion on what’s appropriate.

    I guess it can also depend on what Mens Magazine it is that your posing for and why your posing for it. If your doing it for a movie then that’s cool. Also if your doing it because it’s something you strongly believe in (ex.Partition) then go for it! It just upsets me that a lot of Men Magazines want to expose girls in such a sexual manner. Girls have a lot to offer and there body should have nothing to do with it. Again in my opinion.

  81. Brittny Says:

    Hey Kristin! Congrats on wrapping up Street Fighter and I really enjoyed “Bride.” Can’t wait to see more of you on Smallville after the break.

    Your question about Men’s magazines is a good one. I think that it’s true, men’s magazines objectify women and hold up an unrealistic standard for them. I love the mission you’ve taken up with Girls by Design etc. and I can see why you, as such a positive role model for girls, especially through your organization would hesitate to pose for a Men’s magazine.

    You have to do what feels right in your heart and I know that you probably will. For me personally, I dislike the OTHER side of the men’s magazines, the way women are judged negatively for being sexual. I think that a woman’s sexuality is beautiful and if a woman chooses to pose for a Men’s magazine they shouldn’t be judged and thrown away by other women. Yes men’s magazines can be dis-empowering, but it can also be a powerful form of expression. It is possible for a woman to be strong, self assured, know who she is and what she stands for AND pose for a men’s magazine.

    I respect modesty and the choice NOT to pose. But I am against judging the women who DO decide to pose. I know that I’ve looked at the cover of a men’s magazine and been disgusted. And I’ve looked at the cover and seen women like Lucy Lawless. Strong women who I admire. So… I hesitate to put a blanket statement like – they are all bad – or they are all good on it.

    Honestly teen magazines are just as detrimental if not more so to how young girls view themselves. Most of the women on 17 magazine are beautiful, thin with perfect skin. They are not representational of what REAL women, REAL teens look like around the world. Girls and women need to learn not to look to the media who are always selling something for their image of what a woman or a girl should be.

    Do what you feel is right. Either way people will judge you and have something to say about it. But it’s what you think, what you have to say when you look at yourself in the mirror afterward that really matters.

  82. Gina Says:

    Well, most of the content that I’ve seen in Men’s Magazines are pretty degrading towards women.

    For example, they make some women look like a sex object and I find that to be really disappointing. I very rarely look at Men’s Magazines because most of them have gotten really gross and unpleasing to look at. :/

    I’m not saying that all of them are bad, but the majority of them seem to be.

  83. Marc Says:

    If its the content you are curious about, then I really wouldnt worry. Maxim, Wizard, GamePro… I read all of them on a fairly consisten basis and I think you’d be surprised how respectable the content and interviews are. I’d say the worst thing about the magazines are the advertisements, which are a necassary evil that the magazine themselves do not design.

    Its not like you are going to be interviewed by Howard Stern. I remember reading one about Kristen Bell who had a movie coming out (Fanboys, I believe) and it truly focused on the movie, with a little bit thrown in about why she believes its important to her to be a vegetarian.

    If its a magazine similar to the ones I mentioned, I think theres no problem whatsoever. Anyways, I know this is a girls forum so… I’ll show myself out 😛

    Take care of yourself! Keep up the great work!

  84. Audrey Says:

    Hi Kristin, I can see how having to make such decisions can be difficult because they involve your career but also make you think about your values.. Of course, none of us can make that decision for you, but my friendly word of advice would be to not do anything that you’re not 100% comfortable with, cos you can’t undo it and you might regret it in the future. If you do end up doing the magazine shoot, don’t let them boss you around! Be the master of your own destiny. 🙂

    All the best and looking forward to your movie!

  85. Danny the Only Bloke Says:


    If you do do magazines like that you’ll almost certainly be misquoted.

    Most mens mags (FHM, Maxim, Nuts etc) just treat girls like the latest must hace accessory. The girls in them may as well be IPods or mobile phones. Not really the image you want to promote, either for yourself or women in general I imagine.

    I think interviews and game and film magazines would be a better way to go.

    Try and get some tv, at least they can’t quote you out of context.

    That and try and persuade whoever is in charge of the advertising for the film to get an online presence, the internet is your best friend really.

    Not that I wouldn’t like to see sexy photo’s of you (you are gorgeous after all) But I think it would undermine the kind of thing you’re trying to do here on GBD, and also help towards the onjectification of women in general.

    Just my 2 cents worth

    Danny the (not quite) Only Bloke

  86. Stephen K Says:

    You’re being pressured to show skin to publicize your new movie, in magazines that objectify women. Yes Men’s magazines objectify women, yes it has a negative effect on the male perception of females. What you see is how it is.

    You believe that posing in them wrong because they objectify women. So you have set limits on what type of publicity is acceptable based on your beliefs. Now you have to decide how much you value your beliefs.

    Show skin, appeal to demographic, put more asses in the seats and do better box office. Get offered more acting jobs and more $$ in the future.
    Stick to your beliefs with maybe not as many jobs or dollars.

    So are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

  87. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    I agree with Stephen K, have the courage of your concivtions girl, be the change you wanna see in the world and all that.

    Danny the only Bloke

  88. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Hope the movie does well by the way, good luck with it.


  89. Jose L. Says:

    Kristin I have been following your career and your life from afar and believe to have an idea of your likes and dislikes. Yes, Stephen K is correct on his ideas. But the truth is that you do not have to do what you do not want. However, you are a big girl now and you know that the industry you are working in is more demanding on girls than on boys. And Stephen is also right when he says that a bit of cooperation advertising your movie will help your career. Why?? simple, You are now committed to make your movie a success. Negotiate with the publisher how much or how little you want to show. Your beauty will sell the movie to people that maybe don’t know you yet. The two or three left in the world. The down side of not cooperating may be that other directors/producers may label you as an uncooperative “child” and maybe will not want to work with you. Evidently you have many alternatives as to what to do and all alternatives you must think a lot. Parents, Kendra, Mark etc will be great advisers. Of course maybe writing something in Girls by Design . . . . Just kidding, just kidding.
    Now is the time to really understand your industry and how much are you willing to give in to the industry. As far as I am concerned, youi do not need to convince all your adoring fan s of your principles. SWe know you and we know your principles. Do what you have to do to grow in the industry and to progress. Yes being cooperative will get you a better publicity with other directors/producers. We your fans will continue supporting you and admiring you. The more we see you in films the happier we will be. I continue to say that your extraordinary beauty, your magnificent talent and amazing intelligence will get you one day into the Oscars and God willing you will win one one day. Best of luck and remember your fans will not abandon you whatever your decision.

