HP and Microsoft have teamed up with 50 blogs to give away oodles of stuff.  Click here to see all the goodies that come in each prize package.  This maaaaagiiiiic giveaway already started a couple weeks ago, so a bunch of the contests have already ended.  The table below lists the remaining contests.

Each blog sets up its own rules for entering.  There are some blogs written in Spanish or Portuguese (Yeah español and português!), and for the ones near the end, the links are just to the homepages because they haven’t announced their rules yet.  “Award Date” refers to when the blog will announce the winner – so the contest might end before that date depending on how they’re doing it.

In case any of you were wondering…yes, this is obviously a promotional thing for HP, Microsoft, and the blogs, but because there’s so much stuff in each prize package, many of the blogs have rules which ask how you would give away some of the stuff.  So they’re trying to do something in the spirit of the holidays, which is not only maaaaagiiiiic, but also very nice.  🙂

Anyway, just thought I’d share because I’m awesome like that.  😉

Good luck!

Blog Start Date Award Date
Slashdot Review Dec 10
Dec 16
Stop, Drop & Blog Dec 11
Dec 17
Living – In Theory
OSNN Dec 12
Dec 18
Digital Home Thoughts
Study Hacks Dec 13
Dec 19
Digital Inspiration Dec 14
Dec 20
The Digital Lifestyle
CíberPrensa Dec 15
Dec 21
Unión de Bloggers Hispanos
Last 100 Dec 16
Dec 22
JK On the Run
Geek News Central

One Response to “Ooooh…maaaaagiiiiic…”

  1. t Says:

    Thanks for letting us know!! It would be awesome to win a package!

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