Geek talk

In my world there seems to be a certain amount of pride that comes along with holding that special title ‘geek.’ I started my induction into geekdom through ‘the lord of the rings’ over at and found myself really rockin’ the geekcard as I learned tolkein’s elvish language. It, alongside livejournal, was my first real sense of an online community.

Are you a proud card-carrying member of geekdom and if so, what is the thing that you feel is the geekiest about you?


10 Responses to “Geek talk”

  1. taylor nikole Says:

    hahah my GBD pride duhhh!

    nooo well
    maybe the fact that ive spent so much time on the computer….
    almost anyone notices how fast my hands move across the keyboard…
    anddd ohhhh
    used to be atleast
    until i deleted most of my stuff and never went on

  2. Kathy Says:

    Hmm…well I used to think I was a geek, but after reading your post, I now think “nerd” might be the more accurate term for me. I never heard of LiveJournal until you mentioned it to me. And the only Lord of the Rings thing I’ve done is watch the movies. Didn’t even read the book.

    I dunno. Is there something else I need to do to be classified as a geek?

  3. taylor nikole Says:

    you have a bunch of news feeds that you are apart of πŸ˜€
    you post them all here πŸ˜€
    well the interesting ones i hope
    does that count?
    just trying to help :-p

  4. Allie Says:

    I am TOTALLY a geek.
    (Council of Elrond was the best btw Tabby.)
    I never learned Elvish,(I will…it’s on my list of things to do this year.) though I can write in the Dwarvish Runes and in Kryptonian.

    Lesseee…what else is geekiest about me…because I feel several things are quite equal in making me a geek…
    I saw Fellowship of the Ring 9 times in Theaters, The Two Towers, 10, and The Return of the King ….12 times. (I dressed up for the midnight showings of all three… and I own the extended additions of all three as well.)

    Oh, and my room is a dead giveaway of how geeky I am. I have 2 Superman Returns posters, 2 of the original (they’re not “originals”…just his work…if that makes sense)Tolkien drawing covers (also posters) for The Hobbit, and the Fellowship of Ring, a map of Narnia, and various comic books hanging on the walls. Not to mention my impressive collection of geeky DVDs on my bookshelf….which I will not go in to. Lol. we could be here all night.

    Oh! And I forgot, I also have a sword in my room. (and a bow with arrows…if that doesn’t scream GEEK I don’t know what does.) Right within reaching distance of my bed, in case of robbers….

  5. jessicaf Says:

    sad to say, i too have some sort of “geeky-ness” to me. I have Buffy the Vampire Slayer posters still up in my room at my parents’ house! This was from like freshman/sophomore year of high school. OMG i had the biggest crush on david boreanaz. HAHAHA. Plus when The Sims first came out for computers, I played it all the time and got all the expansion packs. Loved that game!!

  6. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Yup, Geek I am…starting with Star Wars. Ha ha. I also joked to my friends that a Star Trek wedding would be fun. Of course, I’m kidding about THAT! Well…I actually read the entire LOTR book series at least 5 times in Junior High, and I thought I was All Dat! (Guess that’s why I write fantasy adventure fiction books for teens. Can’t get enough of it, I have to go dreaming up imaginative places, too, and creating imaginative people and the special gifts, powers they have, too. Oh, and come up with symbolism and layers of storyline interweaving with other characters from the other books in the series. OK, sorry, I’m talking about the Gifted Girls Series, but also about the new one I’m writing – Harold, the Kung Fu Kid. I’m describing this as Kung Fu Hustle meets the Wonder Years with a touch of Chinese Mythology.) Tell me if this is not geeky or not!

    But here is the cincher – I saw Orlando Bloom in Canterbury, England (I go to England a LOT) sitting with his siblings and friends on a bench in a public garden RIGHT BEFORE Lord of the Rings came out and I even knew who he was. We made eye contact and said “hi” to each other politely, and I swear, I just knew this guy was going to be big someday! Lo and Behold.

    Well…recently, I met a very nice guy at a local event. We’ve kept in touch, and now he’s being considered to play one of the most important role in Twilight 2. When I first made eye contact with him, I just knew this guy was going to be big, too. He is, whether or not, it’s from Twilight 2 or something else.

    My husband jokes I have a sort of “star sensor”, such that I know who is going to become a big star right before they become one just by meeting them. From my experiences, I’d say, yes, it’s mostly true, but back to the subject of Geekiness…

    See…rambling, that indeed is a sign of geekiness @Kathy.

    Oh, back to answering Tabby’s question on what makes a Geek. Well…not only am I surrounded by geeky reading, geeky writing, geeky movies, but the soon-to-be geeky movies’ stars are also always coming into my horizon so…yes, I guess I AM a geek. Proud of it, too! Geeks are more interesting, don’t you think?

  7. Ashley Says:

    Okay so…mine’s recent. Everybody remembers when Twilight came out and all four books were published well…I’m proud to say that I hold two of the four and am a Edward Cullen lover including my aunt. So…it just goes to show you that being geeky is a dang good thing and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  8. Cecilia Says:

    I’m a total geek.
    Comic book geek and proud of it. I love everything having to do with superheroes.
    Being a geek is a wounderful thing.

  9. kristina Says:

    Oh, come on, we all all know we all are somewhat geeky on the inside. Me? I am a Twilight nerd (I enjoy reading the books) and I own all seven seasons of Smallville. And no, I am not just sucking up to our co-founder lol.

  10. Ashley Nguyen Says:

    Dude I’m not a geek … I’m A NERD! Hah …. I’m reading the twilight books too and I’m an internet freak! Not to mention I make good grades at school so most of the people want to copy me. And uhh .. I wear glasses. But I’m getting contacts soon! God, why’d I have to say that?? lol

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