  90. Sarah Says:

    I agree with your hypotheses on the magazine effecting the way men see woman. I really hate how our culture and media has turned woman into sex objects, and set a bar for what woman should look like. The media often does not see woman for the amazing thing we are. we are not just sexy, we are beautiful, smart, independent, and more then just a thing to be oggled at.

  91. scott Says:

    (First of all, let me say thank you for asking our opinions in the first place. So often I, and I’m sure many others here, have wondered what it must be like to have to deal with such questions in one’s life. To actually be asked to participate in that process with you is no small honor.)

    I think what I hear you saying is that it’s not so much about ‘being seen’ as it is ‘who you are being seen with’. That you are concerned about showing support for a publication (by helping them sell magazines with your image) whose values are consistently out of line with your own. I know finding one that doesn’t violate my values today is quite difficult (and I’m a guy!), so I can only imagine what it must be like from your perspective as a female to want to promote Street Fighter as best you can, but feel limited by the choice of outlets to one of the main target demographics.

    If might suggest that you turn the tables on the magazines and judge them in somewhat the same way you are concerned about being judged. That is, judge them according to the company that they keep.

    For example, I can tell you that every guy that I know who regularly buys Maxim is not someone I would let my daughters anywhere near. I like a scantily-clad female as much as the next guy, but it’s the mindset that such magazines encourage toward said female that are unacceptable in my view.

    I like some of the comments from folks like Arelis and Binksy regarding gamer mags and comic book stuff. Those are good suggestions. Like Binks said, if you are wearing your Chun-Li clothes, it’s appropriate to the movie, then all the better.

  92. deena Says:

    I just want to give you a little feedback about your haircut on Bride. You have a beautiful face and the haircut with bangs was very distracting. Half of your face was covered by hair and took away from your good looks. I think the SV stylist should do a better job with your hair so that your facial features could stand out more. It was not a good look. Otherwise, you gave a complex performance. I honesly don’t know what to expect from your performance which adds to the mystery and tension of the later episodes.

  93. Lorène Says:

    hello Kristin,
    I am very glad to read your comments again.
    Your question is very interresting. And it’s the fear of all women I supposed : afraid all the time to be compared as toys or here, do the covers of a magazine which can give a wrong image .
    I think that you don’t need to do this press, to promote the movie. If you prefer to promote it without being disappointed after, do what you want.
    The worst is to do it and then regret and say:” If only…”.
    I don’t like the pictures and ideas of that sort of “men’s magazine”. Women tried during so many times to be equal as men , and these magazines sometimes reduce the women to a lower state.
    I don’t want you to regret that’s why I think that you shouldn’t do what you don’t want to do.

    Hope these comments help you to make a descision. 🙂
    Have a nice day.

    I read a book last years and there is a line in particular I would like to share with you :
    “People can take everything to you; your property, your most happy years, all your joy and your deserve, up to your last shirt, you will always have your dreams to reinvent the world which they confiscated to you “.(“L’attentat”, Yasmina Khadra). 🙂
    (I don’t know if this line is very appropriate but … maybe it is) :]

    good luck and huges kisses. 🙂 🙂

  94. mld_7 Says:

    I think Stephen K found the best way to describe the situation!
    Although I don’t know why but I have the sense that you’ve already made up your mind…

    Good luck!
    Love from Greece.

  95. Julianne Says:

    I think it depends on the picture, really. there are some covershots in mags like Maxim that are tasteful while still using sex to promote the movie. It depends on the woman/man too. Some people can be sexy without being slutty. If you can find a good photographer and stylists to keep control of the shot, I think it’s a great way to grab the attention of the demographic. Most of all do what you’re comfortable with.. if you’re not comfortable with the idea of being used to sell sex for a movie, don’t compromise. Because no matter how tasteful the picture, it’s a men’s magazine, and it’s going to be about sex.

  96. Jayna Says:

    Hey Kristin,

    Many people, men and women, will look at a men’s magazine and instantly come to a conclusion that they are 100% about sex. Although a lot of these magazines do focus on the concept of ‘sex sells,’ there are others that contain more than what they are stereotyped to contain, there are some men’s magazines that do have interesting and intellectual articles. Now I don’t want people getting the wrong ideas about what i am saying. I am not trying to, in anyway, promote these magazines. I am a woman that strongly believes these magazines are degrading to my sex, visually at the least, and although I don’t generally condemn men for owning them per say, I also don’t encourage the purchasing of them.

    Some people may buy these magazines for dual purposes. We are all well aware of one of the reasons why men purchase these magazines, but again, like I said, some of these magazines also contain intellectual articles on a variety of subjects. That being said, I truely believe that advertisement of anything containing serious subject matter in anyway should steer clear of these publications. A movie article/page advertisement will be seen by many men if placed in a men’s magazine. The truth is an advertisement like this will definitely reach a broader spectrum of people. But there are other things to take into consideration when approached with this kind of offer. Will it promote the movie to a higher number of people? Yes most definitely it will. But actresses must be fully aware of the consequences of of doing a page spread in these magazines. There is a much greater percentage of men buying these magazines for the skin and sex pictures than there are buying them for the articles and advertisements.

    If you, Kristin, were to agree to this offer there are many men that would look at the page and see you posing for this magazine and purely look at you as a sex object. It can’t be helped as the majority are buying these magazines with the intention of looking at every woman within its pages as a ‘sex object’ no matter how well or conserved the photoshoot has been. If you go through with it, once done, it most definitely can’t be taken back, which i am sure you are well aware of as you have declined all previous offers.

    Again because of the reader’s biased oppinion of the women in these magazines as objects it wouldn’t matter to them if you were promoting a movie or not, the majority of men ‘reading’ these would see past the harmless promotion of a potentially great movie, and see only the promotion of a woman’s body. In my honest oppinion if you want serious advertisement, in any movie (or any serious matter at all), steer clear of these magazines as the majority will not take the advertisement serious. Opt for other magazines types.

    I have no problem with girls showing that they are confidant and comfortable with their own bodies. Actresses playing roles of sexy women i also do not have a problem with. Its just knowing where to draw the line. Everyone knows why the majority of men buy these magazines agreeing to pose and appear in these magazines just shows promotion of degrading behavior against women and encourage men to continue thinking women are indeed sex objects.

  97. A Says:

    Hi There.
    So I can’t really offer much of a judgment on the actual content of men’s magazines, as the last time I looked at one was about 9 years ago, but I do recall in that issue there was an article on how to ‘operate your woman’ which included a step-by-step manual making reference to women as robots. I did find that really quite offensive.

