The Mom Song! ekkkkk!

OMG! is this what’s going to happen to me????


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37 Responses to “The Mom Song! ekkkkk!”

  1. eddy Says:

    Wow, I wonder what the dad song would be..

  2. t Says:

    LOL aww kendra! haha you don’t have to be THAT overbearing 😉

  3. Alyssa Says:

    That was great, that has to become the anthem of moms. It had a few of my favorite mom-isms like: “I’ll give you something to cry about”, and “because I said so”. But my absolute favorite mom-ism is “I brought you into this world and I’ll take you out” (anybody else’s mom say that?) I think this song shows how awesome moms are. So if you do turn out like that Kendra, it’s okay it just means you’re a good mom.

  4. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Ah Kendra, you’ll love every minute of it.

  5. Hammad Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe she didn’t stumble on the words at the speed at which she was saying them. That was amazing. Moms have a tough job. First they carry for nine months, then they become the epitome of mercy as the primary caregivers from infancy until the child grows into an adult and can take care of themselves. My prophet said, “paradise lies at the feet of your mothers”, and when asked by someone “who deserves the most noblest treatment from me” four times in succession, he answered successively “your mother, your mother, your mother, then your father.” It’s a tough job, but nobody else can do it.

  6. G Says:


  7. LI Says:

    Good luck Kendra..haha 😉

  8. Jenipher Says:

    Don’t worry Kendra, you’ll be way better than that! 😉

  9. Nina Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA me is imagine you waking Marcus up with this song… every morning! Hehe… how hilarious!

    But don’t worry… this kind of a mom only exists once 😉

  10. taylor nikole Says:

    maybe not….
    but it would be extremely entertaining to see you sing this song :-p

    kinda funny
    and extremely random
    but i could see binks attempting this song
    (although she doesn’t have kids…)

  11. G Says:

    That we know of, TK 😛 *ducks* A Binks always produces a litter 😉

  12. taylor nikole Says:


  13. Ash Says:

    Hahahahaha thats awesomely funny.

    No worries Kendra.. someone will let you know when you act like that or you will realise it yourself. =P

    But all that doesnt seem too bad. =/

  14. Binks Says:

    I bet 5 bucks that you will say all the words in that song Kendra….and maybe even a couple more 😛 No one ever thinks they’ll say ’em. But they always do. Sad, sad cycle indeed =p
    I’ve heard them all already -_-

    P.S: I almost posted this w/o noticing Tako and G above ^^ Way to go guys…..way to go….. I’LL SHOW YOU LITTER! *throws Tako at G* 😛 My job is complete! *prances off into the sunset*

  15. taylor nikole Says:

    *Binks gets eaten by sunset*

  16. G Says:

    My eye! My eye! Oh, if only I had listened to all of my mother’s nagging! Oh, the horror!

  17. Binks Says:

    how do u figure the sun ate me? If anything the sun is eating the polar ice caps causing global warming 😛
    hahahaa G.

  18. kristina Says:

    that sounds freakishly similar to my mom.
    it was awful brave of this lady to attempt to sing notes that have not yet been discovered by the human world…kinda takes nagging to a new level…

  19. taylor nikole Says:

    binks.. *clears throat* you remind me of a big huge polar icecap slowly melting from the intensity of the suns rays, which shine upon you.
    *in a poetic manner ofcourse* :-p

  20. Binks Says:



  21. G Says:

    Icy, hard and wet.
    It’s not an ice cap, it’s Binks.
    Someone take her to the vet.
    Before yonder ship sinks.

    *looks around*

  22. taylor nikole Says:

    that rhymed omg lol

  23. G Says:

    My apologies for spamming the comments. So here’s a one-stanza poem about the song!

    It’s the epitome of everyone mom driving their child insane.
    Nag, nag, nag until they’ve lost their mind.
    Gasp, that shirt has a stain,
    Oh deary me, that could make a person go blind! 😛

    Yeah, so the comment box messed up the line flow….

