The sky is smiling…

…and it even has a mustache!  😉

In the past few days, the planets Venus (left) and Jupiter (right) aligned with a crescent moon in an event known as a conjunction.  According to National Geographic, the next visible Venus-Jupiter conjunction will be on March 14, 2012, but the two planets will be farther apart in the sky.

Here are some of the other pics I liked (click on thumbnail for larger version):


22 Responses to “The sky is smiling…”

  1. Robby Says:

    I wish I got to see that. I had heavy snow the last night and into the current night that day. Guess I wasn’t supposed to see it this time around 😦

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I saw it and immediately thought of an illustration from a children’s book.

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    i remember a couple years ago…
    was when mars was the closest to earth it will be for like the next… (insert a lot of years hear).
    We had this like.. nifty/fancy high tech telescope with us…
    and it was AMAZING

  4. Jenipher Says:

    OMG! That’s just soo cute (especially the one with the mustache LOL).

    Certainly brings a smile to anyone’s face. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Kathy!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    That’s really cute! I should really look to the sky more often. I would have loved to have seen that.

  6. LilacYume Says:

    Wow!!! I’ve seen that here!!! I didn’t notice they were planets! I thought they were stars!!! Lovely!!! ^____^

  7. Leane Brunelle Says:

    Beautiful photos.
    I love the moom.

  8. Gina Says:

    LOL. I’m a huge astronomy freak, so I’m glad that I was able to see it!

    Thank you for posting. ^^

  9. kristina Says:

    haha thats awesome!
    its impossible to look at that and not smile!

  10. jessicaf Says:

    This is so cute and absolutely amazing. Too bad I missed it. My coworker told me about it the day after. Talk about AFTER the fact.

  11. Lesley Says:

    LOL! @ mustache. i love astronomy!very interesting! thanks for sharing!

  12. MarilyneL Says:

    Wow! That is cool. We seem so little in this galaxy of ours:P I love planets! ahah March 12 uh, 2012? so I guess we’ll survive “The end of the world?” 😛 hehe

  13. Ashley Says:

    That is like soooo freaking awesome…!!

  14. Corrie Says:

    That’s so cool!

  15. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    Saw it in a newspaper … truely a work of art …..

  16. AniMei Says:

    I’ve been observing this at night.
    It’s truly wonderful to view at.
    I just didn’t have any idea that it was the Jupiter right there. LOL!!

  17. Samantha Says:

    That’s awesome! My Earth and Space class was going to watch it but it was covered in Philly 😦

  18. Rysa Says:

    I saw that in Brazil!

  19. AlyssaMarie Says:

    Its sooo beautiful. I just read today online about a supernova. A star bursting.

  20. Nakisa Says:

    I saw that from a balcony in Charlottetown! except from where I was it looked like an isosceles triangle, but it was still transcendent!

  21. Nakisa Says:

    haha a much smaller one with the moon at the top

  22. Adrian Says:

    Hey Kathy,

    really great snapshot!! Sooo cool. But I laughed when I saw this picture. It looks so funny. Unique! 🙂

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