    In terms of the images shown in/on the magazines, while I do agree with the arguments stating that they can objectify and exploit women, there’s almost always going to be more than one perspective to every situation and I’d just like to throw another angle out there. The women in these magazines made a conscious decision to appear in them and are profiting from the predominantly male demographic that buy the publications probably in part due to the sexy pictures. Those women seem to be in a position of control and are, in a way, taking advantage of the male psyche; they are making money by preying on the hormonal urges of the male. I’m not saying that it is a conscious thing but it’s pretty powerful and quite a turn-around from the idea of the images demeaning and diminishing women. So maybe both sexes are being exploited. Like I said, I do see how these magazines feed into female objectification but I can also see the merit in this other argument. But I suppose if this side of the issue isn’t really realised in the mainstream public conscious, then it’s not going to have much of an impact.

    Also, not to ramble, but on a related tangent – I think that the nature of an image and the style in which it is created are just as important as the actual content or subject. I think a lot of the negativity in relation to men’s magazines stems from the fact that the images they use are often overtly sexual. But this doesn’t have to be the case – an image showing bared skin can be done incredibly beautifully and tastefully. The nude has been a subject in art throughout history, and wasn’t seen as negative but, among other things, as a symbol of truth, beauty, friendship and love. Maybe we could look at certain images in this category as a celebration of ‘woman’? An appreciation of the aesthetic beauty of the female form along with all the positive aspects that that very form – the woman – is used to represent.

    Okay, so now I really have rambled on…..sorry. I think it’s a really interesting topic. Thank you for the open discussion.

  98. Steve Howard Says:

    I will first say that I am a male, rather older than yourself, who may bring a slightly different perspective to the issues at hand, especially since I’m rather far from your target demographic for Girls by Design.

    You didn’t ask about whether or not you should do the shoot, and so I will not address that. To assume I somehow know better than you about whether or not you should model would be ridiculous. I will, however, make an attempt at the questions you did pose.

    (1) “So, I am wondering about your experiences with men’s magazines and what you think is positive or negative about them.”

    That sort of magazine, I am assuming the magazine being discussed is Maxim, FHM, or something of that ilk, wasn’t around when I was in the demographic you and your producers are seeking to reach. Back then, ‘men’s magazine’ meant Playboy at the very least.

    From my perspective, the magazine is a mish-mash of Cosmopolitan-style advice for men, National Lampoon-style sophomoric humor, actual advice on gifts, gadgets, and girls that look like something out of GQ or Esquire, and titillating photography that sometimes can be a few wisps of fabric away from being Playboy.

    I’m not sure if this magazine will change the way a guy thinks about women. By the time a guy is a regular reader, his opinions about women, and to what degree he objectifies them (we all do to some extent, no matter how much we may not wish to), are likely already set in stone through his interactions with the men and women in his life as he grew up.

    If a guy has ready access to this magazine at an early age, either from dad or an older brother, I would tend to suspect it could help form the way he sees women, and do so in a negative manner. It just depends on how many kids get to see the magazine, and how often.

    I’m not sure how many women are negatively impacted by this magazine, at least directly, as they don’t generally read it, and already know what to expect when they do. I think women’s fashion magazines with unachievably thin models on the cover, Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc., do one heck of a lot more damage to woman in general than any men’s magazine, as these are magazines by women, for women, telling them ‘this is what you must look like,’ whereas the magazine we are talking about is by men, for men, and says ‘Damn, ain’t she hot?’

    (2) “What do you think is valuable about them, and what do you think is destructive?”

    Valuable and destructive? From a female perspective? Or valuable and destructive from an advertising perspective for your film?

    I obviously can’t answer about the female’s perspective on things, but if you meant valuable and destructive from an advertising viewpoint, I’d think a tasteful, reasonably sexy photo shoot couldn’t do anything but help. The question here is whether or not ‘tasteful’ and ‘reasonably sexy’ are in the lexicon of this magazine’s editors.

    (3) “And what are your opinions on how to reach that important young male demographic without utilizing these resources?”

    Many have already hit on the ideas I like: video game magazines, websites, and TV shows. An interview there, along with a photo shoot that would likely be much less revealing, might do much to activate a fan base that is dying to see a decent video game-to-movie translation. Heck, a photo shoot for a game magazine might even be done in a selection of Chun-Li’s outfits from the movie to give the readers a sneak peek at what to expect from the movie incarnation one of the most famous heroines in video game history.

    Comic book readers would seem to be a natural fit for someone like Chun-Li, but I don’t know of many industry-wide publications that are read by the masses. It might be harder to reach that audience, without a concentrated media buy in the industry. In that case, there could be full-page ads in a wide-selection of comics, the content of which would be controlled by the studio, which should be more in keeping with your modesty than the men’s magazine shoot would be.

    Depending on the advertising budget for the film, I would consider ads in selected nationwide sporting events, that skew toward a younger demographic, in the week leading up to the opening of the film. Might be too pricey though.

    Lastly, there’s the tried and true method of making the rounds of the TV talk shows. Another MTV/Conan O’Brien swing through New York could reap some benefits as they seem to have young audiences, though the Holy Grail could be an invite to host Saturday Night Live and then get your producers to buy a couple of spots on the broadcast.

    Anyhow, that’s enough (more than enough, most likely) advice from a guy who has little actual idea what the heck he’s talking about.

    When it comes time to make your decision, listen to your heart, do what you want, and then stick by your guns.

    “To thine own self be true.” – Shakespeare

  99. Emily Smith Says:

    well.. here’s what kills me… you’re driving down the road or walking in a store or watching a movie and it’s always women……without any clothes on. you know? of course you never see that with men.. not that i’d want to. ahaha

  100. Marc Says:

    Uh, guys, i know I said I’d leave but… lol

    I think you guys are getting off topic. Kristin already said it wasnt the shoot itself she was asking about. She wants to know what the positive/negative effects are of the magazine and the content, as well as other methods of reaching that audience.

    Hope that helps.

    K, I swear, I’m leaving and locking the door behind me this time. God Bless!

  101. taylor nikole Says:

    I think its a good topic
    when it can branch out
    whilst still being closely related
    to the original topic
    you may have different aspects
    of said topic that you want to discuss

    therefore maybe its not always such a bad
    thing to be right on topic
    branching out has never really been a horrible thing

    just in a way a spark in various conversations

  102. Nathan Says:

    I think that if you are personally not comfortable with posing for a men’s magazine, you should not do it just to promote a movie. There are a lot of different ways to reach that target audience without going against your personal beliefs. I personally do not think there is much value in men’s magazines. They are only eye candy and do not help anyone learn anything important or useful. They just objectify women, I am not saying that the women in there should be looked down upon, but people have different ways of promoting themselves. Street Fighter is based on a video game so I can see doing interviews or photo shoots for magazines related to video games or comics or events like that would help promote the movie without going against your beliefs.

