News Day Tuesday: Guardian Angels

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This article is actually a few months old.  I’ve been meaning to post it as a News Day Tuesday for a while now, but other news kept popping up.  Anyway, there was a survey done in which more than half of Americans said they believed they were protected from harm by a guardian angel.  So I was curious…do any of you believe in guardian angels, or have you experienced or witnessed guardian angels at work?

I’ve never directly experienced the workings of a guardian angel.  At least, not to my knowledge.  I will say that I think I’ve led a very fortunate life.  Whether or not that’s because there’s an angel out there looking out for me, I don’t know.

In any case, even though I’ve never directly seen or experienced angels, people I know say they have.  So, three stories.  You be the judge.

First Story:  A friend of mine – spiritual, but not religious – has three daughters.  One night, they were having some kind of picnic or BBQ outside, and my friend was inside her house washing dishes or something along those lines, while her daughters were outside hanging out.  When my friend went outside to rejoin her daughters, she saw that all three of them were staring up at something.  When she turned to see what they were looking at, she saw a group of angels hovering above, almost like joking around, seeming like they were trying entertain her daughters.  But when they caught sight of my friend, they stopped and disappeared.

Second Story:  Same friend, but when she was much younger.  Maybe 10 or so.  My friend and her family went to the beach one day.  While they were there, a storm started to kick up, with lots of wind.  So they went to leave, except they had to climb up this cliff of some sort…not like rockclimb the cliff.  There was a pathway that spiraled up the cliff, but there was no barrier to prevent people from falling off.  Anyway, my friend is walking up the cliff behind her family.  The only person walking behind her is her cousin.  Then all of a sudden, she trips on something, loses her balance, and is about to fall over the side of the cliff.  But then this big gush of wind kicks up, and she says she felt someone push her back on the cliff.  My friend turned around and asked her cousin, “Did you see what just happened?”  And the cousin said no, and didn’t believe my friend when she told her what happened.  Then decades later, when she was talking with her cousin (the one who was walking behind her), the cousin admitted seeing my friend about to fall off the cliff, but then inexplicably something pushed her back.

Third Story:  Another cliff.  Except this time, it’s my uncle, his wife, and my cousin in a car driving along a cliff.  This is a very long time ago…maybe 20 years.  My uncle’s driving, my aunt and cousin are asleep in the car.  Then for whatever reason, my uncle loses control of the car, he sees that they’re about to go off the cliff, then he blacks out.  When he wakes up, the car is on the ground, no damage, and no one is hurt.

Those are my stories.  Honestly?  I don’t know what to make any of it.  What do you think?


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11 Responses to “News Day Tuesday: Guardian Angels”

  1. eddy Says:

    I grew up in a fairly religious family (no very religious, we went to church every Sunday though) and I used to believe in all these stuff. Then we I grew older I started realizing that not everything is as simple as that.

    I have many stories like that when things have happened that would be easy to connect to divine powers, but they could also just be coincidences. To answer your question: I don’t know. I think that is the only correct answer that we can provide with the knowledge we have at the moment. I’m always amazed by very religious people and by atheists that seem to think what they believe is 100% true even though they don’t have any real proof for it.

    The fact is this: we don’t have any scientific proof that there is a God, but we don’t have any proof that there isn’t. Of course the religious side will say that we don’t need proof because religion is about faith. The atheist side might say that the lack of proof of a God is proof enough that there isn’t any. Having been religious, then a non-believer, I am now a “not knower”, I just can’t be sure.

