So, I am updating this from my awesome iPhone. I am so in love with this gadget!

What kind of phones do you all use?

Ps. Yes, I know this is a short post but well worth the discussion in my opinion!



15 Responses to “Gadgets”

  1. Kristina Says:

    I have a blackjack! This phone was the best phone I have ever had!
    Then I dropped it in a puddle…
    That day was probably the saddest of my life 😉

  2. Jessica f Says:

    OMB tabs! You know what’s funny ? I just read your blog via my new iPod touch! Coincidental! I want an iPhone! It’s so cool! my phone is a regular old samsung. Lame, but works. LOL! Good night! 🙂

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    i have the tilt

    i love it 😀
    its my mini computer

  4. Allie Says:

    I have a sprint Katana. It’s kind of like 2 years old…but hey, I can call people and people can call me, so I’m fine with it.
    But iPhones are SWEET. Srsly. You are so lucky!

  5. Binks Says:

    I have a Nextel i880. Mostly cause almost everyone I know has Nextel, so it’s easier for me. I’m working on getting a new phone cause mine is couple yrs old now and it’s acting haywire 😛 something with a txt keyboard would be nice 😀
    iPhones are cool 😎 but I always screw up and get stressed that I can’t type properly on it -_-

  6. Cecilia Says:

    I have the sidekick slide and i love it!

  7. Sue Says:

    *high fives* I also love my Iphone^^ – its awesome to have the WwW in your pocket all the time and being able to stay in contact and use all the great applets, games, programms and features.

  8. superkurre Says:

    As a good Finn, I am sticking with my Nokia E65, which I love 😛

    Even though I am in no hurry to change my phone, I must admit I was tempted by the iPhone. But I got an iPod touch for christmas so I’m happy for now 😀

  9. Leila Says:

    Well for this Christmas I got the new or is it old in the States – TMobile Sidekick 3. And I got to say, LOVING IT!!!

    With so many different features making this device pretty sweeeeet. I can’t live without a phone for 2-4 business days, just can’t. 😉

  10. C Says:

    I have a Sprint Instinct. It was kind of a waste of money since it has so much stuff web,music,tv,video camera..etc and I only use it for phone calls and texting 🙂

  11. Elizabeth m Says:

    Had my iPhone since the summer and I love it. The cons such as poor battery life and being able to forward a text far out way all the wonderful bells and whistles it has. Best gadget EVER!!!!!!

  12. Lesley Says:

    blackberry pearl, lets hope this one doesnt end up in the toilet or in a pool! LOL!

  13. Emma-Lu Says:

    I have a Samsung slide (skinny), it’s nifty but I’m also a bit weary of dropping it in dodginess :/

  14. Daisy Says:

    No blackberry or iphone here. Just a simple Samsung phone. I don’t know the model, but I love it.

  15. Alma Gabriela Says:


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