  103. Alex Says:

    Some interesting opinions in here….
    I as a man haven’t been interested in reading men’s magazines since i was a teenager at best. And like everybody else, i wasn’t looking at the girls in them and going : this young lady has interesting thoughts and opinions.
    So i guess asociating yourself with this kind of magazines isn’t the best choice.
    Like someone said before, the best way to go would be general magazines, gaming magazines etc that still reach the target audience.
    So, my opinion on this magazines is not a good one, and i wouldn’t get my hands on one (now) even if it was free.

    God Bless.

    P.S.: Glad we share similar values 🙂

  104. génnà Says:

    have a great day to all GBD especially to Kk! In my opinion,in a 100% so many ways to promote movies,tv shows,etc.promoting in a “mens mag” who will just cater ages from 18 to maybe late 40’s,i could say that around just 20% or maybe even lesser from that age range only will be able to buy and read such kind of mags..the way of living in this world is getting harder and harder..almost all people are busy struggling on how to cope with their everyday lives..and not all mag shops in all places are allowed to sell such kind of mags so you cannot really get a favorable result for that. i suggest it would be better if the whole cast will have promotional tour-in public places,schools or universities, or even in tv game shows,tv guestings and a lot lot lot more ways!Godbless and gudluck!

  105. Bella Says:

    Its a movie based on a comic or video game(right?), so there are plenty of other venues that cater to a male audience to promote the film. No one should do what they’re not comfortable doing, period, especially not for a film. In the grand scheme of things, is it really that crucial?

  106. justvisiting Says:

    I’m not sure there is a contradiction between being sexy and setting a good example, We can all be many things at once. Pneumatic, tomb raiding looks aren’t the first thing the UN Refugee Agency consider when they ask Angelina to raise awareness and Shakira’s gyrating hips neither lie nor discredit her work as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

    It seems to me that a men’s magazine shoot is just one weapon in your armory, which you can use to raise awareness of you, the movie and by proxy the issues and projects you deem important.

    Sometimes a publicity shoot is just a publicity shoot.

    Have Fun.

  107. duran Says:

    its interesting that you being on a men magazine is being read as the objectification of you as a woman. Because that depends on the person reading it.

    Obviously sex sells and all that, but men magazines aren’t just about the girls on them. It also depends on whos viewing them.

    Also what mens magazine is it? If it is something like GQ they don’t really objectify woman as much as someone in like Maxim.

    I don’t think its destructive, boys will always be boys its not like everyone who reads these magazines will turn into wife beaters or anything, in the most extreme case. If you make the photoshoot more about you as an actress and your film thats a better way of selling your film, rather than selling your body for people to watch the film.

    Bottom line is that sex sells and no one can do anything about it though.

  108. Corrie Says:

    Hi, Kristin!

    I think it’s great that you’re asking us for advice on this important issue.

    I agree with Isabela, when she said that “almost all man that I know thinks you sexy. You won that position because your way to be sweet and kinda shy. This is your charm, your ‘brand.'”

    A lot of the guys I know really liked your sweet, shy-ish side, and I agree with them too. To be completely honest with you, I get really disappointed whenever I see the seemingly sweet celebrities turn into highly sexualized women. I think showing a lot of skin and being sexy just to cater to a male audience is not the right way to go. I also agree with the suggestion of going on a tour of schools and publicizing that way. Come to UC Berkeley! I’ll bet tons of guys and girls would love to see you. I’m going to see your movie and tell everyone about it. haha Anyways, of course this is your decision, but I think if this magazine of which you speak promotes just the sexy side of women, I don’t think you should do it. Good luck with your decision!

  109. chris Says:

    well, I just wish u good luck

  110. Maxima Says:

    I personally don’t see the gain in doing something like this. I would not want to sell myself anymore than I already do in that kind of business. The mass knows you as a movie and TV actor, nothing more than that. But sometime greed will conquer even the people with the most integrity. Your work on the set and especially off the set is what matter the most in my opinion.
    All the best.

  111. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    I fully agree with everything Maxima said.


  112. taylor nikole Says:

    maybe so
    and maybe not for kristin
    but i know as an actor
    you sell yourself for and to almost anything
    especially in the beginning
    thats what you do
    its your work….
    even if its embarrassing…
    (ive done some seriously embarrassing things on auditions -_-)
    sometimes im like
    “I’m supposed to do what?”…
    can’t complain… you have the chance of getting paid
    I’m not saying magazines, but just anything…

    and i totally see where K has her choice here…
    but its true… in the beginning you sell yourself a llittle more…
    but if everything works out you get to pick and choose….

    soo personally i think she should go for it…
    if she has the confidence to do such things, why not?
    i mean as long as she doesn’t find anything degrading or too degrading…

  113. blodia Says:

    i’m a guy and i never bother looking at these magazines, all they do is portray women as sex objects. all i can say is don’t do kristin

  114. Randy Says:

    Sorry if my comments are too similar to everyone elses. But this is the first time that I have had a chance in weeks to actually put up a post. That being said, I skimmed over some of the comments and I just wanted to throw in my two cents.

    I agree that many men’s magazines can have negative aspects to them. (Just look at the headings on many of them.) However, whether or not K should actually work with this particular magazine should be carefully considered. It all comes down to…. Which magazine? What kind of layout? What kind of interview? etc…. If it is a reputable magazine that is willing to work with her and not try to push her into doing something that makes her feel uncomforable….then I would definitely give it some major thought. Who knows, given the right format she may even be able to help improve the magazines portrayal of women. (Ok, that may be giving the magazine a BIT to much credit….but you never know.)

    In the end, my only advice would be for her to follow her instincts and NEVER allow them (or anyone) to push her into something that she is moraly opposed to.

  115. Nick Says:

    All i can say about it is that while true that being in a men’s magazine would reach a large demographic most of those unenlightend souls would simply be seeing rather than reading the magazine in short all they would be looking at is how much is shown in the pictures. And i see the point that it would get the word out about the new movie but honestly I’d rather the movie be seen by a dedicated following than by the target demographic of those magazines and just so you know Kristin i completely agree and support your decisions so far as not being in these big name men’s magazines they don’t deserve an intellegent and beautiful lady like you and I wholeheartedly stand by your decision to not be in these magazines.

  116. M. Says:

    I will have to brave the almost certain religious-like persecution in expressing the following opinion: you should definitely consider posing for these magazines. As you have already clearly stated, it’s not your comfort level–er lack thereof, or the magazines’ obvious preference for bare skin that turn you off to this publicity prospect. It is the magazines’ contents and the related social implications– but are we prematurely demonizing those glossy collections of (admittedly) poor excuses for literature?