  2. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Well…Kathy, you’ve touched on a hot subject because you will have people who are passionate about their beliefs. I did not grow up religious, but I did become spiritual due to so many unexplained powerful personal experiences. Well…actually, angels are a running theme in the Gifted Girls Series I write so I definitely believe there are Guardian Angels. And you will not be surprise to find a large majority of the world believe there is something like a guardian angel, too. 🙂

  3. Hammad Says:

    When I was eight, I choked on a piece of candy the size of a quarter at home. It was a rather frightening experience for me that has had a long lasting impact on me. A few months later, being the young boy who didn’t seem to learn his lesson, I almost choked again. However, instead of being at home, I was in a car with my parents and my brother. In this particular instance, I felt the candy go all the way to the back of my throat where I couldn’t control it with my tongue, but just when I was about to gurgle and the same panic that I felt in the previous experience was about to set in, I felt the candy get pushed back up from the back of my throat into my mouth where I was once again able to control it with my tongue.

    My father had a similar black out experience about five years ago that your uncle experienced. My father has a “gym” in his house. The reason I put the word in quotes is because it’s really just a concrete slab about forty feet long, twenty feet wide, and twenty feet high. He calls it a squash court, but me and my brothers joke about it as a $70,000 bomb shelter. Well, it’s had multiple leakage problems because of bad construction around the windows at the top and some cracks in the wall around them, and so it gets dirty around those areas whenever it rains as well as inside the “gym” itself. My father, God-bless his soul, a 5′ 6″, 145 lb man, nearly sixty years old at the time, who is usually quite rational, decided to use a hose and a twenty foot wall ladder to wash around the windows without anyone watching him. So, he’s twenty feet high from the concrete bottom of the “gym” washing the windows on this ladder with no support whatsoever when all of the sudden, the ladder slips from underneath him. He grabs one of the supporting beams across the width of the “gym” that holds the lights for it, but he can only hold on for a few seconds with wet hands on wet beams. He told me after the fact, that he was essentially resigned to his death at the point before he could no longer hold on. He let go and blacked out. The next thing he knew, he “awoke” to see he had landed on his right elbow and the area on the right side of his hip and buttocks on the concrete floor twenty feet down with no broken bones and only bruising in the areas which hit the concrete. His head and other sensitive areas were left undamaged. He landed in what was probably the most perfect way to suffer the least amount of damage to his old body.

    Some things just defy rational explanation. In some cases, believing is seeing.

  4. Jessica_M Says:

    I definitely belive in Guardian Angels. I believe each of us has one Guardian Angel protecting us and looking after us.

  5. jessica f Says:

    YES. I do believe in guardian angels. I was raised with 9 years of catholic school background. but it was more life experiences that made me think they exist- especially with the crazy way that I drive. LOL.

    @Kathy. I am in awe with those stories. Sometimes the unexplainable are the most interesting. Thanks for telling us those stories that make us 🙂

  6. taylor nikole Says:

    well i have my own personal experience which i don’t exactly want to share…
    but theres no other way to really explain it…
    im not religious either

  7. Emma-Lu Says:

    Wow Hammad! The story about your Dad, miracles definitely do happen. Great stories Kathy..
    I think I had a Guardian Angel experience when I was about 13. My Dad and I were about to cross a busy street and the traffic was just zooming past, apparently my Dad almost saw me get run over by a huge truck but then something jerked in me and pulled me right back, but the irony is I was completely unaware of the truck, as though I was in a zoned out mood at the time or something. Maybe that was my GA looking out for me back in the day! x

  8. Allie Says:

    I grew up in a religious home, my parents are missionaries, so yeah, I guess that’s pretty religious.
    But anywho, I had an experience about a year and a half ago, where I was trying to beat a lightning storm home on my bike, (not the smartest thing, I know, but in my defense when I started out it looked like it was far enough away that I would be alright) and I had just left the high school and was passing by the football field, next to the huge metal bleachers and lightning hit the bleachers and arced over to me on my bike and hit me. It was the weirdest experience. It was SO loud and bright and I could feel the static everywhere and then everything kind of went white, and then the next minute I was just kind of stopped on the sidewalk sitting on my bike. And I was like…I think I just got struck by lightning. And I kind of wheeled my bike back to the school in a daze. But I wasn’t hurt at all! I totally should have not been okay. Most people who get struck suffer severe burning, or in the worst cases, die. But I was perfectly fine. I didn’t have a mark on me, so I’m thinking something had to have been looking out for me there!

