Brainercise: Eddy edition version 3.1

(Updated, indestructible alien box. Aliens are not exactly subtle.)


Taylor Nikole said, “I’ve decided it would be friggin awesome if Kathy were an alien.”  How right you are Taylor Nikole, how right you are.  In fact, not only would my being an alien be awesome, it would clear up a lot of things with this brainteaser as well.  So for this brainteaser, let’s assume that I AM an alien, with superior alien technology, such as an indestructible alien box and indestructible alien locks and indestructible alien keys.  Heck, let’s assume Kristin is an alien too with access to the same indestructible alien technology.  Wow.  Being an alien is pretty awesome.

Kristin is the only other alien I know of on this planet, and I need to send her some super secret alien something or other.  If anyone else gets a hold of this super secret alien something or other, then all puny humans will be incinerated.  Such is the nature of alien super secret somethings.  Alien keys, while indestructible, are still stealable and copyable, so sending a key at any point is not a good idea since it can be stolen and/or copied.  So how can I send this super secret alien something or other in my indestructible alien box without sending Kristin the key?  Hmmm.



5 Responses to “Brainercise: Eddy edition version 3.1”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    hahahaha kathy u made my day 😀 my imgination is now free to run wild! hell yeah!

    for that I bow down to this epicness for one moment*bows*

    oky over 😀

    Im going to answer this when im not typing via phone and when I return from disney land 😀


  2. tarrow Says:

    the box IS the super secret alien something 🙂

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    here it is:
    you can telephatically communicate…
    therefore you send the box…
    and it has a key pad…
    yep 😀
    and then you telepathically send kristin the code and voila!
    she gets it 😀

    i have more in my head.. 😀

  4. eddy Says:

    It’s time for the next brainteaser, but first, let’s help alien-Kathy and alien-Kristin with this super duper secret something.

    My advice to alien-Kathy would be to put the something in the box, put a lock on the box and send it to alien-Kristin. Alien-Kristin should then put her own lock on the box and send it back. Alien-Kathy would then just have to remove her own lock and send the box over for the last time. Now Alien-Kristin would have the a box with her own lock on it, and assuming she hasn’t lost her key in Ecuador, she would just have to unlock the box, pop it open and take out the.. something. A follow-up brainteaser would be to guess what this secret something is..

    To keep the alien theme alive, the next brainteaser will take place on another planet, namely the planet where alien-Kristin resides. Since she just received the super secret something from alien-Kathy, she would like to write a post on GBD about how awesome this something is. The problem is that aliens don’t use computers so Kristin starts looking for one.

    On her quest, she arrives to a road cross, one road leading to a computer and the other one leading to a banana. By the road there are two other aliens, one of them being famous for always telling the truth and the other being infamous for always lying. Unfortunately the look exactly the same so Kristin won’t be able to tell them apart and according to ancient alien traditions, she can only ask one question (not one each, just one). So the question is, what is the question? What should alien-Kristin ask the other aliens to find the way to the computer?

    Good luck everyone!

  5. Kathy Says:

    Ok so Eddy said that we need a key to both lock AND unlock a lock. In that case, I would send the super secret alien something in the lockbox, locked with one of MY locks. When Kristin receives the box, she puts one of HER locks on the box, so that now there are 2 locked locks (one from me and one from Kristin). Then Kristin sends the box (with 2 locks) back to me. When I get the box, I unlock my lock with my key, then send the box back to her, with just her lock. When Kristin receives the box, she unlocks her lock with her key, and retrieves the super secret alien something.

    That’s 3 trips and a lot of locking and unlocking, but at no time is a key or an unlocked box in transit.

    G is right. This super secret alien something had better be pretty friggin’ super and secret to justify all this trouble. 😉

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