    As a woman, I completely agree the general representation of all things female in magazines like Maxim and FHM are offensive, and down-right wrong! But on some level I think that is the point… You’ve never seen a Pulitzer Prize winner writing on how to best become a falconer (a guide currently up on the Maxim website). These magazines are meant to entertain; to be over-the-top and as equally degrading to men. An earlier poster once encountered an “operate your woman” article. Now, who do you think they are making fun of there? Most all guys I’ve known whom have casually looked through a Maxim or two (and contrary to what people have been saying, this includes all guys I have ever chosen to call ‘friend’) are smart enough to realize the purpose of these magazines are exactly that I have surmised above: pure fluffy entertainment.

    That being said, your “doing business” with these magazines is just that, doing business. You are an actor, you play characters. It seems that Chun-Li is a somewhat sexualized video game personality; and to me, posing for media film exposure is akin to maintaining that character. I’d like to think that most men, and women for that matter, realize these magazine images are just a stylized fabrication of the real thing anyway.

    However, bottom line: do what you feel is right.

  117. Shoaib M. Says:

    I agree with many of the previous posts; that Male magazines often stereotype women as S–Objects and nothing else.

    I would have to say that a magazine focused more on the Gaming/Entertainment industry would serve your purpose better, since your new movie is based on a video game. There are many media outlets that cover the world of gaming; you could do covers for some gaming magazines, they are usually more inclined to stay on topic(since their primary audience in teenage boys); in this case your film and its video game origins. Also there are popular Technology shows that cover video games, they often have appearances by movie stars promoting their new films.

  118. Allen Says:

    Although plenty comments have been made, I’ll try to keep mine unique, short and from a different perspective. You’re a professional in your job so no reason to give my sub-par two cents in that department.

    As a guy, if I were to open a magazine and look at “hot” pictures of Kristen Kreuk, its highly doubtful that I’m going to think: “Wow, Kristen is hot, now I definitely have to see that movie”. Remember that the Street Fighter game isn’t as popular with the current teen generation. So to place yourself in a magazine that you’ve felt uncomfortable to participate in thus far, will probably not give you the outcome you’re looking for.

    However, if you’re goal is to put yourself back in people’s minds that hey I’m an actress available for acting and for it to possibly open up more doors to new opportunities, then you’d have to look at the whole issue differently. But to do it just for this movie… unlikely it will be worth the sacrifice you’d be making. Of course this is from a male stand point.

    Personally, I think the image you’ve spent years creating is a good one. It’s what has separated you from everyone else. There’s plenty of pretty out there, but not as many who put their values first. Good luck to you with what ever route you choose.

  119. Jasalom Says:


    Just because you do an interview or piece in a certain magazine doesn’t mean you necessarily and devotedly support that magazine. I read GQ, and Maxim and Details (for men) along with other mags that have a ton of different interviews. Including Actors/Actresses, Athletes, business people etc. Just because I see a pic of them on the cover or read the interview they give doesn’t automatically link that persons interests to that publication. Hell, I don’t even remember most of the interviews I read. It’s mainly just reading for leisure and thus doesn’t pose a threat to my long term memory 🙂
    People understand that in your line of work there are things that come with JOB. It’s not a socio-political stance some people make to give their everyday decisions in life meaning. It’s just work, PR work.
    Of course without knowing the exact magazine and the nature of the interview we are all generalizing here, but unless your funding the magazine and having it published I wouldn’t worry about the whole “supporting it” deal.
    One more thing, I think the type of mag has a sublime effect on the reader. For example, you read a National Geographic its looked at as research, nature, learning, collectible. Playboy, Maxim, etc.- entertainment, visual stimulation, then trash. You get my drift? The entertainment mags tend to be quickly forgotten.
    So what category does the magazine fall in is very important. I don’t know if what I just wrote helps, I’ve reread it and it’s just confused me. 🙂
    Take Care,


  120. Craig Says:

    If you’ve been declining their offers recently, then there is no reason to start now. For the most part, men’s mags exist to show pretty images of women. Any interview you do with them will not get as much exposure as ones done with any number of video game or movie websites. If you really want to expose the movie to the target audience, do an interview with G4 or MTV.

  121. Xad Says:

    If you feel the magazines objectify women, then i can’t see how you can do them – but then Arena magazine is a men’s magazine too, albeit somewhat more upmarket.

    Me personally (being a guy and probably shouldn’t be on here, sorry), i don’t see anything wrong with a woman posing for a sexy photo just like no one has a problem with guys posing for women’s magazines. It’s not like you’re going to do vulgar penthouse type poses, they can be sexy poses showing some skin – nothing wrong with skin as long as you’re comfortable with your body and confident.

    Sexy photos of girls don’t mould a guys thought process; instead guys, just like girls i’m guessing, like to look at pictures of pretty girls in sexy photos – no harm in it, we’re just human and have a tendency to gawk at people we’re attracted to.

    I’m guessing it’s probably Maxim – although i have my fingers crossed that it’s Playboy. Joke joke, haha.

    DK, nothing wrong with cleavage – it’s sexy, these magazines want sexy photos – the only reason why Silverman can get away with that is because she’s not recognised for her sexiness, which is very lacking to begin with, rather her comedy.

    Some people are just very uptight and insecure in themselves and scream objectification at the shear sight of a girl posing for a sexy photo and showing some skin. It’s almost as if these people expect really pretty girls to either hide or be covered head to toe just so that they don’t feel bad about themselves or feel challenged when it comes to them acquiring a mate.

  122. Lindsay Says:

    Are all men’s magazines alike? No, but they share the common idea that sexy sells, and that is their bottom line.

    Are women objectified in them? Absolutely, many times, but there are glimmers of substance sprinkled through just enough to lend a claim to respectability.

    We as a scociety have reinforced those perceptions by supporting them. The truth is we are all sexual beings. It isn’t wrong to appreciate the beauty of the human body, but to only see the body does a disservice to the subject.

    It is ironic that we categorize people as ‘subjects’. It makes them sound less than human somehow.

    Marketing a film today has endless possibilities. Magazine covers are seen by millions in markets and stores, so getting noticed may increase the buzz about the movie. It doesn’t have to be a men’s mag though. Men will look at any cover that has a beautiful woman.

    The internet is where the big time effort should be made, focusing on sites that would increase the viewers you are more likely to draw in.

    Massive texting works well too. People live and die by the cell phone. It could be a huge buzz maker to send a clip to phones.

    U tube is also a cheap marketing that gets results.

    Utilize yur fan base. It is larger than you could ever imagine.

    Talk shows, radio shows and comic book events and computer game stores.

    Start the buzz early. If the film is opening in Feb. there should be trailers in theatres in now.

    If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Trust in yourself.

