20 Questions

Because I am always looking for new ways to procrastinate, I stumbled upon this website that guesses what you’re thinking by asking you no more than 20 questions.  So far, it has guessed that I was thinking of bokchoy, a koala, zinc, and purple.  I’m really quite impressed.

There are a bunch of different languages and categories.  I’m sure all of you don’t have enough distractions in your lives either, so please…procrastinate away by playing the game here.

Speaking of 20 questions, Zanna asked me the following (slightly edited):

Kathy, may we ask a little about you? It’s been bothering me for some time that we never got any introduction in regards to who you are…I’m curious to know a little about you, how you got involved with Girls By Design, etc…Could you please be so kind as to quench our/my curiosity here?

Well Zanna, I certainly don’t want you to feel bothered.  So why don’t we do this:  You all ask me 20 questions, and I’ll give you 20 answers.  When enough questions have been asked, I’ll make a post answering those questions.  How about that?

I’ll answer any question so long as it’s not something that will wind up with me waking up one morning to find that I’m either A) being stalked, B) penniless, or C) both.

Hmm…I’m wondering what I’ve just gotten myself into…  😉


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26 Responses to “20 Questions”

  1. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    That’s quite good.

    I DID manage to beat if with Tramp from Lady and the Tramp tho 😀

    I ALMOST got it with Jadzia Dax from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, but it pipped me at the post

  2. Arelis Says:

    Zanna’s question pretty much summed it up for me!

    I’ll try to brain storm some fun questions for later.

  3. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    OK, question 1

    Tell us everything about you. GO.



  4. G Says:

    Do you like toffee? 😛

  5. MarilyneL Says:

    How did you get involved with GBD ? 😛

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    DAMN… your A B and C get rid of everything I wanted to ask on my list
    *crosses off Questions angrily*
    haha id imagine being stalked is inconvenient

    and penniless…
    You know.. the economy sucks afterall :-p

  7. Chris Says:

    what do you do for a living?

    pepsi or coca cola? 😛

  8. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Okay, heres 1

    Sly Stallone – Rocky or Rambo

    (I’m a Rocky guy every time, I love those movies)


  9. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Do you have any kids?

    See I can do serious

  10. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    What is your home address? (I’m only asking so I can stalk you and render you penniless)


  11. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    What is your favourite comfort food?

  12. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Is ‘Will You Marry Me’ a valid question?


  13. Danny the Only Bloke Says:

    Are you a musician?

    (I.E. Do you play any musical intruments, even badly)

  14. Arelis Says:

    Chris, why did you steal my question…? You know that’s all I got going for myself when it comes to serious questions. -_-

  15. G Says:

    What do you smell like? 😛

  16. Ash Says:

    What size shoe do you wear? =P

  17. G Says:

    Do you believe in The Loch Ness Monster?

  18. Kailin Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Finally! Just kidding…where do you find all this random stuff for GBD?


  19. Kailin Says:

    Is Kathy your real name or are you really a man? Just kidding, ha ha ha!

  20. taylor nikole Says:

    she actually gets all this stuff from her alien friends
    im almost positive :-p

  21. taylor nikole Says:

    she actually gets all this stuff from her alien friends
    im almost positive :-p

  22. alyssa Says:

    20Q’s is freakishly accurate, my object was a wedding dress and it came up with that within 16 questions. I’m going to stump this thing.

  23. eh Says:

    how do you know kristin/kendra?

  24. LI Says:

    Are you Clana fan ? 😛 hehee

  25. Kailin Says:

    Actually, don’t post your real photo. Post a photo of someone completely different-looking than you (some big wrestler dude) so you can throw off potential stalkers and people out to make you penniless.

  26. Emma-Lu Says:

    hahaha… ok it STUMPED me with Vatican City Rome (shoo must still be fast asleep).. damn… will have to keep challenging 20Q..
    Ok Kathy, here is my question..

    what did you do BEFORE you became involved with GBD?

    haha, I sound like an interviewer…

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