  9. suzieQ Says:

    I do believe strongly in Angels after many experiences in my life over the years.

    The ones I recall the most vividly are the ones when I am driving where I will get a feeling so strong that I have taken action to avoid some reckless driver from killing me or my children. This is not a reactive action but an action prior to the incident even occurring.

    Once, I was driving home from my parents….I came to a large familiar intersection with a light. I stopped and waited for the green light……visually I saw a tractor trailer coming quite a distance on my left…..he would have plenty of time to stop if the light changed. My signal changed to green and normally I would look and immediately make my turn, so I saw the truck and he was slowing down ready to stop, but for some reason, I didn’t move to hit the gas. I just sat there……..looked at the signal, still green….and I sat, that quick the tractor trailer sped in front of me and ran the red light. If I would have turned, he would have killed me instantly. I felt a strong presence at that moment where I could not move my leg/foot to drive. I said my prayer of thanks.

    Since that time, there have been many other moments that I changed course and prevented disaster. Coincidence? Intuition? I believe it is more purposeful than that ….the feeling I get and action I take is more specific to the incident.

    I found a prayer for those so inclined:

    “Angel of God, my Guardian dear.
    To whom God’s love commits me here,
    Ever this day be at my side
    To light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

  10. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Such awesome stories…I got goosebumps reading each and every one of the postings here. Everyone would think I’m crazy if I said that I after not being able to have a baby for several years after I was married, I heard a clear voice that told me I was going to have a baby born on a special day. Lo and behold, I found out the next day that I was pregnant. And my daughter’s due date was supposed to be Feb. 15, but she was delivered Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

    I’ve also had an incidence, stranger than strange, but (for those of me who has followed me throughout the GBD blogs and comments and know that I’m an author) and also for those who actually have read my author’s blog under Victoria London on, I’ve written a fiction book about a character named Emily Cobbs, who was so gifted at age 12, she was painting masterpieces based on God-given talent and no training. I had a clear vision of her having blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Well…a few years later, I came across a real life girl in an interview on television who was painting masterpieces at age 12. The cincher…she had blond hair and piercing blue eyes and looked just like the girl I had pictured for Emily Cobbs. You know what else? One of her masterpieces was of a very little girl, who looks just like my daughter now. So, she had painted a girl who is an exact twin of my daughter before my daughter was going to look like the girl in the painting, and I had written a fiction book, based on a character who looked just like and painted just like this real life girl before she looked like and painted like my character Emily Cobbs. We have never met.

    Amazing, but true, and that’s why I felt compelled to write the Gifted Girls Series.

    So…those are two of my brush with Angels real-life stories. 🙂

  11. Christina Says:

    Wow Kathy those are really inspiring stories, and ones that also invoke questions. I have a story as well about a family member. I’m Greek Orthodox, so my entire family is very religious, but I’m spiritual as well. My first cousin is also my godmother, and about 9 years ago her father passed away. It was a very difficult time for all of us, but especially my godmother and her family. My godmother also used to work in the World Trade Center before the attacks on September 11th. Anyway, my aunt said she had a dream a week before the terrorist attack of my uncle (a lot of my family members have dreams like this). She said he came to her in the dream and asked her to watch his daughter (my godmother) because she would be in danger very soon. Well not even a week later the World Trade Center was attacked, and my godmother was in the second building hit. She was also one of the last survivors to exit the building, minutes before the second building collapsed. Now some might say that is it was luck or something that saved her, when so many others lost their lives. But I always chose to believe it was my uncle protecting my godmother. And even though it’s true what eddy said about there not being evidential proof that God exists. I believe it’s all about faith, and choosing to believe in something greater than oneself or the world. That we are all here because of Him, and that there is a divine place we all reach at the end of our lives where we are all at peace and with the ones we love.

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