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  1. jessica f Says:

    AHAHAH. I love the jolly dance you’re doing in the comic strip, Kendra. and how baby Marcus is floating!! hilarious. 🙂

  2. taylor nikole Says:

    he talks already… * i kid*
    i see magnet schools… and Harvard in his future!

    hehe the red hair 😀

    back in black ACDC ftw!

  3. MarilyneL Says:


  4. Ash Says:

    Marcus is like.. uhhhh ma… auntie Kris… you’s kinda left me hangin here… =P

  5. alyssa Says:


  6. Amara Says:

    I love your Comics..!!!

  7. Ayman Mohsen Says:

    Hey kendra, grab ur baby he’s calling out for ya … hehehe

  8. Auntie Kailin Says:

    Kendra – love how you’re not wearing shoes. Ha ha. And Marcus with the red hair and baby cheeks – so accurate!! I can see Kristin going “Woot Woot” too.

  9. Ashley Nguyen Says:

    haha look at little Marcus! He’s so chubby <33

  10. kristina Says:

    Haha marcus is like flying lol

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