Brainercise: Eddy edition

Ooh ooh!  So Eddy just gave us a brainteaser!  Thanks Eddy!  Here it is (I’m just copying and pasting):

There are three light bulbs in a room with no windows. You are outside next to the three switches. Each switch controls one bulb. You can only enter the room once, and when you do, you have to know which switch controls witch light bulb.

P.S. All light bulbs and switches work properly. You cannot see into the room or hear the light bulbs turn on or telepathically feel the light from the bulbs. Nobody can help you, not even a robot. Even if the light bulbs were dropped off by aliens, they still work like human ones. There are no different levels of light, the bulbs are either on or off. You may not destroy the walls to see how the light bulbs are connected, besides, if they were dropped off by aliens, then they don’t have any wires, they transfer the electricity through the air.

Good luck! Oh, you’ve got 3 minutes left, then the aliens have to go back home and they’re taking the light bulbs with them and no, they won’t tell you the answer because they don’t speak human yet, they communicate telepathically and you don’t do that, remember? Did I say good luck?

(Psst!  Did you notice the incorporation of the aliens?  Good job Eddy, good job!  😀  I’ll post my answer in the comments next week.  You too Eddy!)



14 Responses to “Brainercise: Eddy edition”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    yeah kathy… you and your aliens 🙂

  2. Allie Says:

    I know the answer to this one! Lol! =D

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    im jealous
    my brain isn’t functioning anymore
    its been bothering me since she posted it -_-

  4. Nina Says:

    Oh oh I know this one, too!

    But it’s a good one… and now I will make a molton chocolate cake… yummy!

  5. taylor nikole Says:

    hmm there is no way -_-

    although half of the riddles ive ever answered have had to do with using your senses and not being there. so they are extremely confusing…
    it seems like the only way

    im still puzzled though -_-

  6. Binks Says:

    its ok Tako, I’m as lost as you are.
    haha I suck at these things. My brain dun like being teased -_-

  7. Kathy Says:

    @ Taylor Nikole – Psst! “half of the riddles ive ever answered have had to do with using your senses”…The force is strong with you little one. 😉

  8. taylor nikole Says:

    sigh.. little one :-p
    the force is good

    I think I know how i could figure out one… just not all 3 >:-(

  9. Emily Says:

    Look through the door, maybe? There has to be a way to enter the room.

  10. Jessica_M Says:

    Ooohh!! I know the answer!!

    You turn on one of the switches and wait a minute before turning it off. You then turn on another switch and now wait three minutes before turning it off. When you enter the room with the light bulbs, you will know that the cold light bulb belongs to the switch that you never turned on, the warm one belongs to the first switch that you turned on, and the hottest belongs to the last switch you turned on.

  11. G Says:

    The switches are labeled, DUH 😛

    Well, I’d say turn switch 1 one for the entire 3 minutes, switch 2 on for 1.5 minutes and not turn switch 3 on at all. The hottest bulb is controlled by the switch that’s been on the longest, the coldest bulb is controlled by the switch that hasn’t been on at all and by process of elimination, the last one is controlled by the switch that wasn’t on as long.

  12. Emma-Lu Says:

    No ways G! I think I second you.. You lateral thinking science boff!
    I agree with Thai Pickle.. Kathy, you do have some sort of thing about aliens?!

  13. eddy Says:

    Happy holidays everyone!!

    The solution (i.e. what I would do) is to turn on one of the switches, wait a couple of minutes, turn it off and turn on another one. When I then enter the room the bulb I turned on first will be hot, the second one I turned on will be glowing and the third one will of course be off and cold.

    I would then use my last minute to enter the room next door, which just happens to be a book store, and I would buy a phonetic dictionary to give the aliens so they can learn human =)

    If you liked my brain teaser, here is another one to keep you busy during the holidays:

    A Sheikh passes away and leaves his 17 camels to his three daughters. According to the family tradition, the oldest daughter should get half (1/2) of the camels, the second oldest one should get a third (1/3) and the youngest daughter should get a ninth (1/9). The daughters have to follow the rules and the camels must of course remain alive.

    Seeing how puzzled the three daughters are, their neighbor offers to help them out. How can the neighbor solve their problem.

    As you might have guessed, the camels are not aliens, good luck!

  14. Kathy Says:

    I would turn on one of switches (it doesn’t matter which one), and leave that switch on for some period of time. Then I would turn off that switch, turn on a different switch, and walk into the room. The light bulb that is on when I walk in is connected to the second switch I turned on. Of the two bulbs that are off, the one that is warm to the touch is connected to the first switch I turned on. The remaining bulb is connected to the switch I never turned on.

    Since I’m sure this is an eco-friendly brainteaser, the bulbs are probably CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) rather than incandescent light bulbs, so I would leave that first switch on for at least a couple minutes because it takes longer for CFLs to warm up, whereas incandescent bulbs get hot quickly.

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