Half Ton Man

Man, so I was watching some tv show today called the half-ton man. It’s about a man who weighed a thousand pounds. Its so interesting to watch because the doctors were talking about all of the excuses they always hear from people who come in who are that obese and there was this moment of realization for me when I heard the same excuses I’ve used in the past before that… regardless of what physical issue one may have, the bottom line is that the problem is that I ate myself overweight to begin with. I mean, I used to say ‘well my metabolism is off.’ That may or may not be true, chemically speaking, however if that were true then to maintain a healthy weight I should have adjusted my eating and exercise to compensate for it rather than blame it on the metabolism.

Anyway, watching the tvshow really kind of kicked me in the butt, so to speak. Its a reality that I could continue to choose to eat poorly at any given time. One of my mentors often says “Once slice of cake doesn’t make you fat.” The same person took it a bit further last night by saying “If you’re thinking of eating the cake, put on your tightest underwear, stand in front of the mirror, and jiggle yourself and then ask yourself if you really want the cake.” It was the funniest thing I’d heard in a long time because its not one slice of cake that I’m talking about here, its a continued decision to eat poorly over a long period of time. To deny that and make periodic exceptions is what ultimately un-does my diet and hard work.

I don’t know if any of those ramblings made sense but there ya go. My thoughts for the night!

Love you all! Hope your New Year was as wonderful and as amazing as mine!



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5 Responses to “Half Ton Man”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    they make sense 😀
    i get what you mean
    but responding to it is a different story

  2. Jessica f Says:

    Haha! I’m loving the tight underwear advice. I hate when it gives highly tummies! Losing weight is hard and not too fun, that’s why all of us are so proud of you! We love you too tabs!

  3. Jessica f Says:

    **jiggley tummies. Stupid autocorrect spelling on my iPod. So annoying!

  4. Kathy Says:

    Heeeey…are you talking about Manuel Uribe? I saw a documentary on him a while ago…maybe before the summer? His story is amazing. He’s lost so much weight! Like hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Through mostly diet I think. But last I checked, he’s still homebound because he’s still too heavy. But he got married! Isn’t that sweet?

    Congrats on the 45 lbs by the way! Whoohoo!

  5. Sarah Says:

    I really liked this post:) weight has never been an issue for me, but i find the whole psychological side to weight loss weirdly fascinating. Cause its less about the actions to loss weight, its mostly about self-determination. I just read a really good book about a girl struggling to lose weight, called Artichoke’s Heart, by Suzanne Supplee, and it was really good! I dont agree with the methods she used… but the whole self determination angle was really inspiring. Ya’ll should read it. GBD should do a weekly book review in addition to movie mondays. I would totally do that:) k, dont know how i got from weight to book reviews, but thanks for the post Tabby!

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