Okay, I failed in posting last night! So today, I was thinking… I think we need a different forum. How does the current forum work for you? Is it confusing? What parts do you like over other forums? What parts do you not like?



12 Responses to “Forum!”

  1. t Says:

    To be honest, I personally don’t like the current forum much. I think it’s the structure I’m not feeling. It’s not separated into categories well and I dunno, just not very forum-like I guess. It gets the basic job done though, letting ppl carry discussions.

    A lot of sites use this script and I’ve heard it’s one of the best:

    I like IPB a lot – has a lot of great features – but it’s probably more expensive:

    But course there are good, free forum scripts too:

    Anyway, excited for the new forum 🙂

  2. Binks Says:

    I agree with T. *nods* Da current forum is nice, but it could be made better. =\

    Categories would be cool, make it a bit more organized. There’s no ‘quote’ button, which would be nice, instead of saying “@ person.”
    I haven’t tried it, but I don’t think we can post actual images on the forum either, which could make things a bit more livelier.

    Iono, the stuff T suggested was pretty cool. Nice forum structure and it be free ( <- always a welcome bonus) 😀

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    i agree with the structure comment…
    more organized deff…

  4. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Since you asked…the search feature is nice, but the script and background could use some sprucing up. Also, the layout is not conducive to getting people to participate more.

    Here are some suggestions:

    1) Lay out topics out to the side by categories and have it expand to topic discussions when open while still staying on the page.

    2) Have members pages (this is a whole big area that can be expanded upon) but hey, you’re building a community website, right?

    3) Have your forums tie back into the blogs in some way so people are reading and joining in on both.

    4) Security issue – I know this is a website designed for teenage girls. I don’t want to sound like a ninny, but they don’t call me Auntie Kailin for nothing….remind the members not to give out their personal information and contact information over the forums or blogs (especially if they are not 18 years and over) because who knows who cruise these sites. And the men on the forums, well…if you participate in the forums, you should participate in an open public blog, too. As an adult, and a child advocate, I find those older guys on the forum, who don’t come out to participate in a public blog or forum rather….suspicious. Let’s keep GBD a safe, non-judgmental, and empowering site for girls. Yay!

  5. Kathy Says:

    Tabbyyyyyyy!  Always lookin’ to fix things up, eh?  😉
    You should take what I’m about to say with a huge, heaping cup…no BOWL…of salt because as you already know, I don’t do Facebook, or MySpace, or chatting outside of gchat.  I also don’t participate in many, if any, forums.  I also don’t know what your ultimate vision is for the alpha site, and what kinds of mysterious goings ons y’all are working on behind the scenes.  So remember…huge, heaping bowl of salt.  lol.
    The one major suggestion I have is to integrate everything more…not just the forum…so that visitors don’t have to go to so many different sites to keep updated with what’s happening with GBD.  Right now, if I want to read the newsletter, I have to login to one site.  If I want to participate in the forum, I have to login to a different site.  If I want to read the blog, that’s another site.  I don’t know what goes on with the Facebook and MySpace profiles, but I’m assuming I’d have to login to those respective sites as well.
    Even though I’m not part of any of the social networking sites, almost everyone else I know is.  And they all pretty much keep updated with each other through Facebook and email, although I know that among the younger crowd, email is starting to fade out.  So if I were on Facebook and wanted to keep up with GBD, I would ideally like it if all GBD things were centralized on my Facebook.  For example, if there’s a new post on the blog, then that post would automatically get sent to my Facebook wall.  Then if I wanted to start a conversation about a post, I would be directed automatically to the forum.  If the blog were integrated with the forum, then the comments section wouldn’t be necessary.  People could just comment directly on the forum and have conversations with each other without worrying about spamming.  The added benefit of integrating with a site like Facebook would be that other people who see my wall could also see the GBD posts, and if they see something that strikes their interest, then they could check it out as well.
    The other suggestion I have is to optimize everything for cell phones because it seems like that’s the next wave.  I’ve tried visiting the forum on my phone way at the beginning, when the forum first started, and it doesn’t work very well at all.  The formatting is way off, and it’s slow to load.  Even now, I do almost all of my communicating and internet business on my phone, not on a computer.  Most of the time I’m on a computer, I’m at work, doing work things (with a healthy dose of procrastination).  By the time I get home, I’m usually too tired to bother going on my home computer.  lol.
    It doesn’t seem like it would be easy to do any of these things.  I don’t even know if any of this is possible now because the software or code may not exist yet to make this sort of thing easy to do.
    Ok.  I’ll shut up now.
    Yeah Tabby!!  😀

  6. Ashley Nguyen Says:

    I agree with the structure part of the forum … it could be a bit more organized. It would be nice to have our own font on there and let us choose what color we want to use. We could also have the cute little smilies thingies that we use for instant messaging on the forum thing too.

  7. taylor nikole Says:

    and i do like the quote button idea…
    although binks…
    it will totally eliminate the whole having to…
    im still iffy on that 😀

  8. Binks Says:

    Takoooo….did u whack urself with a pole again? 😛

  9. taylor nikole Says:

    i married you!
    you made me crazy woman
    muahah JK

  10. t Says:

    I agree with Auntie Kailin on #4 especially.

    Since this is a place for girls to be themselves and talk about stuff they may not generally share, unfortunately it may be a very prime target for dangerous (aka. EVIL) ppl. Although I don’t think members should have to be afraid all the time and not trust each other, they should be reminded that ppl MAY not be who they say they are online. So gotta emphasize that personal & contact info should not be given out w/o caution!!

  11. e Says:

    yes… vbulletin… state of the art. that would be great 🙂

  12. e Says:

    or phpbb or wbb 😛

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