  24. G Says:

    Nvm, it didn’t mess the lines up hahaha.

  25. Chris Says:

    haha nice poem G 😛

    I think most if not all of us women will find ourselves saying things in the mom song *shudders*

  26. Kendra Says:

    G – Great Poem! hahahaha! I have a feeling my parents are going to gt to say “i told you so” a lot as I raise Marcus…lol! I am already starting to understand some of their crazy behaviour and seem to have a new respect for the way the raised me (in SOME ways) 🙂


  27. Kailin Says:

    Brilliant performance by a battle-worn mother! As much as I hate to admit it, I find myself tempted to say some of those phrases as a mom. But I refrain from it, because my parenting philosophy and style is different. Yes, don’t laugh…there are parenting styles just as there are management styles, and personal lifestyles. That mother in the video definitely shows an authoritarian parenting style, while I opt for the inclusive style – I include my daughter in decision-making and let her be herself, be self-directed in some ways from day 1. That’s because I love to nurture who she is and who she will become. You will find as Marcus enters his preschool years that there will be several different types of school philosophies available to choose from too (it’s quite an eye-opening revelation to figure out what works best for your child and what doesn’t) – Montessori, Emilio Reggio, Play-based learning, etc.

    In a nutshell, not all parents are the same, and while I am amazed by the brilliance of this singer’s performance, I agree with Kendra that this is EKKKKKKK!

  28. Lydia Says:

    Hilarious! 🙂

  29. Jennifer Says:

    I saw that over the summer and showed it to my mom. Needless to say, she identified with it. Lol.

  30. MarilyneL Says:

    ahah the funniest truth I have ever heard! 😛

    The thing is, it seems like no matter what is your language, the same sentences are used or repeated over and over again haha

    and yes Kendra, you’ll probably have a crazy behaviour too ! 😛

    I vote for a Kendra version of it!

  31. G Says:

    Glad some people enjoyed my “poem”, Chris, Kendra *nods* hahaha.

    Yeah, I think certain behaviours are almost unavoidable for a mother, but it only means they care. You don’t see crack addict mothers doing stuff like that. They do other…things…

  32. Kathy Says:

    I watched this before, but I’m still impressed by that woman’s set of lungs. lol. Must be all that practice from yelling at her kids. 😉

  33. Kailin Says:

    Actually, the words aren’t so bad, it was just how this singer delivered it versus the other YouTube version, which is softer.

    I’m throwing this Mom’s Song to my group of friends who are Moms with young children to see what they think. I’ll post what I learned…:)

  34. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    *LOOKING IN A DEILISH WAY AT KENDRA AND LAUGHING * Muwahahahahahahahaha , yep yep that’s what will happen to u kendra .. it’s gonna be a long long longgg…… long motherhood so u make sure u enjoy it .

    Ooh and kendra , please a request for me , don’t don’t DON’T kiss him infront of his friends …

  35. taylor nikole Says:

    sooo ill admit
    ive watched this more than once
    since it was posted
    strangely entertaining

    and its still stuck in my head

  36. Jennifer Says:

    lol that was so funny. I wonder how long it took her to remember it.

  37. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Since commenting on this blog, I’ve really aged so now my status is Auntie. And Auntie Kailin conducted a survey with her young mom’s group, and the results are: mixed. Some moms feel the Mom’s song is right on (apparently those moms actually have kids approaching the over 5 years old range) and some moms feel like there is no way jose I am like the mom portrayed in the Mom’s song.

    So…what does this say? Moms of young kids not yet 5 years old are in denial? As Moms and women, we are doomed to turn into an overbearing nag? Not really, but it does say there is some truth behind Mom’s song, but most Moms identify with the “hugs” and “kiss kiss” part of the song, then the “do this, do that.” Funny, I don’t recall my mother ever being like the mom in Mom’s Song. Maybe because she came from another culture.

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