A Contest!!!


I would first like you give Kathy a shout-out…. She has been amazing with this blog, and has truly livened it up with her humor, intelligence and her outlook on life. Kendra and I love love love her writing! Kendra is doing well with baby Marcus, and is officially able to get out of her place from time to time… which is REALLY good because she was going a little stir-crazy. I am done on the Ville. I had a wonderful few months and will miss many of my Smallville peeps dearly.

So…. during this holiday lull, we are throwing out a really exciting contest for all teen girls from 13-17 in the L.A. area. If you are NOT in L.A. but are willing to get yourself there, that is fine too. A newsletter saying the exact same thing will be going out tonight or tomorrow… If you have questions just comment them, or e-mail them. If there are FAQs, I will post the answers before I leave on the 25th. Here are the details:


TIMEOUT RETREAT and GIRLS BY DESIGN partner for this unique retreat sponsored by Warner Springs Ranch in Temecula, California.

TIMEOUT FOR TEENS is an overnight holistic retreat for teen girls where they will have the opportunity to attend rotations designed to empower them to have access to tools to achieve balance in their lives.
There will be an evening event introducing young female celebrities who will attend as speakers for the evening as well as mentors. Retreat is opened to all girls aged 13-17 in the Los Angeles area. Transportation, food and lodging is free thanks to the generous donation of Warner Springs Ranch (www.warnersprings.com) and Kristin Kreuk. To be selected to attend, follow the directions below.

Answer the following question:

What do you want the world to look like in your lifetime? Send us a project that best expresses your vision of how you can contribute to make the world closer to that vision.

*Please submit your project in either a collage, painting, writing, video, musical c.d., or other multi-media format.

Send entries by February 1st, 2009 to:

Timeout for Teens

11551 Santa Monica Blvd. #401

Los Angeles, CA 90025

(include your full name, daytime phone number, birthdate and email address with entry)
We will select 30 girls and notify winners by telephone no later than February 15th, 2009. A packet with details of the event will be sent to winners via mail.



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41 Responses to “A Contest!!!”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    aww thats rad
    ill totally think about it
    the whole idea is deff rad

  2. taylor nikole Says:

    okay nvm
    im deff doing it
    binks has talked me into it
    and i already have an idea
    what would i do w/o binkys 😀

  3. Binks Says:

    U’d be lost Tako =p I simply rule. 😀

  4. taylor nikole Says:

    *innocent whistle* :-p

  5. Frida Says:

    That’s the bummer about these events. They’ll not be available for those of us around the world 😦

    But it looks really cool. Good going 🙂

  6. Binks Says:

    -_- Tako

  7. Lydia Says:

    Makes me want to be a teen again.

    It’s a wonderful initiative and I hope it will be a success. I’m counting on GBD to post a detailed report and pictures of the event.:-)

  8. Robby Says:

    Good to hear from you Kristin! 🙂 I’m seriously going to miss you on Smallville. The show’s simply not the same without you.

    I don’t qualify for the contest, but good luck to everyone who enters! 😀

  9. Arelis Says:

    I echo that Lydia! This event is banging… just the ranch alone, wow! 😯

  10. MarilyneL Says:

    Nice project! I wished I was a little younger and nearer hehe!

    Who is actually making that phone call? 😛

    Good luck and have fuuuuuuun!

  11. jessica f Says:

    aww good luck girls. I’m with Marilyne! Wish I was a few years younger! 🙂 but its great that its in CA. YAY!

  12. Jennifer Says:

    Good Luck ladies. Sounds like a amazing event. Wish I were younger and lived in the area. ❤

  13. LI Says:

    Good luch for everyone 😀

  14. Auntie Kailin Says:

    You will enjoy California. Nice place for a retreat

  15. taylor nikole Says:

    yeh california is cool
    its winter
    and crazy girls are still wearing skirts…

  16. Sue Says:

    *sings*: “Santa can you hear me? I have been so good this year – and all I want is one thing”

    ~ beeing Teenie again, living in L.A. *haha* ~

    Have fun girls and I will looking forward to your report and photos!!!!

  17. C Says:

    Darn..if only I was a year younger.

  18. jessica f Says:

    hey just a suggestion, are there any volunteer opportunities for us older GBD-er gals to more involved with the workshop? I’m pretty sure some of us are around Kristin’s age (me 🙂 ) or younger that would love to get the chance to help out. just wondering!

