Happy New Year!

YAY! It’s finally the end of 2008 and beginning of the new year! Can you believe that we’re just one year away from a new decade into the second millennium? Me either! Man! Where did the time go?

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this last year in GBD terms! Fun, eh?

Starting back in January, I came up to Vancouver to have a planning session with the K’s about how the alpha version of the site will work. We made oh so many plans and began to discuss design and development options, but really kept most of it in the overall way the site will work. In March, I moved up north to Vancouver to overtake work with GBD and gather necessary requirements to be able to work with GBD’s amazing graphic designer and art director, Cory Crowther. We spent all of March and April refining our previous version of the site to allow newsletters and videos to be posted and viewed. At this time we had a lot of interested people coming to the site on a regular basis, but knew that we wanted to see more visitors.

Along came May and June and the days were getting pleasant in Vancouver… just pleasant enough to enjoy the lovely commute from Burnaby, where I lived, to Vancouver, where I worked. Cory and I worked together to create version two of the site which brought to you the beautiful aesthetics featuring our girl, Holly, and the ability to make comments, sign-in, and the beginning of the community feeling that we want to create here at GbD. Marianne continued to work on our facebook and marketing research and got us some really awesome data.

July brought us our MySpace account layout, which allowed us to begin utilizing the account and our site visitors continued to grow and grow.

In August, our business cards were finally ready to be printed and dude, they look amazing. Rounded corners, sleek design (what else can we expect with Cory at the helm?) and a lot of TLC and we were equipped with information at hand!

The forum then came up for everyone to enjoy and we began opening the blog posts up to more than just ourselves.

September and October proved to be fun months for us on the inside as we worked hard behind the scenes to get a lot of important planning finalized… well that was the plan. There was a few breaks here and there as Kristin and Kendra each shopped for very special additions to their family… Dublin and Marcus.

Marcus arrived in a very special Halloween costume, which we shall refer to as his birthday suit costume (hehe, I’m funny sometimes) and the GbD Kingdom rejoiced at the arrival of the newest and most male member of the team. Kathy stepped up to the plate and began to post lots of lovely information on our blog (and aren’t we ever-grateful!!).

Over the course of the year, I lost about 45 pounds and reported in during that journey to you all, and am ever grateful for the wonderful support that everyone has been throughout the journey. Aside from my own personal journey, we now have a very large consistently growing number of subscribers to our newsletter that we send out as often as possible.

This year, we hope to be able to bring to you more exciting adventures and wonderful community building opportunities. May the year be filled with growth, friends, happiness, and new shiny things on girlsbydesign.com.

Love you all!
(oh and Kristin and Kendra and Marianne…. and we’ll include Kathy too!)


10 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    hellz yes for getting to watch a re run of the ball drop at 12!
    (technically I could watch it on youtube right now.. but eh)

  2. Jessica f Says:

    Great summary of your journey & the GBD journey too! Happy new years! I’m going to fall asleep pretty soon. :/ prob before midnight. 2008 was great! Let’s hope 2009 is 10 times better!

  3. Lydia Says:

    I wish you all fun, fulfilment and success with GBD. You are all doing an amazing job and you’re making a difference.

  4. Emma-Lu Says:

    Happy New Year to you too Tabby, Kristin, Kendra, Marianne and Kathy, the BoD and all the other GBD members that are kind of familiar with me! What an amazing year 2008 was. I’m so chuffed to have been a member since the almost very beginning of GBD. Love all you ladies, you are all a bunch of sunshine rays xxx

  5. Lorène Says:

    Hello ladies,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too .
    I wish you all joy and happiness.
    Best wishes .

    ps: you are all amazing ladies and what you do is pretty great . 🙂

  6. MarilyneL Says:

    Yeah, I agree with what everyone else said, what you are doing really makes a difference and I’m proud having been a part of this community since its beginning. I just can’t believe how much can happen and change in only 1 year. I’m eager to see what else is coming in 2009 😀

  7. Auntie Kailin Says:

    What a year for GBD!

    Nice to hear about the behind-the-scenes going on with GBD. Congrats on losing 45 lbs, Tabby. Yes!!!

    In my contributing blog post, 10 Things to Make a Change in 2009, I neglected to mention your weight journey in 2008. Sorry. My oversight. So many wonderful changes that took place on GBD throughout the year!

    I’m grateful to Tabby, the founders, the behind the scenes people on the site, and GBD members for making GBD the community site it is.

    Thanks for opening it up for people to write in and comment, communicate back to posts, to talk freely in the forum, and to participate. Without the GBD members, there is no community. Imagine what GBD would be like if there are no way for anyone to communicate, to participate. It would be like another news website or fan website. So, here’s a BIG WHOO HOOO to ALL THE GBD members out there! Yay! We stayed true throughout the first year of GBD, and felt compelled to make our opinions and views felt, too, through the comment section, forum, and even through contributing reviews or blogs.

    I’m looking forward to seeing a much more interactive GBD. Hopefully, there will be a GBD where members can post their photos, videos, artwork, writings, etc. Can’t wait to see more people participate!

    Here’s to an Awesome 2009 for everyone!



  8. Sandy Says:


    My besy wishes to everybody!!

  9. dacara Says:

    Happy New Year Kristin, Kendra, Tabby, and all other GBD members! Thanks for putting so much effort into making this great site.

  10. dom Says:

    happy new year ,Ladies , Gentlemens , Babys ,
    Dogs , etc etc …, everyone…

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