  123. Cindy Says:

    Well, I think if it helps the film and the shoot is tastefully done, like if you have full rights to approve any changes/air brushing, that sort of thing, that it could help your career and aid in publicizing the movie. I think you’d only be truly objectified if you don’t feel in control of the situation…

    Control it as much as you can and make sure they don’t cross any boundries you don’t want them to cross.

    If you look beautiful and feel beautiful, why not show off a little? You’ve no doubt worked hard, so you should be proud to show it off to the best you can. If having you on the cover of the magazine helps the film get more men to see it, then all the better. It’ll be good for your career in the long run if the film opens well.

    No matter what you do, I wish you the best and I hope the film does well.


  124. traveler Says:

    well, it looks like you went off and did it. i think this seems like an okay magazine (at least it’s not FHM).

  125. Kristin Says:

    The mag I am talking about is not “Men’s Fitness”, which I did do a small photoshoot for a little while ago…

  126. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    What type of magazine ARE we talking Kristin? Is it the FHM/Maxim/GQ type, kinda ‘mid shelf’ so to speak, or the Playboy/Mayfair/whatever type of top shelf skin mags?

    Cos while they’re playing in the same court, it’s a very different ball game ya know?


  127. Maxima Says:

    @Danny the Only Bloke…
    How much do I owe you? Just kiddin’..
    Nice to know somebody out there agrees with me for once.
    More power to you.

  128. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Hay Maxima

    You owe me nothing girl, I’m just concerned for Kristin, same as you


  129. Aurelie (French fan) Says:

    Hi Kristin !

    It’s just for say : You’re very cute with your short hair ! ^_^


  130. Binks Says:

    hot damn! look at all these replies!…..


  131. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Well Binks, we all care very deeply about our girl Kris


  132. Stephen K Says:

    “what you think of the actual magazines”

    Teaser picts, soft core or hard core men’s magazines are pop culture trash that appeal to the base instincts and the celebrity/consumer culture. Fluff. Literary content is minimal, there is some artistry in the photography which is designed to appeal to male fantasy. Not much redeeming value.

    Kristin you have no problem with the images but find the language demeaning in some of the magazines. Don’t work for magazines or on projects you find objectionable. Simple.

    But many people do have issues with the images themselves. The images present women one dimensionally as sex objects, perfect fantasies, objectified.

    That feeds a culture that puts much too much emphasis on looks. Women don’t feel worthy because they don’t/can’t look like the women in the men’s magazines. So they turn to women’s magazines, with more unrealistic images of perfect models, for advice on how they too can have the perfect hair, makeup and clothes they need to attract a guy. Again they don’t measure up. All this strongly reinforces the message that looks/attractiveness is what matters most.

    Destructive to the self esteem/image, of some women, I would say. I don’t have a problem with the images in general, I think that the problem is that there is very little balance.

  133. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    @chris : sorry took me a while to answer.. i know the quote u wrote and it is absolutely right … see how God created both of them equal …. but it’s because of us humans mainly and males in particularly we have reached to this situation…. men and women should have been equal from the start and continued to be equal … and the quote u said is like saying :”HUSH PEOPLE ALL ARE EQUAL” . lol.

    As for kristin , yep yep gal , what’s important than concentraiting on the images and the photos in such mags ( and in my opinion all mags) , is what to say, and how u can send ur voice and try to reach all demographics …

    i was saying to myself … haaaaa….. at they published photos of u in Men’s Fitness and we are still giving our opinions.. how fast u took those shots and we’re still typing comments 😀 .. and i started laughing out loud till i realized ur comment that it’s not the men’s fitness that u were talking about. (how silly i am to think like that 😛 )

    Peace to all .

  134. taylor nikole Says:

    heheh concerns ofcourse 🙂
    but shes a big girl 😀

  135. Scott123 Says:

    Dearest Kristin,

    I am amazed and impressed by both the number and content of the male responses here. I see these men speak with sincerity, gallantry, even chivalry.
    It would seem, Kristin, that “You have your Knights”. 🙂
    (How cool is that!)
    I hope you promote many more films-with the intelligence, grace, and style we have come to know.

    Your friend in the Realm,

  136. Angela Says:

    Didn’t you recently do a photoshoot with men’s fitness magazine, Kristin? If so, I’m curious what the difference is between that and the men’s magazine you’re referring to in this post, that made you decide to go with the former? (P.S. This is not a judgment, I’m just curious on your perspective when it comes to men’s magazines).

  137. Ash Says:

    Whoooooa!… Look at what you caused Kristin. =P
    These people be pulling there hair and teeth out to figure out what specific magazine you are talking about. =P

  138. Long time caller, first time listener Says:

    It’s not the magazines that really objectify people, it’s other people that do it. There’s so much talk about how photos of a sexual nature are degrading and present someone as a sexual object. And, well, they definitely do. But why is this so “wrong”? As much as we may try to deny it, people are sexual beings, so is it so bad to embrace this now and then? So long as it’s done with willingness and comfort, of course. It’s not fair that people (both men and women) have a looks-first/mind-second mentality when judging others, and it’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is. And it’s not just men looking at women, it goes both ways. And for other things. People look at food and eat what looks appetizing, people look at puppies and go “oh, how cute!” instead of “oh, I bet he’s so smart!” Everyone is drawn to shiny things, it’s human nature, but what shines brightest is all in the eye of the beholder, of course. Magazines like Maxim just make it easier and give the readers something shiny to look at so they don’t have to use their imagination. Looking at pictures and discussing attractiveness does not necessarily have to mean denying the subject’s mind or personality or feelings, just that they are not so apparent and as easy to know as skin on paper. Especially with people that are famous and the viewer will never know, save what they see on paper/the screen/etc or read in interviews and blogs.

    When it comes to the beautiful people, others are always going to look and think “OMG SO HOT!”, whether it’s someone walking down the street, a face on TV, or someone in a magazine. That having been said, no person actually worth considering or knowing actually thinks and expects that a woman really looks like what you see in FHM or Maxim. Especially with that weird glow that the models’ skin always has after all that airbrushing and photoshop.

  139. Megan Says:

    I hope you will do the interview and the shoot for the men’s magazine. I would like to see you promote Street Fighter so that the movie will become a success. There are so few female heros in films. If Chun Li doesn’t make it box office wise, there will be even less good roles for strong women hero roles.

    Regarding Men’s Magazines, I think they objectify men as much as they objectify women. I think it is much harder to be a guy in this world. At least with women, they have deeper friendships where affection and kindness can be expressed in the context of a friendship. Most men don’t have that, most would fear being labeled as gay or sissy if they seek a warmer relationship with guy friends. I think most men in general are more vulnerable, lonely and depressed have to play to a persona more because their world is much more competitive. I hope you will do the interview and talk to men like you understand how much tougher it is for them too . They are also objectified and it is harder for them to find a way out.