  19. jessica f Says:

    p.s. i forgot to say. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum! Merry First Christmas to baby Marcus (if you’re reading this Kendra) and Happy way early bday to you Kristin!! 🙂

  20. taylor nikole Says:

    happy holidays and merry xmas to you too jessicaaa!

  21. Kathy Says:

    I am now deaf from your shout-out.  Thank you. 😉
    And I’m going to jump on jessica f’s bandwagon and wish you a “Happy way early bday” as well.  I’m not sure if we’re talking like a December birthday here or a July birthday or what, but I figured I should cover my bases just in case.

    Best of luck to everyone who decides it sure would be nice to chill in Cali for a couple days.  🙂

  22. G Says:

    Well, don’t I just feel like an old Canadian cow 😛

  23. jessica f Says:

    HAHA lol Kathy, you’re super funny! 🙂 Cali weather is pretty nice, but I would LOVE to live in NY. Thanks for the shout-out Tay! Kristin’s bday is next Tuesday I believe (12/30). Yay go 1982 babies! haha!

  24. taylor nikole Says:

    hmm kathy
    im going to chill in cali
    for the next couple years
    have been for 15
    yeww nooo
    awww jessica 😀

  25. Gina Says:

    I can definitely pass for looking 17! That’s too bad though. Good luck to everyone else!

    Hehe, Santa Monica Blvd, I used to hang out around there.

  26. kristina Says:

    And now it suddenly sucks to be living in Texas!

  27. Auntie Kailin Says:

    You mean most of us regulars on GBD are not in the demographics? I’m not the only Auntie around, I guess, meaning older, wiser woman. At least Kristin was so sweet to say I’m “young lady Sparklesoup” in the newsletter. Thank you, Kristin! I don’t feel so old right now. Glad you and Kendra pick CA, too. We do have the most creative teens around…just ask Taylor Nikole!

  28. taylor nikole Says:

    haha i know i saw that
    I’m like the only one so far on This blog entry
    who is in location to attend
    or in the age range

    and binks
    should do it with me
    but nooooooo

    hahah thanks auntie kailin LOL

  29. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Binks should definitely go for it, too! This is a great workshop to extend your creativity and to learn from some top-notch mentors. Seize the Day!

  30. Kathy Says:

    “Glad you and Kendra pick CA, too. We do have the most creative teens around.” – Auntie Kailin

    I just wanted to say that Cali may be nice cuz it has taylor nikole and Binks and jessica f and whoever else is from there that commented here, but WHERE MY NEW YORK PEOPLES AT????

    NY pride! Holla! 😉

  31. jessica f Says:

    aww Kathy. US CA ppl still got mad LOVE for ya! hahaha 🙂

  32. taylor nikole Says:

    But gosh kathy aren’t Binks, Jessica and I the only ones that matter :-p

  33. jessicaf Says:

    HAHAH Tay! Too bad we (You, Binks & I) all live in different places in CA. 😦 i live WAYYYY up North, while you girls get to dwell in the beautiful South! *envy envy* ❤

  34. taylor nikole Says:

    i was supposed to go meet binks this weekend!
    but plans changed 😦
    im sad
    although maybe next weekend

  35. Jenipher Says:

    Awww darn. 😦 if only I lived in LA! Good Luck to all the girls entering! I’d really like seeing pictures of the event! 😀

  36. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    Niceeee… i will defenitely participate …. and i .. will… send my… heyyyyyyyy, i’m a guy and 24 years old , darnnnnnnnnnn…….
    KristinK ur making a revolution around the girls here in GBD , they’re feeling very old now lol ..
    Isn’t there a girl who’s between the mentioned ages and living in LA ?? hehehe

  37. taylor nikole Says:

    i live in LA and im 15 hahahah YESSS
    how convenient LOL

  38. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    Good for u, and good luck to u and to all… It will be an unforgettable experience for the winners…

  39. taylor nikole Says:

    most deff
    even the submissions
    help you get closer to finding yourself
    despite ‘winning’ or ‘losing’
    although its really not

  40. *dacara* Says:

    I was so excited when I first heard about this, but I’m also not in the age range for the contest. I would LOVE to be able to help out at this workshop if there would be any way to do that.

  41. Auntie Kailin Says:

    I’m telling my teen nieces about this contest, but is this open for those teens already working in their chosen professions? One of my teen nieces starred in a long-running tv series so…not sure if she qualifies. She’s now 16 and lives in Los Angeles.

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