    P.S. I hope you let your hair grow out more . You don’t like the same in the Bride episode. Your haircut was strange looking. Too much bangs.

  140. SDUB Says:

    The fact of the matter is that, in order to reach that key demographic you’re going to have to do those types of magazines. You’re only objectified if you allow yourself to be. Most men like to look at women and this is a definite way to do it. The problem our society has is that too much emphasis is put upon looking for “role models” and “good examples” within the entertainment industry. That’s not going to happen. These people are not there to do that. And if you’re in a position where that is your job, (as it should be with Disney but isn’t.) Then by all means go for it. However, parents need to be countering the negative more aggressively instead of trying to get television, film and magazines to do it. Men’s magazines are only negative if one allows themselves to be exploited. If the model/actress doesn’t do that then it won’t be negative. They are oversexualized but they aren’t meant for younger audiences anyways. If they are in the hands of younger people then that’s on the parents. Once again, parents need to regulate what’s going on in the household. They are positive in the aspect that it gives into fantasy without being pornographic. It’s not a Playboy or something to that equivalent. It can be tasteful if you allow it to be. You’re the celebrity that they’re requesting, let them know what you want and what you don’t if they can’t abide by that then walk.

  141. AlyssaMarie Says:

    Hey Kristin!
    Just wanted to give you an example. Angelina Jolie. She starred in ” Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, as far as I know, she didn’t pose for any Men’s magazine to promote that movie.
    Ask yourself, is the photoshoot tasteful and not trashy? Will it compromise your reputation as a person and actor? I personally dont think your rep will ever get trashed for posing for the cover of a girly magazine. Is the magazine a trashy one? Are you ready for stardom? This movie might change your career. Whatever you decide, will be the right choice.

  142. marie8893 Says:

    hi.! y´all.! hi kristin.!
    wow. alot of comments. alot of opinions.
    This is mine.(I HOPE IT MAKES SENSE.if not i¨m sorry)
    I think men´s magazines in general don´t represent alot of the female values or respect.
    But female magazines don´t do that alot in men´s perspective either. In most magazines it´s all about the Looks ABOUT WHAT gives attention to the crowd. about what makes you a better person in the outside.! But for the movie business I think sometimes we depend on this because at the end this is what all is about. attention,publicity,looks entertainment.!
    that´s why is the entertainment business.
    so If you look it in the perspective of what your job it´s about it totally makes sense. But if you start looking at the values or in the deepness of the magazines all you will find is that magazines never post what they look in the inside or future of a person. they choose things that will entertain and what people pay for.. SO at the end if kk choses to do it or not. both choices would be ok.! I mean it´s a business and when you watch movies you´´ll see that they are not representing themselves they are just representing something or someone and all that you can really see of them are their facial expresions ,reactions and bodies.That happens to on a magazine whether it´s just modeling you are modeling something for someone else. Or IF it´s an interview you will just find your story written by someone else and for what to entertain the world. THIS IS what I think hollywood kind of it´s about. and don´t get me wrong fi you think i ´m not a entertainer lover or something my dream is to be and actress someday but still I want to know what i´m getting into because this for me is what entertainment is all about.! so what ever you choose kk.. choose what you think will make you feel comfortable and happy with yourself.!
    have fun!
    xoxo marie Q.

  143. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Well I’d be Kristin’s Knight Champion anytime she wanted me to be

  144. Kailin Says:

    i know you’re posing these questions to your core fans and GBD community. Would they be offended if they saw you in a magazine or in photos that degrade women? Coming for someone who is conscious of being a role model for girls, too (I’m a mom of a little girl and an author of books for tween girls), you are going to be concerned about how this would affect your fans. You are of a higher social consciousness than most of your peers, and that says plenty, and the fact that you’re even hesitating to do this photoshoot and have posed these questions to GBD shows what a considerate and selfless person you are already. I think the test is…will you be embarrassed about explaining the photos to your family (kids in the future?) Would you want your daughter to pose in this magazine for the same reasons?

  145. BC Says:

    Can a magazine shoot involving magazines such as Maxim, FHM, etc. really be tasteful? At the end of the day, there is still the sex angle that is being sought. You as the subject, can request certain things (ie I will not do certain poses, or wear less than x amount of clothes). I think you should do the shoot in the best possible way you can, and use the interview portion to actually make the whole thing legitimate. I think your career is rather young compared to an actor such as Angelina Jolie, who someone mentioned above, was able to promote her Tomb Raider movies without doing a Maxim-type spread.

    A way to keep things in line with your own personal beliefs is to use the internet – maybe mention it in the article should you choose to do the magazine. Get the interview and ask that a good portion of the interview be focused on this site and other endeavours you’re currently involved in.

  146. Jenny Says:

    If you do the cover I think you should either do something pertaining to the movie (ie. you kicking ass) or something silly. Frankly those magazines are TOO one-sided. As in they only show one side of what it is to be a woman. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a woman’s sexuality, but come on. If you do the cover, show them who you are in other ways, or I wouldn’t do it at all.

    Also, I agree with the internet being an excellent tool for advertising and getting the word out. Especially for that demographic@!

  147. xoxomikki Says:

    well i think you should keep it consurvtative because thats a big cause for women and you should probaly just do it though cause that also can open up your fan base!!!!!

  148. Bobby Says:

    Hi Kristin,

    This may all be my perspective, but I think a lot of movies based on video games fall short because of a lack of respect for the source material, which often translates into something poorly written and hardly recognizable to the fans. In these cases, it often seems like the producers either lack any real passion for the movie or are simply relying on the popularity of the game and other “shortcuts,” such as selling sex. In all honesty, I don’t think it works and I think the records back me up here. I’ve read a lot of reviews about movies based on games that talked disapprovingly of the gratuitous nudity, both from critics and casual reviewers, usually coupled with some terrible writing and acting. These movies tend to fail, miserably. I know I don’t watch them, and neither do any of my friends who are much bigger gamers than I am. And I’m not certain, but I think we’re in your target demographic – male, mid 20s.

    I think the people who make these movies have a fundamental misunderstanding of what attracts gamers. We want an intelligent movie that respects the source material, just like *anyone else* would want in any other movie! The LOTR trilogy and recent comic book movies are examples of how to do it right. Sex sells, but only in the right context, and this is not one of them, in my opinion. To the contrary, many of my friends and myself have come to believe that it is somewhat suspicious when sex is used to sell a gaming movie which really has no place for it. It tends to be a sign that there might be nothing else to see. It is really rather insulting.

    All that said, I’ll posit a guess that your movie *will not* be like that 😉

    However, I did want to give that perspective from someone who is a gamer and who has friends who are gamers. In addition, I think it could be relevant to the way you promote your movie. I think that one of the challenge to you, and the movie’s marketing team, is to prove that the movie respects the source material and is intelligently written. I know that when I heard they were making another Street Fighter movie, I wondered whether it would be done intelligently. When I learned it would focus on Chun Li, I wondered if it would be about redemption or vengeance or personal self-growth, etc. I already know its an action film. I expect you to kick ass, as the marketing depts always say, but what will the story be like? That’s the kind of thing I’m interested in, especially as someone who’s not a huge fan of the game or its world.

    Anyway, I think I managed to sidestep most of your original questions with my great attention span (haha), and I’m sure there are those with different opinions/perspectives, but hopefully this was somewhat interesting or helpful.

  149. fabio Says:

    Not is a good film if for his throwing it has need that Kristin strips hem for a magazine for alone men.
    Apart this personal consideration.. we are to the usual ones.. to make the publicity’ to a glue or to an auto it puts on naked a beautiful girl. Here is the woman object.
    No not there and’ hope for the women.. you always be think as the dark object of the desire without making to notice instead that the woman is a person.. However you are the women that.. they finally allow it.. since I am them to choose whether to appear or no, for some dollar, naked on a manifesto or on an advertising flier of a brand of toothpaste.. Mah!
    And for the series let’s hurt us: Stripped Kristin so.. how male I will be’ happy to see your photos.. how man..NO ..Good luck!
    Forgive me my bad English..

  150. AS Says:

    I think there is a lot of objectification of women in men’s and women’s magazines and no I don’t think it’s right. Unfortunately it’s going to happen because the attitude of a few can affect a lot and everybody has freedom of speech. Also, another point I would like to make is that I see a lot of objectification of men as well. For example, posters of half-naked men hanging in my friends’ rooms. And not to jump on Kristin and Kendra’s backs or anything, but that entire “Shoop” song/orig. music video is a total objectification of men.

  151. Jose L. Says:

    Reference to Marc’s post # 100. THANK YOU!!! Yes, I can see that we digressed.
    Now, men’s magazines. It is a fact that men are interested in only one thing: SEX. Yeah, yeah, I know, you know so and so or she knows him and him and they are not like that. Well maybe. But the fact remains, girl magazines sell because thay have the girls in the magaz. The more they sell the more girls are inside.
    Kristin, if you want to advertise your film and the pictures are no objection, go ahead. We, your truly fan base, that loves you and have been following your development in the Entertainment Industry, TV, Films, Other stuf you have done, will not stop loving you because you came in a girls magazine. Yes, girls magazine objectify women. Yes, girls magazine are one of the best ways to advertize your film. The more your film is advertized the more tickets it will sell. The more you cooperate to make your film successful the more you will advance in this industry.
    Your real fans will not stop loving you!!!!.
    You have an opportunity here to do well and maybe, just maybe, you will be offered more jobs/projects. The less you cooperate the more difficult it will be to get ahead on this industry where some girls are willing to do it all.
    You can have your principles. You do not loose your principles using the girls magazines for your benefit. But yes, girls magazines are to objectify women and it satisfies male sexual fantasies. Go ahead, fear none, your fans will continue to love you. See, we love you whether you come out on a girls magazine or not.

  152. Fabio Says:

    Where is my 12/6/2009 post? Done cancel?
    Oh well.. I repeat what I have written:
    The film not very good if Kristin is had to strip for launching it. 😦
    Kristin you are a good actress that could also recite in the theater, 😀
    don’t tie your name to the image of a woman object. The society of today it uses the body of a woman to thin consume, explain me thing it enters it a naked woman with the mark of a glue, for example 😛 ? But does it forget us that behind that so beautiful body there is a Person? Kristin mine is only an opinion naturally but I thought that you were over certain mentalities today’s.. It is all right, the gear is evidently grinding also you .çest la Vie.. as it is France . As male will a pleasure to be able to enjoy some feminine beauties of Kristin.. how man I am very been sorry for her and for all the women that for in reason or for another, more or less correct they commercialize her own body. Everything this doesn’t mean that I am not anymore a Fan of Kristin..
    Good luck KK! I hope that in the future yours great persuades of actress allows you not to have anymore need of these things.

  153. Robert Says:

    Here’s a recent article about what they with pictures in magazines.
    Not surprising. I wonder if Kristin noticed if any of her pictures were edited?

  154. Andreas Says:

    I think you should be doing it if you it`s right,
    but a lot of men`s magazine focuses on sex,
    so when you pose, people may think you`re
    doing it to show-off your body (stuff like that!)

    But i think it will be positive for the movie,
    and i think the media will get more focus
    on you and your movie.. result?
    More at Box Office!

    Kristin! Rock on!

  155. Jayhawkfan96 Says:

    Who’s expoliting whom? Check the editorial staff of most men’s magazines. The vast majority are women. As the father of a young daughter, I worry far more about what women’s magazines will do to her self-image as she gets older than I do any men’s magazine. Most people see the men’s magazine photos as an unattainable fantasy. Yet the same lack of clothing and only slightly different poses are seen as fashion and set as the standard for women to strive for. Now which is more damaging?

    As for the comfort factor. I don’t think we can take comments she made at 18,19, or 20 to hold much validity now. She is a much more confident woman now. And the fact that she is asking this question leads me to believe she is more than comfortable enough in her skin to do it. Her concerns are entirley what light it will cast on the great work being done by GBD. To that end I feel that Vogue or Cosmo would be far worse that Maxim or FHM, because which magazines are young females going to look at and compare themselves to.

  156. Dottie Says:

    KK, a few thoughts –

    you have a reason or reasons why you did not do any PR for this particular men’s magazine or others like it.
    Does that reason still exist?
    My guess is this type of press is not you – not the image and reputation you what to have….
    How do you feel about the Rolling Stone cover and article that you did years ago? I remember listening to an interview you did in which seem to express some regrets on how the article turned out…
    Understand you did a men’s fitness magazine shoot. What about doing a magazine like “Shape”. This magazine usually has an actress or model on the cover with an article inside – the ones I read have been positive and centered on fitness and health.
    Understand Shape may not have the demographic the movie production company is seeking, but it would be on the newstand. (I know my bf reads my copy of Shape every month)
    You have a audience out there – built on your performances in Edgemont and Smallville – that look forward to seeing you in this new movie.
    If I was a close friend, an advisor, a parent – I would tell you not to do this PR with this magazine. Take care of your image and your reputation.
    I realize you are probably getting a lot of pressure from the movie producers, PR people, and studio.
    It is almost Christmas – you may have already made a decision because of shooting schedule, publication dates, etc – to tie in with the movie opening.
    Just a few thoughts. All the best…
    Dottie B.

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